• Published 2nd Mar 2021
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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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Side-Chapter, Maximum.

Side-Chapter, Maximum.

It was two days before the final battle in the tournament had begun, Nox was walking around checking the rooms and what not. He then stops, Nox slowly turns to a door that struck him as odd. It was none other than Sombra's. Nox looked to his left, then right, Nox slowly sensed the presence for Wakfu. He felt Sombra's presence there, along with his swords, obviously. Nox knocks on the door.

Sombra opens the door with his sword partially drawn. “Oh… Noximilien...the time wizard who made Umbra suffer” Sombra fully opened the door sheathing his sword

"Correction, I am a Xelor, in any case, I was walking down the hallways when I saw that your name was spelt wrong on the door." Nox told the Dark Prince.

Sombra looked at the door, it read, "Sombruh."

Unsheathing his sword he carves up the door around the U and H making the name spell SombrA. “Thank you Noximilien”

"Please, call me Nox, you are welcome. Though it wasn't like that in the first place, I wonder who could've done it? Oh well, but there have been a lot of swordsmen lately, Grievous is a quite strong swordsman. He yearns for sword duels, I too am a swordsman, look." Nox held out a hand and a bunch of particles formed a blade that looked similar to a clock. "Meet the Blade of Time, named it myself."

“It’s a great blade,” Sombra complimented, admiring the sword. “Blade, hilt even the design is of the highest quality”

"I used it in many of my battles, not only is it a great sword, it can shoot powerful beams out of it. I do not believe I should show you a demonstration, unless you want a crater somewhere." Nox threw his blade up and it vanished from sight.

“I understand the many battles,” Sombra said unsheathing his third sword, a shimmering, glowing and pulsing blade made of a blue steel. “My family's sword, Crystal Heart. Can cut through Evil but nothing of pure heart”

"Rather intriguing, reminds me of the Master Sword," Nox chuckled softly.

“Funny... Eric said it reminded him of a glowing weapon called Sting,” Sombra chuckled before sheathing Crystal Heart

"Now, I know I shouldn't be saying this but… Ryker has a Tower of Deities. I used one of my little robots I called Noxines to follow his men around and I found out that there is a tower located under Ryker's Castle and it can go up." Nox told Sombra quietly as Broly passed them by.

“A Tower?” Sombra said with a raised eyebrow. “I never saw a tower anywhere”

"I just said it was located underground and it can go up, they call it tower because it can go up to the gosh darn clouds. It's very ominous and frightening, each floor is big as an island." Nox told the Prince in a loud whisper. As Sombra and Nox were talking a certain tall Saiyan made his way to Rainbow Dash's room.

Broly stood before Rainbow Dash's door, he then knocked on the door.

“Whatcha want?” Rainbow said above the Saiyan

"Hello, would you like a tour of Eliatopia? I'm bored out of my mind and I'm surrounded by nasty people. You seem decent." Broly mumbled to Rainbow.

“Sure, Maud decided to train with Shiva today so I’ve got nothing to do,” Rainbow said with a shrug

"That's cool." Broly said, having no other way to respond to that, "The exit to the arena is next to your door." Broly points to a wall next to her door. As Rainbow tilted her head in confusion as there was no door, Broly just shot a Ki blast and the wall shattered. There was the outside.

"I make my own exits." Broly said before walking out like an unintended badass.

“I think I’m starting to understand how everypony feels when I act like that,” Rainbow said, dropping her head.

Rainbow followed Broly as he walked through the hole he made, they made their way to the town they had entered the first time they came here. They stumble on a ramen shop, Broly points to the shop.

“Here we have Arthur’s Ramen Shop, he makes the best ramen in this universe, next to the shop is Cranky’s Bar. It’s where Douglass Bullet usually stays, I don’t recommend going in there.” Broly introduced the two shops as Arthur, who was in the shop, cleaning the dishes. Suddenly a dragon was thrown out of the bar and crashed into a building Douglass Bullet walked out laughing.

“Kahahaha! Come back when you’re stronger!” Douglass Bullet had noticed Broly and Rainbow Dash, “Oh, it’s you two, are you two going on out on a date or something?” Douglass Bullet laughed pointing at the two, Broly said nothing.

“No,” Rainbow said blankly. “Muscles over here is just showing me around”

“I’m not really that buff…” Broly looked at his slim yet fit arms, Bullet just shrugged.

“Dude you’re bulkier than Bulk Biceps” Rainbow said to the Saiyan. “And he’s the biggest guy I know”

“Oh well, go on ahead, make sure to show her the Dojo, the Pokemon Town, the Dark Alley Town, and the… Uh… What is it called again?” Bullet rubbed the back of his head, Broly helped him out.

“Ponyville?” Broly asked Bullet who just nodded and gave him a thumbs up.

“That’s the one! Now go along you two, be sure she does NOT meet someone who can snap her like a twig if angered. Ironic isn’t it?” Bullet laughed and headed back in the bar, Broly turned to Rainbow.

“What’s ironic?” Broly asked the cyan mare.

“I think it’s when something like a king serving as a slave,” Rainbow said to Broly. “At least that’s how Twilight explained it to me”

“...But I’m not a king…” Broly looked at her with a confused look in his eyes. “And I’m not a slave either, ever since I got that headband off that is.”

“I don’t follow,” Rainbow said, meeting the Saiyan’s eyes. “Eric is the displaced I don’t know anything from his world”

“Do you want to go to the Dojo? Be warned though, Arkham Knight usually trains there, he doesn't like to be interrupted. But Master Juzu is a jolly man, I’m sure he would love some guests.” Broly turned to the left, walking past Arthur’s Ramen Shop,

“Not particularly, When I train I tend to burn things down” Rainbow replied to Broly. “Nearly set fire to Eric’s ship a few times”

“Oh, that’s cool,” Broly responded to Rainbow Dash’s reply, there was a bamboo forest up ahead. Broly walked towards there silently, he tried to spark up a conversation, “So uh… Tell me more about being a… Pirate or a Kaizoku.”

“Well while we are pirates we’re mostly Pirate hunters, either killing rogue Devil Fruit users or arresting them for money before putting them in our prison” Rainbow explained

“How much money? I’m not a money man but how much money?” Broly asked the flaming cyan mare.

“It varies depending on their crimes” Rainbow said moving her hand back and forth. “Lowest is about maybe….one thousand bits, highest thirty billion”

“So when you say crimes you mean bounty right?” Broly asked, receiving a nod from the pegasus. “I wonder what my bounty would be…” Broly mumbled, as a bird flew down and landed on Broly’s shoulder. Broly didn’t care all that much about it.

“I wouldn’t be able to tell you yours but I can show you mine” Rainbow reached into her pocket and pulled out a wanted poster. “After Eric Exiled himself we all went our separate ways, I became the feared Rainbow “Fire Fist” Dash. I attacked islands that were being ruled cruelly, like the island of Minos”

The wanted poster had a picture of Rainbow Dash in her Rainbow Flame form as she was beating down a minotaur twice her size, her bounty was worth ten billion bits

“Oh, that’s awesome, you’re quite admirable to save a whole island.” Broly commended Rainbow Dash, a phoenix flew down and landed in his hair. Her chicks soon followed, a whole family was in his hair.

“Not just one, Before Eric stopped my crew we had liber..liber...saved twelve different islands” Rainbow boasted with pride. “And all twelve are still under my protection”

“That is cool, I guess you could call us a crew, darn I want to be a pirate now and protect some islands too…” Broly smirked, a butterfly went down on his other shoulder.

“I wouldn’t...I was relently hunted by many of the marines we have in our world, both Celestia’s and the Crystal Empires.” Rainbow explained. “I may be an Element Bearer but Anypony who waves the jolly roger will be arrested”.

“I don’t have to worry about that, if you’re strong enough, no one can mess with you. Like Kaido, he fought with us a couple of times, he and Ryker clashed too.” Broly informed Rainbow Dash as a deer began to walk next to him. “With strength, you can do pretty much anything, it doesn’t have to be physical too. Mental is good too, if you’re strong mentally no one can beat your… Smarts.”

“I just use my environment around me to get the upperhand in a fight” Rainbow admitted

“I punch them really hard, that usually works, I use Ki mines as well…” Broly said with a soft smile remembering his past fights as more avian animals land on this golem of a man.

“That’s sounds pretty cool” Rainbow said feeling a familiar presence which caused the hair on the back of her neck to stand on end

“Not here too” Groaned Rainbow

“What do you mean?” Broly asked the Pegasus, a butterfly on his nose.

“This place has a Chaos Spirit,” Rainbow said before shivering. “Not just one but two of them”

“Oh, we only have one but that’s cool we have two now. I hope the other one is strong, our one is horny. What does horny even mean?” Broly turned to Rainbow Dash.

“It’s a lust of one's body,” Rainbow said remembering the Carapax hive

“...What does lust mean?” Broly said blankly.

“I don’t know, the only thing I know is that it’s a type of aphrodisiac created by a changeling queen,” Rainbow explained to the Saiyan

“...I like your funny words.” Broly let out a chuckle, now littered in any and every type of animal.

They approached the Dojo and Broly opened the door and saw Screwball sitting on top of Arkham Knight.

“Get off of me!” Arkham Knight growled trying to get up, “This is not professional!”

“Make me” Screwball ordered making her weight increase without changing her appearance

Arkham Knight then turns into a log and Arkham Knight reappears on her left, groaning. “For real, why do you always do this to me?”

“Cause it’s fun to torment my Ryky’s followers,” Screwball said floating upside down in mid air looking straight into the vigilante’s eye

“Commanders!” Arkham Knight corrected, his gaze was locked onto hers.

“Wait…” Rainbow said, gaining both of their attention. “Your Ryky? You mean Ryker?”

“Meet Ryker’s ex, but still wife.” Broly mumbled pointing at Screwball, the animals around him ran away from him.

“There was no divorce Broly, I am and always will be Ryker’s Queen,” Screwball said, her bare feet touching the ground causing a slight ripple like she just touched water. “We just needed some time apart after I went…..insane,” The Chaos goddess said, muttering the last word.

“Ryker didn’t tell me that…” Broly said blankly, looking right at Screwball. Arkham Knight looked at Broly, then Screwball.

“Care to repeat that last bit” Rainbow asked raising an eyebrow

“Don’t.” Arkham Knight turned to Screwball with a “frown.”

“You must be Rainbow Dash of Equestria 1293,” Screwball said, clapping her hands together. “The one where that Von Shadow fellow is from.”

“Yeah, the most edgiest man I had the pleasure of coming across.” Arkham Knight scoffed,

“Quiet you,” Screwball waved her hand at Arkham Knight turning him into a cardboard cutout

“...That’s mean…” Broly looked to Arkham Knight who stood there, unmoving. "Really unprofessional given that you are queen or whatever that means…" Broly continued to look at the Knight.

“Try me, I’ll turn you into a duckling next” Screwball dared her magic pouring from her body distorting the arena around herf

"...You're being aggressive…" Broly blinked, "That's not nice."

“Since when is any chaos user nice?” Screwball asked her head tilting speaking the question

"You're a nice Chaos Goddess though…" Broly mumbled.

“I’m nice when I want to be” Replied the goddess

“Hey!” Phoenix shouted, suddenly popping into existence. “Who said chaos users can’t be nice?!”

“Have you seen the universes Chaos Users, none of them are nice.” Screwball said lifting a hand. “There’s Discord, Eris, Beetlejuice, Alastor, Rushu, Orphelia Landlufen, Ainz Oal Gown, Dormamu And Galatixus." Screwball counted using her magic to add a finger for every name. “All of these Chaos Users are by far the bad of the bad”

"Oh hi Mr. Phoenix…" Broly waved at Phoenix, "It's nice to see you."

“Sorry but uhhhh, do I know you?” Phoenix asked, cocking his head to the side. “I don’t believe we’ve met.”

"My name is Broly, and I'm a Saiyan… I think…" Broly blinked, being the tallest one out of all of them.

“Pleasure to meet you, Broly.” Phoenix extended his hand to the saiyan as he spoke. “Phoenix Elvenkind, fairy god/human/celestial, and proud member of the Power Vessels.”

"Nice to meet you Mr. Elvenkind." Broly took Phoenix's hand, shaking it very slowly. "I am not good with women and I made the mistake of touring a woman. Help." Broly mumbled to Phoenix.

Well you're in luck.” Phoenix spoke telepathically. “Cause I’m a total ladies man!” He proceeded to let go of Broly’s hand, and make his way over to the woman in question.

"Oh that's cool." Broly responded to Phoenix.

Phoenix wrapped an arm around Rainbow Dash smoothly, before whispering in her ear. “Hey, that guy over there.” He pointed towards Broly. “He says he ain’t good with women, go seduce him or somin. It'll be funny.” He spoke at a volume only Rainbow could here as he looked over to the saiyan. He then walked back to the man with a thumbs up, as if he had just solved the whole audial.

"I don't like that thumbs up. You're up to something." Broly looked down at Phoenix accusingly.

“It’s not nice to accuse people you only just met.” Phoenix said, shrugging his shoulders. “What could I have possibly done? I don’t even know the girl.” Phoenix pointed over his shoulder to RD with his thumb.

"Oh, but I meant I don't understand them or know how to talk to them. I am surrounded by men." Broly told the Fairy Deity.

“And that’s what’ll make this even better.” Phoenix stated with a grin. He then turned to Rainbow and spoke. “I’ll give ya twenty bucks if ya do it.”

“DON’T IGNORE ME!!!” Screwball yelled causing the room to shake. Phoenix clasped his hands over his ears in slight pain, but not after mumbling a few unfamily friendly words.

"Why must you shout?" Broly asked with a mumble.

“Because I hate being ignored” Screwball pouted crossing her arms and sticking her tongue out

"Oh, what were you saying again?" Broly asked Screwball with a tilted head.

“You guys are very…” Screwball said snapping her head towards the west. “Somepony just summoned a Chaos Spirit

"Oh, that's nice." Broly commented, looking at her with a curious look.

“Okay…..?” Phoenix gave Screwball a confused look.

Screwball than heard somebody speak

“Leave the blind man alone and tell us where the Chaos Spirit went!”

“Sorry pals and gals, but I must take my leave” Screwball said before exploding in a burst bubblegum which splattered all over them

“What the fuck?” Phoenix looked himself over before levitating the gum off of him.

"Like Mr. Perfect Cell once said, "You have a pretty weird kink" whatever kink means…" Broly shrugged.

“I could've sworn I said that…..'' Phoenix mumbled to himself, raising a hand to his chin.

“I’m not entirely sure,” Rainbow said, coming from behind Broly. “I’m just glad I saw that coming and used your massive body to shield myself”

"Thanks Rainbow Dash…" Broly wasn't sure if that was a compliment or an insult.

“It was a compliment” Rainbow said observing the bubble gum explosion that happened. “If I was insulting you I would have said that you were an adequate meat shield and nopony can ever take that away from you”

"Thanks." Broly replied before looking at his gum covered body. "Well, this stinks… Or sticks…"

“Let me get that for you.” Phoenix levitated the gum from Broly’s body, before sending it off into the distance to smack Thanos in the head. “He’ll enjoy that.” Phoenix mumbled under his breath.

“That’s mean…” Broly told the Fairy God.

“Thanks Kowalski.” Phoenix replied with a large grin. “In Thanos’ words, ‘you are one of the best humans I have ever met’, so I think it’ll be fine.”

Suddenly Phoenix was blown out of the Dojo for Master Juzu had arrived and you can bet your ass he was an old man with a long beard. "Oh, it's you Broly! And… Rainbow Dash of Universe 1293! A pleasure to meet you." His voice mirrored that of Master Roshi as Juzu stuck out a hand for Rainbow Dash.

“Um..” Rainbow Hesitantly took Juzu’s hand. “Like..wise”

"So, is Broly showing you around?" Juzu asked the Cyan Mare.

“He is” Rainbow said kinda uncomfortable being around this man

"Alright, that's nice of you Broly." Juzu turned to Broly, who just nodded, "Well, my name is Master Juzu of the Wind, and Master of this Dojo." Juzu introduced himself.

"...Rainbow do want to go to the Dark Alley Town or Pokemon Town or whatever Pokemon means…" Broly asked, turning to Rainbow Dash.

“Personally I would like to fly around a bit, I’ve been walking around for this entire time and I’d like to give them a good stretch” Rainbow said flaring her wings

"Hm… Let's fly to Dark Alley Town." Broly said as he turned to leave the Dojo. He opened the doors and opened a door just for Rainbow Dash. "Ladies go first… I think." Rainbow Dash took this WORDS!!! they both exited the Dojo. "Keep up." Broly commented with a slight grin before shooting off to the sky.

As Shiva trained in her powers, Kodo and Maud noticed small circular runes appearing in the ground.

“Mom?” Kodo asked. “What are you doing?”

“I was watching Ryker do some of that portal magic,” Shiva admitted. “I’m wondering if I can replicate the portal magic he uses. Maybe make it so we can at least see Celine again.”

Maud hummed. “Or you could end up opening a portal to somewhere else entirely,” she noted. “Bring someone that shouldn’t be here.”

Right as Shiva considered that, one of her portal runes opened. And with a burst of fireworks, some… ‘thing’ cannonballed out.

“YEAAAAHHHHHHHHHH-AYE!” the figure gagged, clutching his neck. “Ten thousand years will give ya such a crick in the neck!”

“Mm,” the flaming figure behind him grumbled.

“Yes-yes, I know it wasn’t ten-thousand years, but it’s the principle!”

Shiva and Kodo’s jaws dropped, and even Maud’s eyes widened in shock. The creature before them resembled a human - Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3, to be specific - but had a monkey tail, monkey feet, and even patches of monkey fur along his arms. His jet black hair was shaved in a mohawk, allowing them to see several scars along his head. One scar in particular stretched from his ear down to his lips, setting his face in a permanent smirk. He wore a Hawaiian pattern t-shirt with the buttons open to reveal another sleeveless t-shirt, which contrasted badly with the camouflage pants that covered his legs. Behind him was a massive dragon - more like a mix between a charizard, a raptor and a zbornak, all while covered with flames that seemed to generate automatically from its body. It’s eyes - a strange shade of pink - watched the group with an expression similar to Maud’s default look of boredom.

“So!” the monkey man declared. “Who summons the ladvicious, ludicrous Loco Luco?!”

Shiva and Kodo glanced at each other in stunned disbelief. “We were… hoping for someone else,” Shiva admitted.

Loco Luco gasped, putting a hand to his heart. “I’m HURT!” He declared. “HURT, I tell you! I go to all the trouble of showing up, and I get answered with the equivalent of a ding-dong ditch?!” He looked at the dragon. “Disgraceful. Scandalous! Isn’t it, Blazy Blue?”

“Mm,” the dragon hummed with a nod.

“We don’t need to take this!” Luco declared. “Come, Blazy Blue; let us find someone who appreciates the time we took to come here.”

“Mm,” Blazy Blue replied - even though there was no blue on her. Seizing her partner’s shoulders, Blazy Blue’s wings folded over her companion, and they disappeared with a burst of fireworks. Shiva, Kodo and Maud stared at where they had gone with dumbfounded expressions.

“So… is he gone?” Kodo asked.

“Everything sacred help us if he isn’t,” Shiva bemoaned.

Meanwhile, as Ryker resided on his throne, he suddenly lifted his head.

“Why do I get the sense that someone opened a portal to another dimension without my permission?” Ryker grumbled.

In response, a crackle of fireworks exploded in front of his throne.

“Oh-ho, my friend,” Luco cackled as he stepped out of the flames. “My darling. My amigo! When it comes to chaos, ‘permission’ is more of a guideline.”

"Who the hell are you?" Ryker asked Luco with a raised eyebrow.

Luco chuckled. “Oh, now don’t tell me you haven’t heard of the ludicrous Loco Luco! Disciple of Discord, Apprentice to Anarchy, Concubine to Chaos and Wearer of Wolves?”

“Mm,” Blazy noted, pointing at him.

“Oh, right,” Luco noted. With a snap of his fingers, Shiva suddenly appeared around his neck with a flash of fireworks.

Shiva looked around in shock before gazing up at Ryker with fear. “I don’t know how he got here,” she insisted. “I was just trying to contact my daughter and…”

“Oh-ho-ho, my Shiva,” Luco said, fluffing her like she was a fur coat. “My darling. Mi amore. You forget that while you may be from one Equestria, you’re also from another Earth entirely. And Earth isn’t just restricted to you!” He pulled her off him and set her down in front of him. “What? Did you think you were the only one that could be displaced? How selfish!” He wagged a finger at her. “Shame on you!”

Shiva glanced at Ryker. “My deepest apologies, Lord Ryker…” she began.

“Lord Rider?” Luco yelped. “But he’s not riding anything!”

Before Ryker could reply, Luco darted up with a coy smirk.

“How about we fix that?” he offered, before winking at Blazy. The fire dragon rolled her eyes, but proceeded to seductively pose in front of the King, wagging her tail invitingly.

“Lovely, isn’t she?” Luco praised. “A phoenix-dragon hybrid.” He giggled, leaning in closer. “Just guess how I got the phoenix and dragon to breed. Guess! Guess!”

"You made a drake incredibly horny and needy that they would have sex on sight and a phoenix was the first thing they saw and so then…" Ryker just clapped his hands mimicking that of something naughty, "And boom, you have her."

Luco laughed giddily. “Along with a wine cellar that resembled the Fallout Universe,” Luco added before pointing a finger at Shiva, who was covering her face in embarrassment. “And that, children, is why alcohol is bad for you.”

Shiva looked to Blazy in exasperation. “How do you put up with this guy?” she asked.

“Mm,” Blazy replied with a shrug.

"Also Shiva…" Ryker slowly turned to her with an unreadable look on his face, he was smiling, though it was a scary smile. Not the nice smile, "I'll need you to have a talk with me."

Shiva just sighed. “Yeah,” she muttered, like she knew she was heading to the gallows.

Luco gasped. “You’re going to teach her about the birds and the bees?” He asked, before glancing back with a hum. “So was that puppy her younger brother? Coulda sworn they looked related.”

"Excuse me for a second, Lady Shiva," Ryker stood up from his seat walking over to Luco and covering his fist in Armament Haki before punching Luco in the jaw. Luco, however, exploded into fireworks on impact, vanishing into sparkles, while Ryker’s Armament Haki dripped from his arm, changed into squid ink.

“Hmph,” Luco’s voice scoffed from everywhere at once. “Another grumpy wumpus woo. Come, Blazy Blue, let’s go find some nicer folks to play with.”

“Mm,” Blazy hummed, before vanishing in a burst of fireworks as well. Shiva was left alone with Ryker. A fact she accepted with a slow sigh of resignation.

"Shiva…" Ryker slowly turned to Shiva, smiling as he crossed his arms. "Level down with me here: what the fuck were you thinking?"

“You say you’ve spent eons looking for your daughter," she replied. “Surely you can understand my desire to see my own daughter.”

"Touchè. In any case… I have a Chaos Spirit to kill…" Ryker said darkly as his emerald eyes glowed violently, Ryker then made a portal next to him. Slowly walking in whilst looking at Shiva, "If ya need anything… Just ask." Ryker then headed in.

“What I need is what you already want,” Shiva promised, turning to the exit. “That freak either dead or back where he belongs.”

Meanwhile, as Eric and Luna were training with one another, they sensed a presence familiar to Discord’s.

“Please tell me this world doesn't have a Discord as well,” Eric said, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I can barely tolerate ours.”

“I believe so,” Luna said, noticing something about the presence. “But this one is different compared to Discord’s.”

“My master’s reputation precedes him,” a voice declared with glee. “Lovely. Just as lovely as you, Princess Luna. Queen of the Moons, yes? Oh, yeah, you just know how to raise them moons, right?”

Luna’s eyes narrowed, before the crackle of fireworks sounded behind them. They spun to find Luco with his back to them. He grinned cheekily at them, his scar making his grin look unnatural.

“Like this one?” he declared, before dropping his pants and mooning both of them with a wild laugh.

“Oh, this fucker’s dead,” Eric said, enraged as he and Luna turned into their respective elements.

Just before they could unleash holy hellfire on the trickster, a pack link shot right between them, hitting Luco right between his cheeks.

“WOO-HO-HO-HOO!” Luco called, before exploding into fireworks again.

“Maldita sea! Casi lo tenia!”

Eric and Luna spun to find Kodo… yet not Kodo. All of his dark fur had fallen off, and he now resembled a chihuahua. He tried to bark at them, but all they got was spanish.

“Guys!” Shiva called, appearing a second later. “Did you see some weird monkey freak? Probably…” She took one look at Kodo, and her diamond form appeared as she snarled. “That tears it!” She tore away down the hall. “WHEN I FIND YOU, YOU FREAK, I’M GOING TO MAKE YOU EXPERIENCE TARTARUS, YOU HEAR ME! TARTARUS!”

“Gotta catch me first,” Luco’s voice taunted. “Gotta catch em all!”

An explosion suddenly sounded from the direction of the bar.

“Blazy Blue!” Luco chastised, though he sounded less ‘mad’ and more ‘parent amused by their child’s antics.’ “Did you get into the bar?”

“Mm,” hummed back at him.

Meanwhile, while Thanos was sharpening his blade, he suddenly found a figure seated in front of him.

“Hey,” Luco greeted. “You’re Thanos, right? The one that fought Celestia because she wanted to get rid of everything bad?”

“Yeah, Thanos is the name and beating Celestia is my game!” Thanos laughed, grinning ear to ear.

“Yeah, I’m a big fan of your work,” Luco assured him. He pat the titan’s shoulder. “I appreciate you standing up for what’s right. Too many people think they gotta get rid of evil entirely. But it’s not really evil and good that people are worried about, it’s order and chaos. And regardless, both are nothing without each other. Without order, chaos has no point. And without chaos, order has no point.” Luco smiled a genuine smile at Thanos. “I appreciate you seeing that, and being willing to fight for it.”

Luco walked to the door, and glanced back. “I want to say something else that’s inspiring,” he admitted. “But, I don’t think I got the time.”

Sure enough, Thanos’ door slammed open, and Luco was flattened against the wall, bursting into fireworks as Shiva, Kodo, Eric, Luna and Ryker stormed in.

“I smelled him!” Shiva snarled. “Is he here?”

Thanos pointed at the sparkles still dissipating from the door. Shiva glared at them, fumed with fury, before spinning and taking back off into the hallway. “You miserable monkey!” she screamed. “We’re gonna find you; you’re only pissing off everyone you meet!”

“Ey yo, that’s fucking racist!” Thanos called.

“Did you not see the monkey tail?” Shiva shot back.

“Just because he has a monkey tail doesn’t mean that he is a monkey!” Thanos countered with a frown, “Luco is my boy now, man. He respects me so I gotta defend my man.”

Meanwhile, as Phoenix was walking around the arena reading a book on martial arts, he noticed the chaos going down as the fighters tried to track down the chaos spirit. He grinned before turning, finding Luco staring at him in awe.

“Look, Blazy Blue,” Luco declared. “It’s yer mama!”

Turning to behind him, Phoenix found the fiery visage of Blazy staring at him, an entirely unconvinced look on her face. She glanced over at Luco and cocked an eyebrow. “Mm?”

“I read Lord Rider’s invitations,” Luco argued, waving a paper at them both. “His name is Phoenix. Your mom was a phoenix. And while there’s no fun in making sense, you can’t deny the resemblance.”

Phoenix and Blazy exchanged a look. Blazy said nothing, but her look conveyed, “Yes, he’s an idiot, and yes, I’m past done trying to reel him in.”

Phoenix simply eyed the two, not having seen either around the place. “How many more people is Ryker planning on inviting…. And a fuckin pokemon no less…..” He mumbled to himself, before giving a curt nod to the two and teleporting out.

Luco blinked as he vanished, before shrugging and hopping onto Blazy. “On to the next one,” he declared happily.

It was Grievous in his room, he had tied Fujitora to a chair and had a blindfold on. Grievous walked around Fujitora, a TV in front of him, Grievous snapped his fingers to try and wake the blind man up. No use, he did it again, Fujitora didn’t wake up, so Grievous poured some water on him. That jarred Fujitora awake, Fujitora turned left then right.

“Where am I? Who are you?” Fujitora said between breaths, Grievous chuckled.

“Nice, Observation Haki, able to sense my presence naturally. I am Grievous and you are going to tell me what Ryker is hiding. You see, Nox filled me up on everything and you seem like the weakest mentally. Breaking down so easily in front of people? Pathetic.” Grievous scoffed, Fujitora sighed.

“The blindfold is useless, you know that right?” Fujitora raised an eyebrow.

“It adds effect, now, what is Ryker hiding? What is he planning?!” Grievous asked the blind swordsman.

“He is planning on bringing back his da-” Grievous slapped Fujitora across his face.

“I already know that! What is Ryker planning? What does he want to do with us after this tournament ends?” Grievous asked Fujitora, Fujitora growled.

“I’ll never tell you, you piece of scrap metal!” Fujitora said defiantly, Grievous let out a sigh.

“Then you leave me with no choice…” Grievous snapped his fingers and then put headphones on before playing whatever was on the TV. The piece of technology played something awful… So damn awful.

“All the single furries, all the single furries, all the single furries~!”

“Dear god make it stop! Make it stop!” Fujitora shouted out.

“Tell me, what is Ryker’s plan?! What does he want to do with us?!” Grievous glared down at the blind man as the song continued to play. Fujitora tried to break free, grunting.

Meanwhile, as Shiva chased Luco, she heard Fujitora’s shouts. Phoenix also heard his voice from a few halls away, but decided that against interfering, as he had trust someone else would deal with it. Not like he really knew the blind swordsman.

“Issho?” she stammered, before looking back. “But… the chaos spirit…” She looked back and forth.

Something that Luco noticed. Glancing at where she was looking, he brightened with glee, before snapping his fingers.

Back in Grevious’ room, the song suddenly changed to Rick-Rolling.

Grievous spun back to the screen… to find Luco sitting cross-legged on the TV.

“What’s going on here?” Luco asked. “Looks like a party.”

“God damn it, you got me. Nice Rick Roll, don’t mind me just torturing a blind man.” Grievous said right as he put headphones on Fujitora that blasted all the single furries in his ears. “That’s better…”

“Hm…” Luco hummed. “Yeah, you see, normally, I’m into the whole BDSM thing - really, I get it, it’s cool - but, someone doesn’t want this guy tortured, so…” He snapped his fingers, and once again, ‘all the single furries’ changed to ‘rick-roll.’ “Yeah… no, sorry…” He didn’t sound the least bit sorry.

“Well then… I’m just going to use the power of my claws to..” Grievous then pinches Fujitora and he yelps.

“I’m-a don’t think you can do that,” Luco replied, right as Grievous felt a blistering heat at his back. Turning around, Grievous was met with the sight of Blazy Blue; a massive Charizard that managed to dwarf the already tall General, and boiled and blistered with flames on top of it. She glared down at him with pink eyes, her expression bored, but clearly seconds away from getting angry.

Grievous just glared back, “I have killed thousands of your kind, I will not be frightened by some drake with beautiful pink eyes. Really, nice eyes.” Grievous complemented. Blazy smiled slightly at his compliment.

“Oh, you like her eyes?” Luco asked. “Watch this!” He turned to Blazy. “Blazy Blue?”

She glanced up.

“Sylvia’s the worst character in Wander Over Yonder!”

Instantly, Blazy’s eyes turned a dark red. She roared… and her flames punched a hole through the ceiling. Unfortunately, she then charged Luco.

“WHOOPSY-DOODLES!” Luco yelped as she carted him out the other side of the wall.

“Cool,” Grievous then continued all the single furries whilst pouring water on Fujitora’s face. “What is Ryker planning! TELL ME RIGHT NOW!!! Or so help me I'll make your deaf, cut your fingers off one by one, and many other things. What. Is. Ryker. Planning?”

“He’s planning to-” Fujitora was cut off when Shiva burst through the door.

“Alright, I got you…” she paused, her eyes darting between the melted holes in the wall and Fujitora.

“ISSHO!” she yelped. With a massive lunge, she carved the headphones and bindings into ribbons. Lashing out with a pack link, she restored the blind swordsman’s strength, and together, they stood, the pack link forging a sword of lightning for Fujitora’s hands as they prepared to take on the General.

Grievous just frowned and pulled out his swords, glaring at the duo, before Eric joined them, shadows of rage pouring from his body.

“Grievous! Tell me where the fucker went,” Eric said full rage mode covered his body.

Shiva blinked, remembering her goal. “Right,” she noted. “The monkey man. Tell Eric where the monkey man with the phoenix dragon went, and then leave Issho alone!”

“I don’t know, nor care,” Grievous dismissed, keeping his gaze on Fujitora. “Fujitora! Submit now or else this will get very…”

Grievous paused, tilting his head as he felt something slither up his legs.

“Why must you always interfere… Eric Von Shadow?” Grievous glared over to Eric, his glare burning into the Shadow Man’s soul.

“Leave the blind man alone and tell us where the Chaos Spirit went!” Eric refuted, his own glare countering the General’s.

“...” Grievous ignored Eric and went for the door.

“Did somebody call a Chaos user~” a voice echoed through the room.

Shiva’s ears flattened. “Oh, no…” she whimpered. “There’s more?”

In a puff of cotton candy smoke and confetti, a female with long light purple and white stripped hair made her presence known to all

“Bask in the glory that is Screwball, the Goddess of Chaos!” Screwball said in a boasting tone.

“Goddess of Chaos?” a voice asked.

Shiva snarled as Luco reappeared, a still red-eyed and fuming Blazy now carting him along like a horse. He grinned at Screwball, sinking himself and his dragon into a bow.

“Your servant!” he declared. “The ladviscious, ludicrous Loco Luco!”

“Mm?” Blazy grumbled. Luco winked.

“And his sidekick, Blazy Blue,” Luco added.

Grievous clenched his fists, gripping his weapons, he slowly turned to Shiva with unbridled rage, dragging her angry look from Luco. “Give me the blind man, I need that information, do you not understand the situation we are in?!” Grievous stomped on his room as he flicked the lightswitch as everything showed torture machines.

Shiva blinked at the contraptions before narrowing her eyes. “All I understand is that I have to contain that crazed monkey man and protect my friend.”

“Hello Issho,” Screwball said to the blind man. “How’s my favorite gambler?” Screwball said with a smile

“Hello Screwball, I’m fine but Grievous kinda wants some information on Ryker’s plans and I can’t allow that...” Fujitora chuckled.

“Well you know Ryky won’t allow that, and honestly I don’t want you to suffer more than you already have” Screwball snapped her fingers summoning a portal behind the swordsman

“Oh alright, that’s nice of y-” Fujitora was met with the claw of Grievous’ foot, the claw wrapped itself around Fujitora’s skull and Grievous slammed Fujitora’s head to the ground. Shiva snared Grievous' neck with a pack link, but the General brought a sword to Fujtora’s nape, putting them in a small stand off.

“Ohh...Rustbucket” Screwball sang teleporting behind Grievous

‘I need that information to protect my friends, I know something is up, I will do anything to see it that my friends escape and I find out what Ryker is hiding!” Grievous growled, putting the blade closer to Fujitora.

“Wait,” Shiva said. “You don’t have to kill him.” She concentrated on her link, and Grevious heard her voice, even though she didn’t speak. “Issho. I’m trying to help you. What’s gotten him so riled up?”

“Dark Ki…” Fujitora’s thoughts mumbled.

“What he’s hiding is a way…” the room began to tremble as a shadow was cast over Screwball’s eyes, the Chaos Goddess grabbed Grievous by his mechanical neck as a aura of death and insanity covered Screwball. “....to bring back our daughter”

“I already know that, but there is another motive behind Ryker!” Grievous insisted. “I know it! I feel it!”

“Leave Fuji” Screwball ordered lifting Grievous from the ground

“Earth Sword, Pillar.” A pillar of earth shot up beneath Screwball and she hit the roof, Grievous grabbed onto Fujitora, but Shiva held on valiantly with the pack link. “Kaioken times three!” Grievous then shot off faster than my dad left me, going through walls and into town, while Shiva held on for dear life.

“It’s foolish to run, you bucket of bolts” Screwballs voice echoed in the mechanical Swordsman’s mind. “I am Everywhere and Nowhere all at the same time”

“Welp,” Luco’s voice replied. “If a Goddess of Chaos needs this guy too… well…”

Luco reappeared in front of Grievous, Blazy Blue’s back talons burying into his chest plate and knocking him into the dirt. Grievous struggled to his feet, Blazy landing as her eyes turned red and her body turned blue with hot flames.

“Damn you all… That’s it!” Grievous kicked Fujitora into a building before turning around and sheathing his blades. “Onto Herobrine…” Grievous said darkly right before a dark aura enveloped him and disappeared.

Blazy, Luco and Shiva looked around in shock, before Blazy turned back to red flames with a groan.

“Oh, don’t stress it, Blazy,” Luco said, patting her side. “There’ll always be more fights.”

“Like me?” Shiva demanded, her pack links crackling to life as her arms turned diamond.

“Or me?” Eric added, shadows pouring from his form.

Blazy merely turned to face them, grinning ominously as her flames crackled and turned blue again.

As explosions sounded against howls and battle cries, Luco turned to Screwball with a grin. “So, Lady Screwball... Goddess of Chaos?”

“What?” Screwball said, sending a glare in his direction.

Her anger only seemed to please him. “And feisty,” he purred. “I love it when a tigress has claws.”

“Show respect when speaking to the Chaos Goddess.” Screwball ordered with a look that could kill

He grinned, as if the glare had no effect… but then promptly sunk to one knee. “As the Goddess of my faith commands,” he replied, lowering his head in deference.

Fujitora then walked out of the building, rubbing his head. “That’s the second time I’ve been hit by a ruffian… For fuck’s sake… Pardon my language.” Fujitora groaned.

“Glad to see you’ve freed yourself Fuji” Screwball said her anger dissipating seeing her friend

Fujitora “looked” at Screwball, “How dare you, how fucking dare you. You said see in front of me. Did I not tell you I was a… Why… Why must you hurt me.” Fujitora held his chest.

“Oh Fuji..You know I don’t like to see you cry” Screwball said shedding tears. “I do apologize my little Fuji”

“Would you mind taking your anger out by helping?!” Kodo screamed, racing by them as Blazy carved both Eric and Shiva down identical twin trenches. Hefting the Howlite Howler and the Shadow Man up, Blazy kicked them both over the town and to the other side.

Kodo gave chase, but as Blazy tried to move after him, Fujitora pinned her via 10,000 weight. Blazy crouched, growling as she supported the weight, before Fujitora caught her attention by walking into her line of view. Fujitora then pat her nose… or tried to, as merely getting near her was like trying to get near a volcano.

“Come on,” he encouraged with a smile. “You don’t have to be mean.”

His soft words had an effect, as her blue flames faded to red, and her eyes returned to a soft pink color. She glanced at Luco, who was still bowing to Screwball.

“Mm,” she hummed, lowering her head in apology.

Suddenly Katakuri walked on by, looking at the party. “...What in the actual fuck is going on with you guys?” Katakuri asked them stoically.

“Kata!!” Screwball Cheered as she jumped and hugged the champion. “How’s my Champion doing since I’ve been gone?” The goddess asked, noticing a new scar on his body. “Where’d you get this scar?” Screwball asked, tracing the scar over his right shoulder.

"I have fought countless battles while you were gone, this one was just recently. I had battled a Neighponese Swordsman, er… Japanese Swordsman. He was strong enough to at least wound me so that's a first in a couple hundred years.

“I don’t like it when somepony hurt’s my family,” Screwball said, waving her hand over the scar. “If you wish I can heal you”

"No, scars like these are a monument of a fine battle. I still won, my win to loss ratio is 184620648 wins to 0 losses." Katakuri informed the Goddess.

“But…..have you ever beat me in combat before” Screwball asked with a smug grin on her face

"No, and I don't think I want to, I do not fight people who are married to Ryker." Katakuri said blankly.

“Then can you help us put that chaos spirit back where he belongs?” Shiva asked, limping back as she indicated Blazy and Luco. Luco peered around innocently, while Blazy stepped in front of him with a look that warned, “Whoever touches the monkey is gonna catch these talons.”

“Of course my Wittle little doggy woggy” Screwball said petting the Diamond Dog on her head

"If you don't mind me…" Katakuri Then launches A devastating gut punch to the drake, punching a solid hole through the dragon’s stomach.

Blazy peered down at the hole with a bored look, before fire crackled back up, sealing the hole like it never happened.

Katakuri then landed a kick to her ribs covering it in Ryou Haki to damage it like the scales aren't there. However, there were no scales; to his surprise, he found himself kicking at pure fire. Despite her draconic appearance, she seemed to be more of a fire spirit; with no internal organs to damage. Blazy cocked a curious eyebrow.

"Well then, how about this?" Suddenly a giant fist grabbed Blazy, Katakuri's right fist was covered in a white aura. Katakuri raises the fist high, the giant fist mimicking it, Katakuri then slams Blazy before punching her repeatedly.

And yet… the punches still didn’t seem to do anything. When Katakuri looked at his fist, the white aura had been replaced with something else that was white and sticky. Luco peeked out from behind a bored looking Blazy, giggling like the dog hunt dog. Katakuri began to laugh along as he began to slam the fist down upon her, her fire bouncing and adjusting like he was punching a spicy version of a dough girl.

“Alright, Kata. I believe the little dragoness has had enough of your massive power,” Screwball said, snapped her fingers causing both Luco and Blazy to fall into the rainbow colored portal. “It’s time to seal them within their realm.”

"Don't!" Katakuri begged in a pleading way, "They're fun!"

“Oh, someone wants us around? Well, then,” Luco replied, turning away from Katakuri and waving at Screwball and Shiva. “Thanks for the trip, you two. Ten outta one. See you next time.” He grinned in particular at Shiva. “You especially, my little snowball.” He turned to Screwball. “Keep an eye out for ‘Of Scales and Fur.’ Coming next year, assuming Three Tails isn’t a cowardly little bitch.”

Shiva snarled and fired a pack link at him. But he simply ducked back down, while Blazy zipped up the portal like a pants zipper. With a final *pop*, the chaotic duo was gone.

Shiva groaned and slumped to the ground. Kodo nuzzled at her worriedly.

“Kodo…” she mumbled. “The next time I screw around with portal magic, and risk that freak showing up again… hit me.”

“Mom!” Kodo protested.

“Seriously,” she begged. “Punch me, and make sure it sends me through at least one wall.”

Grievous then drops out of the sky next to Shiva. "Listen Shiva, Ryker's not only planning to get the Dark Ki, after this tournament he intends to get Thanos into his army, make Nox make things for him, and then kill all of the remaining Displ-" Katakuri then kicked Grievous shutting him up temporarily.

“I can assure you my Ryky would never do something like that,” Screwball said with a sincere smile.

“I really don’t care right now,” Shiva moaned.

"It's true!” Grievous insisted. “He intends to do that. The book told me! The eliacube told me! My vision fucking told me! He's going to kill you all! Shiva, you gotta warn the others before Ryker finds ou-"

“Drop it, Grievous,” Eric said to the mech. “None of us will perish in this tournament”

Ryker stood tall over Eric, "Indeed, you are correct you cookie slut!" Ryker mocked the Shadow Man. "Screwy, send Grievous somewhere that will… Make him regret saying those lies." Ryker grinned, Grievous turned to Shiva.

“How bout my home dimension, The Chaos Realm.” Screwball said with a vile grin. “His screams will be legen…..Hold it I hold you’re not lactose intolerant cause the last part contains ..dary.”

"SHIVA!!!! I'M TELLING YOU!!! YOU GOTTA BELIEVE ME!!!" A Portal opened behind him, As a Claw stuck Out Of The portal and grabbed Grievous' legs. Grievous clawed st the ground, "Beware, Ryker will activate the Torikage and trap us all! There will be no escape! There was an extra note on the contract!"

Rolling her eyes, Shiva caught Grievous with a pack link. And unknown to Ryker or Screwball, she downloaded the information he was trying to share into her own mind. Her fur glowed and she gave Grievous a small wink, before thudding her head back down, and returning to her exhausted post-slumber. Before Grievous could sigh in relief, he was yanked back into the portal, and was gone.

Hearing Grievous mention the Torikage made Screwball pause for a split second before shaking her head and pulling the mech into her home realm. ‘no..Ryker would never use the Torikage...he wouldn’t….Right?’ Screwball asked herself as she followed behind Grievous

"I'M GOING TO BRAZIIIILLLL!!! AAAAAA-" Grievous let out a bloodcurdling scream as he was sentenced to Screwball's Realm.

A few minutes before...

Grievous was in a rocky terrain, alone as a dark aura enveloped him once more. “Damn dragons… I’ll kill them all, I’ll slay em all! Gr… tch, snap out of it, Thompson… Stay calm. Fight this..” Grievous sat down sighing trying to recuperate. Grievous then let out a roar to the heavens.

“DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!” Grievous’ shout was heard from miles echoing across whatever rocks that were there. “You know what? I need to slay that dragon, I need to, it’s in my nature, my teachings! I need to kill her, but wait, Chaos Gods! I hate God so much! I need a way to kill them both! I’m going fucking insane! I need someone out there who knows my pain, WHO CAN UNDERSTAND THE ONE AND ONLY GRIEVOUS!??!?!?!” Grievous shouted out again, he then sat down on a rock.

“That’s right, no one understands me, no one at all. They’re all stupid, all of them! Can’t they understand the grave danger that we’re all in?!” Grievous kicked a rock that then hit something. Suddenly a book came from the skies and fell before him, he looked up, nothing .”Huh?” He then reads the book, “Ryker’s Plans.”

“Convenient.” Grievous chuckled as he began to read the pages, his eyes widened, he saw Ryker’s evil plan. He then flipped page after page, reading it until he dropped it. “Oh god I have to warn the others.” Grievous then shot off far away.

“Knew if I waited around They would turn up,” Ed remarked as he picked up the book and quickly read through it. “Naughty boy,” he chuckled and set the book down. “Not my problem though. That chaos spirit could throw him for a loop for a bit though. I’ll let things run their course for now,” the sage shrugged as he walked through a portal.

Katakuri looked at the portal, blinking a few times. "May his soul rest in peace." Katakuri sighed.

Shiva said nothing, the information she had absorbed still on her mind. She made her way after Eric.

“You okay, Shadow Man?” she asked, as he checked over the ashen talon print Blazy had left on his chest.

“Yeah I’m fine” Eric said as Luna used her magic to heal him. “Nothing a little healing magic can’t fix,” he said with a grin

Shiva pat Eric’s shoulder… and carefully, ensuring her mind was blocked from everyone but Eric, she transferred what Grievous had shown her. Be on guard, she hissed as the information transferred.

‘I understand, but I’ve been on guard since I got here’

Katakuri looked down at the two and raised his eyebrow, "Hm? Are you invading his mind Shiva?" Katakuri asked the Diamond Dog. "And what about you Eric?" Katakuri looked over to Eric. "Are you two doing something you might regret?"

“Just talking, Katakuri,” Eric said turning to leave

"Your mouth didn't move, nor did I hear anyone speak." Katakuri crossed his arms as he saw Eric leave as out of nowhere from the depths of hell, Thanos popped up.

"Where the hell is Luco?! He's my boy!" Thanos cried out looking around and not seeing him or his dragon. "I missed him didn't I?"

“You did,” Eric said as he, Luna, Shiva, and Kodo then left the town leaving Thanos there with Katakuri.

"...Huh… Guess they're fast."

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