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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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"Ryker," Chill said, looking down at the Irish Man, everyone was here. "You were a good person, shame you were a shit man. Your punishment…"

"You were a bad son, really bad; maybe even the worst." A Red Soldier appeared, only to run off screaming.

"Isn't that the guy from Team Fortress?" Thanos said, raising an eyebrow as he ran off.

“Don’t bother asking. I stopped questioning this place much like I stopped questioning Pinkie Pie’s reality breaking shenanigans…” Link said with a frown.

Ryker's eyes lightened up, wanting death.

"Is to work under Abridged Alucard and do whatever he tells you to." Chill said, a look of sheer horror crossed Ryker's face.

"NO!!! PLEASE DON'T!!!!!" Ryker lunged Up and grabbed Chill's collar.

"Why's that?" Chill said, raising an eyebrow.

"A long, long time ago me and Jasper made a bet after No Nut November. Who can please the most women in a month, we spun a wheel and I landed on the Abridged Hellsing world. Unfortunately for me, Alucard was a woman then, so… my raw SEXUAL energy was so damn powerful. That it made Every woman around me go crazy, the Ring of Suppression also suppresses my sexual energy." Ryker explained.

"I don't believe you," Entity said flatly.

Ryker then puts his ring off and his eyes turn into a sexy pink. Ryker flipped his hair and his eyes laid upon Entities, "Hey Entity, want to make a name for yourself?" Ryker quickly put the ring back on. "See?" Thanos turned to Entity and he was blushing.

"I'm not gay, BUT." Entity raised a blocky finger.

“I’m pan, so take your best shot,” Vine noted with a crocodilian grin.

"You have sex with pans?" Elae said, raising an eyebrow.

"Shut up, you're drunk, and you’re high." Thanos said, pushing Entity and Vine away. Entity opened his mouth to protest but Thanos chucked Entity to Brazil.

Vine watched Entity go, before wisely sitting back and taking another puff of her joint.

"Did you fuck even the dead women?" Lucci said, raising an eyebrow. Ryker went silent. "Oh. My. God."

"SHADOW SHADOW FRUIT GOD DAMN IT!!!!!" Ryker cried out, "The point is my raw sexual energy was so powerful that I left an eternal impression on that world. The people of the past, future, and present want my dick! And I don't wanna become a sex slave to a crazy vamp-"

"Oh Ryky~" A masculine voice said.

"My time has come," Ryker looked to the skies, "You must continue your journey without me."

"But Dad!" Herobrine cried out, Chill then placed a ring on Ryker.

“DON’T GOOO!!!!” Arkham Knight pleaded.

“So long… Partner…” Lord Twigo said, wiped a tear from his eye.

"Hmph... I'll miss you." Akainu said, lighting up his cigar.

"...D-damn it I'm crying!" Bullet wailed, clutching his eyes and turning away from Ryker.

"This is... I... I'm sad man... All of the good time was had together..." Ganondorf said, sniffling.

"You did a gamble and you lost, I'll miss you even though you did awful things. You were a friend, never an enemy." Fujitora said turning his head downwards.

“Farewell,” Katakuri said with a sigh, looking downwards.

As the commanders bemoaned their leader’s punishment, Shiva sat in the back with her arms crossed. Her ears flattened as she looked down in guilt.

“He didn’t have the best means,” she noted to the shadows next to her. “But he did have a noble goal… and the loyalty of his pack.”

“That’s true,” Eric said, emerging from the shadows. “How’d you know I was here?”

Shiva smiled softly. “I’ve been working on the ‘telekinetic’ side of my pack links,” she replied. “Plus, shadows are… kind of your thing.”

Eric said nothing turned to the Alpha, he got to his knees and slammed his head into the ground. “I’m sorry...I am so..so sorry for everything I’ve put you and your family through” Eric lamented refusing to move from his position even with the blood dripping from his forehead

Shiva hesitated, her pack link glowing and creeping for Eric. Conflict shined in her eyes as she glanced towards her family. Kodo was avoiding looking at them, while Luke was looking to Shiva for confirmation on what to do. Celine was also looking at Shiva, but not as a follower. As she turned her gaze to Eric, she narrowed her eyes at her mother, her entire posture that of an Alpha herself.

“I’ll take any punishment you deem fit” Eric said to the Diamond Dog. “What I did was unforgivable, I have no excuse for the damage I’ve inflicted on any of you”

Shiva let out a slow breath. “You’re right,” she admitted. “Among my pack… loyalty is paramount.” She smiled sadly. “After all, we can’t face challenges alone. Even together, we sometimes don’t stand a chance. But we do better together than alone.” She flexed her claws, before turning back to Eric. “Be that as it may… I still understand why you acted the way you did. Luna was more than just a mate. You had something with her I…” Shiva grimaced. “Something I wish I had with Luke… but I’m too scared of the pain it would require to bring us together.”

She glanced again at her family. Kodo didn’t look at her, but Celine nodded with a smile.

“It’s not fair for me to add to the burden you already carry,” Shiva told Eric. “Especially with how I reacted. However, if what Thanos said was true, and Rainbow Dash and Maud Pie can be revived… I want them to know what happened. I want them to know that when you were put into an impossible situation, you prioritized those closest to you over those you had just met. I can’t say you chose wrong; I can’t say whether they should trust you or not. I only request that they know.”

“They will,” Eric said, lifting his head from the ground. “And you’re right Luna is important to me, That bullet I gave you isn’t... wasn’t for Devil Fruit Users. It was for me. Luna is the only reason I haven’t used it.”

Shiva nodded solemnly. “I thought that was the case,” Shiva admitted.

“I’m fucked up in the head, aren’t I?” Eric asked the Diamond Dog.

Shiva lifted her head, her eyes closed. “‘We’re all mad here,’” she quoted. “‘I’m mad. You’re mad.’ ‘What makes you think I am mad?’ Alice demanded. ‘You must be,’ replied the Cat, ‘Else how did you get here?’” She concentrated. “Lewis Carroll, ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ I believe.”

Eric couldn’t help but chuckle. “Thank you.” Eric said, rising to his feet. “For everything.”

Shiva almost moved to touch him, before pausing. Instead, she opted for a simple pack link, which sent a warm feeling of love and being loved between them.

Eric smiled as he moved towards the others before looking towards Kodo. “Be better than us, but stay true to yourself. You have such potential, don't waste it.”

Kodo was silent at first, but as he saw the sincerity in Eric’s face and words, he gave a solemn nod.

“Oh and if you disobey Alucard, he will shock you,” Chill said, raising a device with a button. Ryker then tried to punch it but roared in pain and writhed on the floor. “I forgot, you can’t touch it, if you do you’ll feel the pain of a mother giving birth.”


“You bet your ass we are,” Ryker paused and slowly looked around, seeing Sir Integra.

“... I leave my will to you Michael,” Ryker said, shoving a piece of paper onto Arkham Knight's chest. “Bye, and have a happy-”

“Tyky Ryky!” Alucard said, in his female form. Looking at Ryker.

“THAT NICKNAME WAS NEVER CLEVER!!!!” Ryker said, glaring at Alucard.

“Yes it was! It’s a blast of your past with this sass and loli-ass! I know I already used that line on Jolly Wolly but this is just way too fitting, kind of like your d-” Alucard was cut off when Ryker roared in frustration.

“SHADDAP!!!! SHADDAP!!! I will turn you into a FUCKING pickle! ANYONE HELP ME!!!” Ryker teleported to Shiva, “I will bring back Grievous, give you millions of gems, I’LL RIP MY DICK OFF!!!!”

“Not gonna lie Tyky Ryky, that’s pretty kinky.” Alucard said. Ryker glared at Alucard, allowing Shiva to slink away from him.

“So is this the one you love? He doesn’t look like much,” Sir Integra said, taking out a cigarette.

“Take the ring off.” Alucard said, looking at Ryker.

“No.” Ryker said with a frown.

“Take it off,” Alucard pursued.

“No,” Ryker said in a childish tone.

“Take. It. Off.” Alucard ordered, Ryker just blew raspberries at him. “That’s it, take it off myself,” Ryker found the ring and immediately, Sir Integra’s cigarette fell out of her mouth.

“Oh…” That was all Sir Integra had to say.

“Oh and take this, “ Chill tossed a Sea Prism Stone cuff to Alucard and he caught it. “In case he misbehaves.”

“Oh BDSM! I love that!” Alucard exclaimed, a portal formed behind him.

“LOOK IT’S RYKER!!!!” Ryker said, pointing at the sky.

“Where?!” Alucard said in his female voice, Ryker then proceeded to run away, before Vine snagged him with her vines.

“Why must you hurt me this way?” Ryker said, looking at Vine, his eyes flashing pink.

“Who says I’m bringing you back to them?” Vine replied, licking her crocodilian lips huskily. “I’mma get me some of that suh-weet Irish ass.” She puffed her joint like a cigar. “You know, sex while high is even better than regular sex.”

“Make sure you save some for us,” Luco replied, perched on the flaming back of an equally aroused looking Blazy Blue. “We got the whips ready and we know how to use em.”

“...Welp, off to hang myself, watch and lear-” Ryker made a noose out of thin air, and process to do a backflip. Only to fall in the arms of Seras.

“...I am severely attracted to you,” Seras said, her eyes turning red as she looked at Ryker’s emerald eyes.

“Fuck!” Ryker jumped up, snagging Katakuri’s sword. “There’s only one way to escape this hell and that is to-” Katakuri swiped his blade back. “Fucking… Die…”

“Ask before you try and kill yourself.” Katakuri said blankly.

“Can I kill myself?” Ryker said, looking up at Katakuri.

“No.” Katakuri answered.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Ryker roared to the heavens, he was then dragged off by Alucard and Seras to the portal to the Hellsing Abridged world. “I’LL SEE YOU ALL IN HELL!!!!”

“It’s a date,” Luco called. “I’ll be on the goddamn throne!”

And like that… They were gone.

“Now, Ryker wasn’t lying when he said Grievous is in the Minecraft world. Want to see ‘em?” Chill said, looking at Shiva’s pack.

Kodo jumped up. “Please?” he asked.

Chill made a portal and moonwalked in… And found himself in the Nether Dimension. Grievous was marching to the Nether fortress with three wolves following him.

“We’re so close to the fortress my packmates! We can slay that dragon and I can return home!” Grievous said, marching forward.

“GRIEVOUS!” Kodo cheered, briefly glancing at the wolves. “And more dogs!”

“Huh? I thought I heard something.” A dog was then killed by a fireball. “KODO JUNIOR NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Grievous cried out.

“He named one of them after me? WE MUST AVENGE HIS DEATH!” Kodo howled, racing into the portal with his sword drawn. “Alright,” he growled, looking around. “Who’s the dead meat that signed their own death warrant?”

“I can still hear his voice,” Grievous said, wiping a tear. “Alright-” Grievous then spots Kodo. “KODO!!!!!”

“STEP-DAD!” Kodo cheered.

“Excuse me?!” Luke stammered.

“KODO!!!!” Grievous took a step forward… And plummeted towards the lava, “GOD DAMN IT CHILL!!!!” Grievous cried out to the author as he looked down at the Ghast that was below him.

“WHOA-WHOA!” Kodo yelped, catching Grievous with a pack link just before he could land on a Ghast.

“Ey!” Grievous then hung from the link, “...Can you pull me up?”

With a “HEE-YUP!” Kodo yanked the link up, and Grievous was pulled back to land.

“... Did you see me burning down that village for charging me fifty emeralds for a stick?” Grievous said, raising his non-existent eyebrow.

“Eh, sadly no,” Kodo admitted. Before he could say more, Thanos drew their attention.

“I thought you were dead! Did you actually die?” Thanos said, walking through the portal.

“Sadly yes, but I lived.” Grievous said like he was telling a campfire story.

“Hey… Wanna hear a joke…?” Thanos said, a grin forming.

“Why not my friend?” Grievous said, putting a hand on his hip.

“Girlfriend.” Thanos said.

“I don’t get it.” Grievous replied.

“Exactly,” Thanos answered.

“Ohhh….” Kodo almost howled, before his howl petered out as he remembered who the joke was directed at. “Oh.”

Grievous looked down, now sad. “Ouch…”

“Anyways, let’s revive everyone! And we REALLY need to get you a girlfriend.” Thanos then carried Grievous off… Literally, he picked him up and went into the portal, Kodo right behind him before noticing the wolves following them.

“Uh, what about them?” Kodo asked, as the wolves sniffed at him.

“They’re my comrades and follow me wherever I go. But…” Grievous got off of Thanos and walked towards the wolves, “Rufus, Bailee, it has been an honor serving you two. However… You can’t join us, this is not your home, don’t say goodbye because there is a likely chance that I’ll come back. So wait for me, take care of the farm while I’m gone.” The wolves looked at Grievous. “Go!” Grievous turned away and pointed to the portal, the wolves went inside. “That… Was the hardest thing I had to do, a close second was fighting Ryker.”

“I’m sorry, step-dad,” Kodo said with a shake of his head.

“Seriously, what is that about?” Luke asked.

“I am the father now,” Grievous said jokingly.

“No way,” Luke declared. “I’m the one that banged his mother; what makes you think you can be the father?”

“I’m the one who protected Kodo from getting obliterated, fought side by side with him, AND is the only one that can teach him the art of being a gag character!” Grievous said, pointing a finger at Luke, “You are the lesser father.”

“I protected him from angry alicorns, fought side by side with him AND, I can teach him the art of being an Alpha Male!” Luke protested.

“But can you do this?” Grievous turned his body a full 360 and sprouted out his two extra arms. He also turned his head 360. “Ya can’t, I’m a cyborg.”

“Maybe,” Luke said. “But I bet you don’t have a girlfriend.” He pulled Shiva to her side. “And guess what?”

Grievous looked down… Sad, “My feelings, at least I didn’t get obliterated! HAH!!!” Grievous said, pointing a finger at Luke. “AND I can beat an Alicorn, beat that dipstick,”

Luke grumbled, and sunk down. Shiva rolled her eyes.

“Alright, enough of whatever... that… is,” she said. “Let’s go revive the others.”

“Alright,” Chill then snaps his fingers and seven giant balls that had stars on them. “These are the Dragon Balls, it only activates when one says NIGGA!!!!” The Dragon Balls glow and something shot to the skies from it.

“Oh my god it’s YOU guys again, what do you want?” Shenron said, raising an eyebrow.

“Revive everyone that was killed during a four days time!” Chill cried out, Shenron’s eyes glowed red.

“Your wish… HAS BEEN… Uh… I did your wish.” Shenron explained.

“Now bring ‘em here.” Chill said.

“Aight bet,” Nappa, Broly, Towa, Light, everyone was brought here. Including Tony Stark.

“Stop with the damn mahogany!” Tony Stark cried out, he then looked around, seeing he was now alive.

“MAUD!” Shiva cheered, racing to the grey earth pony. “You’re alive! Thank everything sacred!”

“Wait, how did…?” Luke started to ask, before Kodo showed them fusing into Mia. “Oh.” Luke blinked. “I got cuckolded twice?”

“Hah!” Grievous laughed at Luke, who grumped as Celine pat his side.

Eric ran and embraced both Rainbow and Sombra. “You two have no Idea how happy I am to see you two alive”

“I’m sorry Eric” Sombra said but Eric stopped him

“It doesn’t matter, you’re alive so it’s okay” Eric said, tightening his grip on the both of them before letting the three of them go. “But I need to tell Maud and Rainbow something”

Black looked around as the revived group looked at the new surroundings. He frowned as he didn’t spot the one being he needed to see. The Dark Saiyan looked up to the dragon, “Oi, where the hell is Nightmare?” Black asked.

“The one called Nightmare has been revived, but I couldn’t create her body, for she never had one of her own.” Shenron explained. The Saiyan frowned and crossed his arms.

“So she can never come back from the Otherworld or Hell?” Black asked.

“No, she can still come back, but she requires one of you to let her soul enter your body.” Shenron explained as this left the Saiyan hanging his head.

“Can you transfer her soul into my body?” Black asked as he stared up to the magical dragon. A few seconds later, his eyes flashed red.

“...Does that make you gay, or lesbian?” Link asked, confused since there’ll be a female soul in a male body alongside another.

"It's a fucking women," Elae countered, "Of course it is not gae,"

"You know shit's going down when the Ugandan Knuckles is the voice of reason," Entity said, leaning on his scythe.

“On second thought, never mind.” Link said, choosing not to open up that second can of confusion.

“Consider it done, now go fuck off.” Shenron said as he soon disappeared in a blinding flash of light. Black stared up to the Dragon Balls as they shot off in multiple directions.

Eric proceeded to move them away from the group before telling them Everything that happened. Their looks of horror showed for a brief second before they hugged the Shadow man, Once they let go they both activated their Devil Fruits and punched the Shadow Man in the face. In all honesty they took the news rather well compared to what Eric thought they were going to do. But, when Eric glanced at Shiva, she saw him nodding with a grin, any debt fulfilled and paid for.

“EYYY!!!!” Luffy cried out racing to Thanos, Nappa followed Luffy. Luffy, Thanos, Nappa, Entity, and Grievous all embraced. The Boys... Were reunited.

“I MISSED YOU GUYS!!!!” Thanos walied, tears shooting down his face. Luffy couldn’t even form words, he was a jumbled mess, sobbing as they hugged. The Boys were all crying as they hugged each other.

“Oh god…” Arthur said, going to his knees, “Never again, never again. Nope, never fighting.”

“You said it brother…” Elia said, on her back, exhausted.

“Oh lord… That was absolute hell.” Nox said, going to his feet.

“Yep. From now on, make love, not war,” Vine declared, moving closer to Arthur. “I can help ya get started, if ya want…” she added flirtatiously, before Light’s voice drowned her out.

“LINK!!!” Light raced towards Link, ready to embrace him. Link spread open his arms, giving her a tight hug as Light kind of football tackled him.

“So glad you’re back, my Light.” Link said happily. Suddenly a feeling of dread and bloodlust was felt behind him… When looked around he saw Nox.

"Indeed, Light has returned." Nox said forcefully.

“Ah! Hello Nox.” Link said as he slowly eased up on his hug.

"Hello Link," Nox replied, there was silence. "...So how do you like the Zoan Devil Fruit?"

“Not gonna lie, it's very different. It helped me out with Ganondorf, but not so much afterwards but I suppose it's due to lack of experience on my part.” Link said as he kept his arm wrapped around Light’s hip in a half hug.

Nox still had murderous intent, "Uh huh, I see, rather unfortunate that Ganondorf was a bit too strong for you. No matter, it would seem you need to be among Lions to understand them. That's what Lucci did, right?" Nox turned to Lucci.

"How the fuck did you know?" Lucci said, looking at Nox.

"I wasn't the first member of Kaido to be in your universe nor will I be the last." Nox said, waving a finger.

Link looked around curiously, wondering where the Ender Dragon was after the last time he saw her.

"Well then," Nox said, putting his hands together. "T'was a fun… conversation/threat but I must be on my way." Nox then vanishes from sight.

“...Threat?” Link asked with a mixture of nervousness and confusion.

"Don't worry, he's just… Trying to protect me," Light explained, she then notices one of Nox's Noxine's observing the two. Watching them like a hawk.

“Can’t blame a parent for wanting to protect their kid, eh, Link?” Shiva noted.

“Fair point. I would be the same with my daughter if there was a man she met I know little to nothing about.” Link said with a nod.

"You have a what now?" Light said, raising a concealed eyebrow.

“A daughter.” Link repeated, confused by Light's reaction.

"Meaning you have a wife, and are married…" Light said, blinking.

“Half right, just not married. It would draw too much attention if she was married to me, what with her being a princess.” Link explained.

"So you already have a lover?" Light said, her eyes opening wide with shock.

“Yes, but uh.. My world is normal when it comes to a male or female having more than one lover or spouse.” Link explained, realizing the hole he accidentally dug up.

“So… you aren’t bonded for life?” Shiva asked.

"…That feels wrong," Light said.

“It sounds wrong!” Shiva agreed.

“Different world, different rules of how couples or duology get married…” Link explained to Shiva before looking back at Light. “I’m sorry, I should have explained this but what with all the chaos with Ryker and the tournament.” Link said as he rubbed the back of his head. “I-I mean… I’d understand if polygamous’s aren’t normal you…” Link said, already expecting a worse case scenario.

"Is this what you always do? You gather women around and add them to your collection?" Light said, backing away from Link, "I'm sorry Link, but… I can't."

“Ah, no. You’re the second one.” Link tried to say, but was quickly cut off by Light’s anger.

"Who's to say you won't get any more lovers?" Light shot back.

“Except I wouldn’t. Luna is fine with there being another. A third she’d most likely berate me.” Link explained.

"...I need time, Link," Light explained, Nox shot up from a bush.

"YEEEEESSSSS!!!!!" Nox roared in victory before receiving looks. "Apologies." Nox sunk back down to the bush.

“..It won’t be a victory if you keep her single forever.” Link said with an angry stare at where Nox vanished into.

Nox tapped Link's shoulder, "Well, she already had her heart broken more than two times. I simply won't let my daughter experience that pain. Again."

“Well..” Link said as he took a long breath. “I would protect her my whole life, even against a saiyan if I must.” Link said as he walked off. Link was serious when it comes to those he cherishes. Celine walked after him.

“I can smell wolf on you,” she noted.

“WHOA! Hey now!” Link said as he back peddled. “T-too soon!” he said very nervously as he held his hands up. The poor hylian isn’t even sure if Light would change her mind or not, it’d be too risky for Celine to be making the moves now or the fact it’d take years for Link to accept her in comparison to how he accepted Luna when she fell in love with him. Either way, he didn’t have to worry, as Celine’s brother appeared from the ground and shooed Celine away.

“Yeah, how much older is he from you?” Kodo demanded. “Obey the six foot rule, sis.”

“Excuse me, Kodo! How old was that hellhound you tried to flirt with!” Celine complained.

“YOU FLIRTED WITH WHAT?!” Shiva howled.

“RUN KODO!!!!” Grievous cried out.

“Not before I give my retort!” He turned to the rapidly approaching Shiva. “Celine was flirting with Link!”



And thus, Link was left watching in confusion as the two pups chased each other away, their angry mother in hot pursuit. “... Multiverse, please tell me I wasn’t cursed to attract females...” Link said with a sigh as he resumed walking away, pain in his heart as he silently berated himself for listening to the voice in his head that day.

"GET VECTOR'D!!!!!" Vector shouted out, coming from a bush. He then pelvic thrusts, "OH YEAH!!!!"

A feminate orange hand came out of a portal, suddenly slapping the hell out of Vector before vanishing. Vector was just slapped by the goddess of power, Din.

“Black.” Broly said, looking at Black, “What did I miss?”

Black looked to Broly ashamed, before the legendary Saiyan could ask what was wrong. The dark Saiyan ignited his aura and shot off into the sky. Luna Black sighed as she looked at Broly, “Don’t take it the wrong way, a lot of things happened recently that he regrets immensely..” The Alicorn explained as she watched Black disappear into the horizon.

"Oh, okay cool." Broly mumbled, he then went off to talk with his friends.

“You know what time it is…” Nappa said with a smile, “IT’S PARTY TIME!!!!”

“YEEE-HAW!” Blazy cheered, sending out a burst of fireworks into the sky.

There they were, in an outside auditorium, tables filled with food that was bestowed by Arthur. Herobrine and Entity gave everyone some variety, chicken, golden apples, vegetables. The whole thing, then Katakuri took the stage.

Despite this being a party for a victory, Link however was not feeling up to it, preferring to sit alone away from everyone. That didn’t dissuade Celine, though; she approached him, briefly stopping to stick her tongue out at a very suspicious looking Kodo.

“...You love playing it dangerously, don’t you?” Link asked with a frown of disapproval toward Celine. The hylian moved a foot away, however Celine noticed him moving and followed, making Link’s attempt meaningless.

“I swear, I’m not - nor was I ever - trying to be a flirt,” she promised. “I’m just curious why you smell like a wolf,” Celine replied. “Do you have a dog…” Her nose twitched. “Or a dog and cat?” She noticed how close she was, and backed up. “I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable; Mom and Dad ran off to do… whatever… and Kodo’s got that General guy, and you were alone, and Pinkie always told me that no one should be sad at a party so...” She stopped herself. “Sorry; point is… why do you smell like you’re a dog and a cat when you look human?”

“The first one would be my Howling Stone,” Link explained as he held up the rock with the eye in the middle. “That lets me turn into a wolf. The cat part I suppose is when I ate the lion fruit.” he explained to Celine.

“Wow…” Celine whispered, sniffing at the Howling Stone. “Yep, that’s where the scent is coming from.” She perked her ears. “And… lion fruit? That’s sort of like that fruit Dad made me eat, right?” She shuddered. “Man, did it taste bad though.”

“Exactly. At the moment, I'm more used to the wolf form than the lion, especially the mindset of how a wolf thinks.” Link explained.

“I can understand that,” Celine agreed. “During the fight, I relied much more on my pack link than the floating power, because I’ve spent more time trying to understand the pack link. It’s sort of like when Twilight became a princess; she was given a lot more power, but I still feel like she spent too much time trying to learn how to handle the new power rather than focusing on what she was already good at.” Her ears dropped. “It… didn’t serve her well for a short while.” She paused, before looking at Link again. “Is Twilight a princess in your world, or… did she do something else with her life?”

“I only met her when she was a filly years ago, I don’t know how she’s been since then.” Link said as he held his chin in thought.

“I’m sure you all want some sweet music to pass the time as you are eating, so here’s what’s coming up. We have the Bald Boys coming up with the Straw Hats, Broly, the Diamond Dogs,, and Eric Von Shadow, but now give it up for… THE BALD BOYS!!!!” Katakuri then fades away, Luffy begins to clap with a grin ear to ear. Smoke filled the stage and four silhouettes could be seen.

“It doesn’t matter if you love me… Or capital M-E.” Nappa said, the smoke screen then fades away, showing Grievous, Thanos, and Jiren next to Nappa. They had office suits on with sunglasses.

“Just put your heads up,” The quartet looked towards the skies, “Because you are bald this way baby.” Lights began to shine down on the stage, a sick beat began to play as the Bald Boys began to nod to the beat. Tapping their feet as well, the crowd clapped with the beat as well.

“My momma told me when I was young… You’re gonna roam the stars!” Nappa raised a hand to the skies.

“Space!” An electronic voice spoke.

“She combed my tail, put my armor on.” Nappa then put his hand down, “And sent me off in my space pod.” It was now Thanos’ turn to sing.

“All you gotta do is shave your hair, and wax that bitch until it shines,” Thanos sang, the sun began to shine on his bald, it then reflected and the light pierced through someone’s chest. They then drop down, unconscious.

“Who gives a crap if all the children stare, just listen up and you’ll be fine!” Thanos said, the light then switches to Nappa.

“I’m beautiful in my way, Kami makes no mistakes, I’m on the right track baby I am bald this way!” Nappa turns into a Super Saiyan and his head begins to shine, Nappa then begins to dance. The light then shines back to Thanos.

“Don’t fill yourself with regret, just power up and you’re set!” Thanos said, charging up, his white aura making his head shine. “You’re on the right path baby you are bald this way,”

“Bald this way!” Thanos and Nappa sang, the light went to Jiren… And he says nothing.

“Dude, dude, dude, dude, dude, dude JIREN!!! That was your line!” Nappa said, looking at Jiren.

“Yeah, I’m not doing it,” Jiren says, crossing his arms and looking at Nappa defiantly.

“I thought we talked about this,” Nappa said with a frown.

“Yeah, you talked, I said no.” Jiren looked away from Napp.

“Look, it took a long time to put this together, Grievous is in the outfit-” Nappa was cut off as Grievous interrupted him, he was covered in Kodo plushies. Kodo blinked in shock.

“I’m in the outfit,” Grievous said, looking at Nappa.

“That’s because you’re trying to drown out the fact that you’ll never get a girlfriend.” The stage went silent, Grievous then wailed, tears shot down his robotic mask and ran off the stage.

“JIREN WHAT THE FUCK!?!??!” Nappa cried out.

“Whoa jeez!” Thanos said, looking at Grievous as he ran off.

“I. Am. Not. Doing. Your STUPID song parody.” Jiren said, a red aura of Ki surrounding him.

“Wh-” Before Nappa could finish Jiren interrupted him.

“Fuck you that’s why,” Jiren then flew off.

“Alright, that’s the Bald Boys!” Thanos said, laughing nervously. “GRIEVOUS COME BACK!!!” Thanos cried out, running after Grievous, Nappa following him. Katakuri then went back on stage.

“Well that was embarrassing, anyway, next up is the Straw Hats! Oh, it looks like I’m in here as well.” Luffy walked up on stage followed by Arkham Knight, Lord Twigo, Jinbe, Entity, Arthur and Cooler.

Cooler got out a piano out of nowhere, and the others got their violins.


“Yo-ho ho ho,
Yo-ho ho ho,
Yo-ho ho ho,
Yo-ho ho ho,”

“Yo-ho ho ho,
Yo-ho ho ho,
Yo-ho ho ho,
Yo-ho ho ho,”

They all sang but Cooler, Luffy wrapped his arm around Arkham Knight and began to kick at the air.

“Gather up all of the crew,
It's time to ship out Bink’s brew!
Sea wind blows to where who knows?
The waves will be our guide!”

“Oar across the oceans tide,
Rays of sunshine far and wide
Birds they sing
Of cheerful things in circles passing by!”

Katakuri sang, giving a fist bump to his little brother, Herobrine.

“Bid farewell to Weavers town
Say so long to port renowned
Sing a song,
It won’t be long before we’re casting off!
Cross the gold and silver seas
A salty spray puts us at ease, day and night to our delight the voyage never ends!”

The singing stopped and the music sang for them. But it didn’t last long.

“Gather up all of the crew
It’s time to ship out Bink’s brew
Pirates we eternally are challenging the sea!”

Luffy sang, Arkham Knight and him were still kicking the air, they then stopped.

“With the waves to rest our heads
Ship beneath us as our beds
Hoisted high upon the mast
Our Jolly Roger flies!”

“Somewhere in the endless skies
Stormy winds are blowing by
Waves are dancing
Evening comes,
it's time to sound the drums!”

“But steady men and never fear, tomorrow skies are always clear
So pound you feet
And clap your hands
Till sunny days return!”

They all sang, though they noticed Cooler wasn’t singing.

“Yo-ho ho ho,
Yo-ho ho ho,
Yo-ho ho ho,
Yo-ho ho ho,”

Everyone now noticed that Cooler was now singing, his beautiful voice shining above all others.

“Yo-ho ho ho,
Yo-ho ho ho,
Yo-ho ho ho,
Yo-ho ho ho,”

The light now shone upon Cooler and everyone else quieted.

“Gather up all of the crew
It’s time to ship out Bink’s brew
Wave goodbye but don’t you cry our memories remain
Our days are but a passing dream, everlasting though they seem
‘Neath the moon we’ll meet again the wind’s our lullaby.”

Cooler sang with beauty.

“Gather up all of the crew
It’s time to ship out Bink’s brew
Sing a song
And play along
For all the oceans wide!”

“After all is said and done
You’ll end up a skeleton
So spread your tale from dawn ‘til dusk
Upon these foamy seas!”

Everyone sang, all were now grinning.

“Yo-ho ho ho,
Yo-ho ho ho,
Yo-ho ho ho,
Yo-ho ho ho,”

The crowd noticed that the singers began to fall, Herobrine was the first. Katakuri the second though he fell on his stomach and not his back. Luffy and Arkham Knight kicked the air once more before falling on their backs. Lord Twigo was next to fall down.

“Yo-ho ho ho,
Yo-ho ho ho,
Yo-ho ho ho,
Yo-ho ho ho,”

Cooler was now the only one singing the others now

“Well, it would seem that we’re down to a quartet…” Jinbe falls down, “A trio…” Arthur falls down next. “And a duet…” And finally… Entity falls down, only leaving Cooler left, he clenched his teeth. “... …. A solo…” He plays for a while before he falls down too.

They all then jump to their feet, “WOO!!!!” Luffy said, pumping his fist in the air. “WE NAILED IT!!!!”

“Indeed we did!” Lord Twigo said, clenching his fist.

“That was rather sad, but awesome!” Cooler said with a smile. “I’ll buy you all drinks,”

“Well you go on with that, I need to stay up here and continue on with the festivities. Now… Broly is up!” Katakuri said, looking at Broly.

“Um…” Broly hesitated, looking at Katakuri.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to!” Celine noted.

Broly sighed, "I'm transferring control over to him,"

"Who's hi-" Before Celine could ask, Broly then grew to be ten feet tall with muscles the size of Black's head. He also had green hair.

"YEAH!!!!" Broly roared, he then shot towards the arena and slammed on the stage. "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME ACTUAL MUSIC?!?!?" Broly roared, the crowd roared. "WELL GET READY!!!!" Some Saiyans joined, all in Super Saiyan forms holding guitars and drums.

The guitars began to play, and the drums as well. Broly tapped his foot on the stage, causing the whole auditorium to shake. "Broly's legend first began in 1993!" Broly sang.

"With biceps bigger than Goku's head and a heart that longed to be free!" Broly sang, his rough voice being a badass singing one.

"Broly, Broly, Broly! Why are you so strong? Your power level is twice as high as your Saiyan hair is long!" Broly pointed to his hair, it was MASSIVE.

"Broly built a spaceship, he flew off into space! Searching for a man to fight so he could break his face!" Broly then slammed his fist into his palm.

"He landed on a planet, with his best friend Kublai Khan. They punched each other in the nuts and fought from dusk 'til dawn." Every man held their nether regions and winced.

"Broly was a mother fucker! Stronger than that robot trucker!" Broly pointed to Erebus who was drinking a can of Hetap.

"Broly's enemies are done… BROLY'S POWER MAXIMUUUUUUUUUUUM!!!!" Broly screamed into the mic, going Super Saiyan Four. He then drops the microphone. "That's it everybody, that's Broly. When Broly? Broly done! Just don't even ask anymore, just enjoy the festivities, and I'm out!" Broly shrunk back to his normal form.

"Oh." Broly mumbled, looking at the cheering audience, he then walked off… And trips. "Ow."

“That was epic,” Katakuri then brought out a notebook. “Now, who’s up next…? Oh it’s Shiva and her pack mates!”

Luco came on stage with a giggle.

“Yeah, about that,” Luco said. “Shiva and Luke are a little… ‘tied up’ right now. And when ‘someone’ - not saying who - tried to butt in - and maybe record it…” He rubbed a bruise on his head. “Let’s just say they politely and calmly told that person that they’d ‘prefer’ not to be interrupted.”

“Ha,” Vine chuckled. “Tied. Because they’re dogs. And...” Blazy shut her snout before Vine could continue.

“Luckily, the pups should have something,” Luco continued, glancing at Kodo and Celine as they came on stage. “Uh, right kids?”

Kodo rolled his eyes. “You can certainly call it something,” he admitted.

Celine chuckled at her brother’s disgruntled expression, before she tapped the ground in a beat.

I might be crazy, but I wanna play,” Celine sang, before she and Kodo briefly danced.

Sunshine ain’t here, but we don’t need a way,” Kodo sang, before he danced behind Celine.

We’re fluffy bois all night and day,” Celine sang, before dancing behind Kodo.

We got gems, making it rain, baby by the day,” Kodo sang, starting to smile as he got into it.

“Ha,” Celine jumped to Kodo’s side, before they sang side by side, wagging their tails in sync, and bopping their claws to the beat.

Because we’re doggies,

Wag along if you feel like a gem is close to you.

Because we’re doggies

Bark along if you think that a dragon is chasing you

Because we’re doggies

Howl along if you want a hug from me to you.

Because we’re doggies.

Wag along if you want to be best friends too.

“Can’t… bring us down,” Celine said. “We’re just to…”

“Canine,” Kodo sang in the back.

Can’t bring us down,” Celine sang. “We’re just too…”

“High!” Vine sang, appearing in the background with a joint.

“No!” Kodo barked, chasing her off.

Bring us down,” Celine continued. “Can not...”

Doggy!” Kodo sang, jumping back in. “Because we’re…” They jumped side by side and sang as one:


Wag along if you feel that a gem is close to you

Because we’re doggies,

Bark along if you think that a dragon is chasing you

Because we’re doggies

Howl along if you want to help us dig too

Because we’re doggies

Wag along if you want to be best friends too.

There was a clap, a very slow clap, Davy Jones had made his presence known. Once again standing in a bucket of sea water. “Beautiful, juist beautiful.”

“Cringe!” Someone shouted out from the crowd, Davy Jones pulled out a flintlock pistol and shot the being. The being fell down dead, Davy Jones spun the pistol before blowing on it.

“I git tae haun it tae you,” Davy Jones got out his pipe and blew on it. “You guys aren’t hauf bad.”

“Oh, and now SOMEONE wants to be a cool badass,” Fujitora said, turning his body towards Davy Jones.

“What kin ah say? I'm a late bloomer.” Davy Jones said with a shrug, “Though, there is a reason that I’m here,”

“It’s… To say… Sah!” Davy Jones put his crab claw to his chest. “Sohr… Ser… Saarrrrrrr… Sorry. For the uh… Whole you guys almost dying by us, I mean you guys got your arses KICKED. Phil would have destroyed you, Arlong nearly killed Shiva, I nearly killed you, Jinbe and Luke fought evenly, Luke had to help Shiva to win against Arlong. Shiva had to go berserk to beat Phil, you needed the help of Link and yeah… Wait, this is coming out wrong. I just want to say sorry, that’s all. And sorry Celine for almost wiping out yer entire family including yer brother…”

Celine blinked. “What?”

“Who I stabbed in the lung whilst underwater. Still don’t know how you’re still alive after that.” Davy Jones said, looking at Kodo in his eyes.

Kodo flared his pack link. “When I absorbed the magic from your curse, it healed my wounds alongside giving me your strength.” He grinned at the pack link threads. “If I wanted, I could also transfer my injuries to the ones who gave them to me, but… I’m not sadistic.”

Celine laughed at that.

“I’m NOT!” Kodo insisted.

"You carry your mothers traits when pissed off," Thanos said, "And… You haven't been pissed off… I think."

“Heh… yeah,” Kodo chuckled, avoiding Eric’s gaze. Davy Jones then takes his leave, he then scoots away, dragging his feet in the water bucket.

"Hm, it would seem that I have matters to attend to." Katakuri glanced at Blazy, "I'm transferring my current position as… Announcer to Arkham Knight." Katakuri said, he then walked off the stage and walked past Blazy. The Mochi Man began to speak to her in her mind, 'Follow me, I wish to show you something and no, it is not sex.' With a snap of his fingers a portal was made in front of them, Katakuri then walks in.

Blazy tilted her head, before following after. Luco watched her go with a disgruntled expression.

“They grow up so fast, don’t they?” Vine mused next to Luco.

“Too fast,” Luco replied morosely.

Meanwhile, Blazy and Katakuri arrived in the White Void, whiteness for miles wide. The portals closed verily, Katakuri turned towards Blazy.

"Blazy Blue, you are a worthy adversary, and one of the only people that can rival me. So I'll show you what is under my scarf, what it hides." Katakuri reaches for his scarf and then pulls it down. It revealed his teeth, he had an underbite and his mouth was akin to a pelican eel. He had scars that looked like it was a sewed that went to his… Well let’s just say it looked like Joker’s scar.

Blazy tilted her head, before merely smiling, showing her own teeth, which were more like a raptor’s fangs, but just as sharp. Her ears perked as she realized what Katakuri was implying.

“Did people make fun of you for that?” she asked.

“Possibly,” Katakuri said with a shrug, “When I first arrived in Equestria centuries ago, I didn’t have a warm welcome. My scars and teeth implied that I was a carnivore, which I’m not, so up came the pitchforks and torches. And down went my self esteem, I met another Katakuri Displaced and he gave me pointers. Told me to never show my mouth because… Yeah I would get raided by everyone in Equestria.” Katakuri explained.

Blazy winced in sympathy, glancing down at her talons. “Not the advice I expected,” she admitted. “When I showed up, it was due to my dad summoning me.” She chuckled. “He had already… built up a bit of a rep with the ponies, so me showing up and working with him earned me no friends.” She held herself higher. “But… Dad told me never to worry about what other people thought. He told me to wear what I was like armor, and then no one could ever use it to hurt me.” She flexed, her flames dancing across her yellow scales. “And… well, it’s worked so far.”

“Hm, you and I are alike, discriminated against all because we are who we are. Though, I am too deep in my lie and I can’t pull out, pause on that. “ Katakuri said, he then crossed his arms and pulled his mask up. “That is all, you are the only one that wasn’t a part of my family who screamed, shot me, punched at me. And for that you have my respect…” Katakuri then bowed to Blazy.

Blazy bowed back. “And you have mine as well,” she said.

“Now, t’would seem that we must make our return,” Katakuri opened a portal and it revealed Jack Sparrow and Captain Shining Armor dueling. He then closed it, “Oops.”

He made a portal once more and it revealed the auditorium, Katakuri then moonwalks into the portal, while Blazy bounced after him.

“Well-well,” Luco noted with a stopwatch in hand. “Record time; considering Shiva and Luke are still going at it…”

Blazy kicked Luco, sending him through the ceiling and into the sky.

“I was about to do that myself, though I would have to ask consent given that you are the daughter of Luco.” Katakuri then spots a pile of donuts. “Donuts…” Katakuri said, his eyes turned into donuts before he shook his head. “No, I must resist, I’ll eat them in the void… Alone.”

“Bummer,” Vine noted, already eating the fruit nearby. “Though… are we ever really alone?” Her glazed eyes gazed up at the sky. “I’m pretty sure those circle birds are real.”

“The White Void is full of nothingness, just like Luco’s brain. Nothingness.” Katakuri jokes, before clarifying. “That was a joke.”

“Heh,” Vine nodded, before narrowing her eyes. “Speaking of Luco, I think he’s coming back down.”

Indeed, the monkey man was soaring down like a sky diver.


But as he fell, Katakura and Blazy exchanged a look, and Blazy tilted her head at Luco, silently noting, ‘If you want to hit him, you’ve got my consent.’

“...” Katakuri runs away… Before coming back in his rolling donut form, bouncing up he pulls off Buzz Cut Mochi. “BUZZ CUT MOCHI!!!” Katakuri then swings him around… Before throwing him in the direction of Brazil. “SO LONG GAY BOWSER!!!”

“SO LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGG!!” Luco cried as he was hurled away.

Blazy, Vine and even Kodo lifted score cards: 10, 10 and 10.

“I’m built different,” Katakuri looks at his arm, it was now severed but it regenerated, mochi forming into an arm. “Good as new, anyways, does anyone want drinks? Because they’re on m-” Suddenly a huge barrel of rum fell onto Katakuri.

“HAH!!!!” Grievous laughed, “Oh man I love puns.” Katakuri then picks the barrel of rum up and sets it down.

“Thankfully I didn’t land on my back or else I’d have to make World War II look like a fucking tea party.” Katakuri said darkly, “Anyway, have some rum! I can’t drink it because it requires me to show you my face, and I will not allow that to happen.”

Blazy shrugged. “Mm,” she replied.

“Ah, yeah,” Vine noted. “She can’t drink either.” She glanced around with a grin. “Wanna see why?”

Kodo’s ears flattened at the mischievous look in her eyes. “No.”

“What’s that? Yes?” Vine asked, before forming a cup and pulling out a pint of rum.

Grievous puts two corks in Kodo’s ears in case Vine says something naughty.

But Vine didn’t speak. Instead, she tossed the pint of rum right into Blazy’s face.

WHOOOM! A burst of fire billowed out from Blazy’s body, which she barely managed to redirect into Vine. When the smoke cleared, only two small, ashen stumps were what was left of the terra-drake…

Or so they thought, as Vine promptly popped out of the ground and leaned on Grievous and Kodo with a grin.

“And that’s why Blazy’s full name is Blazing Phoenix,” she declared, taking a puff of her joint.

“...Is it bad that I want to fight the dragon?” Grievous said, looking at Blazy, who merely tilted her head with an ominous smile.

“YES!!!!” Everyone cried out.

“I’m a Dragon Slayer, it’s part of the law of the code. Defeat on si-” Grievous slowly turned towards Vine, a creaking sound following.

Vine briefly noticed him staring at her, before looking behind her. When she noticed no one was behind her, she looked back at Grievous and sighed.

“Technically, I’m a terra-drake,” she pointed out. “Bit of a difference.”

“If it has a drake in its name it’s ripe to maim. Rip and tear until it’s done, but I’m not going to cause mass mayhem due to the fact that this is a party. I don’t want to make a panic at the disco.” Grievous then turned to The Readers with his eyes squinted.

“Anyway, I believe that is all for the singing,” Katakuri said, then looked at everyone. “It’s almost time for you guys to say farewell,”

“GOTTA DO ONE THING FIRST!!!!” Grievous then jumped to the skies and fell down next to Kodo, landing on his chest. He then shoots to his feet “Take-my-token-so-that-I-can-save-you-from-any-danger-possible!” Grievous said with a quickness that could rival Pinkie Pie. He then shoves a copy of his four swords, pushing them into Kodo’s chest.

“Oh, thanks,” Kodo said.

As he took the token, Luke and Shiva walked out, Shiva walking rather funny, but looking very satisfied. Luke’s look of satisfaction, however, faded as he noticed Kodo grinning up at Grievous.

“Shiva, can we go back?” Luke asked.

“We are going back,” Shiva replied. “Back home after we thank these guys for getting us this far.” She pulled him towards the group.

At that moment, the sound of a growing wind filled the air. Soon, Black’s figure soon appeared as he descended near the group, his face unreadable. He looked to Shiva for a brief moment before turning to Thanos. He walked up to the Titan, looking him in the eyes as a pained expression filled the Saiyan’s face. “Thanos, I never really apologized for what happened…” Black said.

Before he could get another word out, Thanos punched him in the face before embracing him. “Glad to have you back, best buddy.”

Black let out a groan before letting out a short laugh. “Yeah yeah… really deserved that.” Black said as he pat the Titan’s back.

Thanos began to increase the pressure of his hug, “Also, you didn’t apologize… Say sorry.” Thanos said with a frown.

The Saiyan’s face then began to turn purple. “I’m sorry Im sorry!!!” Black said hastily.

“Not just me… Say sorry to Celine, she tried to direct you from the dark side,” Thanos using Tekkai to toughen his body as he continued to squeeze the air out of his body.

“I didn’t get to choose! But I’m sorry Celine.” Black struggled to get out.

“Apology accepted,” Celine said. “Um… can you please not crush him, Mr. Thanos?”

“First, say sorry to Elia as well, and the entire kingdom while you're at it.” Black felt his ribs crack as he continued to squeeze Black. “Say it.”


Thanos let Black go, “Good.” Thanos said with a chirpy smile.

Black clutched his sides as he let out heavy breaths. “I fucking hate you…” Black said with a painful laugh, going into Super Saiyan God to heal his broken ribs.

“Do you want to get crushed again?” Thanos said, raising an eyebrow, “I could’ve gone A LOT worse. Use my Netsu Netsu No Mi to boil your blood.”

“And I could’ve gone even farther in our first fight!” Black countered with a smile.

“Guys, come on…” Shiva started to protest, before Luke held her back.

“Let guys be guys, my queen,” he replied.

“Well, while you do have a point I have another counter for you. I didn’t even use Burst Man Blue Inferno.” Thanos shot back with a grin.

“OH, and I recall you kinda cheated at the end of our first bout, didn’t you?” Black said with a raised brow.

“You use Ultra instinct, I use Ultra instinct! DO DO DO DO!!!” Thanos then plays the trumpets.

“You never said I couldn’t use it.” Black said with a cheerful grin. “So technically, I won

“Fuck you man,” Thanos replied, “Who healed throughout the match and used boosted gear to double his power just to keep up with me?” Thanos said with a smile.

“Touche.” Black said with a laugh.

“Wait, how strong were you when you used that Final-Big-Bang-Kamehameha? Because I just noticed that and holy crap do I have some durability.” Thanos said, his eyes open wide.

“Hmmm…” Black put a finger to his chin, “Well, if we do the math, I could’ve wiped out a good hundred galaxies.” Black said with a wave of a hand.

“I mean, I survived snapping half the Universe once.... How many galaxies are their in a universe…?” Thanos then began to think more.

“To fucking many, but then again I’m not good at math, so I could be wrong.”

“WAIT!!! Black, remember when Beerus and Goku clashed it shook the universe. Making Goku Universal, he then had that same power in his base form and the og Black beats Goku making him Universal thus meaning… I SURVIVED A UNIVERSE DESTROYING ATTACK!!!!” Thanos calculated.

“...” Black’s eyes widened. “Man… Your one tough motherfucker.” Black said in disbelief.

“That’s shocking, honestly,” Thanos said, clutching his chest. “The boosted gear and… Oh… I’m going to test if I can survive shredding the Universe to atoms. That was a joke Black, I’m not gonna do it, it’s stupid.”

“Yeah, I’d rather you not do that…” Black said while shaking his head.

“Please don’t!” Vine agreed.

“Wait, with the Reality Stone, could I theoretically make a copy of Blazy and fight her over and over again, learning from her and when I fight the real one I could destroy her?” Thanos said, putting a finger to his mighty chin.

Blazy frowned at that, while Luco reappeared in a Brazilian poncho with his hands on his hips. “You destroy her, you destroy me first!” he declared.

“How about no one has the Infinity stones, go throw them in a black hole.” Black said with a wave of a hand.

“You do realize I could prevent the heat death of the universe right?” Thanos said, raising an eyebrow.

“That’s the natural order of things, we don’t interfere with things like that.” Black said while crossing his arms.

“But with everything gone… Where would we be? DAMN IT I’M GOING INSANE!!!!” Thanos cried out.

“Hey, stay calm!” Vine said, blowing calming jasmine smoke towards him. “Deep breaths.”

The Saiyan rolled his eyes, “The questions of the universe, Like what if Jiren had an actually good back story?”

“Yeah, and not some edgy Sasuke backstory. ‘Oh no my master or clan died! I must become the strongest’ fucking cliche. You have a good backstory, Shiva has the best. Eric the most tragic, me the most darkest.” Thanos said pointing to the others.

“Who the fuck talking shit about my back story?” Jiren yelled.

“FUCK!!!” Thanos carried Black under his arm and ran. “I GOTCHA BEST BUDDY!!!!”

“Let go of me! This is ridiculous!” Black yelled as he tried to get out of the Titans grip.

“Very poor choice of words,” They were at a lava pool that housed the Dragons, Thanos casually drops Black in it.

“MOTHERFUCKER!!!” Black’s voice slowly fading into the lava pool. He almost fell into the lava. Luckily, Blazy popped up from the lava and set him on proper land.

“Ah, Heath Ledger’s Joker, the best movie version.” Thanos said with a smile.

“May he forever rest in peace,” Luco agreed with a solemn expression.

Black went and jumped into the air, expecting to fly out of the area, but then fell to the ground. This left the Saiyan perplexed as he tried it again, he then let out a groan. “Oh this is fucking great…” Black growled.

John Cena then football tackled Black, picking him up before doing the Five Knuckle Shuffle. As Black hit the ground, John Cena made Black’s leg stick up. Thanos then jumped and his chest hit the ground. “One, Two, Three! JOHN CENA WINS!!!!” Thanos said, jumping to his feet.

Black gets up, dusting himself off before looking to Thanos. “Looks like I can’t use ki for awhile now Mr. clean.”

“Okay how the fuck? Also, fuck you, Drip Goku man.” Thanos said, pointing a finger at Black.

“Remember when Goku used Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken Times 10 the first time. Well after that he got something called Delayed Onset Energy Disorder. I used Kaioken Times 65 with Rose which was a bit much.” Black explained, crossing his shoulders.

“I have Autism, what’s your excuse?”

“Ass burgers,” Luco replied, pulling a burger out of his pants.

“Sus.” Katakuri said, pointing a finger at Luco.

“...Well, I’m gonna fly off. “ Thanos jumped to fly… And fell back down. “Fuck, I have that disorder too.”

“HA!” Black fell onto his back and began to laugh.

“I can still fly with my Geppo and Steam Mr. I don’t know the Rokushiki Techniques!” Thanos said, grinning.

“Heh, just you wait.” Black said as he held his hands to his side, “Imma bout to make Iron Man jealous.” Black said as he shot flames out of his hands, then proceeded to fly back to the group.

“BASTARD!!!!” Thanos was then punched by Asura. “You want to destroy a universe?! YOU THINK YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO THAT?!!??!”


Press B to make Thanos shut up.

Thanos was punched again… In his face, and just like before, his face… Went inside of his face. Thanos’ face came out, “Okay I deserved that, but it was a joke bro.”

“I don’t give a damn!” Asura said with a frown, “You’re the strongest bastard here... Right?”

“No, that would be Katakuri.” Thanos said, pointing at the Mochi Man.

Suddenly Phil Swift appeared, “I’ve come to object, Flex Tape is the strongest!”

“Go home Phil!” Thanos ordered.

“Let me show you the power of Flex Tape, Flex Tape is so powerful…” Phil Swift puts some tape on Blazy. “It can even survive Blazy’s flames!”

Luco grinned, and with a snap of his fingers, morphed his face into John Cena’s. “Are you sure about that?” he asked.

Sharing a mutual grin, Luco tickled Blazy’s nose. And with a mighty sneeze, she knocked the flex tape off her body, as it disintegrated into ash.

“... Flex Seal has a new exciting feature, weaponizing!” Phil Swift brought out a bazooka made out of Flex Seal Liquid and Flex Tape. “It’s so powerful…” He then shoots Arkham Knight making him get covered in Flex Seal Liquid, it then turns him into a black statue. “It even works on Arkham Knight!”

“MICHAEL!!!” Lord Twigo cried out, looking at Arkham Knight.

“BROTHER!” Kodo barked, racing to his side.

“Brother?” Celine stammered, before following after him. “Oh, dear, my new brother needs help!”

“With the power of Flex Tap, I can fix this!” The Flex Seal Liquid melts off Arkham Knight and he gasps for air.

“It was darker than my childhood.” Arkham Knight said, curling into a ball and shivering. “I saw everything in there, everything! I CAN EVEN SEE SHIVA AND LU-” Lord Twigo then puts a hand on Michael’s cybernetic mouth.

“Hush my boy, you are safe now.” Lord Twigo said, before looking at Phil Swift… Only to find him gone. “OH THAT RAT BASTARD!!!!”

“I’m running out of jokes! Quick Kodo, Celine, I must show you the things that are in my mind!” Thanos said, putting an index finger on both of their heads.

For a moment, there was silence. Both pup siblings exchanged a glance, then turned back to Thanos. Then they looked at each other… and then they walked off.

“Fuck this shit we’re out,” they said in sync.

“Aw! No, don't go!’ Abridged Thanos cried out. “We have Fried Chicken!”

“God damn it you scared them away with your eldritch chanting.” MCU Thanos said.

“Well EXCUSE ME Mr. Dictator man!” Abridged Thanos said

Probably should’ve shown that stuff to someone used to chaos,” Luco replied, suddenly appearing in Thanos’ mind. “Hi by the way. I’m in your head.”

“DON’T OPEN THE HENTAI DOOR!!!!” The Titans cried out.

What’s that? Open the hentai door?” Luco asked, promptly whipping the door open. For a moment, he gazed at what was inside, before shutting it and turning back to them with a haunted look in his eyes… which was quickly replaced with a wide grin. “Get me ten girls and five hours in this room.”

“No! You are not having sex in my mind! You guys didn’t tell them about the Shitpost Door did you?” Thanos said, turning to MCU Thanos.

“Nope.” MCU Thanos said.

“You mean, this door?” Luco asked, patting at the Shitpost door.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Thanos roared.

But despite his protests, Luco opened the door, whistling at what was inside. Which was a bunch of crabs but with Shiva heads doing the Crab Rave dance. Rick Astley was in the sky singing and dancing, John Cena was currently wrestling Hitler as a bass boosted version of his theme was playing, Grievous was on top of Luke wielding a gun and had a Doom Slayer outfit, slaying succubi, and there was a bowl of pickles with Black’s face on it, Luna Black was eating said pickles.

Luco turned back to Thanos. “Your mind is a work of art, my friend,” he declared. “A work of art.” He immediately started taking pictures with a cell phone.


“Oh-ho, Thanos. Buddy. Amigo. Hermano!” Luco cooed, spinning his eyes like Derpy. “How do you break something that’s already broken?”

“SUS” Luco turned around and there were giant Among Us Characters dancing with a bass boosted version of their remix version. On the Among Us Characters were Frogs dancing on top of them.

“My mind is fucked. Royally.” Thanos said with a sigh.

Luco just laughed. “You can’t help that, buddy. Everyone’s mind is fucked.” He giggled, and his giggle turned into a cackle. He let out a breath, as parted his mohawk to reveal a door of his own. “You might notice,” he said, opening the door. “That my mind is a little fucked itself.”

He giggled again as inside, Thanos saw a landscape similar to his own. Characters with their noses gone and giant mouths were literally beating beans and rice out of each other, only briefly being gagged by sandviches. Vaas Montenegro was getting chased by a billion Arthur Morgan’s screaming, “LENNY!” at the top of their voices, while a crowd of Cheshire cats were laughing at the spectacle. Professor Snape shot by like a bat out of hell, slapping the shit out of Harry Potter as the boy futilely tried to escape. Dutch van der Linde came up to the door, his face extending like a snake.

“hAVe SOME GAWDAMN FAITH, ARTHUR!” the entity roared. “i’M dutch PLAN der lin. And I had A GODDAMN PLAN!”

“SO BEAUTIFUL!!!” Abridged Thanos said, clapping his hands, as Luco shut the door on his mind with a bow.

As Luco and Thanos continued to mess with each other, Vine and Blazy parked themselves next to Black.

“So… this is making no sense to either of you two, right?” Vine asked.

Blazy just sighed tiredly.

“After the events of the past few weeks, nothing makes sense at this point…” Black said as he crossed his arms. “Hell, I doubt I can be surprised at this point.”

“Join the club,” Shiva replied.

Suddenly… Six different portals appeared, each had names on them. Thanos, Shiva, Link, Nox, Eric, Black.


"Your time… Has come," Katakuri said solemnly. "You all need to return to your families now. Your heroism will be written in the history books."

Shiva let out a breath, before turning to the others. “Well,” she said. “Can’t say it was a complete pleasure - what with getting beaten up and nearly killed - but… it was nice to meet you all.” Her tail wagged. “And it was an honor to work with you.”

“The Honor was ours Alpha Shiva” Luna bowed to the Diamond Dog

“Thanks again for bringing me back,” Luke added to Thanos, glancing at the portal with trepidation. “It’s gonna be interesting seeing home again.”

Kodo gave Grievous one last bro-fist, before dropping a diamond into his claws. “If you guys have need of me,” he said. “The creed’s ‘the strength of the wolf is the pack, and right now this pack needs Kodo, Son of Shiva.’” He flexed his shoulders. “Hopefully, I’ll be older, and even more badass.”

“In your dreams, brother,” Celine said with a smirk.

“I’m coming too,” Vine said. When the diamond dogs stared at her in confusion, she shrugged. “Luco said he replaced you guys with my guys. I gotta make sure my girlfriends are okay.”

Shiva rolled her eyes, before grinning at the others. “Well, so long guys,” she said.

"Farewell guys, I hope I see you down the road in life. And remember, if you see an overpowered person, use one to kill one!" Thanos called out.

"Remember Kodo, dying is gay!" Grievous said before looking at Luke cheekily.

"Didn't you die?" Entity said, turning to Grievous.

"I got transported to the Minecraft world thus meaning I didn't die. So all of you are gay, except for me." Grievous responded to the Minecraftian.

"BYE!!! Use your Ki wisely, it's meant to protect not wreak havoc!" Nappa cried out.

"DON'T FORGET TO SEND US LETTERS!!!!!" Luffy cried out, his straw hat had been repaired.

Black looked towards them not saying a word, but gave them a smile. “Farewell…”

With a final salute, Shiva, her family and their terra-drake companion stepped through the portal and vanished back to their world.

Thanos then looks to the others, he then cracks them all a big smile. "It's time for us to go, this has been hell with you and I hope this never happens again. You were great comrades in battle, though I may be the winner of the Tournament. You are all winners to me, now, I must be off!" Thanos turns towards the portal.

"Hey Sombra," Grievous said, looking at Sombra. "Let's have a proper sword duel later in life," Grievous then turns towards the portal, standing next to Thanos.

“Better sharpen your skills, Grievous.” Sombra said with a smirk as he stood with Luna at the portal

"If you need some pointers on how to be an ass kicking feline, hit me up," Lucci chucked his token, a vivre card at Link, causing him to quickly react to catch it. Lucci then stands next to Thanos.

"Though our original mission wasn't a success we won," Entity then pats Elia. "Remember Elia, this won't be goodbye, call on my scythe if you need it." Entity hands Elia his token and he walks to Grievous.

"Welp, this has been a cool adventure. It's time we go back home! Yay!" Nappa whooped, he then slid next to Lucci.

"WOO!!!! I can't wait to see my crew! Goodbye!" Luffy said, waving goodbye to the others and standing next to Entity.

“See you later,” Brudus said, looking at the others before walking up to Lucci to stand by him.

"Boys," Thanos said, The Boys perked up. "Roll out." Thanos and his Boys then walk through the portal and leave.

"Well, it's time to go back to our Equestria." Nox said, looking at his children, Grab, Shield, Brute, and Light. Iron Man and Erebus just stood beside him.

"Farewell Goku Black and I hope we can cross fists once more!" Erebus said, tipping his trucker hat to Black. The Saiyan smiled and merely nodded.

"I've had enough of this, let's go already." Iron Man said with an exhausted sigh.

"Yeah, going home." Light said, diverting her gaze from Link.

Link’s ears lowered. A fine woman, archer, and good person.. Won’t be going with him. The hylian kind of deflated there. Link chose to not speak, for it was Light’s choice after all, and Link just felt too ashamed to try and speak her out of it.

"Alright, let's go home!" Brute said, pumping his fist in the air.

"Farewell, and I wish you all good luck in your future endeavors." Nox then tips his sedge hat and they all take their leave.

Black sighed as he looked towards the portal with a sad smile. The Saiyan walked towards it with Luna Black in tow. The Alicorn walked through first, leaving the Saiyan. Black turned around and gave them the famous Goku Salute. “Farewell, till we meet again…” Black said as he walked into the portal, it closed as his form disappeared.

“It was a great honor to fight alongside all of you” Eric said stepping through the portal with his friends.

As the others left Luco watched them go atop of Blazy.

“You know,” Luco noted. “This was fun. Seeing people getting murdered…” His grin faded. “Not so much fun. But seeing you fight…” His grin returned. “That was fun.”

Blazy grinned up at her dad. “Mm?” she mused.

“I don’t believe in planning, Blazy,” Luco replied. “We all know plans don’t survive contact with chaos. But… I do like the idea of doing another tournament.”

Humming in intrigue, he nudged Blazy. And with a final salute to Katakuri, the ignis-drake spread her wings and launched into the sky, vanishing with a burst of fireworks.

"Farewell… Blazy Blue." Katakuri said softly, looking to the skies.

“Before I go through the portal. Does anyone know where the Ender Dragon went?” Link asked curiously, his tone of voice still holding pain.

“Can you go already?” Katakuri said, pointing to his portal. “Also, she’s right behind you.” Link looked behind him and saw the Ender Dragon chillin’.

“Come on, as promised I’d like for you and your family to live in peace.” Link said as he went through the portal, not wanting Katakuri to be annoyed.

The Ender Dragon looked at her egg, resting on her back.

“The choice is yours to make,” Katakuri said, the Ender Dragon nodding and running into Link’s portal. The portal then closes, Katakuri then sighs. “It’s going to be hell cleaning this mess up…”

Ryker lay there in bed, Girlycard snuggled next to him, her head laying on his chest. It was night time and Ryker looked to the ceiling.

"They won, they've broken my pride and my body. I failed in my mission to revive my daughter… At least things can't get anymore worse than this…" Ryker said, closing his eyes.

"Ryker… Rryyyykerr…." The haunting voice of Nappa said.

"Please no…" Ryker begged, a tear falling from his chin.

"I'm haunting you." Nappa said with a chuckle.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Ryker roared out loud, shaking the entire planet.


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Glad this chaotic mess is done... I'm never gonna have Link join a tournament of overpowered beings as long as I live. x.X

I feel sorry for you and Link, but you both manage to hang in there.

There were a couple of times I felt discouraged, feeling like Link was useless in alot of the scenerios of the story. There's a reason why in alot of the chapters Link is either MIA, or he's just watching.

To be honest, I almost wanted to join in the tournament when it was first announced. Good thing I decided against that. It there’s one thing my Displaced don’t like; it’s interdimensional tournaments.

Be they against Gods or other Displaced, they will avoid it all. Nothing good comes out of it and no prize is worth fighting over.

Very true. I wanted write Link trying hard for the prize, but when the fighters rolled in, I started to lose interest. Thanos, Goku Black, and Dr. Doom is what discouraged me the most. Doom left due to inactiveness, which helped me think Link had a chance, even more so when I learned Thanos didn't have the gauntlet, but then the one piece fruit powers popped in he had and.. well, it went south. So next time I join Ryker's (or whoever the host will be) I'll try entering my more stronger Displaced so that they'd at least a challenge and not a tennis ball to be knocked around. My only issue, is trying to find the writing drive to get my unwritten newest Displaced characters to chapter six.

I just hope the next one (if there is another) is of a different setting.

I had fun at the beginning of this big collab, but when It got to the middle things got hetic. Writers left for reasons I understand, some felt that they regretted joining this large story. But when it came to the end, I had fun doing the final battle and the goodbye. All stories have there bumps along the road, there not perfect at all.

So I say this to the authors and Uncle Iroh, thanks for the opportunity of this momentous story!

Till we meet again!


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