• Published 2nd Mar 2021
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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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Side-Chapter, Training Montage!

Thanos was in an empty space, it was dark… cold, then he saw his comrades, Grievous, Entity, Luffy, Mogeme, Eden, Lucci, Sally, Supergirl, Rapunzel, Black, Nappa, Shiva, and Eric. Thanos grinned and he walked up to them.

"What's up guys? How have you been?" Thanos said, approaching them, right as he reached them. Eric was cut down, his head was flying and landed in front of Thanos. Thanos fearfully looked down.

"Oh… No…" Thanos squeaked out as Shiva and Nappa were cut down as well as an ominous mist swept over. "Nappa! Shiva! Show yourself!" Thanos pulled out his sword as he heard the death cry of Black.

"Stop it!" Thanos shouted out, right before he heard the oof sound of Entity, he heard footsteps and Sally running away.

"JOHN HELP US!!!" Sally shouted out which followed a slash, Thanos heard psychotic laughter afterwards.

"I can't, I don't know where you guys are!" Thanos shouted out, Rapunzel was then cut up into pieces and her rolling head reached Thanos. "STOP IT!!!! DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!?"

Cut after cut, slash after slash he heard blood spewing and limbs dropping, clutching his head as tears well up in his eyes.

"DAMN IT!!!!!"

Thanos' eyes went wide and he fell out of his bed. Thanos went to his feet and leaned on an adjacent wall, catching his breath.

"Just a dream, just a dream, just a dream. Just… A… Dream… deep breath Thanos." Thanos said, inhaling and exhaling to try and regain his composure. It worked slightly but he still had that feeling that he had to check on the others. Thanos walked out of his room, it felt like it was night.

“More like a Nightmare,” Ed said as he was leaning against the wall. “One of my girls is the ruler of the dream realm after all and I have a weapon that allows me to help her out from time to time. Someone is messing with you, Thanos.”

Thanos walked up to Ed, frowning, "And why do you think that? It could after all be me being homesick, wanting to go back to my friends." Thanos crossed his arms, "No one is messing with my head, I'm completely fine. Nothing is happening, just Thanos being John."

“You slipped up there,” Ed was sending eye level with the mad titan. “Don’t lie to me please. “I’m your friend. Your Blacks friend. Your Shiva’s Friend, and even though he was a dick you’re still Eric’s friend. If you were really homesick then why were all those others you’ve only met outside your world there?”

"Correction, comrade, because friend has an end to it, and I don't want my friendships to end." Thanos chuckled before leaning on a wall, cool-headed. "Also, you got me there, but the majority of them were from my homeland."

“Zabuza is messing with your mind,” Ed floated back down. “He was in the infirmary earlier trying to get info from the ones overseeing Black and trying to treat Eric. When they didn’t give any information he left to go dream hunting. I know because my nanomachines are everywhere in the place right now.”

"Tch, it could be any of us he was after. Black, Eric, Sombra, Kodo, even you! Whatever Zabuza is planning, it's not with me." Thanos argued.

“Trust me,” Ed tapped his head. “I don’t dream. Not even illusions work well on my mind. My mind was completely destroyed at one point in my life and it took me the better part of five hundred years to piece half of it back together,” he sighed. “Not to mention all the other living souls swirling inside me make it impossible to find my central mind even for skilled masters of the mind. The mind stone might help,” He pointed at Thanos. “But even then you would be lost for a good deal of time without the souls to guide you and that’s if they want to help.”

"I have no idea what you just said, nor do I care, I'm getting breakfast…" Thanos walked off, "Wait, is it night time? GOD DAMN IT!!!" Thanos cried out as he continued to walk away.

“You’ve been out for a good while,” Ed shrugged. “Oh yea I’ll be having a friendly little match with our host by the way,” Ed commented as a portal opened. “If you want gourmet food, come to the Toriko world with me. You game?” Before he entered he turned back to Thanos and reached into a ripple and pulled out a large sword who’s blade was completely wrapped in bandages wit a skull for a pommel. “Samehada, aka Shark Skin. It is one of the Seven swords of the mist like Zabuza’s Executioner's Blade. This one is superior to his though and will give you a better edge in your fight with him.” Ed gave the weapon to its new master. “Remember it's a living weapon so treat it right. Think of it as a thank you for coming after Eric with me,” he walked into the portal.

Hands in pockets, Phoenix sulked around the insides of the arena, making sure to cover every nook and cranny with his aura. “I really hope uncovering this whole shenanigan will be worth my while.” He muttered to himself, finishing the last area. “Whelp, now's as good a time as any to get some practice in.”

Nearby, Kodo and Shiva trained in their new Devil Fruits; Kodo flew in a whirlwind of smoke around Shiva, but every attack he gave, she managed to block, her body shifting from diamond to flesh and back again seamlessly.

“You’re getting the hang of this even faster than I did,” Kodo commented.

Shiva shrugged. “It’s a lot like learning a new spell through the link,” Shiva noted. “If you just focus on the magic of it, it’s not really quite as difficult.”

“Well, there’s more to it than just magic,” Kodo said, briefly pausing as he shifted into smoke, and tried to disorient Shiva by flying right through her. Her diamonds completely solidified her body, allowing her to stand strong even when Kodo emerged from the shadows with a kick at her back. “Von Shadow told me that there’s also this stuff called Haki, that can give you some extra power.”

“Oh yeah?” Shiva asked, catching his paw with a diamond covered claw.

"Hell yeah it can!" Out of nowhere Luffy appeared next to them with a grin ear to ear. Luffy showed his arm and covered it in a dark substance.

Kodo yelped and burst into smoke, while Shiva merely grinned. “Hello again,” she said evenly, peering at the dark substance covering Luffy’s fist. “Is that the ‘Haki’ my son’s so excited to share?”

"That's Armament Haki, the first form too, there's the invisible armor and then… Ryou Haki." Luffy said that last bit ominously.

“Oh, didn’t expect anyone to be in here.” Phoenix said as he stepped inside the room.

“Just learning and improving, Phoenix,” Shiva replied. “Don’t mind us.” Phoenix nodded and made his way to a corner of the room to meditate. Shiva turned back to Luffy. “So… what’s this Ryou Haki?”

"An enhanced version of Armament Haki, allowing it to bypass one's natural defenses. Having the ability to damage someone's internal organs and break something without touching it, like this!" Luffy's Armament Haki covered fist started to glow.

“Whoa-whoa-whoa, hold up!” Kodo barked, jumping in between them. “If you’re gonna show her, show it on me, not her!”

“Kodo,” Shiva barked. “You’re being paranoid again.”

"Nah, I won't, just on this wall." Luffy's fist had a red aura, Luffy slammed this fist at the wall and without touching it, it shattered into pieces "See?"

Shiva whistled. “Impressive,” she praised. She glanced down at her diamond claw. “Sounds like I should work on this Haki, just in case these diamonds aren’t enough.” She grinned up at Luffy. “Care to show us what else you know?”

"Observation Haki, I have unlocked it so much that I can see a little bit into the future. Try and hit me." Luffy said before his light-hearted gaze turned into a serious look.

Humming at his seriousness, Shiva prepared a diamond covered claw. However, just as she lifted it up, smoke formed behind Luffy. Kodo’s eyes briefly formed from the smoke, winking at his mother. Kodo moved to strike, but Luffy quickly stepped aside as Kodo… shot forward in a burst of smoke. As the smoke once again flew through Shiva, she lunged forward, only for Luffy to once again dodge her.

Briefly, the two wolves jumped back and forth, trying and failing to catch Luffy in the crosshairs of their attack. After about ten attempts, Shiva skidded to a stop, and waved her claw at Kodo, causing him to return to his normal form.

“That’s incredible,” Shiva noted. “You can see into the future, can’t you? I’ve met diamond dogs with sharp senses, but none that sharp.”

“You can see into the future huh?” Phoenix asked, stepping towards the group. “Mind if I have a crack at it?” He popped his neck a couple times before removing his jacket and placing it on the floor.

"Sure, though I can see so much into the future that I can see you trying to punch me in the nose!" Luffy grinned, saying all of that violent stuff in a cheerful demeanor.

“Interesting…. What about now?” Phoenix snapped his figures and spoke. “Disaster, total separation.”

“Uh, oh…” Shiva mumbled, remembering their match.

“Don’t worry Lady Shiva, this is different to what I used during our match. This completely separates me from everything. I am a ghost of what I once was. Nothing but a mere afterthought…… Though, believe me when I say I still pack a punch.” Phoenix smirked as he looked back to Luffy. “So, Luffy, still see my future?”

"...You may or may not be firing knives at me like DIO from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure." Luffy frowned, hating knives due to it being his only weakness.

“Close, but no.” Phoenix instantly shot forward, aiming for a roundhouse kick to Luffy’s head. However the straw-hat man leaned back and evaded the attack. “Nice reflexes.” Phoenix said using his momentum (and airbending) to try once more. Luffy however saw this coming and used Soru to appear behind the man.

As the two sparred, Shiva tilted her head, a thought occurring to her. Kodo glanced at her curiously.

“Mom?” he asked.

“Just… thought of something,” she noted. “Something I’m wondering if I could’ve used during my match with Phoenix.”

“What’s…” Kodo perked. “Oh…” he nodded. “But… how would it work?”

“Well, one way to find out,” she replied, creating a pack link and twining it around Kodo’s wrist. “You don’t mind giving your old lady a bloody nose, do you?”

Kodo shivered. “Only if I pay for it later,” he mumbled.

But, obeying her command, he lunged forward, using her link for momentum, and slammed his paw right into her undefended snout. Her head jerked back, and she stumbled across the ground. Yet, as she regained her paws, a pulse traveled through the link… and Kodo reeled back as the pain from his mother’s injury jarred hard into his snout.

Shiva nodded. “I was either too soft or a fool, Kodo,” she said, bounding to his side and tending his nose. “I could’ve transferred the pain from Status Promotion. Ensured that he felt exactly what I felt.” She sighed. “I’m not good at the whole ‘offense’ thing.”

Kodo’s brow knit in sympathy. “Then let’s make sure your defense makes up for it,” he offered. “Observation Haki could let you see any attack coming your way, and with a combination of the diamond armor and Armament Haki…”

Shiva nodded in understanding. Luffy evaded another attack.

"I can teach you Armament Haki if you want to, but there is one last form of Haki I didn't show you." Luffy grinned, before striking Phoenix. "That's enough, I have to teach some dogs some tricks!"

Shiva and Kodo perked their ears in intrigue. “Oh? What is it?”

Luffy appeared before them, "Conqueror's Haki." Luffy again said this in a serious manner.

Kodo’s eyes widened in remembrance. “Oh, right! Yeah, the Haki where you can make someone submit through sheer force of will!” He shivered. “Yeah, that Haki’s amazing.”

"And If it's strong enough, affect your surroundings. Like this," Luffy unleashed his Conqueror's Haki, the walls began to crack and the ground as well, there was an intimidating red aura surrounding the straw-hat man. What they saw was no man, but a demon, just like they saw with Thanos in the arena. He then let go of the Haki, turning back to normal.

Kodo nodded, looking to Shiva. “You have GOT to learn that form, Mom,” he insisted.

"It's only one in a million though, only a true ruler can wield this power, you have to be born with it. Now, I have to show you one of my many transformations, it focusses on Armament Haki and shows the side-effects of it if you use it. Armament Haki is dangerous, it can kill others and even yourself, exhaust you until you can't move, or until you can't breath. It's pretty dangerous." Luffy informed the duo before looking at his surroundings, "Meh, I can fit in here." Luffy took two steps back before putting an arm next to his mouth, coating it in Armament Haki.

Shiva and Kodo watched carefully as Luffy used all of his gathered air and bit down on his left arm, air going into it.

"Muscle Balloon!" Luffy's left arm grew to the size of a white sedan, the arm then had a red aura around it. Still blowing on it the air went to his body making him grow. It also made his right arm grow as well, air finally going into his fingers, each finger growing to the length of a snake, Luffy then proceeded to ball up the fist that finally had it's fingers blown up. Tribal like symbols start to appear on his chest, matching the pattern of the Gum-Gum Fruit that he ate. Steam then blocked their view covering Luffy's whole entire body in steam. In the steam they saw Luffy's silhouette appear, it was his head, bouncing side to side Luffy pushed some steam out of his way and opened his eyes from the steam. His eyes fueled with determination, the steam then dissipated, revealing Luffy in a fighting stance, steam came out of his mouth.

"Gear…" He threw his head back dramatically, "FOOOUUUURRTHH!!!" His whole body appeared, him being seven feet tall, he bounced menacingly. His arms were bigger than the Mad Titans, his legs normal size but appeared to be small. "Bounce Man!" He bounced on his toes, making a clunking sound like metal.

“Fuck me.” Phoenix said, whistling. “Gotta teach me that one later. “

"I'm made out of rubber, only I can transform unless you have the Gomu-Gomu No Mi." Luffy reasoned, his voice was rough and serious.

Shiva shook her head. “Not us,” she replied. “Mine turns me into diamonds, and Kodo’s turns him into smoke.”

"If I get really, really and I mean really-really hard, I can drop out of this form. When I use this form I can't use Armament Haki for ten minutes." Luffy informed the two, "And when it runs out, which is like in fifteen minutes I get an inch closer to death."

“I can’t say I do, though, all I’d need to do is change my molecular structure to become more rubber like. How hard could it be?” Phoenix said, shrugging. “Also, Shiva, you said you turn into diamonds?”

Shiva grinned and clenched her claws. Instantly, her white fur turned into the glittering gems, and in seconds, a diamond statue stood before them, before she popped back into a being of fur and flesh. “Now I can be called a diamond dog for a reason.”

“Interesting,” Phoenix muttered. “I have a theory…. And if it works, I’m not sure even I could break your diamonds. Well, in this form anyway.” He gestured to himself.

“Right,” Shiva admitted with a chuckle, remembering his armored form.

Phoenix formed a block of cement next to him, and spoke. “Shiva, would you strike this for me?”

Shaking her claw out, Shiva turned the tips into diamonds, and struck. Yet, it didn’t leave a mark. Not a scratch.

“See, not strong enough as it is.” Phoenix said, looking over the block. “You see, I was increasing the molecular bonds as you struck it. One of the basic laws of physics, a denser object will break one less dense.” Walking over to the block, Phoenix struck it with his left hand. It shattered to pieces upon contact. “See?

She peered at the pieces. “I think so,” she noted, before glancing at her diamond claws.

“To put it simply, it’s a matter of whose surface is denser. Tell me, if a 1k block of tofu hit a 1k block of steel at 100 mph, which would remain intact?” Phoenix gestured with his hand for her to answer.

She hummed. “I want to say the steel, since it’s denser than the tofu, but if they’re both 1k…”

“You were right the first time.” Phoenix nodded. He reformed the concrete. “Now, strike it once more, but this time, clench your fist as hard as you can. Make sure every atom is as packed as possible.

Nodding, Shiva turned back to the concrete, and formed a fist. She breathed, letting her fist transform into a diamond fist. Yet even then, she continued to breathe. The diamonds glittered brighter as their molecular structure was packed tighter and tighter.

After almost a minute of composure, Shiva lifted her fist up, and brought it down. The concrete didn’t waver at first, but soon it fell down into nothing but dust.

“Goes a long way huh.” Phoenix said, admiring her work. “The Neko style’s a nifty thing.”

“I’ll say,” Shiva agreed, staring at her claw in delight. “I show this to my dogs, there’ll be nothing we can’t dig through.”

“Now in return,” Phoenix walked over to Shiva and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. “You promise me to never use that technique on myself.”

Shiva nodded, crossing an arm over her chest in a symbol stylizing a salute, she did a bow that was probably strange to the human, but resembled a dog showing their chest in submission.

“As a diamond dog and Alpha of Outer Haven,” she said. “I solemnly vow this technique will never be used on you; the one who taught it.”

“Okay……..” Phoenix cocked a head in slight confusion. “Your word would have been fine, but whatevs.” Phoenix shrugged, before linking to her mind to speak. “Another thing, if all things go to shit in the tournament, you won’t betray me. My allies are few and far between at the moment, and I'm hoping you’re someone I can trust.”

Shiva smiled softly. “I assure you, Phoenix; magic may have altered me, but I’m still a loyal hound at heart. Though I’d rather prefer everyone get along, I will stand with you if the time necessitates it.”

Phoenix nodded in appreciation, before letting go of her shoulder. “And another thing, tell Kodo how to do that too. Even if it’s only with his bare knuckles, the same science applies.”

Shiva nodded, glancing back at her son. “He’s a fighter,” she said. “Same as his father. Anything that can help keep him alive on the battlefield, I will definitely share with him.”

“Whelp, I haven’t eaten in about two days, so I’m gonna grab some grub. Cya around!” Phoenix said, before walking off. He waved to Kodo and Luffy over his shoulder as he left.

“See you later,” Shiva said, waving at him as he left.

"I bet I can break your diamond!" Luffy laughed, "Wanna try out?"

Kodo laughed nervously. “Uh, no,” he said. “If what I’ve been learning about devil fruits is correct, her devil fruit is a Paramecia, which means she can’t grow anything back if the diamonds break.”

"Aw… That sucks." Luffy lowered his head as he went to sit down only for him to keep on bouncing.

Everyone heard the tapping of the ground, then footsteps following them. Shiva recognized this and turned around to see the eight foot blind man a few feet away from her.

“Issho,” she greeted. “How have you been?”

"I may or may not have created a blackhole, but don't mind that. I heard a crash so I went to go check on that." Fujitora stopped as he kicked in his Observation Haki, noticing her aura a few feet before him. "How have you been lady Shiva?"

Shiva glanced down at her claws. “I’ve been making some progress in my training,” she noted, her gaze turning ponderous. “Though, even with the progress I’ve made, I’m still way behind the others.” She settled against the wall. “Makes me wonder why Ryker invited me. I’m not exactly like the others.”

Fujitora took a breath through his teeth, "I should not say this, I really shouldn't…" Fujitora leaned close to her, "Ryker may or may not be trying to recruit you."

Shiva tilted her head, her ears perking. “Recruit me?” she asked.

"Well, you would add personality. Your Pack Links are intriguing to him, and you're a dog so he's hoping it will calm me down. It won't; you are a friend and I don't want you to stay because he will… Keep you here for thousands of years." Fujitora commented, wincing.

Shiva’s skin paled under her fur. “Thousands of years…” she mumbled. “But… I left my daughter back in my Equestria. My whole pack, I…” She rubbed her chin, horror fighting against regret. She looked back up at the blind swordsman. “I consider you a friend as well, Issho. And though I’ve heard of Ryker’s cause… how can he justify saving his daughter by separating another daughter from her mother?”

"...Ooo… He plans to-" Fujitora was grabbed by the head and was slammed into the ground. Shiva jumped back with a bark, finding the Arkham Knight standing over the blind swordsman.

"Are you a damn fool?!" Arkham Knight growled, Fujitora tried to stand but felt weak. "Sea Prism Stone Armor, remember?"

Shiva backed up, feeling the aura of danger emanating from his armor. But not all of her powers were devil fruit based. And she used her pack link on Fujitora, yanking him out from under the Knight. As the knight whirled on her, Kodo appeared in a burst of smoke, his sword unsheathed and held in defense of his mother and her friend.

“Enough!” Phoenix shouted, “I left the room for less than a minute….” Sighing, he walked up behind the knight and patted his shoulder before walking past him. “Take it easy would ya?”

"You bitch! That's it, killing you guys!" The Knight showed his palm to them and they were pushed back and slamming Into the wall Luffy as well. Though, Phoenix made sure to use airbending to prevent being blown away.

As they were pushed back, Kodo burst into smoke, seizing his mother and Fujitora in a cloud of smoke, and whisking them out of the Arkham Knight’s blast.

The Arkham Knight put his right hand onto the wall; mini trenches were dug into them and magma followed Arkham Knight's fingers. Arkham Knight tried to show his palm to the ball of smoke holding Kodo, Shiva and Fujitora. As he slowly got a bead on Kodo’s desperate attempts to dodge, his palm heated up, forming magma until… He was armored punched to the gut. Arkham Knight fell on his back, before looking up. Kodo burst out of the smoke, gazing in shock at their savior… Lord Twigo himself.

"That's enough, Mike." Lord Twigo looked down at the Knight. He clenched his fists.

"It's Arkham Knight, jackass!" Arkham Knight growled.

"Is it just me, or is that guy really weak?” Phoenix suddenly appeared next to the rest of the group and whispered to Luffy, pointing to The Knight.

“Probably why he hides in that armor of his,” Eric said walking in the hall from a nearby shadow, his friend Sombra dragged behind him by his collar

"Wanna say that again jackass?!" Arkham Knight charged up a beam of light as Lord Twigo stood between them.

"Yeah, weak." Luffy chuckled.

Teleporting behind Arkham, Phoenix placed a finger on his head once more. “Disaster, Sleep.”

"Oh you son of a bi-." That was all that the Arkham Knight could say before he fell into Lord Twigo's arms. Kodo cautiously lowered his blade.

"Thank you Phoenix Wri-, he is rather cool headed normally but he's kinda off today."

“You know, I might change my name to Phoenix Wright just to fix all the fucking confusion.” Phoenix said, frowning at his new nickname.

Shiva helped Fujitora to his feet, while the swordsman rubbed his head. "That kid needs to learn his manners, I'm old." Fujitora commented.

Kodo huffed, sheathing his sword. “He threatens you or Mom again,” he promised. “And I’ll be sure to give him a lesson he won’t forget.”

“Kodo…” Shiva chastised with a roll of her eyes.

“Calm down there, hot shot,” Phoenix began, walking over to Kodo. “You’ll learn that it’s a way better feeling to let your opponent know that they are not even worth the time of day. Don’t spare them the luxury of your hatred.”

“Indeed,” Shiva agreed. “The greatest insult an enemy can suffer is to be ignored. Be prepared, but don’t seek out a fight. Besides, we still have much to learn.”

Kodo sighed, but nodded at their words.

“You’ll make a fine warrior one day Kodo, just make sure your morals aren’t twisted.” Phoenix said, ruffling his hair because he knew he hated it.

“I agree with Phoenix,” Eric said smiling at the Pup. “One day nopony will be able to stop your righteous heart.”

Kodo shook his head like a dog drying itself. “Twisted morals are the last thing I want,” he assured them.

"Ugh, I swear one of these days I'm dropping a meteorite onto him.” Fujitora began with a shake of his head. “Also as thanks for helping me, if you ever want me to assist in your swordsmanship, just call me." Fujitora said with a smile.

Kodo smiled back. “I’d appreciate the aid,” he said, glancing back at his blade. “This sword’s good, but I’ve still got a bit of a learning curve; really wish the diamond dogs used more swords and less axes back home.”

“Does that go for me too? Your knight in shining armour!” Phoenix struck a pose with a hand on his chest, and used airbending to allow his hair to blow in a conjured-up wind.

"Twigo is a good swordsman as well, we can both teach you guys, isn't that right?" Fujitora turned to Twigo but he was on the other side of Issho.

"Indeed, as a Knight I will help you train! Hopefully when this is all over we can be friends!" Lord Twigo held a fist to his chest.

“I’d like that,” Shiva admitted with a wag of her tail.

“I was joking, if either of you know a style more efficient than the Amagiri Shinmei style, then I’ll buy you all the drinks you want for a whole week.” Phoenix said, forming a sword completely constructed from fire in his hand.

"I'll be off then." Fujitora said before a piece of the ground floated up as he sat down on it, it turned around and he rode off, "Weee~" Fujitora grinned, Lord Twigo then followed Fujitora, the Arkham Knight over his shoulder.

Shiva and Kodo watched them go with wagging tails, before Shiva’s pack link connected with Kodo’s. “If Ryker forces us to fight them, I’m probably going to cry,” she admitted forlornly.

Kodo keened, and nuzzled at her in a vain attempt to comfort her.

“You know, you should really think about strengthening your mind a bit. Even with your pack links it takes a simple grade 4 combination to get in.” Phoenix said, raising a finger to his head.

Kodo copied his gesture with a shocked look, while Shiva merely chuckled. “Telepathy isn’t really a sought after magic form on the Equestria I’m from,” Shiva admitted sheepishly. “I’ll see what I can do, but most of what I learned was self-taught, and the pack link encourages open minds, so...”

“I’m not saying you should learn to read minds or anything. God forbid you go looking through mine. I just think you should work on your defence. Anything from meditation to straight up picturing locked doors does the trick. It’s mainly a precaution for people like me and Ryker.” Phoenix finished.

At the mention of Ryker, both dogs’ tails tucked. Shiva’s thoughts instantly conjured up an image of a caved in cavern entrance, while Kodo’s depicted… a flock of chickens.

“Chickens? Really?” Phoenix cocked a brow at Kodo.

A growl bubbled from Kodo, but not his throat. He glanced down sheepishly. “I’m hungry,” he admitted.

Shiva held back a laugh. “Alright, my brave warrior,” she said. “Let’s find something to eat. We’ll train more later.”

“May I accompany you? I didn’t get half way down the corridor before I had to save your asses.” Phoenix said, rubbing his stomach.

“I’d like to join as well,” Eric said, pushing Sombra forward. “Afterwards somepony here has something he needs to say.”

Shiva curtsied. “An escort of gentlemen,” she noted. “I’m the luckiest girl alive.”

“Right. The only experience I’ve had with girls was when I was sixteen. Fuck that. Had to work so hard for a smile.” Phoenix’s face dropped in fake annoyance, before he began his way towards the door. “Let’s bounce!”

“Right behind you,” Kodo said, following after him.

Luffy followed them, bouncing with them while in his Bounce Man form.

“I didn’t mean literally, Luffy.” Phoenix turned to him and chuckled.

"I can't help it!" Luffy laughed, looking at the fairy man.


The party opened the Diner and saw Thanos eating his food in a sad state and Lucci eating next to him without much worry, and Nightmare who just sat next to them with a dead expression on her face.

“How are we doing today gents? And Ladies?” Phoenix said, waltzing into the room like he owned the place.

Shiva spared Thanos and Nightmare a look of pity, before Kodo made a beeline for the diner counter, forcing Shiva to follow him. Meanwhile Eric avoided looking them in the eye as he and Sombra approached the counter with Shiva

"And then, the whole world decided to turn on me! HOW FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!" Thanos laughed chaotically in a drunk manner, Throwing his head back and falling on his back before silently crying.

"Don't mind him; he just had a nightmare." Lucci shook his head at the Titans antics, taking a bite of fried chicken.

“Oh yeah, I remember that.” Phoenix said in realisation. “Can’t believe I wasn’t in it. I was heartbroken!” Phoenix placed the back of his hand on his head in sarcastic offence.

Luffy bounced towards the diner counter with a grin, Entity perked an eye at this. Nappa came into the room in a Cowboy outfit, Ryker in a Leprechaun outfit as well. Sake in hand.

"We're so fucking drunk!" They said in unison, kicking the air as they wrapped their arms around each other, before falling on their backs and cackling.

“Ummmm, and swiftly leaving.” Phoenix said with a thumb over his shoulder. He then proceeded to moonwalk over to Shiva, Kodo and Luffy.

Shiva shook her head at Ryker and Nappa’s antics. “And this is why I avoid alcohol,” she noted, turning to the counter. “Home-style chicken, please.”

The requested item appeared, with Kodo promptly diving on his like it was going to make a run for it. The bones crunched in his powerful jaws like chips.

“The whole immortality shtick means I can’t get drunk. My body instantly disintegrates any form of harmful drug.” Phoenix said, taking a seat next to Luffy. “I’ll have a light salad and some orange juice.” Suddenly his requested items appeared in front of him, and he began eating.

“Sirloin Steak with Sauteed mushrooms and onions, and a Coke Zero Sugar” Eric ordered his food being made the moment he finished ordering

Luffy started to gorge on his meal, which was a pile of meat. Throwing the bones behind him, Luffy grabbed a piece of fried chicken from Lucci before quickly regretting it as Lucci elbowed Luffy's hand. "So what do you guys wanna talk about?" Luffy asked, his mouth full.

“Nothing before you empty your mouth.” Phoenix said with a stern look.

Luffy emptied his mouth, gulping it down before he pounded his chest and went for a drink of water. "That's better, what were you saying?" Luffy, still in his Bounce Man form, spoke.

“I didn’t say anything.” Phoenix said in a ‘matter of fact’ tone, before he took a sip from his orange juice. “How bout truth or dare?”

Shiva’s eyes settled on Nightmare, who was gazing out into space. The diamond dog’s ears flattened in sympathy.

“Well, one truth I know,” Shiva noted. “That poor mare’s had it rough.”

“By the looks of her life force, I’d have to agree.” Phoenix said, turning his head to Nightmare with a blank face.

Shiva glanced away with a hum. “I never liked taking sides,” she noted. “I always preferred compromise and diplomacy.” She looked back towards Nightmare. “Eric didn’t mean for what happened… but it sure doesn’t take away from the pain she went through.”

“I honestly never meant for any of that to happen,” Eric said, taking a small bite of his food. “Ryker said victory by knockout, I assumed my slumber spell would fill that roll. I never sought to stop his heart.”

Standing up, Phoenix took off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves. “Well, when a woman's upset…...” He looked over to Luffy and Kodo and gestured towards Nightmare with his head. “It’s a man's job to cheer her up.”

"I can do that!" Luffy bounced up and turned around.

Shiva’s eyes darted back and forth between them. “Oh, I wasn’t implying…” she started to say. “I meant… I just wasn’t sure if I should talk to her, or…”

Before she could finish, Luffy then shot off like a rocket and hit a wall, he then turned to Nightmare with a grin. "Wanna see a trick?"

Nightmare turned her head slowly to face Luffy, her expression unchanging. “No…” Nightmare spoke, her voice sounding as if the life was sucked out of her.

Phoenix turned to Shiva and spoke in an understanding tone. “I get what you mean, but men are just annoying like that. They have to set things right. It’s a matter of pride.” Phoenix then turned his head towards Nightmare and began his way over.

Shiva keened, clutching her ears as Kodo ignored them, too invested in his chicken.

Luffy got two chopsticks out of nowhere and put them up his nose then stretched his mouth and put the other ends of them to his teeth. "Bleh!"

“That’s not amusing, it’s straight up gross.” Phoenix said, giving Luffy a hard slap on the back. The chopsticks fell out of his mouth from the force.

"How about… This?" Luffy held up his fist and the fist went inside of his arm like a spring going back to normal. "Tada~"

No response...

"Now what about…" Luffy then started to huff and puff, "Wh...Wha...What abo…" Luffy held a hand up to his chest as he started to catch his breath.

“Now what about….” Phoenix placed a hand on Nightmare’s shoulder and spoke. “Care to join us for a drink?” He used his other hand to gesture over his back to Shiva and Kodo.

Shiva gave a nervous smile, her body slowly turning to diamond. Eric stood from his seat, dropping a few bits on the counter and left, feeling the death Nightmare wanted from him before leaving the diner

Nightmare slowly looked between the two, understanding that they wanted to help. But she looked down to the table with the same expression.

"Blaruggahah!" Smoke came out of Luffy as he started to fly about, bouncing off walls and his body went back to normal just as he hit a wall. Luffy's body normal sized as he then slid off of it and hit the floor. "Side-effects…" Luffy squeaked out.

"Get fucked!" Lucci shouted out, laughing at the weakened Straw-hat. "Don't mind me just being… Me I guess." Lucci chuckled, kicking back in his seat.

"Then all of a sudden, Luffy got slammed by Jar-Jar Binks!" Thanos laughed as tears fell down his face, not out of joy but of sadness.

"...I can't move." Luffy frowned, before looking at a roach nearby, "AAA HELP ME THERE'S A ROACH!!!" Immediately busting down the door was Lord Twigo, Katakuri, Fujitora, Zabuza, and Arkham Knight.

"WE ARE THE EXTERMINATORS!!!" They shouted up, pointing their weapons into the air before running to Luffy and stomping on the roach. Shooting it, stabbing it, cutting it, doing whatever they can to damage it.

As they rampaged against the roach, Shiva sighed, and got up, settling herself next to Nightmare.

“Nightmare,” Shiva said softly. “I wanted you to know that, while I defended Eric, I don’t condone what he did to Black. And… if you need anything, I’m willing to help.”

Nightmare looked to the diamond dog with a blank look. The diamond dog’s diamonds crept up under her bristling fur. But after a few moments, a solemn look overtook Nightmare’s face. She looked back to the table, “Thank you…” Nightmare said softly.

Shiva nodded. “Of course,” she said, turning away and watching passively as the ‘exterminators’ went to town on the roach.

Eric was moving through the halls of the arena on his way to the training room, on his way he was met with Ed [whatever you’re doing]. Eric exhaled slowly before approaching the Alchemist who glared at him with a look that would kill.

“Ed I need to speak with you” Eric said stopping a full five feet from the Alchemist

"I have nothing to speak with you about," Ed coldly replies.

“Please.” Eric said, lowering his head. “I need your help, whatever you want from me I’ll give it to you.”

Ed turns and glares, "What is it?"

“Edward, I know the pain of losing the ones you love” Eric said dropping to the ground and bowing before the Alchemist. “So Please believe me when I say that I meant no harm to Black life, and I promise I won’t use my clone spell again. But to do that, I need more control over my powers. So, I’m asking… no, begging you to let me use the time chamber.”

"I'm not the one you should be begging from," The Alchemist crossed his arms. "And why not use the time chamber everyone else has been using?”

“Call it a hunch, but I have a feeling yours has a stronger time difference,” Eric said not lifting his head from the ground

“Did you think begging and apologizing to me would allow you access to my personal training area? What makes you even think I have a Time Chamber?" He scowled at the younger displaced.

“You want me to give it my all, I can’t if I keep holding back,” Eric said, digging his head into the ground further. “You have access to copies of almost everything. Please, I will do anything”

“Are you fully willing to commit to that everything, body and soul?” Ed continued to look down on the youngster.

“Yes.” Eric said still keeping his demeaning stance in front of the Alchemist. “Whatever it takes.”

“Good,” Ed said. “First, you’re going to prove you’re worthy of using my time chamber.” The alchemist noted. “You’re going to earn it like Black earned his. You’re going to fight me and I’m going to use the same form I used against him, but this time… I won’t be holding back nearly as much!” He points at Eric, his face completely obscured in darkness as two red circles pierced the younger displaced very fiber of being. “Only one of you whelps has faced me in a fight and he is currently under the weather meaning you have no idea what I am capable of or even what I look like. This will give you a somewhat good experience of what a displaced with a void dweller’s power can do. Make no mistakes, Eric Von Shadow, Ryker calls me a dweller but I haven’t evolved to that stage just yet. I am what you might call… a pseudo dweller.”

“Thank you, Edward,” Eric said, raising to his feet before rubbing the back of his head. “I honestly expected you to blast me through the walls the moment I asked for your help”

“I’m still considering it,” Ed squinted and Eric gulped hard. “Make no mistake, I have been throwing more power around without reason so far, now… I have a reason.” He explained. “This will give Ryker a little bit more insight on what I can do and give me the opportunity to vent a little.”

“I accept your terms, Edward,” Eric said

“You will meet me on the battlefield of Endgame,” Edward pointed at the youth allowing blood lust to feel the air. “When Celestia sun starts to show its first light tomorrow.”

“...Okay so Eric’s trying to get stronger.” Thanos crossed his arms, looking around in the Gravity Chamber. “I can not let him win, at all costs, if he wins I have failed Black and my master.” Thanos walked up to the console, “Is there a way to make it…” Thanos turns up the gravity and it goes past 5000 and all the way to 7500. “Higher…”

“Huh, alrighty then I’ll train in this place.” The area became red like blood and Thanos was forced to bend his knees, “Okay how about we kick it up to ten thousand?” Thanos shifts it to ten thousand and Thanos falls to his knees.

“...Well shit. Let’s do some finger push ups shall we?” Thanos put his fingers to the earth and started to do push-ups. “One, two, three…” Thanos then stops and goes to his feet. “This won’t do, I shouldn’t be doing some average training like this. I need to do… Something abnormal, something weird, something that will shock everyone!”

Then it all clicked to the Titan, “I have Dragon Slayer Magic… I HAVE DRAGON SLAYER MAGIC!!!! Okay, we’ll train in that.” Thanos uses some of his Ki to make Ki clones, the Ki clones took a stance. Thanos used his Magma Dragon Slayer Magic to make Magma Whips.

“Magma Dragon… Drake Attack!” Thanos then strikes his clones with his whip of Magma, the clones then explode and die. Thanos looks at his hands, then where the clones were. “Alright I’ll keep on training until I drop.”

“Care if I join you?” Maud asked entering the chamber feeling none of the effects of the gravity before walking over to the settings. “Do you mind if I change the settings?”

“Meh, why the hell not?” Thanos shrugged, taking down another Ki clone with his Magma lash.

Without warning, Maud shifted the gravity to a setting too much for Thanos to handle. He was forced to the ground, unable to move.

“Good now we can talk,” Maud said, sitting down right in front of the Titan. “It wasn’t his fault”

“Oh, you say that... '' Thanos grunted finding the strength to lift himself to a push-up position, “And yet he kinda almost killed a friend of mine, I know me and Eric are friends and all but I can not and will not lose a comrade. Not again, not ever.”

“Eric has killed others for good reasons,” Maud said standing up and sitting on top of the Titan forcing him back down. “Eric had no reason to kill Black, so why do you hold your anger for Eric?”

“Pffft! I’m not angry at him, I just don’t like how he won. When I fought Black, I tanked the whole attack, getting the feeling that he was putting everything he got into that attack.” Thanos responded to the stone cold mare.

“You’re referring to his use of his clone spell, Aren’t you?” Maud asked

“...Maybe, maybe not.” Thanos tried to force himself up once more, trying to get back to training or run away whichever was the better option in his eyes.

“Eric would not have survived that final attack, He would have died and then the roles would be reversed on everyone who disagreed with his choice.” Maud said before pulling the Titan’s head back. “And Eric gave that fight a lot more than he normally would. You forget though he made a clone that clone can’t use his Devil Fruit”

“Uh huh, you do know there was once this man named Zoro, a legendary swordsman, tanked the pain of Monkey D. Luffy which nearly killed him. However through sheer will power he survived.” Thanos used steam and shot to his feet, throwing Maud off of him.

“Then you should know that Eric is already suffering because of his choice,” Maud said, jolting to the Titan’s side, letting out a loud series of pops which seemed to relax the titan. “You should relax more often, this kind of stress will be murder for you in the future.”

“Hell yeah it is, I’m a King, in a body that could destroy the damn universe, a man who’s very confused, having nightmares… Yeah this whole thing is very stressful.” Thanos laughed, and sighed.

‘You can say that again, Purple Mr. Clean’ A voice ringed through both Thanos’ and Maud’s mind, ‘And what was that about Eric’s suffering?’ the voice asked.

“Eric’s Dark magic has drawbacks. While he is protected from the mental corruption, he isn’t protected from the Physical toll” Maud said, standing up and jumping on the Titan’s lower back. Another series of joints popped on the Titan. “His Dark Copy spell inflicts all injuries on the caster at double damage.”

“Eh? So double the damage huh?” Thanos raised an eyebrow, “Wait, that’s kinda bad for him.”

‘And I wasn’t going full strength on that attack. If I did that, it would’ve destroyed the planet from just the pressure of it.’ The voice noted.

“Your final attack killed his clone, meaning you killed him,” Maud said, causing Thanos nearly let out a laugh, Thanos held a hand to cover his laughter.

‘I did notice something off about him before I performed that Dragon Fist. But how was I supposed to know it would do more damage to him!’ The voice complained.

“However knowing Sombra he successfully brought Eric from Death’s cold grip,” Maud assured the voice of Goku Black. “More than Likely he will apologize for almost killing you once he sees you’re well enough

‘He doesn’t need to. He didn’t know that spell would kill me.’

“It’s how he is,” Maud said, jumping off the Titan. “He has a code he lives by and he never kills a friend.”

“Huh, that’s a different code my master taught me. Alas, we all have different forms of Martial Arts, masters, and universes.” Thanos grinned, “Well since we’re all from different universes and have the same goals, we’re all just a bunch of warriors trying to do what’s best for their families.”

“Technically I’m still a rock famer. Father gave me the farm when he passed,” Maud said

‘Well… not all displaced are good, what was that guy's name you were fighting after you left my universe?’ Black asked the titan.

“Kaido, the King of Beasts! He had an army of Displaced under him, everyone of his men across the universe, even yours Black!” Thanos rubbed the back of his head with a laugh.

“Eric told us about him,” Maud said. “He told us after he sent Azula, Pain, and some weirdo by the name of Enel, he had weird looking ears,” Maud said, sitting back on the ground. “They tried to take Eric to recruit him for his army.”

‘I haven’t come across his soldiers yet, but now I’ve got to keep an eye out for that.’ Black muttered, sounding irritated. ‘Either way, I’ve come to remind you two that just because my body has given out on me, that doesn’t mean ki training is cancelled.’

“Eric probably won’t take it since he’ll be training with Edward,” Maud stated before looking at the struggling Titan

‘HE’S DOING WHAT!!!!!’ Black roared in Maud’s ear, making the earth pony wince.

“THAT’S WHY I’M HERE!!! I WON”T LET YOU BEAT ME ERIC!!!!!!!!!” Thanos roared to the heavens, activating Ki clones and running at them, cocking back his fist and slamming into them.

“I was only here to help Thanos understand why Eric did what he did,” Maud said blankly

‘Thanos… I’m gonna need you to stop training and come pick something up at the medical bay, I have an extra token on me at all times.’ Black ordered the titan.

“I agree I don’t think your bone can handle much more of this gravity.”

“If my body can tank snapping half the FUCKING universe and snapping it again I can handle it again! Also I’ll be right there Black.”

Maud simply pointed at the settings showing the titan the level she set it to. “I just saying your current position being forced down with Twelve thousand times gravity will cause unfixable warping in your skeletal structure”

“Bitch I was training at ten thousand.” Thanos pointed out, raising a finger, “I can handle these things, I am a Titan.”

‘THANOS, MEDICAL BAY, NOW!’ Black roared into Thanos’ mind, making the mad titan wince.

“FUCK YOU YOU’RE NOT MY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!” Thanos roared back to the heavens.

‘... ok… John,’ Black said simply.

“You little shit, don’t say my actual name or I’ll put a pillow to your face and suffocate you.” Thanos growled.

‘Then get your Mr. Clean ass down here… right… now.’ Black lowered his voice.

Thanos put two fingers to his head, before flipping Maud off and leaving to see Black.

Maud shrugged her shoulders before getting up and walking out of the room before stopping in her tracks. “Oh right” Maud returned to the room and returned the gravity to normal. “Some can’t handle that level yet.”

Thanos loomed over Black and took the pillow beneath Black. “You think I’m fucking joking, do you?” Thanos frowned.

‘You do this Thanos, you will you do this Thanos, you will never see the light of day again.’ Black threatened.

“Imma do it.” Thanos grinned, peering down at the helpless Saiyan.

‘Did you forget Edward is here? Cause he will never stop hunting you down.’

“You got a point however…” Thanos pulled out a permanent marker, “I will get my pay back.” Thanos took a step closer to Black.

Black coughed in Thanos’ mind, ‘Do you wish to further piss off Nightmare?’

“Bitch, I’ll cla-” Thanos paused before clearing his throat, “Bitch I’ll bea… You know you’re right. But~” Thanos started to write things on Black’s face with an evil grin. Laughing like the mad man that he is.

There were hoofsteps echoing in the hallway, getting closer until they revealed a dark Alicorn with a blank look shortly followed by a Earth Pony and a familiar white diamond dog. As Nightmare spotted Thanos writing on Black’s face, a dark expression appeared on her face, she summoned a scythe, while Shiva summoned her diamond claws, Maud had a white aura covering her hands and both walked behind the titan. “What do you think you're doing…”

“Banana.” That was all Thanos had to say when he disappeared with an audible pop. Thanos was gone without a trace.

Shiva snorted, before glancing at what he had written. One of her ears perked like a raised eyebrow, and she started wiping the ink off Black’s face.

‘Thank you Shiva,’ Black thanked the diamond dog telepathically, catching her off guard and causing her to think of a caved-in cavern. ‘Now I know not to give that purple bastard any training’

Apologies,” her thoughts whispered. “I’ve been training with Phoenix, and he’s recommended I start increasing my mental defenses.”

‘It’s quite alright, I understand that mental defenses are important.’

“Well you and Sombra agreed that he would train with Nappa” Maud said to the Saiyan

‘True, but Nappa is weaker than me. But other than that, Nightmare.’ The Saiyan asked the Alicorn, gaining her attention. ‘Do you mind grabbing the extra token in my pocket?’ Nightmare simply nodded as she walked up to the Saiyan, going into his left pants pocket, pulling out two golden earrings with green gems. ‘Say, where’s Kodo, didn’t he want to train as well?’ Black asked Shiva.

“I got him,” Shiva said. She sent out a pack link. A second later, the dark diamond dog pup trotted in, a full chicken clutched in his mouth like a dog returning from a successful hunt. Shiva rolled her eyes.

“Kodo, you had five of those already!” she said exasperated.

“And they were delicious,” he replied through a mouthful of fried chicken skin. “But this one ain’t for me.” He tossed it to Shiva with a grin, wiping the frown from her face.

Shiva smiled softly, and turned back to Black, nibbling on the chicken as the others gathered themselves.

“Do you want me to get Sombra or do you want to teach him another time?” Maud asked the Saiyan

‘With the way the tournament is going, I think it would be beneficial for everyone to have some control of ki, though I haven’t heard anything from Dr. Doom or Pheonix…’ Black said.

“Phoenix strikes me as the type of man who does what he wants when he wants,” Shiva replied. “Same with Dr. Doom. I’m sure they’ll show up when it’s convenient for them.”


There stood Thanos with a bucket of fried chicken, “I have come with a peace offering, does anyone want some Fried Chicken?” Thanos asked, looking at everyone.

Kodo gasped in delight at the sight of chicken, before Shiva lightly touched his snout with one of her chicken’s legs. “You. Had. ‘Five.’ Already,” she reminded him. Before promptly slipping him the leg she had nudged him with.

‘Thanos… you’re doing this to further piss me off… aren't you…’ Black growled.

“No! I’m here to make peace, I apologize for writing on your face, I am also sorry for dissing Eric.” Thanos grinned.

‘Either way, if this is to get training from me… you're still training with Nappa.’

“GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!!!” Thanos threw the chicken to the wall but before he could Lucci came bursting through the wall and took the bucket and ran through another wall, leaving the scene.

“Not a fan of chicken,” Maud said blankly.

“Herbivore, right?” Kodo replied.

“No. One of our crew members is a Griffin,” Maud said to the Diamond Dog. “I avoid meat similar to my comrade in the likely scenario that we both get stranded I don’t eat them.”

Kodo’s face fell, while Shiva slowed her own chewing. “That’s… not a bad reason,” she noted. She glanced at her chicken. “Suddenly, I’m questioning the alliance I was thinking of forming with Griffonstone.”

“Go for it,” Maud said to the older canine. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

“As long as we don’t have to give up chicken,” Kodo replied, investing himself in Black and Thanos’ argument.

‘You threatened to suffocate me with a pillow Thanos, as I’m vulnerable.’

“It was just a prank bro, you don’t gotta be serious about that. That was a joke, I’m sorry for threatening you.” Thanos bowed his head.

Black was silent for a bit, ‘Do you see the state I’m in? Anything like that is kinda dangerous for me at the moment.’

“Yeah and I’m sorry! PLEASEEE!!! This is the first time I would be trained by anyone outside of my universe except for the true Mr. Clean! I’m begging you!” Thanos got on his knees and put them both together and shook them in a pleading way to the heavens.

‘............... Under one condition…’

“ANYTHING!!!!” Thanos cried out.

‘Tell everyone in this room about… something with Celestia… something that can only happen in a bedroom...’

Instantly, Shiva gaped in alarm, and covered her son’s ears and eyes. “NOT everyone in this room,” she said firmly. “Just the adults,” she added with a suppressed smirk.

‘Right, sorry Kodo, your gonna have to sit this one out.’

“Yeah, not interested anyway,” Kodo replied, squirming out of his mothers grip and retreating from the room, keeping his ears covered and his mind filled with images of locked doors. Shiva planted herself next to where he had been, before giving Thanos a curious look.

“Celestia has been seeing Discord after his reformation,” Maud said, spilling the Princess’ secret relationship. “I know this because me and Pinkie saw both of them going at it in the Shadow Damnation store room.”

“Celestia slept with one of her reformed foes?” Shiva asked, before her ears perked up in horror. “Was that why she wanted me as an ally?”

“She did, if you ask me I think it’s a perfect match” Maud said slightly grinning. “Who else to bring order to Chaos than the Princess who brings Harmony”

Shiva instantly calmed at Maud’s words. “Ah, because of… of course. Yeah, order and chaos? That makes sense.”

“Eric said that Order and Chaos are two sides of the same coin so naturally they would be drawn towards each other” Maud said to the Diamond Dog before turning to her. “If you want I can help you with your Devil Fruit.”

Shiva looked intrigued. “I’m listening,” she said.

“Eric did give you a Devil Fruit like he did your son, correct?” Maud asked

Shiva nodded, lifting her claws, and showing them turn into diamonds.

“Hmmm…” Maud said, pulling the Diamond Dogs arms closer. “They’re weak” Maud said bankly

Shiva tilted her head. “Okay,” she noted. “And you can make them stronger?”

“Normally with heat and pressure until they form” Maud said looking the dog in her eyes. “So when you’re free you can meet me in the gravity chamber cause all it would take is enough force” the pony lifted one finger and tapped the Diamond Dog’s arm causing a series of light cracks. “To break them.”

Shiva swallowed and pulled her arm back, rubbing it as the cracked diamond returned to fur. She nodded. “Well... I can meet you after this ki training.”

“What specifically?” Thanos asked the Dark Saiyan.

‘Come on… you know what I’m talking about.’ Thanos didn’t know how, but he could sense the Saiyan had a devious smirk.

Thanos stood to his feet and sighed, everyone looked to Thanos as music began to play.

“...In the time that I was in the bedroom… For two days… Awful, AWFUL things happened to me.” Thanos said as he began to shake, “In that bedroom she… She… SHE DRESSED ME UP LIKE A DAMN GIRL!!!!” Thanos shouted out as manly tears began to fall down his purple face.

‘...Excuse me?’ Black was taken aback by this answer.

Shiva tilted her head. “Huh?”

“She would have me call her “mommy” and she made me her damn sex slave for two days! TWO WHOLE DAMN DAYS!!! I was running on sugar because she only fed me damn cake… CAKE GOD DAMN IT!!!!” Thanos then shook Shiva, “Cake… WHY CAKE!?!??!”

“I don’t know, but it sounds horrible!” Shiva stammered as he shook her.

“Interesting…” Maud says smiling. “Can’t wait for Pinkie and Eric to hear about this”

“I still have nightmares of that shit! I can still taste it, she made me dress up like an animal! I became her damn PET!!! I’m fucking black, THAT SHIT WAS RACIST!!! Then she brought three female royal guards THREE NIGGAS!!! THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! IT WAS THREEEE!!!!! THREEEEE!!!!!!!!!”

Shiva completely froze into a diamond statue, but Thanos threw her aside, clutching his head and continuing to scream.

“THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! And then… And then… After two whole days I learned my lesson, never fuck with an Alicorn when she’s crazy… She was chaotic… I… auaghah-” Thanos fell to the ground and rolled up into a ball and started to shake.

“I am so telling them about this now” Maud said enjoying the whole thing

‘... You know, I was expecting something else, but that’s terrible.’ Black said simply. ‘Alright, you can train in the art of ki with us.’ Black sighed.

“Thanks…” Thanos squeaked, “Word of advice… Never fuck… With… An… Alicorn when she’s crazy!” Thanos told the Saiyan.

“That’s offensive…” Nightmare snorted, crossing her arms.

“Your a little late to tell Eric that” Maud said her expression returning to normal

“I could’ve told you that,” Shiva noted.

“Told him what?” Kodo asked, poking his head in.

‘Nothing that you need to know kid, just some grown up stuff.’ Black said calmly.

Kodo hummed. “Grown up stuff seemed to have a lot of emphasis on ‘three.’”

Shiva turned bright red. “So, you heard it all anyway?” she asked.

“Just the three part and something about cake,” Kodo replied, scratching his ear. “Then again, I’d be surprised if there was someone in one of the other universes that didn’t hear him at that point.”

“Miss Shiva If I may?” Maud asked, approaching the pair.

The dogs glanced at each other. “May what?” Shiva asked.

Maud knelt down and turned the Pups head sideways placing a finger on the lower part of his head. “Eric taught me a little trick,” a small white aura cover the pony’s finger as she tapped the Diamond Dogs head.

Kodo blinked, while Shiva stared at him in confusion. “What just happened?”

“There’s a certain spot on every creature’s head that if you hit just hard enough makes them forget the last couple of minutes,” Maud Explained letting go of the pups head. “Now do you remember what we were talking about?”

Tilting her head, Shiva sent out a pack link to Kodo. Sure enough, any mention of cake and three was gone from his memories.

As for Kodo, he glanced up at Maud with a confused expression. “What were we talking about?” he asked. “Mom just asked me to go outside for a bit… and now I’m back here.” He blinked. “Why am I back here? Mom didn’t tell me to come back in!”

‘Were about to start training, that’s why!’ Black said with a laugh.

“Eric explained that it causes slight trauma to ones brain which messes with one’s short term memory” Maud said.

“Trauma?” Shiva asked, pulling Kodo to her side and looking him over. “W-Is he going to… suffer some sort of lasting injury or…?”

“He will be just fine, I wouldn’t have used it unless I had mastered it” Maud assured the pair. “No creature I’ve used it on has suffered any ill effects. Trust me when you travel on a ship with a lot of males and you have a...Matured sister like mine you tend to get a lot of practice”

Shiva lifted a claw. “You don’t need to say anymore,” she said in understanding. “I get it.”

Kodo shuddered. “You mean those guys that have been trying to replace Dad?”

Shiva ruffled his fur. “No one’s replacing your dad, kiddo,” she assured him.

‘Nightmare, could you put the token in the middle of the room?’ Black asked the Alicorn, and she did just that, placing the token softly on the floor and stepping back. A few moments later, a holographic image of Black appeared with a grin. “Ah… much better then seeing darkness.” The Saiyan said with a smile as his image stretched about.

Meanwhile Thanos was still on the ground, Thanos then snapped out of it and stood to his feet looking at the Saiyan. “I am in incredible pain.” Thanos put a thumbs up and grinned, his teeth shining like his bald head.

The Saiyan looked at himself, seeing that his image body wasn’t fully rendered, “Give me a sec,” Black closed his eyes, moments later his image was completely, no longer see through. “Ah, much better. Anyway, who’s ready to learn about ki?”

“We are!” Shiva and Kodo howled.

“I am” Maud said blankly as she lifted her fist

“I am…” Thanos raised his hand shakily, the whole room felt like it was shaking along with Thanos.

“You’ll be fine Thanos,” Black said, waving his hand to the side. “I might not be able to perform anything related with ki at the moment, but I will be able how to tell y'all how to access it, except for Thanos, he already knows how to.”

Kodo exchanged a curious grin with Shiva, but Shiva motioned for him to wait. When Black’s image sat on the floor, the diamond dogs did the same.

“So Ki is basically another energy contained in your body, in other words it’s your life force. With it you can either shoot beams of energy, fly, teleport, and so much more.” Black said with a smile, but it quickly faded as he frowned. “But it can also be very dangerous if not controlled properly. Let's say that you gathered enough energy for an attack, but it was too much for your body to handle. You would either tear your body apart, or detonate yourself.”

Externally Maud held her usual blank expression, internally Maud was actually excited. ‘So...cool’

Similarly, Kodo was struggling not to yip with glee. Shiva gently held him in place, even as he excitedly whispered to her through the link, “This is just like pack linking. This is when we take magic from non-magic creatures. Like the other diamond dogs! ”

“Pay attention,” She whispered, frowning as Black explained about the ki being dangerous. “It may be similar, but it’s still got it’s own rules. Rules we need to understand.”

“But I won’t let that happen to either of you, and you won’t be able to do all of that stuff right off the bat, it takes time to master Ki, but with me as you trainer, you will be able to fly and shoot beams of energy in no time!”

“I can help as well!” Thanos put a fist to his chest.

“Hush, my student.” Black said while holding up his hand.

Thanos had visual anger but said nothing, “Alright, until we get to the extreme training.”

“Agreed, but for now we’ll start with the basics.” Black said as his image held his hands in front of him, using his hands like he was holding a ball. “The first step is to clear your mind of unneeded thoughts. You won’t be able to access it if your mind is riddled with thoughts.”

Shiva nodded, lowering her head and clearing her mind, filling it with the image of a softly flowing river. Similarly, Kodo cleared his own mind as well, envisioning a smooth landscape

Luckily for Maud her mind was already pretty clear, the only thought she had was her whole family at home for Hearths Warming

“After your fully relaxed, try to draw it out slowly, you won’t be able to force it out.” Black explained, shortly after, a small yellow ball appeared between Black’s hands. It hummed to life as it lit up the room.

Maud exhaled and held her hand out a pulsing green orb the size of Kodo formed in her palm.

Shiva breathed deeply… and a small white ball formed between her claws, rapidly pulsing between white and yellow while her claws gained a slight diamond tint from her devil fruit powers. At the same time, Kodo’s own ki formed as well, mixing with the smoke of his devil fruit and the dark lightning of his pack link.

Thanos inhaled and exhaled and clenched his fist, he held it in front of him and opened it. A purple orb grew to the size of Thanos’ palm.

“Man, I knew Thanos would be able to do it easily since he already knew how to do it, but to see you three doing it almost instantly is certainly surprising.” Black said with a smile

Shiva smiled softly. “My pack link drew on magic initially,” she admitted. “But when I found a home with the diamond dogs, who weren’t as capable as unicorns or alicorns, I had to draw on a different source.” She lifted her ki ball with a soft chuckle. “I always assumed I was drawing on some sort of inner magic… but I wonder if it was just ki in another form. It feels so… familiar.”

“We’ll do this a few more times, make it feel natural so then you can do it like you knew it from birth.” Black explained.

Nodding, Shiva closed her claws, dispelling her ki, and steadied her breathing. Kodo copied her movements, even as his tail began wagging hard enough to resemble a fan.

Thanos crushes his Ki orb and purple specks fly about like sparks flying through the sky.

Maud closed her hand and dispeled her Ki orb.

“Black, real talk, I think I may have God Ki.” Thanos said looking at his hand.

Black instantly looked to Thanos with a serious expression. He squinted his eyes, “I can’t fully tell, my body is still unconscious so I can’t sense ki. I can make sure after I wake up.” Black told the Titan.

“Yeah because ever since Nappa trained me, he noticed that I had a slight affinity to God Ki, also do you know how Ed said the Titans reign from the Gods?” Thanos looked at the Saiyan. “I may have God Ki.”

“Yeah, that makes sense. But I’ll double check after I wake up.” Black promised. The Saiyan turned back to the party, seeing that they were accessing their ki like naturals. Black smiled at this, “Alright, now that you can access ki, what would you like to learn first?” Black asked as the Saiyan stood up while placing his fists on his hips.

“There’s Ki Blades, Ki Aura, Flight, shooting Ki Blasts, forming them into disks…” Thanos trailed off, putting two hands behind his back.

Shiva hummed, before Kodo piped up. “Are there Ki Axes?” he asked. “Or is that just a variation of the Ki Blades?” His ears flattened. “Or is it just Ki Blades?”

“You can form ki into just about anything, but ki blades are a bit quicker to learn. Doing techniques like my Ki Scythe takes a while to learn.” Black explained to Shiva. “There's a technique called the Destruction Disk. It can cut into just about anything and can be changed to any size.

“Like Eric’s Shadow Disks?” Maud asked tilting his head

“I haven’t seen that technique, but I’m gonna go in the dark and say yes.” Black confirmed

Kodo’s tail had somehow started wagging even faster, creating a rhythmic beating like a drumroll on the ground. Shiva chuckled. “I think we’ll personally start with the disks,” she replied.

“If so, we should probably get out of the medical bay.” Black said with a nervous laugh.

“...In theory could I make a hammer?” Thanos turned to the Saiyan, “Because I want to make a hammer.”

“I think I’d prefer the blade you used against Eric,” Maud said to the holographic Saiyan

“Great, first lets get out of here and head for the area, more room there.” Black said. His image disappearing, leaving his token alone on the floor. Nightmare walked to it and picked it up.

“Let's head there, unless Thanos wants to teleport us there.” Nightmare suggested to the mad titan.

“I’m a ladies man so why not? Everyone hold on my back we’re going to the arena!” Thanos grinned putting two fingers to his forehead. The others held onto his back, and in a few seconds, they were back in the arena.

“We’ve arrived at our destination please escort your children and your luggage off the ride, because I’m not helping you!” Thanos walked off to the center of the arena.

Nightmare rolled her eyes as she stepped to the middle of the arena and placed the token down, moments later Black reappeared. “A bigger space is much better than a cramped one.” Black commented.

“I agree with that,” Maud said, stepping away from the Titan.

“Seconded,” Shiva agreed, trotting around the wide space of the arena.

“Third-ed,” Kodo added, crouching on the ground and forming another ki ball in his claws. Narrowing his eyes, he started to try and compress it into a disk shape.

Black noticed this, “Slow down, take your time to do it. You’ve got to focus on what you want the shape to be.” Black told Kodo.

“Right,” Kodo said, taking a more composed stance. “Right…” He focused on the ball of ki again, but took a breath, concentrating rather than forcing.

Maud took herself to sit down and began to clear her mind, keeping her breathing normal Ki flared around not only her hand but her entire body. Closing her eyes the Ki around her hand began to take shape of a blade similar to Blacks

Black held his hand to the side, producing a ki blade almost instantly, “With Ki shaped weapons, you do need to be focusing on it most of the time. If not, it will dispel itself and fall apart, so practice with it a lot.” Black gave a tip to Maud, Shiva and Thanos.

Thanos coated his hand in Ki and slammed it into his other palm, then pulling it out and made a Great Sword. Thanos frowned and threw it behind him, he then repeated the process and made a knife, Thanos then crushed it. “God fucking damn it.”

“Thanos, repeating the same thing over and over again isn’t going to work. Plus cursing isn’t going to help.”

“Sometimes what you get is what you need” Maud said to the Titan

“Who are you who is so wise in the ways of words?” Thanos asked, turning to the Earth Pony.

Black just laughed, but he then remembered something, “Wait, before I forget, make sure one of you remind me to make my tokens for you so then if you need my help, you can call.” Black asked.

“Hey Black” Maud said gaining the Saiyans attention

“Yes Maud?” Black asked, quirking up an eyebrow.

“Don’t forget to make tokens for everypony” Maud said slightly smiling

“... Later…” Black said with squinted eyes.

“Pinkie has been teaching me how to be more...funny,” Maud said her face returning to her usual expression

“Right…” Black said with a quizzical look, but shook it off, looking at the Diamond Dog. “How are you faring so far Shiva?”

“Good,” Shiva replied, her ki already expanding out into a staff. “Sorry if I was a little quiet; I’m still trying to figure out the differences between my pack link and ki.” A glint came into her eyes. “Master Black… this might be a bit odd, but… can ki be channeled through voice?”

Kodo looked up with glee. “Oh, don’t tell me you’re going to try what I think you’re going to try,” he whispered, even as his tail somehow wagged even harder.

“You sure can, but a little warning. First time I did it, I couldn’t talk for a few days and I shattered every window in a 20 mile radius.” Black said as he nervously chuckled while rubbing the back of his head.

Shiva’s ears perked. “Good to know,” she noted.

“Alright… Let’s do this!” Thanos pumped his fist into the air.

The Titan’s word didn’t reach the earth pony as she stood up and began moving the Ki Blade through the air, the sound it made as it moved in the air sounded like it belonged to a Darth Vader Displaced.

Thanos made a staff made out of Ki and spun it around and slammed it on the ground gaining attention.

“Let’s get down to business…

To protect our worlds.”

Thanos began to sing, getting in front of the group as they formed a line.

“Once, we stood as pups,

But now we’ll rise as warriors”

Kodo sang along, lifting a completed disk of ki.

“Shut up you Pup~

You guys are the weakest runts I’ve ever met

But you can bet before we’re through

Alright guys, I’ll make a Warrior, out of you~”

“And at only on-” Kodo was cut off as he was grabbed by the head and was thrown by Thanos.

“DODGE!!!!” Thanos roared.

Shiva yelped and shot after Kodo, catching him with a pack link and setting him down gently, before both of them noticed Thanos coming for them.

Maud Immediately got in front of the Titan and blocked a strike from him

“Raise your hands to the sky,

To collect, the Ki~”

Nappa suddenly appeared as everyone raised their hands to the sky.

“Face your problems head on,

and you are sure to see”

Maud sang pushing the Titan away

“You’re a useless, strengthless, stupid lot

And you guys don’t even have a clue

But somehow I’ll…

Make a Warrior out of you~!”

Mr. Popo said after nowhere, pointing first to Kodo for being useless, then to Shiva for being strengthless and then Thanos for being stupid.

“Dear Kami this is going to be my death!”

Lucci said out of nowhere as he evaded an attack from a Ki clone, then being pinned.

“Say goodbye to my Nakama, but make sure they’re not lonely!”

Luffy grunted trying to crawl out from under Nappa’s boot as they were proceeding in Combat training.

“How is this so hard; I never skipped track and hunting!”

Shiva gasped as she grappled with Nappa, who was easily overpowering the Diamond Dog. Kodo charged up a ball of ki, but as he tried to turn into smoke to sneak up behind Nappa, his ki exploded, throwing him out of his smoke and sending him tumbling as Nappa overpowered Shiva.

“This Ki’s more complicated than I thought!”

Kodo gasped as he rolled into a smoke-riddled heap.

“I hope to what god up there Black doesn’t see into me!”

Lucci groaned as he was knocked by the head by Thanos, Lucci hit the floor with a thud.

“With all these prodigies, I’ll soon be left behind”

Black crossed his arms as he watched everyone sparring, making the Saiyan smile. ‘If only you can see me now Master Starswirl’

“Be a Warrior

You must be swift as a racing Leopard!”

Lucci turned into his Leopard form and used Rankyaku with his tail and shot an air slash at Nappa who kicked it away.

“Be a Warrior

With all the smarts of Dr. Doom!”

Thanos looked to the stands, getting a feeling Dr. Doom was watching them.

“Be a Powerhouse

With the Strength of Von Shadow”

Maud sang feeling Eric’s presence close by

“Be a Wolf

Mysterious as the night lit by the moon!”

Shiva howled, putting a bit of ki into her voice, blasting Nappa right into a cloud of smoke. Kodo’s eyes glittered from the smoke, before he seized Nappa. A pack link shot between mother and son, and Nappa found himself encased in a diamond dog statue. Shiva quickly released Nappa with a nod.

“Time is racing forward,

Until Bullet, arrives~”

Arkham Knight said looking down at them from a distance, Lord Twigo looked to Knight with a frown.

“Shut the hell up Knight

And you might, survive~”

Lord Twigo said gracefully like the Knightly man that he is.

“Dear god is he here yet?”

Arkham Knight rubbed his forehead, though he had a mask on.

“No Knight no he’s not”

Lord Twigo sighed, Arkham Knight frowned.

“How about now?”

Arkham Knight looked to Twigo with a desperate look in his eyes.

“No god dammit Knight!!!!”

Twigo sang dramatically

“Be a Warrior

You must be swift as a racing Leopard.”

Thanos tried to land a hit on Lucci but used Soru he appeared behind Thanos and landed a roundhouse kick to Thanos’ side.

“Be a Warrior

“With all the smarts of Dr. Doom!”

Nappa blocked punches from Luffy’s Hawk Gatling. Then kicking Luffy in his jaw.

“Be a Powerhouse

With the strength of Von Shadow!”

“Be a Wolf

Mysterious as the night lit by the Moon!”

Mr. Popo appeared on the moon singing over Shiva, leaving her and everyone else looking at him in disturbed shock.

“But I’ll turn you lot, Into warriors

You’ll have the strength, To face anything

For the Challenge, For the Thrill!”

Black’s image turned into a Super Saiyan, gracing his student’s with a smile as he raised his ki blade into the air.

“Be a Warrior!”

Everyone in the arena started to chant, Kodo charged up a Disc of Ki as Nappa levitated a brick with his big brain powers.

“I must be swift as a racing Leopard”

Kodo sang as he directed his disk through the air.

“Be a Warrior!”

“With all the smarts of Dr. Doom”

“Be a Warrior!”

With the strength of Von Shadow

Mysterious as the night lit by the Moon!”

Swinging his disk back and forth he cut through the brick, he finished the song with a massive howl that was accompanied by a blast of ki, shattering the remains of the brick into ashes. When he glanced back at his mother, she nodded in pride.

“Awesome.” Nappa said blankly, before looking at the crew.

“You know,” Black said, gaining everyone's attention. “For you all being my first students, besides Nightmare Moon. Can I just say that I’m really proud of you lot?” Black asked with a big smile, going back to his base form.

“Ahem, I wouldn’t mind having to be called Sensei Nappa…” Nappa said with a grin.

“Not happening” Maud said letting her Ki fade

“Shut it Nappa.” Black said blankly.

Kodo tried to speak, but only let out a small cough from using his howl. Shiva chuckled and shrugged sheepishly.

“Ah hah… Sad.” Nappa laughed, “Anyways, Dinners on me guys!” Nappa walks to go to the Diner.

Black let out a short laugh before sighing, he turned to the rest of the group, “Well… go join him.” Black said as he pointed to the bald Saiyan.

Shiva and Kodo bowed to Black. “Thank you… Sensei Black,” Shiva said. Kodo coughed again, but pretty much indicated his mother as if saying, “What she said.”

“No problem, in the future if you want more training in ki, I’ll give you my token.” Black offered.

“I’d like that,” Shiva admitted, before noticing Maud. “Right, you had something else to show me, Maud?” she asked.

“First… Black,” Maud said, getting the Saiyan’s attention

“Yes Maud?” Black asked.

“You told me Later” Maud said approaching the Saiyans hologram. “It’s later. Your tokens?”

Black let out a short laugh, smiling to the earth pony, “That I did,” Black said with a smile, his image disappearing. Shortly, his token had started to glow, the token splitting up into 4 pairs of potara earrings. “My token allows others to fuse together for 1 hour, depending on how much power the fusion is using, that can shorten the time.” Black explains as his image pops up again from the extra token.

Maud takes hold of one of the earrings. Shiva cautiously reached for the other one, glancing up at Black for permission.

“Would it be bad if I said I wanted to see what this fusion you talked about felt like?” Maud asked holding the rings in her hands

“Not really, one thing I forgot to mention is that the earrings have to be opposite of the other users ear, like mine on the left and Thanos’ on the right. That will trigger the earrings, fusing into the ultimate warrior.” Black explained.

“Sup, I remember you giving me that, if we fused what would our name be? Thack or Blanos?” Thanos raised an eyebrow.

“Would anypony like to fuse with me?” Maud asked her tone speaking with excitement

“I’ll try it,” Shiva offered, taking the other earring. “My Pack Link has always been a fusion of minds, and… I’d like to see what this other fusion might be.”

“This will be interesting.” Black said with a smile, crossing his arms.

Thanos leaned to Black, “...Should we fuse? Because you and I know that Ryker is insanely powerful, we should probably get use to it now then later.” Thanos whispered.

Black looked to Thanos, ‘We should us it as a last resort, if we were to fuse now, Ryker would notice and prepare fro something like this.’ Black’s eyes widened for a second. ‘Wait, you think it’s possible that if we fused now, that I can skip my long sleep.

“There’s only one way to find out.” Thanos grinned brighter than the sun.

‘Lets see their’s first’ Black said with a grin.

“I thing you should give your pair to your son so we don’t get ours mixed up,” Advised the earth pony

“Yeah,” Shiva agreed, handing her pair off to Kodo. “Look out for these, okay?”

Kodo smiled, giving her a thumb up.

Maud took off the gold earring given to her by Pinkie and proceeded to attach the right token to her ear as Shiva did the same with her left ear. Both Pony and Diamond Dog flew into each other causing a flash of light, their bodies disappearing into a ball of light that shined throughout the arena. Moments later, the light died down, leaving one figure standing alone.

Kodo gasped in shock. The figure that stood before them was neither pony nor diamond dog. It had the back hooves of a pony, but the claws of a diamond dog. Her mane - predominantly Maud’s dark purple streaked with Shiva’s white - flowed down her back in Maud’s style, but the rest of her coat was Shiva’s white fur, streaked through with Maud’s gray. She wore Shiva’s armor under Maud’s dress.

“M-Mom?” Kodo whispered, his voice still scratchy from using his ki howl earlier.

“Kodo… My dear boy,” the Fusion said with a smile however her voice lacked expression but sounded like two people speaking in unison. The oddity caused Kodo’s tail to tuck, but though he lifted a claw like a curious dog, he didn’t flee.

The Fusion Lifted the Diamond Dog up and rested him in her arms.

“Who...Who are you?” Kodo asked confused at the creature in front of him

“Hmm. That’s… a good question, my pup,” the Fusion said slightly confused herself. “I feel like Maud Pie and Shiva but at the same time... I don’t”

“So how about you call me… M… Mia” Mia said, smiling at the pup. “It’s a combination of both Maud’s and Shiva’s names, sound good?”

Kodo nodded, too stunned to do anything else.

Black spoke up, “They’re powers aren’t just added together, they’re significantly magnified.” Black spoke to the fusion. “Also, that’s a good name, Mia.” Black said with a smile.

Mia curtsied. “It sounded right,” she replied.

“It would take twenty punches from you to kill me. Five to cripple me too.” Thanos pointed out, “Diamond-Diamond Fruit, Tremor-Tremor Fruit… Dear Kami I’m fucked if I get hit.” Thanos raised both of his hands and backed away.

“That’s if you didn’t use the potara earrings, although…” Black started to chuckle, looking towards the Mad Titan with a smirk.

“The time has come, execute order 66.” Thanos pulled out a potara earing that Black had,

“Thanos, you wouldn’t mind grabbing my body real quick?” Black asked

“That’s kinda gay but sure.” Thanos put two fingers to his forehead and disappeared, then reappeared with Black’s unconscious body. “One Black body coming up!”

“RACIST!!!” Lucci shouted out but Thanos waved him off.

“I have a feeling this is gonna be spectacular,” Black said as his hologram disappeared.

Thanos put a Potara earring on Black’s left ear then put his Potara earring on his right. They then both come together and impact each other. In a split second, the arena began to tremble as a yellow vortex surrounded the two. They disappeared in a storm of shear power as the arena began to crack. Lightning almost struck Mia, but she casually leaned her head back to avoid the lightning, smirking as it hit the stands. A few seconds later, the vortex disappeared in a powerful shockwave as it blew away everyone except Mia.

In the middle of it all revealed a silhouette, a tall and muscular figure stood in the middle with his arms crossed. His hair stood up like Black’s Super Saiyan, it had a deep shade of purple with his eyebrows and eyes doing the same. He had the same chin as Thanos and the skin color of Black. His body was covered up in heavy black armor with golden accents. With heavy black armored pants with white armored boots. He had white armored gauntlets, one of them containing the Reality and Power stones. On his back rested Thanos’ double bladed infinity blade.

The fusion let out a breath, steam escaping from the edges of his mouth. The fusion glanced over to Mia, who held a confident expression.

“And who do we have the pleasure of speaking with?” Mia asked

“I am neither Black nor Thanos,” the fusion spoke, the voice of Black and Thanos melding together. “Names Thack, and we’re bout to attack” Thack smirked, Black’s side of personality was definatly seen..

“I do apologize, but I would rather not start a pointless fight,” Mia said, turning away from the Fusion. “Come, Kodo.”

“As expected for a dog, you know what they say, it’s a dog eat dog world and it would seem we’re at the top. Especially because you have that brat following you around like a lost puppy trying to find his owner.” Thack mocked, Thanos’ personality taking over for a sec.

Mia stopped.

“I do apologize... ‘Thack,’ was it?” Mia began setting the Diamond Dog pup down and waving him to get somewhere safe. Kodo ran off, as Mia turned back to Thack, her smile almost like a wolf baring its teeth. “But would you please repeat that, this fusing has left my ears not in the best condition”

“Let me put it in simpler words,” Thack mocked as he began to roll his right shoulder, “What I’m trying to say is, your just a… coward.” Thack taunted as he began to roll his neck.

Mia hummed, considering his words. With a small nod, her claw lashed out, sending out a pack link that ensnared him around the neck.

Just as he grabbed the strange web like substance, a wave of exhaustion fell over him as his ki was drained from him, turning the link golden. Mia’s other claw clenched, turning to diamonds and covering in the aura of a Tremor fist.

“You should never judge a book by it’s cover,” Mia said, before yanking Thack into a devastating punch. “After all..”

Thack was sent flying into the arena wall from Mia’s attack

“Normally, I’m a pacifist,” Mia continued, striding casually towards the other fusion. “But mess with my family? I’ll pass some fists.”

A few moments went past, Thack covered in rubble, only to walk out of it with a smirk. From Mia’s punch, not even a bruise laid on the fusion’s cheek. ”That’s nice and all, but can your claim be backed up with evidence to show? If so, how about you show me it!” Thack laughed, preparing up a punch for Mia, winding one right up. He coats his fists in Ryou Haki and Hellish Flames.

Mia sighed softly, before bringing her fists up, both coated in Armament Haki, diamonds and the white aura of the Tremor-Tremor Fruit, and the other winding up another pack link.

In the split of a second, Kodo coughed, signaling the start. The two fusions rushed at each other, both yelling as they’re double voices shook the arena. Thack and Mia threw a fist at each other, clashing as the arena lit up like Christmas night, causing the entire colosseum to shake violently.

Next time in the Displaced Tournament Thack and Mia have an epic duel one that was heard by the heavens! Unfortunately it awakened Ryker and whoever this Bullet guy is, whatever happens next isn’t going to be nice!

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