• Published 2nd Mar 2021
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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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Chapter Seven, Local Minecraft Myth gets wrecked by The Rock's Sister.

Chapter Seven, Maud Pie vs Entity_303.

Thanos sat there on Ryker's throne and cleared his throat, the competitors there and some of the commanders there as the audience. "Alright everyone because of some stupid reason we're settling this. Remember Eric, we had that conversation…" Thanos shouted out.

“Are we really going to go through with this?” Sombra asked the Titan using his Devil fruit to appear next to the throne

"Sadly yes, I am sorry about this stupid shit, why is this happening? Entity needs to learn when to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!" Thanos shouted in a voice that rivaled the Royal Canterlot Voice.

“I don’t blame you,” Sombra said, tightening his grip on his blades. “I blame your friend for doing something as asinine as insulting Mauds younger sister”

"Exactly, he's a bitch! I am tired of this shit! Can someone please go a day without killing each other?! God damn!" Thanos punched a wall and made it shatter.

“Yes,” Ed nodded. “He was warned several times to.”

“You know if you discipline your comrades more often stuff like this wouldn’t happen” Sombra said as he watched Maud began to crack her knuckles

"Nigga I have no control over them, blame Grievous, he's a standard white boy! He teaches them when I sleep!" Entity stood on his side of the stage, his ears crackling like fire.

“Well let’s get this over with so we can all sleep for tomorrows match” Sombra said giving the titan a side glance. “Just promise me you will intervene if this gets….Deadly”

"Alright… ON THIS CORNER WE HAVE MAUD PIE!!!! The One who's going to win," Thanos introduced Maud

“Did some one eat the Party Pony she’s gonna be pissed if she doesn’t see this,”. Ed advised.

"Then we have THE ABSOLUTE BITCH THAT IS ENTITY ON THIS SIDE!!! The one who is going to lose." Thanos shouted out.

"Hey! That's rude!" Entity snapped.

"You know what's also rude? Shit talking someones sister in front of them! I need to get some sleep before I kill everyone in this entire Universe!" Thanos shouted out.

“You were warned to back off, you didn’t so you take the lumps,” Ed remarked flatly.

“Several times from what I hear” Sombra shouted

"EXACTLY!!!" Thanos shouted out, scolding the Minecraft Man, "God damn can something bad not happen for once?" Thanos prayed.

“You just made it worse,“ Ed slapped his face.

"Sorry, I'm just… Really pissed off today…" Thanos grumbled before drinking some rich wine.

“Well since we’re here might as well make this fun” Ed said cracking his knuckles then using his powers to transfigure the ring into a city landscape. “Good big or go home!”

"...The fuck's this?" Entity looked around, Entity's monkey tail flicked around.

“Your undoing Bucker'' Maud said cracking her neck with a twist of her head. “I’m gonna make you regret speaking about my sister like that”

"I'm gonna make you regret striking me you emotionless cunt." Everyone paused in the arena.

“WHO SAID THAT?!” Shiva’s voice echoed from down the hall.

Immediately the hands of Sombra, Thanos, Ed, Katakuri, Fujitora, Zabuza, Akainu, Arkham Knight, Lucci, Nappa, Luffy, Necrozma, and Goku Black collided with their foreheads creating a resonating slap throughout the ring.

“This Mother Bucker is absolutely insane” Sombra said sensing the forbidding death approaching. “Thank Faust Eric and Luna went to bed otherwise we might have to be cleaning Entity off the walls and floors”

"This Nigga’s out of his got damn mind” Lucci said rubbing his eyes.

“More like he just doesn’t know how to stop being an asshole,” Ed said flatly. “It’s like it’s ingrained in his dna. Don’t tell the purple book pony cause she’ll grab the big needles, no on second thought tell her..”

Zabuza starts to dig a grave, Nappa and Lucci helping Zabuza too.

Down in the city modeled ring Maud just closed her eyes and deeply inhaled into her nose

“Maud,” Sombra said as the earth pony opened her eyes. “Kick his ass.”

“Yea and shove a red hot fire poker up it too,“ Ed added

“THEN HANG HIM UP BY HIS GENITALS!” Shiva’s voice added.

Maud ran at Entity at a speed the minecraft player couldn’t track, she only became visible when her closed fist slammed into his left cheek sending him crashing into one of the buildings, the building then fell onto him. A pillar of fire bursted from the rubble sending magma rocks flying everywhere. Entity stood, his white hair covering his left eye, Entity stumbled out of there and ate an Enchanted Golden Apple. "Alright bitch, let's do this." Entity flew at the Earth Pony, fire boosting him. Entity spun around and tried to kick Maud only for her to duck down effortlessly dodging Entity's kick. Entity then shot a quick Kamehameha at her only for her to appear behind him.

“Tremor Strike!” Maud shouted in slight anger as her fist slammed into his back throwing him into the ground leaving a Entity shaped hole

"Fuck you!" Entity cried out.

Calmly Maud walked over to the closest and tallest building, gripping the walls in her hands Maud slowly causes cracks to form along the bottom. the Building was lifting off the ground as Entity began to leave the hole only to ghawk in horror at the building

“Oh Shi..” Entity said as Maud slammed the building right onto the minecraft player

“This is what happens when you’re just an outright asshole and don’t listen to warnings,” Ed said and everyone else only nodded in agreement.

Entity flew up from the buildings remains glaring down at Maud. Entity brought out his two scythes. "Two Scythe Style, Pony Slayer!" Entity slammed his two scythes into Maud but blocked it with an Armament Haki covered Arms. She was sent careening into the top of a building, Entity then threw flaming cars at the building and made it knock down.

The car crashed into the building knocking the top part of it down, the collapsing building kicked up boundless amounts of debris block view from everyone

“Is it over?” Thanos asked with a croaky voice.

“No, Maud is by far the strongest out everypony in our equestria” Stated Sombra. “She was an even match for the Tyrant King Umbra the Dark, your friend is no Umbra and has no way of defeating her”

“Never underestimate the stone faced ponies,” Ed added with a smirk. “The Pie family in particular, especially granny pie.That old mare sneezed once and knock a mountain range over.”

Entity flew above the dust and debris keeping his eyes below him, without warning a pair of arms wrapped around his chest locking his arms to his side.

“Tremor Hidden Lotus” Maud said kicking her legs causing the air to crack and give her a speed boost as she and Entity raced towards the ground

"NIGGATO MY FAVORITE ANIME!!!" Thanos said before falling back on his seat.

"Pfft- Niggato." Lucci chuckled.

“Eric taught her that particular move” Sombra said smiling as he enjoyed the match.

“Wonder if she could handle a 180x Kugi punch?” Ed thought.

"What about a Kaio-Ken times ten Rokuogan?" Lucci said, curiously.

The Two crash into the ground destroying the surrounding areas, Entity kicks Maud away as he wipes blood from his mouth. Entity then went Super Saiyan Two, the electric sparks becoming more prominent now. Entity walked up to Maud who stood there stoically. "Naruto, nice." Entity commented, catching his breath.

“Eric taught me” admitted the earth pony

"That's cool, oh and by the way, have you ever been burnt so much it feels like your skin has melted off?" Entity asked Maud.

“No” answered the tremor pony

"WOULD YOU LIKE TO?!?!?!?" Entity blasted her with Black flames, she slammed into multiple buildings before hitting the arena's walls.

Maud showed no emotion as she got to her feet and walked towards Entity

“WHY WON’T YOU STAY DOWN ALREADY!?!?!?! Like god damn…" Entity grumbled.

Maud quickened her pace before disappearing from view entirely, Entity frantically looked around for her until a black fist collided with his nose throwing him back. Entity was then struck in the back knocking him forwards, to the observers all they saw was Entity being flung back and forth like a pinball

“You all should know that Maud Pie is a complete master of the Shave Technique” Sombra stated

Entity stumbled forwards before he put An emblem to his chest. "Combat Armor, go!" Entity was covered from mesd to toe in Netherite Armor, wearing Netherite Gauntlets too. He smashed his fists together. Entity vanished from sight, Maud didn't give a damn though, crossing her arms to wait for Entity's puny attack to strike her rock solid form. Maud was then "crushed" by an elevator.

"Nice ass by the way." Entity jokes, he laughed in hysterics afterwards.

“I must say he’s putting up a rather decent defense against her,” Ed pointed. “But one thing a displaced person should never underestimate is the love of family and the determination of a Pie.”

A black arm burst from the remains of the elevator, Maud pulled herself from the remains and glared at the minecraft player with pure unadulterated anger. swishing her tongue around Maud spits out a single tooth

“Oh, she’s really pissed off now,” Ed snickers.

"OHHHH!!! Now you fucked up, no you fucked up, now you fucked up!" Nappa clapped his hands in a rhythmic way. "NOW YOU HAVE FUCKED UP!!!"

“Mmmm, yes rather badly at that,” Mr. Popo added. “Now, BBBBYYYYYEEEEEE!!!”

“I’m sorry” Entity said in fear, fear of seeing an actual rage fueled expression on the expressionless pony

Maud lunged at Entity seizing him in her iron grip slamming him into every building she could before throwing into the air, Jumping after him Maud clamps her hands together

“Tremor Gong!” Maud planted her clamped hands into the minecraft players armor causing it to crack

Entity slammed into the ground forming a massive shockwave that decimated the ring and creating a large crater, thrusting her arms down Maud fell right on top of him

“Tremor…” Maud said rearing her fists back. “...Burial”

The force utter wiped the ring off the map as well as bury Entity into the ground, the only thing visible once the debris cleared was Maud standing over a pile of rubble with a armored hand sticking out

“A rather impressive showing you two,” Ed clapped. “Next time I’ll just turn him to a soccer ball and let the foals play with him for a few hours.”

Mauds expressionless demeanor returned as she walked away

“Never insult my sister again,” Maud said walking away, her body showing no sign of injury

“What have we learned today everyone?” Ed snapped and Entity blinked into the stands coughing up gravel.

“You never insult Maud's family, especially Pinkie Pie,” Sombra said, finding the entire fight completely enjoyable. “Just be thankful Eric wasn’t here”

“Oh I was”

Turning their heads around everyone was met with the sight of both Eric and Luna, and both were pissed and both emitting Shadow and Lightning from their bodies

“We saw the WHOLE fight,” Luna said her lightning taking on a more red hue

“You want a private dimension for the beating of the videogame prick pinata?” Ed asked.

“I wouldn’t mind” Answered the Shadow Man as his shadow crept towards the minecraft player

“Wait guys you’re not going to leave me with him are you?” Entity asked, his voice shaking.

“What part of ‘private dimension to beat the prick pinata’ did you not understand?” Ed raised an eyebrow. “You were warned several times not to do what you did by many of us. Yet you did it anyways. You take the lumps as you pile them up buddy boy. You could always go with Mr. Popo.”

The genie twiddled his fingers at Entity.

“Really it is your fault,” Sombra said drawing his sword and lifting Entity’s chin with the tip. “You called a mare the One word that must never be spoken”

“But they wouldn’t know about that”

“Oh we know, as Luna said we. Saw. The Whole. Fight” Eric said through gritted teeth as his shadow reached Entity’s foot and started to slowly crawl up his body

“I have a fire poker,” Ed pulled out a red hot piece of metal with a spike.

“We won’t need it” Luna said lightning sparking in her hands

“Okay,” Ed threw it over his shoulder, someone complaining about their leg was heard. “What dimension do you want?”

“Anything with shadows will do” answered Eric his eyes shifting from blue to red and black

“How about the Shadow Realm from the original Yugioh series,” Ed suggested

“Sounds Perfect” Eric and Luna said in unison as the portal opened behind them.

“Your chariot awaits, and your luggage,” Ed held up Entity now as if he were a suitcase.

From the portal multiple tendrils of shadow grab hold of Entity by his legs, Entity starts to claw at the ground as he is slowly dragged towards the portal

“No wait! I’d prefer Popo!” Screamed Entity trying to grab hold of something

Entity manages to grab hold of Sombra’s leg

“Please talk to him you’re his friend, Tell him to calm down like you did with Thanos,” pleaded Entity

“Thanos wasn’t drunk then,” Ed pointed out.

“Yea I wasn’t drunk then,” Thanos agreed as he downed another hetap.

“And the word left your lips,” Sombra said, kicking his leg free. “You must ride the tracks you have laid down”

“And I’m coming too,” Mr.Popo smiled. “Mmm bye!” he kicked Entity in the face and followed him into the portal.

“Fuck me in the ass, no!”

“Great Idea” Luna said grimly her lightning intensified. “We’ll start there first”

“God you are hot when you get like this” Eric said stepping through the portal behind his princess

“Tell me about it,” Ed nodded. “You should get in before Mr. Popo,” maniacal leaving and screaming came from the portal. “Has all the fun.”

“Popo!” Mr. Popo said, causing the portal to close.

“So his name closes the portal?” Sombra asked raising an eyebrow

“No it just knows better than to mess with him,” Ed shook his head. “I’m not opening that again by the way. I’d do LSD with the genie but not going against him.”

“O-Kay,” Sombra said, kinda confused. “Is he going to hurt Eric or Luna?”

“Judging from their shared reactions and what their thought patterns were, they’ll be fine,” Ed shrugged. “As much mush as I’d really like to see and over size circle peg shoved in a square whole I’m not going near a pissed off sex game right now. If you feel like disturbing that kind of screwy relationship then be my guest, here is a shadow crystal to open the portal,” Ed handed over the crystal to Sombra. “I’ve been around for a while and I’m married to the sisters and have two kids with one of them and another on the way not to mention my other mare. I have learned not to stick my nose in someone else’s shit.”

“Yeah for some reason Luna’s Sex drive gets worse when she’s livid,” Sombra shuddered at the fact his room on the Shadow Damnation was right next to theirs, before he bunked with the crew “They’re the same kind of bucked up as Popo”

“No they are in a class all their own which is FUCKED UP to the highest degree of Pi,” Ed pointed. “I need a drink, you wanna go interdimensional bar hopping?”

“I think I’ll join you,” Sombra said, slouching slightly. “After tonight I’m definitely going to need it”

“Then let’s go my sword wielding amigo,” Ed pointed as a new portal opened up. “I know this great place that sells fire whiskey.”

“I’ll just stick..” Sombra then thought for a moment about what could be happening to Entity right now. “You know what buck it Fire Whiskey”

The duo walked into the portal to drink the night away, far away from the messed up shit happening in the Shadow Realm that is.

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