• Published 2nd Mar 2021
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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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Ryker's Plans in Action! Katakuri's Show of Power!

Ryker’s Plans in action! Katakuri’s Show of Power!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkNTpANHwh0(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

(Fight, Fight, Fight!)

Our Blood Is Pumping, Ready, Lets Go!
To A New World To Test Our Strength!
Now’s The Time To Push Ourselves!

Holding Back My Tremendous Strength! (Go!)
What’s The Wait? C’mon Let’s Start! (Go!)
Katakuri’s Got No Satisfaction!


Nerves Taking Hold!


Chaining Down Our Hope!
We Can’t Let It Break Our Dreams Of Winning

(Let’s Finish The Fight)


So, Let's Stop Our Plans!


See what This Tournament Brings, Joined As One, We Can Win The Fight~!

Just See What We’ll Achieve, With All These Possibilities!
You Can Beat Us Down, (Hey!) But We’ll Rise Again! (Hey!)
Our Breath Will Not Be Our Last!

We’ll Surpass Our Limit Break, This Tournament Will Be A Challenge!
But We Cannot Lose! (Hey!)
We’re Bulletproof! (Hey!)
Come Show Us All Your Strongest!
Cause This Is The Displaced Tournament, And Even Ryker Will Be Blow Away!

It is now the next day, everyone was in the diner again. Though this time Katakuri was there, Katakuri began to lean on a wall, though his head was touching the ceiling.

"It has been increasingly obvious, I can deny it no longer! ...I am tall." Katakuri spoke, Thanos rolled his eyes.

“Told you,” Eric said with a mouth full of steak and mushrooms

Black looked up from his breakfast, it being taken down to a simple meal of pancakes, bacon and egg. “Did you just call me short?” Black asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You're not tall, you're normal sized! Unlike these shorties here…" Thanos pointed a thumb towards the others.

Shiva scoffed. “I’m a dog,” she reminded him. “Of course I’m going to be short.”

“Until I put on the giant’s mask or the deity mask.” Link said in a half joking tone.

"I doubt the giant's mask can match the size of Rubilax." Grievous told the Hylian, "Nothing can match his height…"

“And how big is Rubilax?” Link asked curiously.

Kodo shuddered at the memory. “Big,” was all he said.

"...He is the size of the moon basically, the biggest demon I've ever seen. Me and Kodo had to fight that monster." Grievous said, shuddering a little.

“..Fair point. I think the giant’s mask makes me forty three feet tall.” Link said after he ran the math through his head.

"Oh, hello Link!" Light waved at Link, she was in bandages as were her brothers. Nox was perfectly fine for he was healed. "How's your morning?"

“Fair so far, other than me wondering if we’ll be going home soon.” Link said with a hopeful expression on his face.

“Indeed,” Shiva agreed. “Not that this hasn’t been fun, but my daughter and pack will probably be worried about us.”

“You maybe,” Kodo replied morosely. “They still haven’t forgiven me for what happened with Umbra.”

"Though, you guys have to wait it out until Thanos gets his wish. Now, Thanos has to fight me. Though if he loses he still gets his wish." Katakuri explained to Link.

"I'm not fighting you." Thanos told the Mochi Man.

Katakuri immediately forced his Conqueror's Haki upon the group. Everyone got pushed to the ground by the pressure.


"Ya can't blame me! I fought nothing but Gods, I'm like fucking Kratos! Can I please just relax for once in this damn tournament?! I need my rest…" Thanos explained to the Combat King.

"Okay then, who's gonna fight me?!" Katakuri let off his Conqueror's Haki. Katakuri looks around at the group, first at Black, then Eric, Shiva (who was shaking her head so fast, her head was blurring), Link, Maud, Nox, and finally Phoenix. "Who?!"

“Don’t overly praise the guy. He’s strong, sure, but he isn’t the strongest considering the multiverse, and of course with it constantly growing, there will always be someone stronger.” Link explained and pointed out.

"...I said of the new generation." Katakuri deadpanned at the Hylian, "I am an old gen guy, when people like Gilgamesh or Zoro were around. Ed is an old gen, look at him." Katakuri points to Ed.

“I can’t really tell who is what generation anyhow.” Links said with a shrug of his arms. “I don’t have access to some book of knowledge telling me the history of the Displaced.” he said with a deadpan expression of his own.

"...I am tempted to throw you in the ring and completely wreck your shit. But that would be unprofessional, so you get to keep your kneecaps." Katakuri peered down at Link, red lightning formed around him and his eyes turned red for a split second.

“And what good would that do?” Link said with a frown and a raised eyebrow.

"It would help me blow off some steam because SOMEONE not saying name, Thanos, doesn't want to fight me." Katakuri glanced at Thanos before turning to Link.

“To be honest, I think the guy’s had enough. No need to pull a vegeta and pester him every waking moment.” Link said with a shake of his head.

"Yeah man, I was dissed, insulted, my best buddy and I had an argument, had nightmares, fought nothing but Gods, had to fight when I was outnumbered, and YOU the STRONGEST person in this room, except for Ed, wants to fight me." Thanos points at his chest, "Haha… no."

"Fight me!" Katakuri ran at Thanos, Thanos then ran through a wall, screaming in pure fear. "FIGHT ME!!!!"

“And this is why you shouldn’t try to be the strongest. It’s either a never ending cycle of people wanting to prove they’re better, or there is no one or nothing to use that power on, thus you would end up depressed and possibly never satisfied during your conquest to become the strongest.” Link ranted to himself with a sigh as he ate another piece of his pancakes.

“That is why I’m glad I stuck being a simple pack Alpha rather than going for Princess or Queen,” Shiva noted. “Much better to have people requesting I help them rather than fight them.” Link nodded in agreement with Shiva’s words.

Thanos walked back with a box of pizza in hand, "Okay, I'm back, I have breakfast pizza for everyone." Thanos set the pizza box down, before opening it only for Katakuri to pop out.

"FIGHT ME!!!" Katakuri demanded, Thanos fell on his ass in utter shock.

"No!" Thanos told the Mochi Man, Katakuri began shaking Thanos.

"Did I stutter?" Katakuri asked the Titan, Thanos was wide-eyed.

"I need an adult." Thanos squeaked.

"You are an adult." Katakuri deadpanned at the Titan.

"Fuck!" Thanos swore, Katakuri began shaking Thanos around, chanting "fight me!"

"...So, Mr. Evel… I forgot your last name, you have so many names." Nox looked at Phoenix.

“Elvenkind, Phoenix Elvenkind.” Phoenix looked at the strange man. “And who might you be?”

"My name is Milien, Noximilien the Watchmaker." Nox stuck out a hand to Phoenix, "I lost to Thanos in the finals."

“A pleasure.” Phoenix took Nox’s hand and gave it a firm shake. “It’s a shame you lost, would have loved to see Thanos begging for mercy.” Phoenix gave a bright innocent grin to Nox and subconsciously began to tighten his grip on his hand.

"Quite a strong grip you have there, though, why would you like to see him beg for mercy? That's awfully mean." Nox then tightened his grip as well, not wanting to be one-upped.

“Well you come to find that I am an awfully mean person.” Phoenix’s smile didn’t falter. “Let’s just say I wasn’t able to give it my all during our bout.” Phoenix glanced at his ring. “Maybe someday we’ll be able to duke it out for real.”

"Kaido did tell you that Jinbe was in your world? Kaido is dead so… Jinbe should be chilling in Seaquestria." Nox let go of Phoenix's hand, rubbing his metallic chin.

“Oh I am fully aware. But trust me when I say he will be returning very soon. Perhaps with a few third degree burns.” Phoenix stated.

"Believe It or not, the base has been destroyed. Thanos beat Kaido, I should know, I worked under Kaido. But since he's dead there has been no need to follow his orders… Though a being known as Boros is out there destroying planets…" Nox sighed.

“Give me directions, and he won’t be for much longer.” Phoenix pulled out some butterfly knives and began to fiddle; you know, because he’s edgy as fuck.

"Hm… I don't know where he is…" Nox said in a thinking pose, which quickly turned into a Jojo's pose.

“That’s a damn shame…..” Phoenix murmured. “Also, nice.” Phoenix struck a Jojo’s pose. But far superior to Nox’s.

Black tried to continue eating his pancakes, but the sound of katakuri chanting ‘Fight Me!’ Over and over again began to get on the Saiyans nerves. He gripped his fork as it began to bend under Blacks frustration. He lasted a few more seconds before he slammed his hands on the table and stood up.

“I’ll fight you Katakuri if you’d just shut up!” Black shouted, the whole room going quiet at the Saiyans outburst. Black looked at everyone silently before sighing, sitting down and finishing his ‘snack’.

"You're a Saiyan… Right? You fought Thanos to a draw, honorably at that. I accept, but we fight on my terms, got that?" Katakuri said, towering over the Saiyan.

Black looked up to Katakuri, “And what terms would those be?” Black asked as he finished his food and stood up.

"The same rules as the tournament, but… You can't fly and you only have to use martial arts. No Ki." Katakuri told the Saiyan.

“So back to the old days of Dragon Ball,” Black commented. “I reckon that also means no transformations as well.” Black asks.

"Yes," Katakuri nodded before crossing his arms.

“This could actually be an entertaining fight,” Sombra said, causing Maud and Rainbow to nod in agreement.

“So when do we fight?” Black adds the tall man.

"In an hour, seeing as you’re finished eating, and seeing as it takes an hour for food to be digested… Yeah I'll wait." Katakuri planned, before turning to the door.

“Alright, see you in an hour,” Black said, holding up a fist.

"Farewell." Katakuri then turns into a white donut shaped… Thing, and he began rolling, crashing through the door he left the room.

“... ok… that’s a thing…” Black utters out before taking a seat.

“At this point,” Shiva said. “I just don’t question anything anymore.”

Kodo chuckled softly. “Just like Pinkie Pie,” he mused.

"You just sealed your own grave…" Grievous told the Saiyan, "He's going to wreck your shit."

Sombra nudged Eric before giving him a look. “Give them to him,” the unicorn whispered causing Eric to exhale.

“Black,” Eric said tossing a pair of gloves to the Saiyan

Black catches them and looks at it curiously before turning to Eric, “Why’d you give me gloves?”

“They’re the gloves from my Royal Armor,” Eric said before motioning him to look at the knuckles. “The knuckles are made from Sea Prism Stone. Should make fighting him just a little bit easier.”

Black looked at the gloves for a few moments before sighing, placing them on the table. “I refuse.” Black says, confusing Eric. “I’d rather fight him with my own strength.”

“I can respect that,” Eric said, taking the gloves back. “I really do,” the Shadow Man said before leaving the Diner.

Black stood up from his seat, “I’m gonna go clear my head and meditate for a bit. I need as much concentration to face Katakuri.” Black explains as he leaves the Diner.

"I wonder why only Katakuri came here," Brute inquired, looking at the open doors that Katakuri broke down.

“Maybe the others had other matters to attend to,” Shiva offered, glancing at the doors wistfully. Anyone with mind reading capabilities - and pretty much anyone else - could tell she was thinking of Fujitora.

"Well, if that was the case, don't you think Katakuri wouldn't even bother coming down here? Sure he is coming on by to check on us, but…" Brute trailed on.

“Maybe he was coming to check on Thanos,” Kodo replied. “He was supposed to fight him… until Black took his place.”

“Yeah it kinda bothers me why he was here too,” Rainbow said as Maud and Nappa clasped hands before arm wrestling.

“Ready?” Maud asked the bald Saiyan

"No." Nappa said plainly, "Due to the author's wishes I'm gonna break my arm…" Nappa shuddered.

“You don’t have to arm wrestle if you’re worried,” Shiva offered.

“I’m positive the monkey can handle Maud’s strength, ” Sombra said with a grin

"Call me, monkey, one more time you racist motherfucker." Nappa turned to the Vessel of Umbra the Dark. Kodo glanced around, sensing the use of a title that could apply to him as well.

“Well if it walks like a monkey and talks like one...” Sombra said finding the Bald Saiyan’s reactions quite amusing

"..." Nappa said nothing, taking a deep breath before looking into Maud's empty eyes. "Okay, Maud, are you ready to break my arm?" Nappa grinned ear to ear, trying to hide the pain.

“Sure.” Maud said, lacking any emotion in her voice as she tightened her grip, Nappa didn't even try to add some force because he knew what was coming. “Three….”


“One…” Maud said as the Saiyan tried to force the mare's arm down on the surface of the table, however he only managed to move her a solid quarter inch. “Go…”

Maud slammed the Saiyan’s arm into the table causing several things to happen. One. A gust of wind blows through the diner knocking everyone’s food to the floor. Two. Nappa’s arm is bent at an angle where he could scratch his entire back, and Three, Nappa’s body was flung over the table and crashed into the floor breaking both the table and the floor

“I win” Maud said blankly

Nappa laid there, unfazed by the result. "My arm is shattered, along with my pride…" Nappa blinked.

“Not for long,” Shiva said, binding a pack link around his broken arm, and resetting it with a flash of light. “For your arm, I mean. Can’t do much about your pride.”

“Hey,” Maud said, poking the Saiyan’s bald head. “You did better than most”

"Yay!" Nappa jumped to his feet, "Haha, I'm not a failure! Like Raditz…" Nappa squinted his eyes.

“I don’t know what this Raditz is,” Shiva admitted. “But it sounds like wasted potential.”

"I hate you all…" Raditz said, standing in the middle of hell with a bunch of corpses.

“Most can’t even move my arm a single centimeter” Maud said raising her fist to the Saiyan, Nappa just did a very soft, fist bump.

"Go team! Fuck you other people! GET NAPPA'D!!!!" Nappa laughed at the losers before him.

“Nothing wrong with losing, it’s a learning experience for most.” Link pointed out.

Maud lifted her hand and chopped the Saiyan’s head lightly. “Be respectful.”

"Okay." Nappa said plainly, "...Do you smell that?" Nappa asked Maud. "Do you smell that smell… That smelly smell… That smell that smells…. Smelly…" His eyes bugged out. "Anchovies.”

Shiva tilted her head. “Anchovies?”

“ANCHOVIES!!!!” the guy behind the counter screamed as ducked behind the counter. Sensing trouble, Kodo seized Shiva and ducked behind the counter as well.

Immediately a bunch of bipedal anchovies crashed through whatever wall, Nappa screamed and went behind the counter, Kodo yanking him over with a pack link.

“Alright I’m out!” Rainbow said jumping out the Window,

Sombra and Maud followed her example by Using Sombra’s powers to switch places with two stones outside.

"AAAAAA!!!" Lucci became a leopard and jumped to the ceiling, his claws digging into the roof. Grievous then turned into a box, being raised by the anchovies before Kodo snagged him with a pack link and yanked him behind the counter as well, Entity used his fire to propel himself behind the counter.

Link pulled out and used his hookshot to quickly yank himself up to the ceiling. “Where in the name of Hylia did the fishes come from?!” he asked, confused.

Arthur popped up out of nowhere, "Don't worry I got this! Ramen time! SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!!!" Arthur popped out a Machine Gun loaded with ramen noodles. Arthur then let out a scream before firing it off, laughing like a mad man as the anchovies gorged on the ramen.

Kodo gasped in awe, before Shiva yanked him back. “Not until the anchovies are taken care of,” she reminded him.

Kodo whimpered, but stayed where he was, glaring at the anchovies as they were stuffed with the delicious noodles.

Arthur then blew his ramen noodle gun, "Now, leave you smelly bastards!" Arthur pointed to the door, and like moths to a flame they left the room. Arthur then puts the gun on his back, dusting off his claws. "Done."

“Uh… you got any noodles left?” Kodo asked hopefully.

"Does the sun rise every morning?" Arthur asked, before bringing out his gun. "I don't always shoot ramen, but when I do…" He then fills the room up with ramen. "You're welcome, HAHAHAHA!!!"

Laughing in glee, Kodo dove into the noodles, as Shiva shook her head. Though she was unable to hide her grin.

“Most crazy morning i’ve had in weeks.” Link said as he pulled on his hookshots handle to release the hook’s grip, allowing him to drop down to the floor below.

This time there was Arkham Knight on the arena stage with a Microphone, everyone was at the arena stands. Ryker wasn’t at his throne, he was with the fighters with a wide grin. Arkham Knight cleared his throat.

“Welcome boys and girls, someone has… What’s the word for it? Oh yeah, someone has ordered their own defeat today by challenging Katakuri!” At the sheer mention of Katakuri there were cheers in the crowd. “Ka...” He didn’t even finish when he was earned with cheers.

Shiva chuckled. “They’re like Diamond Dogs when you bring them jewels,” she mused.

“No, more like Changelings in a love hotel,” Eric commented, earning a chuckle from Link.

“...Another young soul is going to suffer a gruesome defeat.” Fujitora sighed, looking down at the stage, looking at Arkham Knight. “You know what’s funny? This is the first time cheers have been around when he was on the stage,” Fujitora chuckled, though it was not of joy, but of sadness. “Poor, Michael…”

Kodo followed his gaze. “I’d feel bad… if he wasn’t such a jerk.”

“Kodo,” Shiva chastised. “All living creatures find different ways to hide their pain. Some just hide it by giving pain back.”

“On this side, we have the Saiyan sacrifice, SON GOKU BLACK!!!!” Arkham Knight pointed to the left corner where Black stood there doing some stretches in a new Gi with a power pole in his back.

Meanwhile in the crowd, Link showed a surprised expression at seeing the powerpole. “I haven’t seen that since Dragonball.” he said with a nod.

“Nice look, Black,” Kodo praised. “You look awesome!”

Black stopped his stretches for a moment to give the pup a thumbs up. “Thanks kid!” Black exclaimed as he finished his stretches.

“And now… We have the God of Combat, the strongest in the Universe, the man with 184620648 wins and zero losses… KATAKURI!!!!!” From the other side of the arena, Katakuri walked out. Link let out an annoyed groan at the high number of wins.


Katakuri walked forth and everybody began to chant his name, fire shot behind him, his eyes glowed blood red. Katakuri then crossed his arms before a new outfit was conjured onto him. He had a martial arts Gi, he still had his scarf that covered his mouth.

“Sup.” One word from Katakuri earned wild cheers from the clouds.

“A bit of an ego.” Link whispered with a shake of his head, not sharing the crown’d fan enthusiasm.

Black put his hands to his side, “Wasn’t the fire a bit much?” Black asked with a laugh.

“It was Knight’s idea.” Katakuri points to Arkham Knight who waved at Katakuri, Katakuri stretched his arms and pats the teenager’s head. Katakuri retracted his arm, looking at Black. “I like it, and I roll with it, Arkham Knight is a little brother to me. Well, enough of-” Katakuri turned back to the roaring crowd. “SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!” The crowd then went silent before Katakuri turned to Black. “So where were we?”

“Something about getting ready to fight?” Black asked as popped his neck and got into a stance Goku used against Vegeta.

“Knight, prepare the area.” Katakuri ordered, Arkham Knight let out a salute before he blasted off. Katakuri sighed deeply as the area changed to New York City. Katakuri looked around, “This will do.” Like in the other fights the ship turned into an aircraft.

“Oh, looks like Manehattan,” Shiva noted.

“Ah… New York City” Eric mused at the city. “Such memories in this place, only wish they were happy ones.”

Black looked around with a smile, “Would’ve been nice to visit this place before i became Displaced.” Black commented.

“Now, the battle begins in three! Two! One! Let the battle begin!” And just like that the battle had begun, Katakuri stood there before slowly shifting into a boxing stance.

Black waited as sweat rolled down the side of his head. Before the Saiyan could even react, Black was hit by multiple blows as Katakuri’s fists were in the same spot. Black was then sent flying into an eighteen wheeler.

Black jumped out of the truck, ‘I didn’t even see his movements, he’s serious…’ Black thought as he wiped any dust on his Gi. Black pointed his hand towards his hand to the 18 wheeler, and began to lift it with telekinesis. He then threw it at Katakuri as it impacted the man. Katakuri didn’t move as the truck broke around, but then received a punch to the gut by Black with an Armament Haki covered fist. Though Black jumped back and grimaced in pain, Katakuri had coated the area where Black punched in Armament Haki.

“Oohhh that hurt…” Black winced at his bruised hand, he looked back up to meet Katakuri’s gaze. “I never asked, but why’d you not allow ki? Kinda of a disadvantage if you ask me.”

“I wanted to see what you’re made of without it, I am also a Ki user, unlike you I do not rely on my transformations to see me through.” Katakuri shot his leg at Black only for Black to realize he wasn’t being hit. Then a tendril of mochi shot out of it and it wrapped itself around Black. Katakuri pulled his leg back, bringing Black close, Katakuri then shot his foot deep into Black’s face. Not even bothering to use Armament Haki because that’s overkill, Katakuri pulled Black back and repeated the process. Katakuri was testing Black, trying to see if he could get out of it without the use of Ki.

Black screamed in pain as he was repeatedly kicked in the face. He growled as he created a sword made of Katchin and slashed at the tendrils. They cut through as Black jumped off of Katakuri’s chest and recovered on the ground. Black spit to the side, blood flying out as the red liquid dripped from his nose. “That hurt…” Black growled.

Katakuri said no words before suddenly appearing before Black, Katakuri then grabbed Black on his shoulders tightening his grip. Katakuri threw his head back which stretched due to his mochi, covering his head in Armament Haki, everyone then closed their eyes for they knew what was going to happen. Katakuri’s head then shot back to Black at blinding speeds, Katakuri’s head collided with Black’s the force sent Black to the ground. His head now buried beneath it, the God of Combat let him go before grabbing Black’s leg. Katakuri then threw him up, touching a building he turned it into mochi. Katakuri’s fist began to glow white, the mochi then turning into a fist, covering the fist in Armament Haki. Katakuri threw his building sized fist at Black, sending him far, crashing him into building after building before stopping at a skyscraper. Katakuri then calmly walks after him.

Black groaned as he pulled himself out of the rubble, feeling pain all through his body, more importantly his head. ‘Fucking hell… he hits like a fucking train with a few nuclear bombs attached to it.’ Black thought as shakily stood up. Black breathed heavily as he saw Katakuri walking towards him calmly. “Is this how you win your fights?” Black asked curiously. “Making one of the things a fighter uses so then you can win?” Black huffed as he gripped his shoulder.

“You’re too reliant on your transformations and your Ki, what are you without it? What if someone… Steals your Ki? What would you do?” Katakuri asked the Saiyan.

“I keep fighting until I drop, I keep fighting till I draw my last breath. Even without ki, I’m the same man, mortal, just like everyone else.” Black said as he stumbled a little.

“Then tell me this, what is your strategy when all is lost? When you don’t have access to your precious Ki or your flashy transformations. What is it?” Katakuri asked Black.

“Same thing, sure I rely on my ki and transformations too much. But even without those things, I’ll keep on fighting, cause if I stopped and gave up, I’m throwing away everything I am.” Black said as he got into a fighting stance. “I had no strategy for this fight, hell I almost never have a strategy, I only focus on the things that matter most.” Black finished. “What are you without your strength?”

Katakuri clenched his fists, the area began to shake, “So you’re telling me you have NO strategy? No idea to use my weakness against me?! You… You… Let me show you the difference between us…” Katakuri landed an uppercut to Black’s chin sending him upwards but with just the right amount of force to get Black to Katakuri’s height. Katakuri began to punch Black over and over, repeatedly. “I know your weaknesses, just by looking at you I could tell from the very start! I already established your first two weaknesses, allow me to tell you about your others!” Katakuri landed a kick to Black’s cheek, before grabbing Black’s leg. “Weakness three, you lack defense.’ Katakuri then threw Black to the skies, using Kamisori to appear above Black. “Weakness four, you’re too reliant on your flight!” Katakuri slammed both of his feet into Black sending him downwards, Katakuri followed Black and kicked Black to the earth. Black was now in a deep crater, Katakuri then picks up Black by the collar of his Gi. “Weakness five, you’re not using you Armament Haki practically,” Katakuri then slams Black down, Black jumped up to punch Katakuri with an Armament Haki covered fist only for Katakuri to counter Black with his Armament Haki coated fist. Katakuri’s Armament Haki was superior to Black’s an the force broke the Saiyan’s wrist, “Weakness six, you don’t use your Armament Haki enough in battle, causing your Armament Haki to be weak!” Katakuri then pushed Black far, sending him for a tumble. “Need I list more, Saiyan?”

Black huffed as he struggled to stand up, the side of his face covered in blood. Yelping in pain at his broken wrist. “But that makes me what I am, everyone has weakness, that’s what makes them the way they are.” Black looked up to meet Katakuri’s gaze. “And I know it makes flaws in battles, but that’s what makes it a fight. This however isn’t one… this just a massacre to add to your win count.”

“...Use your transformations, and use your Ki, you’re right. This is a massacre.” Katakuri sighs, crossing his arms.

“No… I won’t use my ki and transformations. Cause you’re right, I’m too reliant on them, it’s like a drug.” Black refused. Wincing as he stumbled into a stance. “Cause I know your weakness, it’s your strength, your title as the strongest, cause there’s no one you could rival.”

"Hm, you pass the test. Though, there's something on your face." Katakuri approached the Saiyan, going down to eye level.

“I’m not falling for that…” Black deadpanned. “And I already won.” Black as he walked away from him, he looked up to the sky. “I GIVE UP!” Black shouted.

"Worth a shot…" Katakuri, Katakuri walked next to him. "Well you might have won the battle, but you have yet to win the war…" Katakuri said, epically foreshadowing something.

“Well ain’t that fucking ominous.” Black muttered as he transformed into Super Saiyan God, the transformation’s ability healing all of his wounds. He sighed and went back to base form, his injuries gone.

"Beam us up Scotty!" A light was slammed onto them, not causing harm as they appeared on the ship. The ship then turned back to the arena, all of the fighters were here in one place and the audience were gone. The Dragon Balls were there, a chest, and another chest. There stood Ryker and his men, plus Towa's underlings.

Black looked at the Dragon Balls, memories of the show running through his head. “Man those would’ve been useful ages ago… but they’d only cause trouble.” Black commented.

"Thanos," Ryker spoke, he wielded a sheleighleigh, putting it onto his shoulder. "You are hereby, the strongest Displaced of the New Generation. Thus your prizes, what are the Devil Fruits you ask? Fujitora?" Fujitora opened the box, Ryker levitated the fruits towards him. "Dog Dog Fruit Model: Hellhound, Tori Tori No Mi Model: Phoenix, Acid Acid Fruit, Float Float Fruit, and finally… The most powerful paramecia… The Roulette-Roulette No Mi, able to roll whatever fruit in the entire multiverse! What is it going to be? Quake? Magma? Gravity? Who knows?" Thanos looked at the fruits curiously, he then nodded slowly.

"Uh… Huh, welp, anyone want a fruit? I’m keeping the Roulette one." Thanos took the Roulette Roulette No Mi. And stashed it somewhere.

“I was giving one as a gift by Nox.” Link said as he pulled out and showed the devil fruit, then placed it back in his inventory.

“I’ll pass, we’ve already got enough in my world” Eric said to the titan

“Not me… already got one, still thinking if I should use it” Black said as he put his hands up.

“We’ve got fruits as well,” Shiva replied, lifting a diamond arm, while Kodo turned into smoke. “Thanks for the offer, though.”

"One for your daughter or you pack mates?" Thanos looked back at Shiva with a raised eyebrow.

Shiva and Kodo exchanged a surprised glance, before Shiva’s tail wagged. “Good point; think you can spare the float-float?”

"This fruit is extremely powerful, capable of levitating Islands to the Skies! Able to make the head of anything from the ground, make you fly, levitate water, or even make pillars from the earth!" Thanos said dramatically, "You will receive one overpowered daughter, should you give this fruit to her."

Shiva grinned, and lifted up a screen displaying her memory: Umbra, possessing Kodo, standing before Celine, as she defended essentially every species in Equestria from him.

But did they engage in battle? Did brother and sister battle each other to the death? No. Celine instead embraced her brother.

“Kodo,” she whispered to him. “I know you’re in there. You’re better than this.”

And, to everyone’s shock, it worked. Kodo fought against Umbra. Broke his influence. Just in time to defend Celine from Day Breaker.

Shiva dissipated the memory with a smile. “I have faith that my daughter will use the power responsibly,” she said.

"...Da queen! She knows da wae! She deserves the fruit!" Thanos gives Shiva fruit, grinning like a mad man or should I say… Mad Titan, ah ha ha!

Shiva accepted the fruit with a bow, carefully handing the fruit to Kodo, who stored it in a smoke hammer space.

"Now, we have the Phoenix, Hellhound, Acid, fruit left. Anyone else?" Thanos looked around at the group.

“I’ll take it” Rainbow yelled zooming forward and taking the Hellhound Fruit from the Titan

"...Ya don't just snarch something out of one's hand when they offer ya something…" Thanos said looking at his free hand.

“She did the same thing to me when I found the Flame-Flame Fruit” Eric said to the Titan.

“This is going to make Tank 20% cooler” Rainbow said clenching the Fruit with glee in her smile

"Okay, rude." Thanos said, looking at Rainbow Dash in a deadpan expression. "How would that even wo- nevermind. I shouldn't ask." Thanos shook his head.

“If a Reindeer can Eat the Human-Human Fruit than a tortoise can eat one as well” Eric explained to the Mad Titan

"Well, at least they'd be matching…" Thanos shook his head.

“Yeah…”Eric said, shaking his head. “And I’ll need to add more fire resistance to the Shadow Damnation”

"Badass name for a ship by the way," Grievous pointed out, "Like, very badass."

“It felt right,” Eric said to the Swordsman

"Ah, ah, ah. Don't explain it, it'll ruin the badassery." Nappa waved his finger at Eric.

"Alright! Now… Shiva, I give you the gold. Fujitora?" Fujitora then chucks the box at Thanos, which hits the Titan in the noggin faster than he could register. "...Take… Da… Gold…" Thanos told Shiva in a dazed manner.

Shiva grabbed the gold with a chuckle, wrapping a healing pack link around Thanos’ head. “You all are wonderful,” she said thankfully.

"Now Thanos, would you do the honors?" Ryker points to the Dragon Balls, Thanos gasped like a fan girl.

Black crossed his arms and smirked, turning his attention to Shiva and Kodo, “You two are gonna get a kick out of this.”

"I have been waiting for thousands of years, so many years I've been waiting for this moment… SHENRON!!! AWAKEN AND GIVE ME MY WISH!!!" As if responding to Thanos' demand, the Dragon Balls glowed and a yellow serpent shot out of it, flying to the skies. The sky became blacker than black itself, a green dragon, about the size of Kaido in his Dragon form appeared.

“Holy flying pot..” Link said as he gazed up at the long dragon as he looked alot more impressive than on screen.

Kodo gaped up at the dragon in shock. “That’s a big dragon!” he whimpered.

“Should we offer him gems?” Shiva mused.

“This isn’t Spyro.” Link said with a laugh.

“Don’t worry, he only grants wishes, so you won’t have to be afraid of him eating you or stealing stuff. After the wish is granted he’ll go back into the dragon balls. The orbs would then scatter across the world and turn to stone for a year before being used again.” Black explained to the diamond dogs.

"Who has summoned me? State your wish and I shall fulfill it!" Shenron declared, looking down at Thanos.

"My name is Thanos the Mad Titan, I wish… For the mate of Shiva to be revived and sent here!" Thanos ordered the dragon.

Shiva’s jaw dropped. “Huh?” she stammered.

"That is two wishes, but it's for a good cause, so I'll let it slide just this once." Shenron said as a blue light appeared next to Shiva.

Shiva gaped in disbelief, awe, and a bit of terror as the blue light formed into the visage of her husband Luke. So similar to a Lucario, and yet, when he opened his eyes, they were not red, but a soft brown. And quickly dilated as he caught sight of his wife.

“S-Shiva?” He whispered. “You’re alive!”

Shiva pressed her claws to her snout, struggling not to cry. “Luke!” she wailed, flinging herself at him.

Luke caught her easily. And as they held each other, fur tangling together, they forewent words entirely, keening and whimpering in a sort of diamond dog language as they reunited with each other.

Kodo backed away, almost too ashamed to join in, before Shiva snagged him with a pack link, and yanked him into their embrace. Luke didn’t even question it, nuzzling Kodo and continuing to keen and whimper to him in their own language.

Black smiled at the scene, looking at the mad titan, “That was very selfless of you, using your wish for that.”

“I’ll agree, it seems you and I are alot more alike than I like to admit” Eric said patting the Titan on the back with a large shadow hand

"What can I say? I'm a nice guy. You are welcome, doggos." Thanos grinned, looking at the three Diamond dogs.

Shiva briefly looked up from her family, briefly barking in her own language before switching back to english. “There… I have no words… to describe my gratitude…” she whispered, before nuzzling against Thanos’ leg. “My pack is forever in your debt.”

"You're welcome, now this is the good part…" Thanos turns to the Dragon Balls.

"I have answered your wish… Farewell…" The Dragon went back to the Dragon Balls and the Dragon Balls levitated before shooting off to the skies and spreading in different directions. Ryker smiled at everyone, before his smile deflated and he became a sad man, looking at the three reunited dogs. Ryker raised his hand up… Then he snapped his fingers, Shiva, her family, Thanos, Black, and Luna Black then all vanished from sight. Ryker stood there, his face showing remorse.

"R is for Ridiculous, the looks on your faces."

"Y is for Yielding, you should know your places."

"K is Knowing, knowing that you'll die"

"Now with that lyric done, allow me to reprise."

"E is for Eventful which is what this day is."

"R is for Rage, I'll punch your faces, and now the song ends."

“...What.” Link said in confusion of what was the point of the song, slowly Link started to feel uneasy.

“Bastard!” Eric said jumping into a defensive stance as shadow poured from his body

Nightmare blinked a few times before frowning, “What’d you do?”

"I sent them to Eliatopia." Ryker said, then the others noticed that they weren't on the Planet they were on before. But rather one with a red sky. "I'm sorry to say this but… This is your doom…" Ryker and his men began to fly over them.

“Now hold on a Dodongo minute! We all fought in your little tournament, we’ve got a winner, you got your dark ki from all the violence. What sort of cliche idiocy are you doing now!?” Link asked, now clearly pissed off.

"...You know, you should always check for invisible ink when you're reading something." Ryker told the Hylian.

“Invisible Ink my hylian behind.” Link said as he reached back to draw the Master Sword.

“Huh?!” Nightmare said, confused.

"That isn't for you to decide you bastard!" Luffy said before jumping towards Ryker, "Gomu Gomu No… JET PISTOL!!" Luffy shot a fist at Ryker only for the blow to be blocked by his weapon. Luffy fell back down shocked at the level of power.

"H-he's… Way above our league!" Luffy said, trembling in fear.

"What are you going to do with us?" Grievous asked the Irish King.

"I… Am going to kill you all. Why am I going to kill you all? Well… Eons ago I was but an Irish man, living in Equestria. But… Kaido came with his men, he then rained hell on my Equestria, destroying ALL that I love, my friends were dead. As well as all I held dear, then a Void Dweller recognized my anger, my rage, my wrath… So guess what happened next? He gave me power, I was then sent to here, where I trained my power, and gained allies. The same ones you see now. You already know my daughter is gone, but where is she you might ask? Well… She's in the Dark Realm, anything evil, ALL things with just the slightest of evil in their hearts get sent to there. Being tortured, I've been trying to get my daughter back by getting Dark Ki as well as killing you Displaced since I had this power! Now… Fujitora… Drop. The. Meteor." Ryker made a portal and the others but him and Fujitora went in. Purple rings shot out of his back, being sent to the heavens, a Galaxy Sized Meteor began to drop. "Hehehehe… Hahahahaha…. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Ryker began to laugh maniacally.

Link face-palmed. “I feel like I’m facing Majora’s Mask, Sephiroth, and Freiza all wrapped up into one..” he said with a long sigh.

"I blame you Eric!" Nappa marched up to Eric, grabbing him by the shirt and pulling him in close. "You kept on antagonizing him, YOU GOT US ALL KILLED!!! I hope you're happy!" Nappa shoved Eric away, Nappa then turned around. Nappa went to look at Nightmare.

Nightmare growled as she took a stance, “If we’re all going to die, I want to at least do something!” Nightmare exclaimed as she cupped her hands to her side, the Parazyte began to charge a ki blast between her hands.

"..." Ryker and Fujitora were silent, Ryker just made a barrier around the two. "I'm sorry." The meteor was now in view and boy, was it massive.

"WE CAN NOT CUT THAT!!!! WE'RE DOOMED!!!!" Grievous shouted out, pointing at the Galaxy Sized Meteor. Ryker and Fujitora then vanish as the meteor comes close. Entity had no worry on his face, looking at the others. Link could practically hear that eerie music when Majora’s Moon was falling.

"I would be scared, if I didn't have a plan." Entity said, right on que a portal was formed next to them. "Get in!" Entity cried out. Nightmare stopped her attack and ran into the portal, Grievous and the boys ran inside. Link was behind the others, not wanting to deal with this doomsday headache.

Eric and his comrades ran into the portal before firing a shadow Tendril around Phoenix's waist and pulled him into the portal, Tripping over others Eric Looked ahead and found Entity standing with Arthur, Elia, Ryola and Jasmyn. Thanos was there drinking hetap, Shiva and Kodo had a panicked-looking Luke tied down with pack links.

“WHAT IS THIS?!” Luke was screaming. “WHAT DID DAYBREAKER DO TO ME…!”

“Easy, Luke,” Shiva said, her head pressed against his. “Just focus on my voice, and watch the vision. I know it’s crazy, but we’re going to be fine.”

“I’m sorry for all this, Dad,” Kodo whimpered. “It’s all my fault. I…”

“Kodo, we do not have time for the blame game,” Shiva said. “Either help me or figure out what plan the others have.”

“Right… I can do that. Yeah…” Kodo agreed, racing over to the main group.

"Good to see you guys made it here, now that you're all here… It's time I tell you the plan. Ryker has already activated the Tower of Deities." Entity pointed to the Tower, suddenly Nox fell out of a portal above them. Tony, and his children fell down after.

"Told ya Sombra!" Nox told the Dark Prince.

“Yes-yes, this is all our fault, we should’a listened to you, blah-blah-blah,” Kodo grumbled, before focusing on Entity. “What was that about Tower of Deities?”

“Tower of What now?” Rainbow asked, tilting her head now.

"The tower is their homes, where they live. Now, every single deity is a Commander, and at floor ten is Katakuri. Now we need to split up into three teams. Team One is Team Tower, we are going to climb the tower." Entity pointed to the tower with his blocky hand.

“Team Two, Team Evac is going to navigate everyone into the bunker below the Ramen Shop. The last one is Team Flex Tape, should Ryker turn tail and run you'll be there to stop them."

“Team Flex Tape…?” Link said with a deadpan expression “Be serious.” Link said in minor annoyance.

"Flex Tape can fix anything, it's so powerful…" Entity began, before everyone piped up. "It even works on villains!"

“In Chuck Norris’s dreams.” Link said with a sigh before looking at the others.

“You have a bunker under your shop,” Eric asked the dragon with a raised eyebrow

"It was our base of operations for a while,” Arthur replied with a sigh. “My sister here, Elia,” he pointed to his Eliatrope twin, “pulled a prank on me by purchasing a bunker when we were little."

“That aside,” Sombra said, cutting the Dragon off. “I think Thanos, Eric and Myself should be on the Tower Team, while Rainbow, Maud and Luna should be on the Evac team” hearing this Luna snapped her head in Sombra’s direction, however instead of speaking up she held her tongue.

"Bitch who are you to decide if I should be on the tower? You're right but fuck you, now boys, do what you guys want. I'm going to the tower!" Thanos marched off, Nox chuckled.

“I don’t think it’s going to be that easy, Thanos..” Link said as he watched Thanos march toward wherever he thinks the tower is.

Nox turned to Entity, "Always the riot, well, I'm going to be evacuating everyone, as well as my children." Suddenly an Eliatrope ran to Entity.

"Sorry if I'm late, I had to save a beowmeow from a tree." Blake chuckled, "Oh, hello everyone, my name is Blake, and I am the Captain of the Eliatopia's Royal Guard." Blake introduced himself.

“Charmed,” Kodo replied with a salute.

“Speaking of evacuating.. Where is Light?” Link asked curiously as he looked around.

"Boo." Light was behind Link, grinning like a mad woman.

“Howlonghaveyoubeenthere?” Link said in surprise as he twirls around to look at Light.

"Now, Black, Luna Black, what team are you on?" Entity points through three different groups. There was Grievous with Blake, Luffy, Ryola, and Jasmine. Entity with… A lot of people and Nox with… A lot of people.

“You already know my answer,” Black said as he turned his attention to Luna Black. “You on the other hand need to go to the bunker,” Black ordered.

Luna Black looked offended, “Why would we go to the bunker? We should stay with thou if thee gets injured.” Luna Black stood her ground.

"She has a point," Entity said, siding with the Alicorn.

Black looked between the two, complementing the choices. Before he let out a heavy sigh, “Fine, but if she gets hurt, I’m counting you as countable.” Black said as he pointed to the minecraftian.

"Understood, I will do my best to protect her." Entity put a blocky fist to his chest, Entity then adorned some Netherite Armor and a Saiyan Tail popped out of it.

Black turned his attention to Nightmare, “Your staying here incase Ryker makes a break for it, I’m counting on you.” Black ordered. The Parazyte looking like she was about to protest, but held her tongue and nodded.

“I’ll do my best.” Nightmare declared, making the Saiyan smile.

“Sombra” Luna said getting the unicorns attention. “Why did you put me in the Evac team when I Could serve better on the tower team”

“Because I told him last night” Eric said to the Pair. “Should my feeling be right, which it did, you would be put as far away from Ryker as possible”

Luna went to speak but the Shadow Man cut her off. “I won’t lose you to this man,” Eric said to the Lunar Princess. “Not you.”

“I don’t know about them,” Shiva said, walking up with a much calmer Luke behind her. “But I’m going with the Tower Team.” She glared up at the Tower of Deities. “If Fujitora is up there… I need to see him.”

Luke’s ears flattened. “Any reason…?” he started to say.

“Oh, stop it, Luke, you know this is yours and yours alone,” she replied, putting his claw on her crotch.

"I don't know Shiva, you've been making a lot of googly eyes with him." Nappa joked with a grin.

Luke chuckled darkly. “Sounds like he and I need to have a ‘serious’ talk, then,” he replied. Shiva just rolled her eyes.

"He can make a blackhole, ya can't do shit." Nappa told the discount Lucario.

“Not on his own, no,” Shiva admitted, before twining a pack link around Luke’s wrists. Luke chuckled, cracking his knuckles as his fur glowed, and he assumed a form similar to a Mega Evolved Lucario. With a simple flex, his form became encased in diamonds. And as Kodo added his link, his fur churned with smoke.

“Go ahead and add more, if you like,” Shiva invited the others with a wagging tail. “He’s used to attacking with all the new powers.”

“Get me within five feet of this Fuji-guy,” Luke said. “And I’ll be making black holes of my own.”

“...Even though we would have ‘no’ reason to do that if the circumstances weren’t life and death… ‘my King,’” Shiva added. Luke chuckled.

“Of course, my Queen,” he replied. They nosed each other with the giggles of lovers.

"...Ight imma give it a shot. Bomber… DX!!!" Nappa Shot the same Ki blast that he killed with Piccolo at Luke. True to form, Luke caught the blast with a single paw. And grinned as his Mega Evolution evolved further to resemble a Super Saiyan, his dreadlocks growing and turning golden, while his eyes changed to blue.

"Now you know Ki control, thus, you can use that to your advantage. You're welcome." Nappa said with a grin.

“Thank you kindly,” Luke replied, grinning as Shiva gazed in awe at his new form. Kodo suddenly gagged and cut off his link.

“Mom! Dad!” he protested. “Stop thinking that stuff!”

“Kodo, your father and I have been away from each other for FAR too long,” Shiva declared. “Once we take out Ryker, we have got A LOT of catching up to do.”

“Easy, my Queen,” Luke said. “Before we can think about that… we’ve got a fight ahead of us.”

“He’s right,” Eric agreed. “Something tells me nopony is going to let us get to the top without a fight,” Eric said, shadows rapidly swirling around him. “Savage Shadow Soul: Soul of the Savage Knight!”

Eric’s body turned black with his eyes turning red as Azure-black armor began to cover the majority of his body leaving his right arm and chest bare, a large sword with a red eye in the middle. His arm began to swell up with muscle before gripping the blades hilt

“So this is your Savage Knight?” Sombra said, seeing the Shadow Man’s stature. “Must be stronger than before”

“Damn Right,” Eric’s voice was on the verge of being demonic as he spoke.

BANG! Luke had snuck up behind Eric and put his claw on his shoulder. However, the shadows launched Luke away from Eric and into a pile of hay, pack link tendrils fizzling away from Eric’s shoulder. Shiva raced to Luke’s side, as he pulled himself, cursing and sputtering from the ground.

“Sorry,” Shiva mumbled. “Luke sometimes gets a little too… ambitious when it comes to power copying.”

“With good reason, that power is awesome,” Luke mumbled, his form flickering as shadows briefly spun around him before fizzling out.

“Heh, you’ve seen nothing yet…” Black commented as he repaired his damaged gi from Katakuri’s ‘fight’. Black looked towards the tower before frowning, “But we’re wasting time here, we should get a move on.”

"PONY BOY!!!" Thanos shouted from afar, laughing his ass off at Eric causing him to glare at the Titan

"Well, let us go," Entity held a hand up to the skies, there was silence as he did so. It looked like he was trying to summon Mjolnir. "Any minute now…"

"...The fuck are you doing?" Nappa asked before a ray of heat hit Entity, suddenly Entity had a scythe with words written on the blade. The scythe was massive as it was awesome looking, Entity then marched on.


"Let's go… To the tower!" Entity pointed in the direction Thanos was heading, which was a colossal tower, going above the clouds.

Shiva looked between her husband and son. “What do you two say?” she asked.

Luke grinned, and clasped his hands around Shiva. “Tonight,” he promised. “We fight hard… and then we fuck harder.”

Shiva’s tail wagged, and they pressed their heads together, before following Thanos.

"SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!" Nappa cried as he waved them goodbye, walking away to the other group.

“Romance later, fight all powerful man and his commanders now.” Black said as he walked towards the tower.

“Puh-lease!” Kodo agreed, joining him.

"Hey, Kodo!" Grievous cried out to the Diamond Dog, drawing Kodo’s attention. his cape blowing in the wind like a badass. "Don't die on me okay?"

Kodo’s tail wagged, and he saluted. “Sir, yes sir,” he said, Grievous nodded proud of Young Kodo for moving on bravely.

“You ready for a challenge, Kodo? Cause this one is for all the marbles.” Black asked.

Kodo gazed at his mother and father as they walked claw in claw. His tail wagged, though his smile was sad.

“It was my fault Dad died,” he admitted. “You can say whatever you want, but I know that in my heart. Now he’s back, and my Mom has a chance to have things return to the way they were.” His eyes narrowed in determination. “I will do everything I can to make sure they have that. I owe it to them.”

“That’s good, do whatever it takes…” Black said as he turned his focus to the tall tower, his smile turning to a frown. “Whatever it takes…” Black muttered again.

"For battle, for glory, FOR FREEDOM!!!" Everyone chanted as they went off to their respective places.

To be continued...

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