• Published 2nd Mar 2021
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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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Chapter Six, Just "Chilling"


(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

Our Blood Is Pumping, Ready, Lets Go!
To A New World To Test Our Strength!
Now’s The Time To Push Ourselves!

Holding Back My Tremendous Strength! (Go!)
What’s The Wait? C’mon Let’s Start! (Go!)
Katakuri’s Got No Satisfaction!


Nerves Taking Hold!


Chaining Down Our Hope!
We Can’t Let It Break Our Dreams Of Winning

(Let’s Finish The Fight)


So, Let's Stop Our Plans!


See what This Tournament Brings, Joined As One, We Can Win The Fight~!

Just See What We’ll Achieve, With All These Possibilities!
You Can Beat Us Down, (Hey!) But We’ll Rise Again! (Hey!)
Our Breath Will Not Be Our Last!

We’ll Surpass Our Limit Break, This Tournament Will Be A Challenge!
But We Cannot Lose! (Hey!)
We’re Bulletproof! (Hey!)
Come Show Us All Your Strongest!
Cause This Is The Displaced Tournament, And Even Ryker Will Be Blow Away!

Thanos walked inside the bar and saw Lucci, Luffy, Nappa, and Entity there, Entity placing down an Ender Chest and putting on his Netherite Armor with Protection, Blast Protection, Thorns, Feather Falling, and Unbreaking all the way to the Max.

"Damn, Ryker, if I had my Armor then, ohohoho he would be so fucked!" Entity seethed, Thanos just shrugged.

"Want a drink?" Thanos offered, the Minecraft Man looked at Thanos before shutting up. Entity crossed his arms and sighed.

"Fine, I guess."

Black walked in, still in his Super Saiyan 2 state, looking around all the bar. The Saiyan spotting the Titan and his friends. “When the hell was there a bar here?” Black asked as he walked towards them.

"I don't know, also, barkeep!" Thanos walked next to the counter, a dragon popped up.

"What will it be?"

"Ohhhhh I’ll have one can of hetap, one shot of whiskey, one cup of apple juice or so

And bring me some strong cider I’ll give that a go!

Bring me two Angel's Ale, one hot, one cool

And bring me some vodka at least 7 years old or call me a fool

Then bring on the vodka I’ll start with at the top

And wash it all down with a juice of somes kind, keeping giving to me until I drop

Some weird and cherry booze and some more Dragon's ale

Some old bud light and a Snow Storm's’ gale

Hetap, Mountain Dew, Champagne or perhaps make it slim

Rum, Red Bull, and a wide grin

Sunlight, Zebra's brew, a Diamond Dog's beer and G-Fuel

Some old sour spiked water and two turtle flops

Silver's Fairy Rain, Frozo, Black Cloud, a new Red Flower or old

Centaurs Blood, Mr. Popo's sacred water, and one for the road!" Thanos finished and the barkeep grabbed those items and gave it to the Titan.

"And one bottle of Vodka for Entity, this is all mine." The Barkeep threw the bottle at Entity and he caught it. Thanos began to drink his beverages.

“Say goodbye to your liver I guess…” Black muttered, finding a stool to sit next to them.

"Shut up, you don't know how my body works, this is light-work for me, I usually have five until I go under the table." Thanos grinned, waddling over to his seat.

Black rolled his eyes, “Barkeep, I’ll have a bottle of whiskey.” The Saiyan called out, the barkeep doing just that. Black grabbed the bottle, opening it with ease and taking a drink. He took a glance at Entity, noticing he was shaped like a Minecraft Steve or Alex. “I just realized you're from Minecraft.”

"You now realized that? Bitch I am Exactly two blocks tall which is 6'4 but even still! I am a 6'4 blockly man." Entity frowned.

“You can’t blame me, we're kinda in a tournament which isn’t shady at all.” Black pointed out as he took another drink.

"Indeed it is!" Ryker said above them in a leprechaun outfit, "...Don't ask, I've been to Ireland."

Black raised an eyebrow, but shrugged as he set down his drink. “Never was going to ask.”

"But just in case though, also Thanos I hear you now have Dragon Slayer magic." Ryker turned to the Titan who was drinking his… Drinks.

"Perhaps." Thanos gurgled. Black only shook his head and took another drink from his bottle of whiskey.

"Also, you both fought already didn't you two? Don't ask how I know, I know people." Ryker said blankly.

“I fought his former marefriend if that counts,” Black said as he pointed a thumb at Thanos.

"I meant in your Equestria, Black." Ryker facepalm.

“Oh yeah, it ended up in a tie since we were both exhausted. We had agreed to not use Observant Haki, healing, or Ultra Instinct.”

"Since you already fought, what if you both fought… Only using your Martial Art skills? like old Dragon Ball!" Ryker then hummed Makafugi Adventure.

“Wouldn’t it be unfair since I’m more experienced with ki than Thanos?” Black asked the king.

"...Did I say Martial Arts or Ki?"

Black deadpanned, “They used ki in old Dragon Ball…”

"Ohh, sorry been a few thousand years."

“Oh it’s alright, totally understandable.” Black said with a wave of his hand.

"Rules of you two fighting, no Observation Haki, Healing, Transforming, Devil Fruits, or any of the sort. That includes Kaio-Ken. So it's basically like Piccolo Jr. Vs Goku." Ryker grinned.

Black smirked, “I must say, I am intrigued at these rules.” Black took a swig of whiskey before putting the bottle on the table. “But I think I’m still at an advantage. Plus there’s the fact if I even fight Thanos.”

"What about his Haki? Armament Haki, Conqueror's Haki," Ryker went on.

“Even without transformations or healing, I could obliterate the solar system with a powerful blast.” Black explained.

"Can you destroy a moon in one punch, no Ki?" Thanos pointed out.

“Possibly with Armament Haki and if I’m moving at a very high velocity.” Black explained. “But I won’t truly know for sure, plus I think Luna would be mad at me if I tried that.”

"Bitch, I have the Dragon Balls. We can wish that shit back." Ryker chuckled, "Now, Imma get drunk!" Ryker walked up to the Barkeep.

Black rolled his eyes, “Dragon Balls, I swear they were useful, but they always cause trouble.”

"Bitch, if you keep on rolling your eyes they're going to roll out." Thanos sneered at the Dark Saiyan.

Black looked to Thanos with a smug grin. “Is that so?”

"...Don't give me that look," Thanos deadpanned at Black.

Black rolled his eyes, “I think I’m starting to miss funny Thanos, just a little bit.” Black said as he pinched his fingers.

Thanos pulled out a gun, "Don't you fucking roll your eyes again." Thanos frowned, "I will blow your eyes out."

“When have guns ever worked in Dragon Ball?” Black asked while crossing his arms

"Did on Goku when he was fighting those criminals." Thanos countered.

“Didn’t work on him when he was a literal child.” Black pointed out.

"He's an adult now and stronger, so what's your point?" Thanos tilted his head up.

“It’s called Chichi telling him to get a job, making him lose time on training.” Black countered.

"...You got me there," Thanos gave the gun to Lucci who put it in his pocket. "Also if you want to learn the Shigan, aka Finger Pistol, you can use it for a variety of things. Such as fingering Luna." Thanos grinned.

Black made a finger gun and pointed it at Thanos, a tiny ball of ki forming at his finger tip, “Care to repeat that bitch? I will destroy all of your alcohol!”

"B e t." Thanos said looking at Black, his vision was blocked by Iron Block.

"Can you two not?" Entity asked the two.

Black put his hand down, the ki disappearing as he starred at Entity, “Fine, but how the hell does Minecraft block’s working in the fucking real world?” Black asked.

"Just roll with it like you roll with the fact that you are a literal anime character in a girl's tv show." Entity said blankly.

“Wait, Equestria is a girls tv show!?” Black asked out of pure surprise.

"My Little Pony, My Little Pony," Entity began to sing. "I used to wonder what friendship could be, until you shared all of it's magic with me!"

“I don’t even recall such a show existing back from my earth.” Black explained

"That's probably because your body decided to keep yourself away from that shit." Entity broke the blocks with his Netherite Pickaxe.

“Probably, but I would’ve seen something even related to it.” Black muttered as he put a hand under his chin.

"Powerpuff Girls? Care Bears? Power Rangers?" Entity looked at Black curiously.

“Power Rangers is the only show I could think of, but the others I’ve never heard of or seen at all.”

"Bruh, do you have cable? Let me show you one of the episodes." Entity pulled out a TV and set it down before them, with a remote in hand, he turned on the fight between Tirek and Twilight.

Black immediately turned away and crossed his arms, “Hold up, is this the future or past. Cause I don’t want to know what happens in the future..”

"...Future… Alrighty then, Uh Return of Harmony p1 and p2!" He turns on the first and second episodes.

Black watched the first two episodes with Entity. He cringed at some scenes he knew happened, “How the hell did I not cringe when these things happened?” Black asked himself.

"Because you can avoid them by beating the shit out of people." Entity answered Black.

“Yeah, but still…” Black muttered. “Funny thing is that back in my Equestria, Nightmare Moon would’ve ended the girls immediately when she would get the chance.”

"I swear if I was there right now, I would slap all of them. Then leave. The cringe level is over 9000 in this show, and not to even mention how they handled Discord." He turned on the two parter episode with a shiver.

“I wasn’t there for most of the parts, like when Luna first appeared or the party, kinda was in another universe because of the Elements of Harmony.” Black explained, “Something about a magical overload or something.”

"Didn't happen to Thanos when he got stoned, which is ironic. When he got stoned it was slow, or so I heard." Entity looked towards Thanos.

“Heh, Nightmare Moon tried to awaken the Nightmare inside of me by leaving Luna’s body and entering mine. But I tricked her, having the girls use the elements on me.” Black explained

"...You should pick your words wisely, because the way you're saying shit can… FUCKING RULE34 ARTISTS!!!" Entity cried out.

“How about this, Nightmare Moon left Luna’s mind and entered mine, trying to break through the mental barrier I had placed to keep Zamasu from escaping.” Black exasperated.

"Better, also… I think it's time I teach you how to break the Fourth Wall." Entity set up straight.

“Oh god,” Black slammed his head against the bar table, muttering something about Deadpool and Pinkie Pie corrupting everything.

"Alright so we're currently being written by two men, in their homes about a story regarding a children's show. On a site called Fimfiction, now we come from different stories. I have an author and you have an author." Entity began.

Black let out a muffled scream, already tired of all the shit that’s been happening for the past day or two.

"And that's how I met your mother." Entity finished looking down at Black.

“Jokes on you, I’m an orphan.” Black spoke, his voice being muffled by the table.

"Let me guess, Anakin?" Entity asked the Saiyan jokingly.

“The fuck?” Black immediately swinged his head up and looked at Entity, “No…” Black said blankly. “No, I've been an orphan for as long as I remember.”

"Ah, you're in the Denial stage, the first stage of Grief. It's okay buddy." Entity pats Black's shoulder.

Black looked away from Entity and looked at ShirMech, “Can you believe this guy?” Black asked, pointing a thumb at Entity.

(What the hell did you do to him Chill!) -ShirtMech

(Hahahahaha… HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!) - Chill.

"Ah, Anger, the second stage." Entity sipped from his bottle of whiskey.

Black rolled his shoulder, popping it. “I think imma go stretch, been sitting on a bench all day.”

"Yes, relieve yourself of your stress."

“Anyone is free to join me in the gravity chamber for training, except for Thanos.” He turned his head to the titan, “Still mad at you for even thinking of pulling that ‘Thanos’ crap.” Black walked out of the bar.

"I'm going, you guys can be drunk." Lucci followed Black.

"Fine, I'll just send them- I- Fine I'll leave them be when I win the war." Thanos threw his head back and took a swig of his drink.

Black walked into the gravity chamber, looking for a console to up the gravity. Lucci entered shortly after the Saiyan did.

"Sup, do you mind if I go into my Hybrid Form? I need to be a Hybrid every now and then." Lucci asked the Saiyan.

“I don’t care, go for it.” Black said, waving his hand as he continued to look for the gravity controls.

Lucci sighed and turned himself into a Half Human, Half Leopard, towering over Black as seven feet tall. "Also the console is over there." He pointed at a console beside Lucci.

Black turned to Lucci, “Thanks, by the way, how much gravity can you withstand?” Black asked as he went to the controls.

"Hm… Our Time Chamber had upgradeable gravity and so far I could go up to fifty without suffering from it." Lucci commented, But in my Hybrid form… One hundred." Lucci informed the Saiyan.

“Good, let's push that shall we?” Black said as he changed the gravity from normal to 120X normal gravity. Black barely felt the change as he hopped around the room with ease.

Lucci fell on all fours, Lucci grunted and slowly stood to his feet. "Ya kno the good thing about being a cat is that you always land on your feet." Lucci said with a grunt.

“True,” Black said as he frowned at how easy it was to move. He put a hand upon himself, a glow appearing on his forearms and shins. Big cylinder weights appeared on the Saiyan, pulling Black down to the ground. “Weighted training usually works in situations like this.” Black said as he felt it harder to walk now. “Five tons each should do it.”

"Oh go fuck yourself…" Lucci decided to do finger pushups.

Black let out a laugh as he went to his own side and began to do ceiling pull ups after creating a strong enough rope and attaching it to the roof of the gravity chamber. “1… 2… 3…. 4…. 5....” Black counted to himself.

Out of nowhere the displaced and their parties began to hear a noise, even the king and his men heard the sound. It was eerie yet passionate at the same time, leaving their activities everyone goes to investigate the source of the sound. The noise grew in volume as they made their way to the arena, once inside they were met with the sight of numerous people sitting in the stands looking towards the ring with stars in their eyes. Down in the ring stood Eric his eyes closed as he ran his bow across the strings of his treasured violin


Shiva, Kodo and a handful of others were down in the ring with Eric completely starstruck as he played his melody.

Black stood there at the exit of the stadium, watching the performance below. The Saiyan was intrigued to say the least, not hearing music of this sort in over a millennium. He crossed his arms, smiling and humming along with the tune.

While the saiyan was observing the Human, Sombra made his presence known to Black

“Amazing isn’t it?” Sombra asked his expression completely tranquill

Black glanced at Sombra, holding down his anger for the unicorn, “It sure is… haven't listened to something like this... for some time now.” Black explained, keeping his voice down to make sure no one would be annoyed.

“It’s his magic,” Sombra said to the saiyan, earning a raised eyebrow from the saiyan.

“Magic?” Black asked with curiosity. “Is it something he specializes in?”

“My father told me that every creature has magic,” Sombra said, reminiscing of his past. “Dragons have their breath attacks, changelings have their shapeshifting and Eric…” Sombra said, cracking a smile at his friend. “Eric’s magic is his music”

“Music sure is magic, but how is it Eric’s? I know humans specialize in many things.” Black asked the unicorn.

“For some reason when Eric plays any instrument it draws a crowd and lifts one’s spirit” Sombra said, closing his eyes. “His music has the ability to make you forget your sorrows and your pain as if it was never there in the first place”

“It does make me reminiscent of old times, before He showed up.” Black explained, seeing brief flashbacks of a time he longed to go back to. “It kinda reminds me of this photo.” Black said as he pulled an aged photo out of his gi. It showed him and Luna laughing while the alicorn had cotton candy on her snout. The Saiyan smiled at it, “Makes me want to go back…”

“I know what you mean” Sombra said chuckling

Black put the photo away, before he did he caught a glance at the ring on his finger. His smile disappeared as he stared at the ring. The one item he never used in his life, “I could go back…” Black muttered. No Black, you’ve agreed to never use it. The Saiyan told himself.

Unfortunately for Black Sombra heard him,

“Going back won’t fix anything it’ll only make things worse” Sombra said slowly opening his eyes

Black sighed as he took one more look at the ring before looking to Sombra. “I know… It just keeps taunting me every time I look at it.” Black explained, “I wish I could just throw it away and be done with it, but i can’t let it get in the wrong hands…”

“The only thing you can do is keep them alive in your memories and move on” Sombra said descending the stairs and joining his comrade. “But don’t let them control you, good memories can save your life”

Black stayed behind, looking at the dark unicorn, “If you only knew what I became when ‘you’ killed my master.” Black whispered, staying for the rest of the performance.

Starstruck by Eric’s music, the diamond dogs' heads tilted up, and they softly sang along, their howls almost like flutes as they added to the music.

Thanos hummed to the music as he walked down to his room, suddenly feeling homesick. Thanos missed Sally but he dismissed it as he went inside his room.

“Nice piece,” Ed nodded walking out of a portal. “Elegant, strong, and upbeat. Tells the struggle of one who has been through much that comes to a trampling end as they have achieved their goal.” He looked at the diamond dog. “You seem to have made a decent recovery.”

Shiva stretched with a hum. “Phoenix healed my injuries,” she noted. “He could’ve done worse to me, but he didn’t.” She nodded, looking around for the blue haired human. “There’s good in him, even if he’d rather act like there’s not.” Her ears flattened as she looked down. “I guess I’m out of the running.” She shook her head. “I… don’t know what I’m going to tell my pack. I promised I’d return with wealth, but… it looks like that’s not happening.”

Kodo stopped his howling, looking down with a sad expression. “We can tell them that I messed up,” he replied. “They’ll believe that.”

Shiva gave her son a pained look, but didn’t refute him.

“Lies are never a good thing in packs, young one,” Ed noted. “Truth is better. And what wealth do you want? Power, money, or knowledge?”

“Technically,” Kodo pointed out, “I volunteered. I don’t know if I should’ve pushed to be in the match, but they called for Shiva, and I just… let it happen.”

Shiva shook her head. “You would’ve had even less of a chance against Phoenix than I did,” she replied, before turning back to Ed. “Sorry, Ed. To answer your question, I was mostly looking for diamonds.” She chuckled. “I know they’re called ‘diamond dogs,’ but the amount of gems and jewels we collect is insane. And trying to do anything with the stuff is a nightmare. They hold onto the gems like Twilight holds onto books. At least it makes sense why dragons do it; one of my allies mentioned they have a magic in them that lets them grow stronger the more treasure they have. But… when I try to collect gems for an alliance with even one dragon…” she shook her head with a laugh. “My dogs want twice as many to replace.” She sighed. “My pack links keep too many of them from freaking out, for the most part; lets them see that I have a plan and makes them feel included, but…” She shrugged. “I don’t know; I was hoping the wealth would translate out to a big pile of diamonds to keep them happy for a short time.”

“Want an endless sack of diamonds?” Ed asked. “It’s not hard to create with my magic. A simple thought and poof,” He said as a bag appeared in his hand, “Here they are.”

Shiva stared at the bag in shock. Hesitantly, she reached out for the bag, glancing up at Ed as if asking permission.

“Take them,“ He held them out.” I have no need for more wealth.”

Shiva took the bag. Reaching in, she uncovered a solid diamond. One that made Kodo start to drool as his diamond dog instincts kicked in.

“Thank you… Ed,” Shiva whispered in awe. She placed the diamond back in, and leaned back in her seat, pondering something. “You know, I don’t understand why Ryker would want me in this?” she asked, more to herself than Ed. “I was out of my league even before I fought Phoenix.” She looked down at her claws. “What place did I ever think I would have among Gods?”

“Gods?” Ed raised an eyebrow. “Displaced are far from gods. We may be able to do great things but we still have mortal souls. At least we all start out as mortals anyways. I’ve been around for over fifteen millennia and still don’t consider myself divine in any way. There are those amongst us that do have divine powers but we are still mortals at our core. As for why you’re here,” he leaned back and looked up. “I can’t answer that. Why would he suddenly pull me out of nowhere? I can just as easily go home anytime I want. I’m not bound here by the rules of a summon like the others and I can thoroughly screw things up with my power too. I know why I’m staying. Not everyday you get to see a displaced Tourny. Being an outlier I can help who I want and make things more interesting for everyone here including myself for my own entertainment. In a way I am god like that though i still don’t like the monicure.”

Shiva smiled. “You might not have liked the real thoughts of dogs, then,” she noted. “Before I came to Equestria…” She paused. “My word, it feels like another lifetime ago… but, before Equestria, I was just a dog. One of several hunting hounds. And one of the other dogs… he spoke of how he saw our human masters as gods. ‘It makes sense,’ he would insist. ‘They make fire. They give meat. They rule land. They must be Gods!’” She shrugged. “And I couldn’t refute him. The humans were our masters, and we lived to serve them.” She looked down at her claws. “Then… whatever happened, happened, and I ended up in Equestria.” Her ears flattened. “And the ponies proved unworthy of being my master.” Her tail wagged. “And yet… then I found my pack.” She smiled as Kodo nuzzled under her arm. “I found my family. And now…” she looked towards Eric as he continued to play. “I’m back with the true masters. And they’re even more powerful than when I left them.”

“Hmm… I was alone for a long time after I was cut off from my brothers. My parents disowned me and I saw my younger brother little. My middle brother went off to train in the east for a few years and I was never really close with my kid brother. Not long after my middle brother started his career after coming back home I was sent to my Equestria,” Ed explained. “I wandered for years. Found Faust. Trained the sisters for a few years. Then left out of their lives for the next seven thousand. Came back; fell in love with Luna. Became Mimosas King. Got married. “ he sighed with lonely sadness. “Then I was betrayed. Turned to stone for two thousand years. Went insane then sane and came back upon Discord’s release. Not much after that, mainly displaced here and there gathering power.”

Shiva pondered his words, before her ears perked, picking up the sound of a walking stick.

Fujitora walked into the room, tapping his walking stick as he went to make sure he didn't fall. "Hello, I heard something and thought I'd come on by." Fujitora said, sensing their presence with Observation Haki.

Shiva turned to Fujitora with a wagging tail. “Oh. Hello, Fujitora,” she said, making a spot for him. “Please. Join us.”

Fujitora tapped the ground with his walking stick, he felt a chair and he sat down, slowly. "Please, call me Issho, Fujitora is just a title, standing for Purple Tiger." Fujitora said with a smile, knowing the voice of the Diamond Dog.

“Ah, I understand,” Shiva noted. “So… Issho, then.”

"Uh… I really don't have much to say, first time meeting an outsider really," Fujitora commented.

“Not much needs to be spoken sometimes,” Ed pointed out.

Fujitora jumped back at Ed's voice, sending Shiva to her paws, "Dear Kami I almost had a heart attack!" Fujitora held his Heart. "My body is 54 years old damn it."

“Got ya beat by a few thousand there, kid,” Ed chuckled “Speaking of you. Do you want your eyes restored?”

"I'm fine, I've been like this for twelve years, five months, one week, ten hours, five minutes, thirty four seconds and counting." Fujitora rubbed his forehead.

Shiva shivered. “A long time,” she noted softly, before glancing at Ed. “Not long to some… but long to you.”

“Time is a relative concept to all,” Ed shrugged. “But if you wish i can improve your senses or restore your eyes. Or not your call.”

"I have Observation Haki, I'm alright." Fujitora yawned, "By the way, have you ever heard of Devil Fruits?"

"Who hasn't in my line of work?" Ed pointed out.

"Good point, I have the power of gravity due to the Zushi-Zushi No Mi, since I awakened it, I'm more powerful. The power to drop down Meteorites or Moons down to the earth or whatever the hell this planet is." Fujitora informed the Sage.

"I am well aware of you powers and what you are fully capable of my friend," Ed nodded. "I fought a Zoro Displaced once after all. I actually have a similar ability to manipulate gravity with my eyes." Ed activates his Rinnegan. "You may not be able to see them but I know you can feel them."

"The Rinnegan? I wonder what would happen if Madara and the actual Fujitora Met. They would be dropping down meteorites on each other." Fujitora "looked" around, "Do you know where I can get some ramen?"

"Cup or fresh?" Ed asked

"Fresh." Fujitora answered the Sage.

"I'm not the best cook but you learn a thing or two growing up in the swamps," Ed remarked. "If don't mind me using gourmet ingredients froM Toriko's world I can fix you some if you like?"

"Toriko is the best anime for food, beside that one lewd anime that has people having "foodgasms" as some would say." Fujitora popped his neck.

“Foodgasms?” Shiva mused with a chuckle. “Sounds like an orgasm while eating.” She moaned. “Why didn’t I ever try that with Luke...?” she mumbled to herself.

Kodo turned a bright red and glanced away. “I really don’t need to know about that part of your life with Dad,” he noted.

"Food wars, urrrrrr…" Ed shuttered. "I like food but not to the point of orgasm. Give me one second," He said standing up and walking in a portal.

"Their clothes even pop off, Anime Logic man…" Fujitora said before chuckled

"Like I said I like food," Ed noted as he set in front of Fujitora. "But not to the point of orgasms. One round of Century Ramen hit from the kitchen with chopsticks or a fork which ever ya prefer."

"Chopsticks, eating anything from Japanese culture with a fork is a sin." Fujitora "frowned."

"Chopsticks it is then," Ed smirked as he set a pair of fresh chopsticks across the bowl. "I hope you enjoy your meal," he gave a bow and sat back down.

Fujitora enjoyed his meal, a slight smile snuck it's way to his face. "Ah… That was a good time." Fujitora was now full on grinning.

Eric paused in his music for a brief second before starting another only this time he actually began to sing, Immediately Luna beamed remembering the song


Wise men say
Only fools rush in
But I can't help falling in love with you

Eric sang with a smile on his face as his body dropped into the floor leaving a shadow copy to play the violin in his place, Emerging from the ground Eric continued to sing as he made his way towards his princess

Shall I stay?
Would it be a sin
If I can't help falling in love with you?
Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes
Some things are meant to be

Eric stood before Luna with a wide smile as he extended his hand

Take my hand
Take my whole life too

Luna gladly took the shadow mans hand as he pulled her towards his body as they began to dance with one another, all the while he continued to sing

For I can't help falling in love with you
Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes
Some things are meant to be
Take my hand
Take my whole life too

Luna and Eric’s dance slowed to a stop as they put their foreheads together

For I can't help falling in love with you

Eric sang as Luna finished the last verse

For I can't help falling in love with you

The pair's attention was immediately caught when they heard a plethora of cheers and claps. Black, still at the exit of the stadium, looked at Eric with a soft smile, giving the man a thumbs up. Shiva and Kodo whistled.

“God Dammit!” Complained the Shadow man. “I got lost in my music again”

“You don’t hear me complaining,” Luna said planting a kiss on Eric cheek

Me neither man, can’t sing at all, Black spoke to Eric telepathically. Good on you…… Black finished as he turned away and walked back to the gravity chamber with a smile on his face.

Eric sent away his copy and retrieved his violin before storing it within his shadow body,

“Thanks Black” Eric said as he and Luna went to their sleeping quarters. ‘Better give it your all in two days’

Black entered the gravity chamber, realizing no one was there. The Saiyan made his way to the console, turning up the gravity to 5000X earth gravity. The room turned deep red, the weight pushing the Saiyan down. Hope you're ready Eric, cause I won’t be holding back… Black told himself as he created ki copies of himself. He charged forward and the clones did the same, clashing with a powerful shockwave, it being nullified by the chamber.

Katakuri stepped in or rather squeezed himself in, him being fifteen feet tall, the chamber was big so it reached to his full height. Katakuri stood there in the chamber with no trouble. "Training, are you? Good on you, because I'm doing that too. As Champion I should always keep myself in shape." Katakuri said before going into a push-up position.

Black eyed Katakuri, but paid him no mind as he continued battling himself, looking for weakness so he could improve. He caught a clones fist, kneeing the clone in the gut before throwing it to the side.

As he did the push ups he lifted his scarf to keep it from revealing his mouth, Katakuri quickly transitioned to finger push ups.

Black got blindsighted, getting struck across the face sent him to the chamber’s floor. He recovered, landing on his feet as he looked up. There was a barrage of ki attacks coming from one of the clones. He shielded himself, feeling the impact of the blasts pushed him back. He swiped at the air, the smoke vanishing as he saw his clones charging at him. He smirked to himself as he charged back forward, It’s gonna be a long night…

Katakuri decided to push a button on the console and hundreds of tiny robots appeared from the console, they then fired lasers at Katakuri, but Katakuri was faster than any of the robots could be. Dodging and turning them off.

Some of the drones went after the Saiyan as well, he dodge a clones kick. The Saiyan blasting the clone away while simultaneously dodging some drones and turning them off. “Add more of a challenge huh?” Black asked as he kicked a clone away, deflecting a laser from a drone.

"Possibly, alas, this is just an everyday occurrence for me." Katakuri tilted his head avoiding a laser.

“Doing the same training every day, kinda sounds boring to me.” Black grunted as he tanked a punch from a clone. He yelled as he overpowered the clone, punching it in the gut before blasting it to oblivion. “Do you have a training partner?”

"Indeed, I have Ryker, Fujitora, Sakazuki, and… Douglass Bullet." Katakuri said that last name dramatically.

“Interesting, I’ve only got Nightmare Moon.” Black said as he charged up to multiple drones, dodging every laser and turning them off. “But since she’s in a new body, she can’t use it to its full potential.”

"A new body huh? I remember someone swapped bodies with me, it was a female and it was the weirdest experience I've ever had. Besides getting teleported to a Hentai Universe, courtesy of Ryker." Katakuri said as his arms stretched and turned off the drones.

Black shivered at the thought of being transported to a Hentai Universe. “The Weirdest thing for me was either walking through a door and being transported to another universe into my marefiends room, or the fact that I’ve gained the body of Super’s best antagonist.” Black said as he kicked a clone's legs, tripping it before curb stomping it into the chamber wall.

"Easily the best villain in the Dragon Ball Series, besides that there is this one villain named Donquixote Doflamingo, kind of a tragic villain really." Katakuri chuckled.

“Mingo’s just insane by then time the fight comes around and I have to agree Black was the best villain of the whole Dragon Ball series,” Ed said as he popped into existence. “You guys been here for a bit ya know.”

“I know, but I think Frieza was a fantastic Villain, definitely can compete with Black.” The Saiyan said. All the remaining clones tried to jump him, but Black brought his hands to the chest. With a primal roar, he threw his arms to the side, making a powerful ki blast around him, insinerating the ki copies.

“If you really think about it and I MEAN REALLY THINK ABOUT IT. Frieza is just another short bald guy with anger issues cause he can’t beat a tall guy,” Ed pointed out.

"In my honest opinion Perfect Cell is Second best, he deserved to die, was fleshed out well, had his moments, killed Goku. I mean the first villain to kill Goku besides Raditz, and come on, Raditz really didn't kill him. Honestly, I wanted him to be in the T.O.P that would've been fun." Katakuri chuckled as he turned off the robots.

“It would’ve been cool, but at that point he was weaker than Piccolo,” Black said as he dodge a laser.

“Wouldn’t Piccolo still have been considered a villain at the point in the story?” Ed ponderd. “If you considered that then technically only two villains have ever actually killed Goku. Still on the fence about Piccolo though. I guess that just really comes down to who perspective.”

“Excuse me” a voice spoke up from behind the group causing some to jump in fear

Entity went through a portal that was made from Obsidian, Entity looked at Maud before falling down due to the 5000x gravity. Entity sprang back up due to his Armor.

“Do you guys know where the kitchen is?” Maud asked, reaching into her pocket pulling out her pet rock. “Boulder’s hungry

"Go down the hall, take a left, then a right, it's right at the end of it, ya can't miss it." Entity commented dusting off himself.

“Thanks” Maud said turning to leave only to be blocked by Entity

"Excuse me would you like to take a moment to talk about our lord and savior Go D. Ussop?" Entity jokes.

“I’ll pass” Maud said trying to move past the minecraft creature

"Alright," Entity stepped aside, "By the way, do you have a Devil Fruit?"

“I do” Maud said making it to the door

"You probably have a Devil Fruit better than that Party Mare, fucking cocaine addict." Entity shook his head.

Maud stops in her tracks before turning to Entity. “Care to repeat that?”

"Bitch, don't make me go onto my Dragon Block C account." Entity threatened, "I have Super Saiyan Four on that Mod."

“Devil fruits are hard to make,” Ed complained as he floated in the air. “At least the first generations are. I wonder if I could get my hands on a fish fish fruit? Did someone just insult pink the sugar demon in front of her sister.”

"She has a sister?" Entity turned back at the Sage, "I thought she was an orphan, they don't look related, must be adopted. It simply isn't genetically possible for them to be blood related." Entity raised a blocky eye brow.

“Man you’re just diggin your hole deeper,“ Ed warned. “Maud is Pinkie’s older sister and being a big brother I know she won’t stand for you talking about Pinkie Pie like that.”

"I have Netherite Armor with all max protection, not to mention I have my Netherite scythe with Sharpness, Smite-" Entity’s words were cut short when Maud slammed her fist into his stomach

Entity was sent flying into the wall leaving a dust trail of where he once stood, groaning Entity freed himself from the wall and found cracks and tears covering every inch of his armor and weapons.

“They grew up on a rock from!” Ed remarked. “She can literally destroy boulders with her front feet in under ten seconds.”

“Never insult my sister again” Maud said with her usual expression

"Ya know what?! Ya sisters a bitch." Entity splashed Xp potions, repairing his armor before drinking a potion with rainbow colors. "I now have my Strength, Speed, Jump, and Health powered up, and now…" Entity went into his Infernal Form, the same form that he took where he fought Eric.

Black stopped his training and stood between them, “Hey, cut it out!” Black shouted.

“I know she can get on your nerves sometimes but you should really think about what you’re getting into man,” Ed cautioned. “Or do you want all the pies on your ass, plus the apples who could possibly be related to the pies.”

Maud walked pass the Saiyan and up to Entity and lifted a single hand, the grey earth pony put the tip of her finger to the Minecraft Player, a white aura covered her hand

"Oh shi-" Entity managed to get out before she one inch punched Entity into the same wall

“I warned him,” Ed shook his head. “Hmm… I wonder where Ryder is hiding?”

"It's Ryker!" Ryker said, kicking down an imaginary door, he wore a Leprechaun outfit. "Don't ask, I'm Irish."

*CLICK* Ed took a picture of Ryker. “That’s for pulling me away from my girls during snuggle time.” He held up the picture. “And sent to everyone across the network. And that’s for taking me away from my kids.”

"That's it!" Entity's white fur turned yellow, and electrical sparks appeared over him. "KAIOKEN!!!!"

“Tremor…” Maud said rearing her fist back. “..Air palm”

Maud throws a palm strike into the air causing massive amounts of cracks to form in air, a powerful gust of wind blows knocking Entity as well as the others to the ground destroying the floors

Entity held up his ki-netherite-armament-haki-infernal scythe up to shield himself it was Effective but not by a large margin. Katakuri turned to Maud, and gave her a thumbs up.

"Kick his ass warrior Maud of the Pie family." Katakuri said smiling under his scarf.

“Take it back” Maud ordered

"NNNAH" Entity chucked as he appeared in front of Maud and sent a Ki blast to her stomach and sent her into a wall.

“Ryker may I ask to use your arena?” Maud asked pulling herself from the wall with no trouble

"Do what the hell you want, I'll deal with it when i'm sober." Ryker said, his face flat on the ground.

“Ooo… Next official fight Maud v Entity,” Ed rubbed his hands together. “All in favor say ‘I’.”

Black shook his head as he went to the console and turned the gravity back to normal. “So
much for a training session…” Black mumbled, walking out of the gravity chamber.

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