• Published 2nd Mar 2021
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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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Tenth Floor! Katakuri is Hungry

Tenth Floor! Katakuri Is Hungry.

Grievous lay there, bloodied and bruised. He slowly got to his feet and clenched his swords and glared at Ryker. Ryker simply looks back, boredom in his eyes.

“You know…” Ryker then fired off a plasma beam from his finger and it tore straight through Grievous’ kneecaps. Screaming in pain he went to his knees, “I don’t understand why you keep on getting up.”

Grievous gets back to his feet shakily, and clenches his swords, “Why do I keep on getting up? It’s because I have faith in my-” Using the force Ryker plucked Grievous from where he was at and dragged him closer to him. Ryker then gut punches Grievous.

“Don’t give me that bullshit!” Ryker snarled, his eyes flashing Ruby red for a split second, “You’ve been saying that as an answer for the past three fucking days!” Grievous wheezed as he rolled on his back.

“It’s because it’s true…” Ryker growled at Grievous’ comment and kicked him in his face, grabbing the Cybernetic Samurai by his neck and lifting him up.

“I will enjoy killing you in front of your friends, and especially in front of Kodo…” Ryker then licks his lips, “Oh the despair will be delicious!” Ryker cackled and threw Grievous aside. Grievous then hits a building and goes through it.

“Oh this will be fun…”

“...Why is the feeling getting worse?!” Thanos cried out, “Is this some black magic going on?” Thanos said, observing his surroundings.

“No, it isn’t” Eric responded with his own magic flaring in his eyes. “There isn’t a trace of magic here, Pure or Dark.”

“...I’m starting to think this might be Ryker’s presence, much like a void dweller. The closer you get, the more intense the pressure..” Link explained.

“Maybe it’s just your nerves getting to you, I mean, we’re so close to Ryker it makes sense. Not to mention the huge brick wall we have to topple that is Katakuri.” Elia pointed out, “And besides, I know Ryker, he’s trying to get in your head.”

“This isn’t just Ryker; or if it is, he’s been doing something bad to the ones we love,” Shiva said, her fur bristling as she led the way. “We gotta hurry! Something really bad is going down!”

“...Maybe you’re right… Maybe…” Thanos said he then looks back at the others, “Alright men and women, we’re so close to Katakuri. And who knows how… Strong…” Thanos then looks at a screen that was on the wall. It shows Katakuri in Ultra Instinct and Ryker in his Destroyer Form, both were evenly matched and each fist colliding broke reality.

“OH COME ON!” Link almost screamed as he threw his hands into the air. “I’ve had it with these mother flying super forms in this mother flying tower!” Link said, mostly serious with bits of joking.

“Amen, my pack brother,” Luke said, patting Link’s shoulder. “Amen.”

“THEY’RE EVENLY MATCHED!??!?!?” Elae cried out, “There is no hope for us my bruddas! We will perish!” Elae cried out.

“...Well, I’m going to kill myself.” Elia said, “Does someone know how to tie a noose?” Elia asked jokingly.

“There will be no hanging!” Lucci cried out, “Unless you wanna get bitch slapped by me.”

“We’re so close! Come on! Let us not…” The party all arrived at a room, in that room was a giant TV with seats in front of the Displaced… Was Kyle.

“...” Kyle stood there silent.

“...So what’s the challenge?” Elia inquired, Kyle crossed his arms.

“Simple, it’s a simple Try Not To Laugh Challenge, but this time, instead of random humans on the internet doing stupid things. It will be you, er… It’s basically clips of you guys doing the same thing as the memes. Kind of like a… Animatic.” Kyle explained, “Yeah, like an Animatic.”

“Oh dear lord.” Elia murmured under her breath.

“We don’t have time for this…” Shiva insisted, pacing back and forth.

“...No fighting? No riddles? No puzzles? No over the top adventuring to get through the floor? No overpowered guys that take a hundred episodes of dragonball z to fight?” Link asked in skepticism.

“Oi!” Black exclaimed.

“What do you take me for? I’m not a fighter after I was turned into Mr. Glassman and revived again. All you have to do… Don't laugh.” Kyle explained to the Hylian.

“Ah, so maybe five or ten minutes and we’ll be outta here then.” Link said with a relieved sigh since this floor was just vibing at times.

“IF you don’t laugh.” Kyle pointed out, “But pretty much yeah, it's a resting spot, we have drinks, food, beds…” Thanos immediately flops onto the biggest bed of them all and pulls the covers over him. And out of nowhere Brudus appeared from Thanos’ Pokeball.

“Oh, I forgot about-” And Brudus flopped onto Thanos and lays on top of him, burying him in fluff. “Mmff!”

“We have board games to pass the time,” Kyle points out and motions over to a table where Arkham Knight, Ganondorf and Zabuza sat, playing Sorry!

“But you all still need to attend the Try Not To Laugh Challenge, you can bring food and water here. Oh and restrooms are over there.” Kyle points to where there were bathroom stalls. “So uh… Until you’re ready just vibe, you can either vibe and not rush. Or you’ll have to fight a Jiren Displaced we have armed and ready to fire at you, this is a threat. Chill out, don’t rush.” Kyle said in a laid back tone.

“I’m not gonna laugh,” Shiva insisted, jumping in place. “I got no time to laugh. Give me the challenge, and I’ll be on my way. Hurry!”

“What did I say about the rushing?” Kyle said, looking at Shiva with a deadpan expression.

Shiva seethed, her fur starting to glow, before Kodo pulled her away. “Mom? Mom! I know you’re worried about Celine, but losing your cool isn’t going to help. Breathe with me, okay. Deep breaths…” A link formed between the two as the young pup tried to calm his mother down. Luke settled next to Kyle, watching as his family interacted.

“Isn’t a family wonderful?” Luke asked.

“Ryker’s my only family, and he’s nice to me, even though it doesn’t seem like it. He really does,” Kyle said as he looked at Shiva and Kodo, then the ceiling. “He’s probably bored out of his mind, but he’ll manage.”

“You’ve been through a lot…” Arkham Knight said with a cup of calming Jasmine tea. “Would you like a cup of calming Jasmine tea?” Arkham Knight offered, “It’s really nice.”

“A cup for me and my wife,” Luke said, as Kodo’s efforts started to turn strained.

“MAMA SENSE IS TINGLING!” Shiva wailed as Kodo wrestled her into a sleeper hold.

“Big brother sense is tingling too, but it’s not gonna help if you’re in werewolf mode!” Kodo insisted. “Subdue the beast; remember the consequences!”

“Alright, allow me,” Zabuza offered, then he looked at a tea set with two cups of tea. He hands one over to Luke and he slowly and calmly walks over to Shiva. “Hello, the sun’s getting real low… Take the tea.” Zabuza offered, pushing the tea out towards her.

Careful not to let her out of his grip, Kodo tilted Shiva towards the cup. Her tongue stuck out, and dipped into the tea like a cracker. Her ears perked, and she started lapping at the tea, her fur smoothing out and her posture relaxing. At the same time, Luke lapped at his own tea, his tail wagging at the taste.

“Very nice,” he said. “Almost makes me regret siphoning all my fatherly worry into her pack link.”

“This is very peaceful, no yelling…” Zabuza was cut off as a swear from the familiar voice of a Cyborg made its way into the tower.

“FUCK!!!” Grievous cried out distantly.

Kodo instantly released Shiva and turned. Luckily, Shiva’s rage had been quelled by the calming jasmine tea. “General?” he asked.

“Not that arm! NOT THAT- AAAAAGGHH!!!!!” The faint voice of Grievous shrieked.

Kodo turned to his parents. “Step-dad Grievous is in trouble. We gotta… oh… right,” his protests died as he realized his parents had been soothed by the calming jasmine tea. For his part, Luke merely tilted his head at his son at the mention of the General.

“Step-dad?” he asked, sounding more amused than angry.

Kodo rubbed the back of his neck. “It’s… well, he helped me defeat a big monster, and we bonded.”

Luke hummed. “As all good packs start.”

“MY FUCKIN’ ARM!!! Oh wait I have four of those… WHY DO I HAVE PAIN RECEPTORS?!??” Grievous cried out, the voice becoming more distant.

Kodo looked up with worry, but took a breath to steady himself. “Don’t worry, General,” he said. “We’re on our way.” He turned to Kyle with a calming breath. “So… a try not to laugh challenge?”

“Indeed, but to make it more entertaining there will be animations of you instead of random humans.” Kyle explained, “And before you ask… Fuck you.” Kyle said in a cheery manner.

Kodo blinked, glancing back to make sure his parents were still soothed. Luckily, Calming Jasmine Tea was not only the quenchiest, but also the calming-est. “What did you think I was going to ask to validate that?” he asked.

“Honestly I just wanted to say it.” Kyle explained with a shrug, and from the ashes of hell Fujitora ascended. The choir of Gangster Paradise played as he ascended like a Holy prophet.

“I have no Idea how I’m here.” Fujitora said.

“Hi, Issho,” Shiva slurred, sounding almost drunk. “I feel so high right now.”

“Same!” Bullet said, he was upside down, his head on the ground and his body sticking up like a stop sign pole. “This room is relaxing.”

“I’ll say,” Davy Jones said from the shadows of the room, observing them all. Still in a water bucket.

“Mm-hm,” Blazy said, lightning up the room as she suddenly appeared with a cup of Calming Jasmine Tea as well. Luco appeared seconds later with her.

“She says she’d say, I’ll say, but she can’t.”

“Oh hey Blazy, Luco, how are you two doing this fine evening?” Zabuza inquired, drinking tea through his mask.

“Splendid,” Luco replied. “I’ve made Papa Discord proud.” He grinned at Shiva, but she was still in a stupor, and Luke didn’t seem to notice the monkey man. “I can’t say exactly how yet, but let’s just say when Shiva gets to Ryker… there’s going to be some fireworks.”

“...You did something stupid did you? Did you turn Ryker into a pickle?” Thanos asked, muffled under Brudus’ fur and weight.

“...Rykcle? Pyker? Pykcle?” Link was trying to fuse the names, but none of them rolled off the tongue very well.

“Oh, don’t be silly,” Luco chastised. “His name’s not Rick. A pickle that’s not named Rick? No-no-no.”

“I turned myself into a bean once, making me the Beanos meme.” Thanos said as he slowly sank deeper into his bed.

“Exactly,” Luco agreed. “Because a bean and a pickle are two different things.” He pulled out a notebook. “I do like the idea of turning him into something though, I’m gonna write that down.”

“...Could you combine them? A bean and a pickle?” Thanos asked.

Luco gasped in delight. “My man, you are a genius!” Luco declared, excitedly writing that down.

“I didn’t get a negative score for an IQ test for a reason,” Thanos pointed out, “I don’t know how though…”

“Mm,” Blazy hummed.

“I agree, Blazy Blue,” Luco agreed. “IQ tests are fun to burn. The water marks provide a challenge.”

“So is everyone ready to laugh…?” Kyle asked, Thanos then screamed though it was muffled as he tapped Brudus, telling him to get off. The dog was sound asleep.

Kodo turned to his Kubfu. “What do you say, Kubfu?” he asked. “Ready to take this challenge?”

“Kubfu!” the pokemon declared, fist bumping with Kodo.

“Yeah!” Kodo declared. “We’re ready.”

“You guys are so cute,” Shiva mumbled.

“I remember when I was that age,” Luke agreed.

Thanos then went limp, and stopped screaming.

“He’s dead.” Lucci said, looking at Brudus laying on the Titan.

“Hmm, you sure?” Luco asked, before seizing Kodo and Shiva. Rubbing them together, he caused their pack links to glow and their fur to spike. “Clear!” He pressed them both into Thanos’ legs, which were poking out from under Brudus.

Brudus bounced like he was on a trampoline, while Thanos was jolted up right… only for Brudus to fall on his head.


Thanos then ascends to the skies, his back facing the ground and like a God he lands on his feet. “I’m here to not laugh!” Thanos points a thumbs up at Kyle.

“Alright, take your seats,” Kyle then points to the chairs, and like the meme God he is, Thanos floats to his chair. Brudus and the boys followed too. Kodo dragged his parents after him, settling Shiva into her seat while Kubfu settled Luke. [Insert What The Others Do.]

“The try not to laugh challenge… begins now!” Kyle announced and the room went dark and the screen lit up.

The screen forms into Thanos standing there with a microphone and a piece of paper. Three people with him behind the podiums, their names plastered on the podiums. Those people were Grievous, Black, and Luke.

“Someone who isn’t familiar with sexual activity, that would be Grievous.” Thanos said, looking at the flashcards. The screen focusses on Grievous just staring at the screen with a deadpan expression.

“...video manipulation magic, or did Thanos record himself before we went to the tower??” Link thought to himself.

Elia just looked at Grievous and held a hand to his mouth, trying to cover a smile from forming. “That’s sad… That is so sad…”

Luke tsked. “That means he doesn’t have a…” Kodo quickly shut his mouth.

“We’re here not to laugh, Dad,” he reminded the diamond dog. “Don’t make it more difficult for everyone.”

“My man has a woman head over heels in love with him but… She’s kind of an Ara Ara Thot.” Thanos says, pointing at the screen.

The screen then reveals Thanos, Grievous, Luke, and Kodo walking down a suburban street.

“So what are we doin-” Kodo then bumps into a trashcan, Thanos, Grievous, and Luke look back to the trash can. The screen then cuts to the trio beating the garbage out of the trashcan. Thus making the screen go black.

Entity bit his blocky tongue to not laugh at that old but wonderful meme.

Luke, Shiva and Kodo nodded. “Pack stands together,” Kodo said.

“As we always should,” Luke agreed.

The screen then shows Thanos talking to Link.

“Hey wanna meet my dog?” Thanos asked Link.

“Yeah sure.” Link said with a shrug, then Brudus busts down the door, barking and snarling. “GET YOUR FUCKING DOG BITCH!!!!!’ Link shouted out.

“...Ok, this is some sort of funky videomancy editing here...” Link said as he knows damn well he did say any of that.

“It don’t bite.” Thanos said calmly, a plate of bread on his head.

“YES IT DOES!!!!” Link cried out, then the screens turned black.

“I can see this happening,” Thanos said, pointing at the screen, “Like… Brudus is the biggest boi I’ve ever seen.”

Kodo nodded, holding back a grin. “We do be like that though,” he noted.

Link didn’t laugh, only confused.

Elia then bursts out laughing, “WHY DOES HE HAVE A PLATE OF BREAD ON HIS DAMN HEAD!??!?” Elia then falls over her chair, “WHY DID THAT MAKE ME LAUGH?!?!?! So fucking random!”

“And Elia is out.” Kyle then crosses her name off of a check board.

The screen reveals Thanos boiling water, nothing in it, Shiva then walks up to him.

“What are you doing?” She inquired, Thanos turned to her.

“I’m making Holy Water.” Thanos replied, this just made Shiva even more confused.

“How is that making Holy Water?” Shiva asked, Thanos just grinned.

“I’m boiling the hell out of it.” Thanos said with the most cheeky grin ever. The clip then ends.

Link didn’t laugh as he managed to contain his laughter, even the grin that threatened to grip into his cheeks.

Thanos then goes onto the floor and punches it before hitting his head on it. Trying to beat the laughter from forming. Shiva’s face, on the other hand, looked just as deadpan as she had been on the screen. She glanced at her family.

“I still don’t get it,” she said.

Luke shrugged. “It must be a religious thing,” he replied.

“Next,” Kyle said, looking at Davy Jones who had the controller.

The screen then shows Lucci, in a house.

“Ey yo the Fried Chicken is here!” Kodo called out from downstairs. Lucci then jumps to his feet and runs downstairs only to trip.

“OH NIGGA!!!!” Lucci cried out as he fell down the stairs, “My ears burn!” The clip ends there.

“PFFFFT-” Lucci held his mouth and went to his knees, the video was so stupid that it almost made him luagh.

Kodo clamped his claws over his snout. “No, not funny,” he reminded himself, even as he struggled to keep his laugh in. “A pack mate got hurt. That’s not funny!” Luckily, his words helped, and he kept himself from laughing.

Once again, Link did not laugh. He was going to be a tough nut to crack.

The screen reveals Grievous and Luke.

“Look at me,” Grievous ordered, pointing to his face. “Look at me.”

“I’m looking,” Luke then nods, looking at Grievous in his fiery eyes.

“I’m the father now.” Grievous said, squinting his eyes, the clip then ended.

“..What?” Link asked confused. “I don’t get it..” Link said with a frown.

“Grievous is a father figure to Kodo, while in Luke’s absence.” Elia explained.

“Ah.. So he’s the father? That’s suppose to be the funny part?” Link asked with a shake of his, but of course, Link came from a different year, thus different humor.

“Not. Funny. N-Not…” Lord Twigo said, looking at the screen. “Definitely isn’t.”

Luke blinked in shock. “He’s WHAT?!” he demanded.

“A classic,” Elae said, looking at the screen.

The screen reveals Thanos cocking his fist back, his gauntlet on fire. There was a caption above him.

“POV, you’re Day Breaker.” It read, the screen turns black.

“I thought that’d be a Falcon Punch joke for the first few seconds.” Link said.

Luke and Kodo glanced at each other, shrugging. “Well, that’s just facts,” Kodo noted, causing Luke to nod.

“I- I can’t, this isn’t good for me.” Lucci said, holding his chest as Thanos just blinked at that.

The clip then flashes to Obama.

“Let me be clear,” Obama spoke, he then turned invisible and the clip ended.

“That joke was too predictable.” Link said with a frown.

Shiva tilted her head. “Isn’t that what that John Cena boy did before…” Her ears perked, and she formed a serious expression. “Not funny,” she growled to herself. “Will never laugh.”

Despite her words, Lucci burst out laughing, it was so unexpected and yet so… Obvious. “What the hell man? That’s how my father left me!” That comment from Lucci made Lord Twigo laugh.

“Ugh fine, I guess you are my little pogchamp, come here.” Ryuka spreads her arms apart for a hug and at that exact moment a certain caucasian captain slides in onto the screen. He then proceeds to punch the screen, the screen then flickers to Lucci.

“OH NIGGA!!!” Lucci cried out before falling down the stairs.

The man walked down the stairs and cocked his pistol.

“Soap trusted you, I thought I could too.” Price said with a frown.

Link starred in puzzlement. “That didn’t make any sense..” he said as he scratched his head.

Thanos covers his mouth and he hits the back of his chair, over and over again, tears forming.

Yet despite the struggles of the others not including Link, Shiva’s face was set. “Betrayal of trust,” she growled to herself. “The ultimate sin.” Her words were enough to cause Luke and Kodo to fade from ‘struggling not to laugh’ to ‘dead serious’ in a second.

The screen then shows Grievous walking his Titanoboa that was bigger than him,

“Do you ever wake up or in the middle of something and you don’t know what the fuck is going on? Yeah, that’s what’s happening here.” Grievous said blankly, Rose then hisses as a bird flew over her and the clip ends.

“I go through that on a daily basis,” Thanos points out, “Every day.”

“Every minute of every day,” Shiva agreed.

“One moment I’m human, next I’m fighting an Irish God.” Thanos said before taking out a hetap.

The screen shows Grievous, standing on top of Luke who was on all fours.

“This… This is so stupid.” Luke said, whilst walking.

“The higher I am the more I can see.” Grievous explained, Luke just rolled his eyes.

“You can fly.” Luke argued, Grievous crossed his arms and spun his whole top half of his body around to look behind Luke.

“Hush now Luke, I am searching.” Grievous then puts a metal hand over his eyes. And the clip ends.

Link kept that serious confused expression.

Thanos then spits the alcoholic beverage out of his mouth and holds his chest. “Dear god I wasn’t prepared for that.”

Shiva pat his back, helping dislodge any hetap still in his throat. “He does have a point,” she mumbled, more to keep her expression serious and deadpan.

The screen then shows Grievous standing in front of two humans with a bible in hand.

“You may now kiss the bride,” Grievous said proudly, the male human just smiled.

“Astrists nuzzles and kisses astrists.” And everyone began clapping the screen focusses on Grievous and he just stared at them motherfuckerly before closing the bible. And like that the clip ends.

“Those videos are just making less and less sense…” Link pointed out.

Shiva’s expression faded to confusion. She glanced at Luke, who looked equally confused. “What?”

“DAMN FURRIES!!!” Fujitora cried out before giving a middle finger to Kyle on accident, due to him being blind.

The screen flickers the Grievous in a kitchen.

“I’m gonna prank my girlfriend,” Grievous said rubbing his hands together evilly, he then gets a bowl, and fills it with cold water and ice. He then makes his way to the bathroom, he then looks over the shower curtains… And saw no one, nothing. Grievous then cries softly and hits his head on the wall in anguish. The clip then ends there.

“BAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!” Thanos erupted into laughter and fell back on his chair, “Grievous, no!”

“..ok, that one made sense, but it looked too sad to be funny.” Link said with a frown.

Shiva stared at Thanos in horror. “I agree, Link,” she said, gazing up at the screen with sadness. “He has no mate.”

“Awful,” Luke whispered, holding Shiva close.

The screen reveals Grievous, with a dice and gun in hand.

“If this lands on a six I’ll kill myself,” Grievous then rolls the dice and it’s a one, “Eh, close enough.” Grievous then cocks the gun.

That’s not even funny at all!” Link said as he threw his arms up into the air.

“Grievous no!” Elae and Kodo cried out.

“Grievous, yes!” Grievous cried out faintly from the background.

“Hehe,” Blazy giggled from the back. Luco pat her side.

“I know,” Luco agreed. “What are the chances he’d just spit the bullet out.”

Kodo glanced back at them. “But… he doesn’t have a mouth,” he noted.

“Hush, Kodo,” Shiva said. “We’ll be able to see him if we stay strong.”

The screen then flicks to Alex Jones in Minecraft, a creeper in front of him.

“You know what? Come over here, come over here coward. No, you flipped me off, you’re a fake and a fraud!” Alex Jones runs at the creeper and it explodes.

“EEEEBBOLAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Elae cried out, now in a fit of laughter.

Luke and Shiva glanced at each other again in confusion. “Who the heck was that?” Luke asked. Shiva shrugged.

“The creeper or Alex Jones?” Thanos said, glancing at the pair.

“Alex Jones?” Shiva asked. “That’s the human, right?” Thanos just gave her a nod. “Yeah, him.”

“He’s a theorists, the context is that another human, “flipped him off” meaning “Fuck You” and that’s an insult. Sometimes when people aren’t having a bad day, they get angry at the smallest insult, thus…” Thanos said, pointing at the screen.

“Ah,” Shiva nodded in understanding, but no laugh graced her lips.

The screen then shows Gordon Ramsey in a kitchen with chefs.

“Is there any dish that wasn’t microwaved?” Gordon Ramsey said with a snark, then a chef perked up.

“The salad?” The chef said like he was asking a question, Gordon Ramsey just stared at him.

“You donut, of course you don’t fucking put a salad in the-” The screen then cuts to black.

Shiva narrowed her eyes, but Kodo looked away, struggling not to laugh.

“It’s true,” he noted. “You don’t put a salad in a fire.”

“I wouldn’t even know what a salad is without the ponies,” Luke replied.

The screen shows Grievous pointing at Nappa who was buried in buns.

“Look at the buns on that guy,” Grievous jokes, a door was kicked down and the two who kicked it down were Kodo and Luffy.

“This is the comedy police, the joke is too funny!” Kodo cried out, Grievous then pulled out a gun and pointed it at Kodo, his hands shaking.

“I’M NOT GOING BACK TO TARTARUS!!!!” Grievous cried out, and at that moment the screen turned black.

Kodo took a huge breath, struggling even harder not to laugh. “I remember you!” he called out. “I remember the comedy police!”

“And I fucking ran away,” Thanos said, “And shot at them-” Thanos then laughs as he remembers the stupid shit that occured.

The screen shows Nox with a spoon, mixing macaroni around, making a squishing sound. Grab then walks up behind him.

“That’s what’s good pussy sounds like,” Grab then walks away, Nox then snaps his head towards Grab.

“Grab!” Nox called out, the clip ends.

Luke’s fur spiked, and he looked away. “It’s true!” he whispered. “It’s so true!”

Shiva just sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose like she had seen - and heard - it all before.

The screen then flickers to Black at a beach, his body was buried and his head was sticking out of the sand.

“I am the sand guardian, guardian of the sand!” Black said, Lucci then slides in and pats the sand below him.

“Poseidon quivers before him!” Lucci declared, water came close to Black’s head.

“Fuck off!” Black yelled at the water and the clip ended.

“Ok, that one's a classic, it used to be funny when it was new back then. Now, it's just good memories.” Link said with a nod of approval.

A smile formed on the Saiyans face while Luna Black put a hand over her mouth as she tried to contain her giggles.

“Yeah!” Kodo cheered. “Go Guardian Black!”

“...That title makes it sound like if Black became a poweranger.” Link said jokingly.

“That would be awesome! Quiver before the might of the Black Power Ranger!” Luke agreed.

Shiva’s jaw clenched, but her serious expression did not fade.

The screen then shows Luke walking down a cave, humming the opening to come and get your love, he then turns to his left and calls out.

“Hey~!” Luke sang, though someone responded.

“Hey~!” Luffy replied, Luke then blinked.

“What?!” Luke cried out and the clip ends.

Luke gasped, before turning to Shiva. “Shiva, tell me you didn’t…!” he demanded.

Shiva merely stared at him, her serious expression not fading. “Luke, why would I do that to you?” she asked.

Luke moved to argue… but his argument died in his throat. Kodo, however, shook his head.

“It’s stuff like this that makes me wonder how wise it is to go after Luna,” he mused.

The screen then switches to Thanos walking into a bedroom.

“WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD!!!!” Thanos cried out, Eric then got up from the bed, Black appearing in Eric’s bed as well.

“What the fuck man…?” Black said, rubbing his eyes, Thanos then covers his own mouth and laughs. The clip ends there.

“Oh~” Kodo noted, glancing at Eric and Black with intrigue.

Luna Black tried to contain her fits of laughter as she looked at the Saiyan, the smile disappearing as a stone faced stare replaced it.

“I don’t get it,” Eric said, tilting his head. “I don’t get any of these.”

“Hah!” Ganondorf then clapped, “GAYYYY!!!”

The screen then shows Thanos and Phoenix just standing there.

“There has been a capital murder,” Thanos informed Phoenix.

“Oh, what’s next? Lowercase murder?” Phoenix then looks to the screen with a cheeky smile and the clip ends.

“Godamnit…” Link face-palmed with a snort of amusement.

“Oh, by everything sacred,” Shiva groaned. “Puns!”

The screen then flickers to Phoenix.

“Are you searching for a fast, reliable, internet connection?” The camera zooms in on his face, “Fuck you.” The clip then ends there.

“H…” Shiva stopped herself, covering her snout. Luke, however, had far less impulse control.

“HA! I’m not even looking for internet, f…” Luke realized what he had done. “-UCK! You, Phoenix, you got me!”

The screen shows Thanos in a classroom with students... and Shiva.

“Hey Shiva can you read paragraph four?” Thanos asked Shiva.

“No I can not.” Shiva then looks at the screen, “Hello, I’m Shiva and I never learned how to fucking read.” The clip ends there.

“I never did understand that one.” Link said with a frown.

Shiva shrugged. “Well, I didn’t ever learn how to read, so...,” she noted.

“But why tho?” Fujitora asked, not even facing her and facing a wall.

“Didn’t seem that important,” Shiva replied. “Plus, I tried once, and all the books just looked like scribbles.”

“It’s hard to argue with her assessment.” Thanos said, and then there was a Caesar laugh.

“SHIRORORORORORORORORORO!!!” This caused Brudus to laugh,

“Who laughs like that? Oh man we’re fucked, half of us are gone.” Brudus said with a smile.

“Don’t worry, Brudus,” Kodo said. “Mom and I are still in the game. And Mom doesn’t look like she’s cracking anytime soon.”

The screen then switches to Thanos and Eric, Eric begins to speak.

“Let’s tell secrets about each other, I hate you.” Eric said with a smile and the clip ends.

Shiva merely shrugged. “You two give that vibe off a lot,” she noted to Thanos and Eric.

“Ya have a point!” Thanos responded, raising a finger.

“Yeah I get that too” Eric admitted nodding his head

The screen flicks to Luke with a pair of nunchucks in her paws, in front of a cave.

“You messin’ with my pack? You messin’ with my pack dipstick?!” Luke was swinging the nunchucks around before one hit him in his face and he fell over. The clip ends there.

Link cringed as that one looked painful.

Shiva smiled faintly, but no laugh came from her. She pat Luke’s head, her tail wagging. “My hero,” she said, before they nuzzled. But even then, she was able to restrain herself from giggling. Luke had no such compunctions though.

Herobrine then fakes gags, “Ew, love and affection for one another, disgusting.”

Kodo kept himself from chuckling. “If you think that’s bad, you don’t want to know what they had for bedtime stories,” he said.

The screen then shows Entity.

“This is how we name our children,” Entity then drops a pan down, and begins to raise his fingers one by one. “Ting, ting bing bong…” The clip then ends.

Shiva tilted her head. “What?”

“My word exactly...” Link said with a frown.

“Fucking racists! I’m Asian,” Entity said, “Oh and Shiva, this is how our children are named. Xiang, Wang, Ting, Bing, Kong, Lee, and etcetera.” Entity clarified for her.

The screen shows Chill, looking at the screen.

I was reading a great book about an immortal dog the other day. It was impossible to put down.” Chill then laughs, “Okay, okay, another one. What’s yellow and can’t swim? A bus full of children! GYAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” The clip then ends.

“Boooooo.” Link said with a thumbs down.

Far from laughing, Shiva’s jaw dropped in horror. “By everything sacred,” she mumbled.

“Dark puns,” Kodo shook his head.

The screen then shows Luffy and Sombra.

“So you’ll take care of my dog right?” Luffy said, quirking an eyebrow.

“Yeah,” Sombra said with a nod.

“Alright, c’mere.” Luffy said, and Nappa busted down the door on all fours.

“Bark, bark, bitch.” Nappa said with a grin.

“That’s a whole ass man.” Sombra then looked up to Luffy, the screen turned black.

“I’m starting to think I’m out of date on today’s humor, or at least what was made in the last twenty four years..” Link said with a frown. Link wasn’t sure if him not laughing was an advantage here, or a little on the sad side.

Kodo held back a laugh, only to gape as he saw Shiva not just straight-faced, but pondering.

“You have to wonder, are we technically part human?” Shiva muttered to herself. “I mean, I was fused with a human before, so…”

Kodo shook his head. “The ways you get out of laughing,” he muttered. “I can’t even…”

The screen then shows Phil Swift with a chainsaw.

“Just FUCKING kill me!” The screen then shows a truck going after Phil Swift, thankfully it didn’t show what happened. But Phil Swift reappeared, a huge boat in front of the screen. The boat then splits apart and Phil Swift walks out.

“I saw my boner!” Phil Swift said, with a smile and the clip ends.

Once again, Shiva looked more confused than amused. “Humans get stranger and stranger by the day,” she muttered.

And she was correct, Phil Swift reappears.

“Imagine what you can do with a penis!” Phil Swift said with a smile, it then shows Phil Swift with a combat knife standing over a bucket.

“You may have seen a bucket, but you’ve never seen me fuck it!” Phil Swift then stabs the bucket with a knife, repeatedly.

Link looked away with a cringe at that one.

“AAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Bullet laughed in the background, “I’m not a part of this but this YTP’s make me laugh!”

“I don’t get it,” Kodo said. “That’s not even…”

“Careful,” Shiva said. “They don’t like kids using language.”

The screen forms into Kodo with a microphone, a photo of Luke on the top right.

“You are my dad.” Kodo sang and the photo of Luke expanded to full screen, “Boogie woogie!” The screen flashes to Grievous for a split second before it turns black.

Luke grimaced, while Kodo snorted, struggling to breath as he held in his laugh. Shiva remained stone-faced.

The screen shows Link just sitting there on a chair, a table in front of him.

“Okay so what you do is-” He was then punched by Ganondorf, “Aw fuck, I can’t believe you’ve done this.” The clip promptly ends there.

“I can’t believe how this is funny.” Link said with a frown.

“PFFT-HAHAHA-DANGIT!” Kodo barked. “I can’t believe that got me either!”

Shiva just huffed, shaking her head, though her pursed lips and complete silence didn’t fully hide the fact that she had almost cracked.

The clip shows Grievous and Luke, Luke holding a blue lightsaber, Grievous holding a red one.

“All women… Are queens!” Luke declared, Grievous then spun his lightsaber intimidatingly.

“If she breathes… SHE’S A THOT!!!!” With an epic battle cry, the two lunged at each other and clashed saber, the clip ends there.

Shiva huffed, her ears flattening in disapproval. Link shared his disapproval as well.

The screen then reveals Thanos driving a car.

“My main goal is to blow up, and act like I don’t know nobody! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!’ Thanos cackled before the screen turned black.

“Well, obviously, you won’t know anybody if you blow up,” Shiva noted. “Unless you mean blow up as in… expand like a balloon…”

“SShhhh… you might attract the fetish fandom..” Link said as he looked around.

“He’s right, there are freaky people out there,” Elia said in a whisper.

The screen reveals Moana’s father, a coconut falling into his palm.

“We have the coconuts and it’s all you need~” Moana’s father then rolled the coconut across his shoulder before it flung off. The screen then shows a human getting hit by a carton of orange juice… In the face. The clip ends there.

Link was holding his breath on that one holding in the laugh as that scene shifted randomly and unexpectedly.

“Ha,” Luke and Kodo cackled, though they were long out. Shiva, on the other hand, just touched her nose with sympathy.

“That poor fellow,” she said. “That wasn’t even a coconut he got hit with.”

The screen then reveals Eric playing a piano.

“I’m really good at piano,” Eric said blankly, it then shows Thanos with the piano, glaring at Eric.

“Shut the,” He then presses a key, “Up~” The clip ends there.

Shiva flicked an ear. “Yes, Eric’s good at piano,” she said just as blankly. “I’m pretty sure he established that at this point.”

The screen shows Thanos playing a guitar, though a human was vocalizing the guitar. Then there was clapping and there was Fujitora, he then spoke, but instead of words it was a guitar. The clip ends there.

“Welp, that one way to make a voice box.” Link said jokingly.

Shiva hummed. “Impressive,” she replied. But she didn’t laugh.

The screen shows Arkham Knight and Ryker.

“Hey, there’s a mushroom on your shirt.” Ryker points out, Michael looks down.

“Aw… I’m a failure.” Michael said, the clip ends there.

Shiva tsked in sympathy. “Come on, you’re not a failure…” she said sadly.

“Thanks,” Arkham Knight said in the background.

The screen shows a human mother and a human child. The child playfully screams at the mother and the mother screams back, instead of a human scream it was the roar of a T-Rex. Then the screen flickers to a T-Rex with the medley of Jurassic Park. The clip ends there.

Link suddenly spit out his water drink, making a mess all over Brudus. “What!” Link said in reaction at that random bit.

“...” Brudus said no words as he looked at Link motherfuckerly.

“Sorry!” Link said as he held out his hand, providing a rather weak flame of Din’s fire to try and dry off Brudus.

Shiva’s ears perked, but instead of being amused, she looked impressed. “Now that’s a dominant mother,” she praised.

“I still don’t understand any of these” Eric admitted

The screen now reveals Luke driving a car.

“Road work ahead? Yeah, I sure hope it does.” Luke said, clueless about the situation. The clip ends like life, quickfully.

“Oh come on.” Link said with a shake of his head in amusement.

Shiva shrugged and nodded, just as clueless as her husband. “Well, it should work,” she replied. “What good’s a road that can’t be used?”

The screen then shows Grievous with a cup of coffee in hand.

“You know, it’s times like these when-” Grievous was cut off when Nightmare ran past him and purposely spilled coffee on him.

“...” Grievous stood there before sighing, “Remember kids, when you finger a woman, make sure it hurts.” Grievous lifted up a finger, using Soru with murderous intent. He appeared above Nightmare and jammed his index finger into her shoulder. The clip ends there.

“...Eh, she might end up liking that mo- Link paused when Grievous jabbed Nightmare in the shoulder and not exactly what he thought it’d be. “Touché..” he commented as it was clever how that turned around.

Shiva winced and rubbed her shoulder. “Not that she didn’t deserve it, but… mm,” Shiva shook her head with a sigh.

“Congratulations! You guys pass! That was the last clip!” Kyle said.

“Wait, pass? But alot of the people here laughed.” Link said confused.

The screen then suddenly flickers to Grievous just standing there. “Eh… Why is it showing that?” To Kodo and Kodo alone he saw Grievous had a hole through where his heart should be.

Kodo stood up. “We’re running out of time,” he said grimly, turning to the others. “We need to move. Come on.”

Shiva’s ears flattened, but she didn’t lose her cool again. Pulling herself up with a nod, she and Kodo led the others out for the next floor. Even as Shiva felt fear pulsing through Kodo’s link.

“We’re going to save him,” was what Shiva wanted to say. Yet, she didn’t trust herself to say it without doubt. For there was a good chance that despite their hurry, they would already be too late.

There were more stairs but this time, Thanos was running up them like Officer Earl. “RYKER!!! C’MERE BOY!!!!” Thanos cried out, running up the stairs, Brudus following after him. As Link ran up the stairs, he pulled out his Master Sword and Hylian shield as a eerie feeling of day-ja-vu creped into his mind, as if he was running up Ganondorf’s tower in ocarina of time again, except there was no epic pipe organ music playing.

“Leave Grievous and my sister alone!” Kodo agreed.

“Don’t just leave them alone; give them back!” Shiva added.

Eric rushes ahead before engulfing his arm in shadow and bursting through the door.

They finally make their way to the entrance to the tenth floor. They all nearly collapsed due to the pressure of Katakuri’s power, they saw the Mochi man standing in front of them.

“Greetings and welcome to…” Katakuri then put his hands to the skies, “The stage of the Tournament of Power!” Katakuri announced, and immediately fireworks went off. “The fireworks were a bit too much but you get the point,” Katakuri wagged his finger in the air. “Now… Who’s first?”

“..You mean the matches we had weren't the tournament?” Link asked, misunderstanding as he has not seen dragon ball super yet.

“ME!!!” Lucci cried out pushing past everyone and running to the front.

“An actual volunteer? Oh my god I am delighted!” Katakuri said, pumping his fist into the air. “This will be an epic battle!” Katakuri declares, he then gets in a stance. “Beware, I will be using my Future Sight for this battle and the next.”

“Got it,” Lucci nods, he gets in his character's fighting stance, “Let’s do this.”

“...My bet is on Lucci,” Elia said, raising a finger.

Link let out a sigh as he sheathed his equipment. Link can tell this was going to take a while since it was going to be one of those one-V-one fights.

“Now, come at me.” Katakuri ordered, Lucci immediately shot at Katakuri. Covering his fist in Armament Haki he threw a punch at Katakuri. Using his Special Paramecia body, he made a hole through his stomach, wide enough for Lucci to slip in. Lucci went out on the other side of the Mochi man and the hole filled up.

Lucci gazed back at Katakuri, his eyes widened. “How the fu-” Katakuri then shot a Conqueror’s Haki wave at Lucci. Knocking him into some rock, Lucci then jumps out. “Rankyaku!” Shooting an air slash at Katakuri, Katakuri shot one right back. Katakuri’s air slash was FAR bigger and more impressive than Lucci’s. There wasn’t even a struggle, Katakuri’s air slash tore right through Lucci’s, with a yelp of surprise, Lucci rolled out of the way.

“Is this some type of dick joke?” Lucci said, raising an eyebrow.

“Indeed!” Katakuri cried out before sprinting at Lucci. Lucci sprints back, covering their fists in Armament Haki, Lucci has to jump to clash fists with Katakuri. When they clashed, Lucci was being pushed back before a grunt of effort from Katakuri threw Lucci aside, making him skip across the ground like a rock. Lucci then makes impact on a huge rock, making a dust cloud.

“...Lucci…?” Thanos said, staring at the dust cloud.

Katakuri’s forearms become like blocks due to his Mochi. He was compressing them to make more density, kind of like the same thing Phoenix taught to Shiva. He then coats his arms in Armament Haki, Lucci ran out of the dust cloud like a lightning bolt. Covering his fists and feet in Armament Haki, he then attempts to slam his heel down upon Katakuri’s skull. Raising his forearm he blocks Lucci’s attack, Lucci then winces at the result of the attack. Lucci then jumps back for breathing room.

“He can read my movements before I make them... It’s impossible to beat him by normal means, I’ll need to-” An idea occurred in Lucci’s mind and he snapped his head towards Thanos. “GIVE ME VODKA!!!”

“Alright,” Thanos then throws Spirytus Vodka towards Lucci, the size of a gallon. Lucci catches the alcoholic beverage.

“And down it goes,” Lucci then proceeds to chug the whole gallon, Katakuri just standing there.

“What is he doing?” Katakuri inquired, he waited there patiently, crossing his arms.

When Lucci was finished he slammed the glass down onto the ground, and with a burp he was done. “Excuuuuuuuuuuuuu…” Lucci said, leaning backwards, “...Sseee me.” Lucci leaned forward. He then “danced” around, his feet wobbling. “Man, that’s some strong alcohol I mean it’s so…” Lucci then falls on his back, asleep.

“..Hold up, Drunken Fist?” Link asked as he recognized it from a movie.

“A Kung-Fu style developed by a man named Kou-Sze.” Eric said with a slight grin. “It is an ancient style and its origins are mainly traced back to the Buddhist and Daoist religious communities. The Buddhist style is related to the Shaolin temple while the Daoist style is based on the Daoist tale of the drunken Eight Immortals. Drunken Fist or Zui quan has the most unusual body movements among all styles of Chinese martial arts. Hitting, grappling, locking, dodging, feinting, ground and aerial fighting and all other sophisticated methods of combat are incorporated.”

“Well then,” Katakuri then approached Lucci, stepping on the shards of glass. He then raised his foot high and slammed it down on Lucci, only for it to be caught. Lucci then pushed Katakuri off of him, Katakuri regained his balance.

“Don’t you look at me like that… Muffin man!” Lucci says drunkenly, he then gets in a fighting stance.

“...The Drunken fighting style technique, how peculiar.” Katakuri said, tilting his head, he then got in a stance as well. Their fists and feet collided, it was like they were dancing but they were fighting. Katakuri then performs the Table Party technique and does a handstand and spins his body around. His legs spin like a helicopter.

Like he was doing a limbo contest, he leans his body backwards before kicking at Katakuri. However the Mochi man made a hole through his body like before, Lucci’s attack went through Katakuri. Though it would seem Katakuri has had enough, he infuses his fist in Chakra and he slams his fist into Lucci. Sending the Leopard Assassin towards a pile of rocks, impacting them with a THUD. Lucci then gets up.

“Huh… I don’t feel drunk anymore.” Lucci said, looking around the place, he was then gut-punched by Katakuri. Sending a Ki blast into Lucci he was carried off into the skies, Ki blast then exploded. With a cry of pain, Lucci fell from the explosion’s cloud and hit one of the giant boulders.

“Alright,” Katakuri said, he then wiped the dust off his gloves and turned to face everyone. “He’s going to come back out in five, four, three, two and…” Lucci then jumped from his rock that he was laying on. He then goes into Hybrid Mode, his Leopard characteristics showing more.vivid reactions. Thanos noticed that Lucci had become slightly bigger in height.

“He’s one step away…” Thanos said softly, looking at Lucci getting in a fighting stance. A grin appeared on the Leopard Hybrid’s face.

“Let us commence our battle!” Katakuri said stoically, “Musō Dōnatsu!” Donut circles appeared around Lucci and out of the holes came fists covering in Armament Haki, Katakuri’s fists were glowing white. The fists stretched out towards Lucci, Lucci then ducked under one attack and blocked another.

As Lucci blocked and evaded the attacks, static electricity began to form around Lucci. “You better prepare yourself, because this is gonna get shocking. Thor’s Hammer!” Lucci then slammed his fist onto the ground, sending a wave of electricity towards katakuri. Jumping into the air he evaded the attack, Lucci using Seimei Kikan: Kami-e Bushin to make his body slimmer and faster; appeared above Katakuri unexpectedly.

Lucci then slams an electricity powered fist at Katakuri who raised his forearm and blocked the attack, however right as he raised his forearm, he transformed back to his normal big Hybrid Form. The unexpectant speed and force sent Katakuri off his feet, though Katakuri landed back down on his feet, not letting his back touch the floor. Using Kamsori, Lucci appeared above Katakuri and slammed both of his electricity powered fists into Katakuri, and like before he blocked them. But instead with one arm, he did it with two.

This sent Katakuri downwards but even still he didn’t let his back hit the floor, it was a mere five inches from touching it too as he was sliding backwards from the momentum. Katakur then quickly gets to his regular standing position and slams his head into Lucci. Dazing the Leopard man, Katakuri proceeds to go Jotaro on his ass and punches him repeatedly.

Punch after punch Katakuri didn’t stop, easing the pain with Tekkai and Armament Haki. It helped some for Lucci, but it all changed when Katakuri activated Ryou Haki. Katakuri then cocks his right fist backwards, inflating the arm he then causes it to explode. “YakI Mochi!” The fist shot towards Lucci and hits him in the gut, it punched him so hard it replayed three different times.

“Damn he hit that nigga so hard it replayed three different times!” Thanos exclaimed.

The fist continued to venture forward, sending Lucci through a bunch of rocky landforms before hitting a big one, causing a nuclear sized explosion. Nearly knocking everyone off their feet, Katakuri then turned backwards, because cool guys don’t look at explosions.

“...Damn it,” Elia said, snapping her fingers in disappointment, she then turned around and pouted. “I thought he was going to win…”

“Oh don’t count out Lucci just yet, he has far more things to show you, FAR more.” Entity said, looking at the rubble where Lucci crashed at.

“Get up Lucci…”

“Come on, I need to get up! I’m so close to doing it…”

“Please body… All of my human instincts are screaming at me to stop but… Wait… That’s it!”

“I mustn't need to act like a human, I must become one with my animal counterpart, I must become a Leopard.”

Lucci pictured the East savanna of Africa, a Leopard laying on a tree. He was home, this was the home of his past ancestors, the ones who built their civilizations before they were slaves. He read about one tribe in particular that worshipped the Leopards. They would always offer them tribute and in return the Leopards provided them protection from other dangerous beasts, like a… Like a Leap. They were a Leap!

Lucci then appeared in the East savanna of Africa, surrounded by Leopards, each of them stared at him. One Leopard with a scar on his eye approached him.

“Are you ready… To become one with your ancestors…?” The Leopard inquired, “Are you ready… To awaken?”

Lucci looked at the Leopards, “...Yes.” Lucci said with a nod, the Leopard smiled and chuckled softly.

“By the grounds that were forged by the Elephants, the trees made by the Leopards, the waters made by the Crocodiles, and the skies made by the Fish Eagles.” Lucci then bows before the Leopard as the Leopard approaches him. “You are… Awakened.” The Leopards closed its eyes and touched heads with Lucci, Lucci doing the same and with that… There was a flash of light.

A pillar of power shot from the rubble and out came Lucci, he was in his Leopard form and there were African battle symbols on his body. Glowing a bright and radiant orange, with a mighty roar Lucci lunged at Katakuri with insane speed and punched Katakur in his face. The force sent Katakuri backwards but he held his ground and stopped himself in his tracks. Katakuri chuckled.

“Well, well, that was fast…” Katakuri said, “You’ve grown…” Lucci didn’t even say anything, he flew at Katakuri and immediately, Katakuri slammed his fist into Lucci. Forcing the Leopard man down, but Lucci caught himself and punched Katakuri in his face. Nearly knocking his scarf off, Lucci jumped back to gain breathing room. Lucci ran at Katakuri, landing a few hits in before being kicked away, landing on the ground. The process repeated for a while.

“This is a battle between a man that won’t fall down and a man that will always get back up.” Elia pointed out, watching the two go at it, pause.

Lucci then jumps into the air, and lit his feet on fire with friction. “Diable Jambe… Extra Hachis!” Lucci then kicks at Katakuri rapidly, Katakuri punches at Lucci to counter his attacks. Katakuri then jumped high in the air, he then shot his legs at Lucci. He then performs a headlock with his feet, he then spun his top half around. Almost like a wind up toy, spinning his top half round and round, until his legs looked like screws. He then spun Lucci over and over again before doing a backflip and slamming him into rocks.


“Do you hear that?” Thanos said, looking around, “Katakuri has his own fucking OST! GOD DAMN IT I WANT ONE!!!”

“Mochi-Mochi Big Mallet!” Katakuri named his attack, rocks then fell on top of Lucci. Landing on his feet he prepared himself for attack.Lucci then burst from the rocks and flew at Katakuri, Katakuri put his arms in a X position to block the attack. Lucci then kicks Katakuri through a giant rock, making a hole. Katakuri then shook his body, he then looked at the dust cloud that formed from the attack. Out came Lucci, roaring like Leopard.

“Where do you think you’re going, jackass?!” Lucci then fired off a Ki blast at Katakuri, Katakuri’s eyes turned red, his top half of his body turning to mochi. Evading the attack, the Ki blast went past Katakuri, and made mini trenches in the ground. “We’re not done yet!” The Ki blast went to the skied and attempted to slam into Katakuri, Katakuri then turned his body into Mochi. Becoming a Donut shape, he then begins to roll towards Lucci.

“Tch, HAH!!!” Lucci then fires two more Ki blasts towards Katakuri, one Ki blast tried to ram into Katakuri, but the Donut man hopped over the attack. Katakuri then rolled towards somewhere else, the Ki blast he evaded followed him. Then there was another Ki blast in front of him, attempting to pincer him. Doing a hard right, Katakuri evaded the attack easily, then the Ki blasts went into the air and split apart into hundred pieces. Some of them try to slam into Katakuri and he avoids it again.

“I’m stronger, faster, and more durable than you!” Katakuri said, stating facts.

“Catch up to him!” Lucci ordered the balls of Ki, the Ki blasts shot towards Katakuri and Katakuri jumped over them. Causing the Ki blasts to impact each other, making and explosion. From the cloud of that explosion Katakuri emerged, he was now in striking distance from Lucci. He turned normal and his right arm was… Weird, he made his forearm into a Kanabo shape, his hand was normal. There were spikes on it as well, Katakuri then coats it in Ryou Haki and slammed it into Lucci. Causing a huge tremor, it knocked Elia off her feet, it also made Lucci cry out in pain. It also made the Leopard man’s top hat get thrown off.

“BUZZCUT MOCHI!!!” Katakuri named his attack.

“Shit!” Elia cried out, like the gentlemanly man that Thanos is, he caught her.

“I am a gentleman…” Thanos said with a squint of his eyes.

“...Okay…?” Elia then gets back on her feet.

“He’s awakened” Eric said slightly shocked before breaking into a wicked smile. “That bastard actually awakened his Devil Fruit”

Katakuri then spun his arm around, his arm began to fling and stretch around. Lucci couldn’t get off of Katakuri’s arm, for the mochi was too sticky.

“Why is the mochi so sticky!” Lucci tried valiantly to get off Katakuri’s arm but failed miserably, Katakuri’s arm stretched so much that Lucci then hit the rocks nearby. Letting out a cry of pain as the rocks dug into his back. “I think I’m gonna barf…” Lucci groaned, Katakuri then threw his arm up into the air. His arm stretching to the roof, Luffy was mere inches from the roof of the guargatiun room.

“What are you doing?! LET ME DOWN!!!” Lucci demanded, he tried and failed to get off Katakuri’s arm, the spikes still dug into Lucci. “Damn it! I can’t get down!”

“This is it… Leopard Man…” Katakuri’s eyes turned white, raising his left foot high, he readied himself to slam Lucci down. Katakuri’s right arm began to bu;ge with muscle, his veins began to show as his right arm was becoming bigger than before. Showing that he practices.

Katakuri then slammed his left foot down, and made his right arm go down to the floor, making Lucci go down too. “DAMN IIITTTTT!!!!!” Lucci wailed, and Katakuri then slams Lucci down onto the ground. Making a huge mushroom cloud, the whole room was then covered in dust.

“Gah! MY EYES!!!” Thanos cried out, clutching his eyes.

The dust then clears and they see Katakuri in front of a massive hole, his eyes were red and he was panting. Katakuri then goes to his full height and crosses his arms. “Anyone else?”

Thanos then races to the hole to go check on Lucci. “Lucci!” Thanos cried out, “Lucci are you...O… Oh shit.:” Thanos peaks down the hole and they see Lucci all the way down to the fifth floor where Lucci was, shirtless aboard the Flying Dutchman. Lucci had holes in his body from the spikes on his body, Arlong looked down at Lucci before looking up.

“The fuck man?!” Arlong said, though Thanos couldn’t hear him he read his mouth movements.

“Oh shit, fuck, shit!” Thanos then walks away from the hole and looks up at Katakuri. “Fuck! Shit! Motherfucker!” Thanos then turns around and runs away, “AAAAA!!!!” Thanos screamed from fear.

“The winner of the tournament, ladies and gentlemen.” Link said sarcastically and earned a middle finger from Thanos.

“Run Forrest, run!” Elia jokes, seeing Thanos run like a coward.

Thanos then jumps and hides behind Shiva. “OH SHIT!!!”

But as Shiva rose, her fur already starting to glow ominously… Luco appeared in a burst of fireworks.

“HOLD UP!” He called, before briefly dancing. “Eh…” he sang before stopping. “Alright-alright hang on. Let’s all be real here.” He pointed at Shiva. “This one… is a spoil sport.”

Shiva blinked at him. “Excuse me?” she growled.

“You heard me,” Luco replied. “You didn’t want to play by the rules, and so you copped a hissy fit and tried to put a guy who just wanted a fair fight in an asylum.”

“You’re not wrong,” Thanos pointed out, “Necrozma just wanted to fight a fair battle man, that’s… Pokemon abuse.” Thanos said, snapping his fingers.

Shiva nearly whirled on him, before Luco spoke up again.

“So, how about instead of getting a bunch of bitches that aren’t going to play nice…” Luco grinned towards Katakuri. “I bring back a real fighter. Your old friend - come to think of it, everyone’s friend.”


Katakuri stood there stoically as fireworks burst behind him, and Blazy Blue stepped out and into the ring.

“Hello, how have you been Ms. Blue?” Katakuri greeted, turning to face Blazy.

“Mm,” Blazy hummed, waving her talon in a ‘so-and-so’ gesture.

“Ah, I see,” Katakuri said, nodding. “So this is my opponent? It is an honor to fight with you, may our battle be one of legend,” Katakuri puts a hand out towards Blazy.

“Mm,” Blazy hummed, taking his hand and shaking it with a grin. Yet, as they shook hands, her eyes shifted from pink to red, and she glowed in preparation for a fight.

Katakuri’s eyes glowed red, using his Future Sight to predict her movements ahead of battle, Katakuri took a step back… And fell in the hole. He then jumped up, his right fist the size of a Giant’s and like before he made his arms square shaped. “Mochi-Mochi… Giant Pistol!” Sending an Armament Haki coated fist towards Blazy, the fist stretched towards the ignis-drake.

Blazy grinned, and sent her own arm out, the limb stretching like rubber, yet colliding with Katakuri’s fist like a tank. Despite not having Armament Haki, Blazy’s fist not only matched Katakuri’s, but it caused a small explosion to rock the arena. When Katakuri’s fist retracted, he saw his fist’s Armament Haki had been replaced with squid ink.

“...Bruh.” That was all Katakuri had to say, Katakuri then screamed and ran past Blazy. He then put a hand on a boulder and ran as his arm stretched. When he was at enough distance, he jumped up and let his body shoot at Blazy. Attempting to crash into the dragon.

Blazy cackled and lifted her arms, catching him in a bear hug. Once again, hitting her produced an explosion, but she still matched up to the mochi-man’s charge. Briefly giving him a hard squeeze, her arms suddenly shattered into explosions again, before she head-butt him hard enough to send him skidding backward several feet. By the time he forced himself to stop, her arms had regrown out of the flames that made up her body. She bent her head low with a seductive purr that suggested she was enjoying this far more than she should, and she charged forward like Armstrong about to box Sloth in FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

“To quote a man that has nothing but my respect, ‘Square up!’” Katakuri coats his fists in Armament Haki before turning them back to normal. Katakuri then flies towards Blazy, using Tekkai to increase the force of his attacks. He then threw out a fist to punch the drake.

Blazy rolled at the last second, and matched his fist with her foot. Briefly, they exchanged blows, Katakuri’s fists flying, while Blazy balanced on her tail, and struck with her powerful back legs. After a few brief seconds of fighting - enough for a camera to spin around them once - they both leaped backward. Though when Katakuri glanced at his hand he blinked in surprise when he saw his Armament Haki had been replaced with latex.

“Sorry!” Luco called from the stands. “That’s a side effect of my chaos magic. Here, let me…”


Whatever Luco tried to do only resulted in another explosion, and he was flung out of the arena, while Shiva and Thanos, who were standing near him, were left soot faced and stunned.

“Whaaaaaat the heeeeeellllll?” Shiva whispered.

“Ah yes, I am now Wilber Soot, none of you will get that reference.” Thanos said blankly, “None of you.”

“Well, it’s time to use Tekkai. Tekkai, Go!” His body became hard like a rock, he then slammed his fists together.

“Mm-mm-mm,” Blazy giggled in glee, her own fists glowing white hot and shaking with power as she pounded them against her chest.

“Mochi-Mochi Stamp Gatling!” Jumping into the air, Katakuri stretched his feet out and began to kick at Blazy rapidly. Like a machine gun.

“Mmph,” Blazy grunted as the kicks pulverized her body. Yet, just like Majin Buu against Vegeta, the blows only seemed to please her rather than hurt her. As her body split into flames, tangling in Katakuri’s blows, the flames changed form into snake-like beings, which wrapped around Katakuri’s legs and caught them, getting yanked close to Katakuri’s being. Blazy reformed and caught him with a powerful double-legged kick, knocking him off balance, though he refused to let his back touch the floor, and allowing her to retaliate with a River Dance of Death on his chest; the same one she had utilized against Ryker.

“Get off me!” Katakuri used his Conqueror’s Haki to produce a shockwave, blowing her away. He then ran after her, “First Stance, Fist of the Black Turtle!” He enhanced the blow by covering his fist in Ki, slamming his fist into Blazy’s gut. “Second Stance, Kick of the Vermillion Bird!” Katakuri’s left foot was white with fire, he then slams his foot into Blazy’s chin. “Third Stance, Dance of the White Tiger!” Punching and kicking at Blazy faster than Thanos’ father had left him, punch after punch and kick after kick. He was merciless, “Last Stance…” Katakuri was surrounded by a blue aura. “AZURE DRAGON!!!” Katakuri shot his fists at Blazy, doing a Rokuogan stance, a large blue dragon went through Blazy and came out her other end. Making a huge fifteen meter trench.

Blazy hit the ground tumbling and crashed into the wall at the far end. She writhed and moaned, but, to the collective shock of everyone, she did not sound hurt. If anything she sounded… rather suggestive. Luco suddenly landed next to Katakuri, garbed in BDSM gear.

“For anyone wondering,” Luco said. “She’s saying, ‘Harder, Daddy.’”

“Sus.” Thanos said with vivid concern. Katakuri was wide-eyed.

“This is basically… Is this…? Eh, a fight’s a fight,” Katakuri said with a shrug.

“Mm-HM!” Blazy agreed, rolling so her feet were planted against the wall before she launched forward again. Her teeth bared in a dangerous smile, flames licking at her jaws like tongues.

“Oh, no…” Luco whispered. “Oh, whoa…” he began to run.

“What?” Kodo asked. “What’s she going to do?”


“NIGERUNDAYOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Thanos then grabbed Entity and Elia and ran behind a rock.

And as Blazy raced at Katakuri, her jaws opened, her vocal chords flexed.

White Dragon!”

A wall of fire burst from the deepest, darkest parts of her throat, racing like an Azure Dragon right at Katakuri.

Katakuri was hit not only by the White Dragon blast, but he was hit again as Blazy crashed into him again. Her jaws locked around his arms, and her head flexed like a serpent, smashing him into the ground, though even still he didn’t let his back touch the floor, sending him down the other floors.

Briefly, Blazy paused, wincing as she saw Katakuri fall into Davy Jones’ stage.

“Whoops,” she mumbled, only for another blazing inferno to burst out of her snout and conceal Katakuri from view. She covered her snout with shock, but the damage was done.

In front of her, she found Katakuri's scarf in front of her. Immediately Katakuri bursts from the ground and grabs the scarf and puts it on his face. “Did you see my face?” Katakuri asked, clutching his scarf, pressing it on his face.

Blazy quickly shook her head. “Mm-mm,” she promised.

“Good, Flowing Mochi!” Katakuri touched the ground and a huge wave of mochi swept towards Blazy. Mirroring that of a tsunami. Katakuri surfed on the tsunami with a surfboard that he somehow got. “Surf’s up!”

Blazy hummed. Planting her feet like Asura, she lifted her head and unhinged her jaws again.

“COME ON!” she boomed, and the words, written in what could only be described as exploding stars, crashed against the mochi tsunami. Katakuri was sent soaring through the air as his mochi was stopped dead in its tracks, and Blazy followed up with an uppercut to the chin, and another powerful kick to the gut.

“You seem stressed, how about a hug?” Katakuri then proceeds to bear hug the drake, “And I’m doing that one technique from Naruto that I can’t remember!” Katakuri proceeds to spin as he and Blazy fly down towards the ground. They then crash into the burnt mochi and like all of his skill, make a huge dust cloud.

“Jesus,” Luke mumbled, but Luco just rolled his eyes.

“Blazy, you better not be grinding on him!” Luco chastised. “This is a fight, not a porno!”

Thanos then beat boxes the Pornhub intro.

As the dust cloud cleared, they heard Blazy giggle. Sure enough, she was straddling Katakuri in a very suspicious looking way, her head turned towards Luco like a teenager whose parents had just caught them with their lover.

Shiva huffed and tossed her head. “And you thought I was sus with Arkham Knight?” she growled.


“SUS!!!” Thanos called out as the Among Us Drip song began to blast at full volume. Link walked over and pulled the cord on the speaker that had suddenly appeared.

“No. NONE of that.” Link said as he appeared to find annoyance with that song. Then it reappeared on the ceiling and began blasting that same song.

“AMOGUS!!!!” Ryker cried out from the intercom.

Blazy giggled, before suplexing Katakuri, and flipping away into a combat stance. She formed another combat stance, trying to wipe the grin off her face.

“WILLOW MOCHI!!!” A thick thread of mochi shot towards Blazy, and wrapped around her. The dust cleared and it revealed Katakuri sticking his leg out. “GET OVER HERE!!!” Katakuri then pulled his leg back, yanking Blazy towards him. Covering his fist in Ryou Haki, Tekkai, Ki, and a Chakra he slammed his fist into Blazy’s face.

Blazy’s jaws unhinged like a snake, and she swallowed his fist entirely. Biting down hard, she ripped off the limb, before pausing. “Mmm?” she whimpered, staring at the severed limb like she had gone too far.

Like the absolute chad that Katakuri is, his Special Paramecia body regenerated the limb, Katakuri then gets up. “Keep the hand,” Katakuri then fixes his scarf, before putting both of his hands on Blazy’s shoulders. He then clenched her shoulders tighty, before throwing his head back and it stretched far, so far that his whole head was merely inches from Luke’s face. “We’ve been trying to reach you about your cave’s extended warranty.”

“Wha-I paid that… how long have I been dead?” Luke turned to Shiva, but before she could answer...

Katakuri’s head then shot towards Blazy, and hit Blazy’s head with his making a huge CRACK.

Blazy’s head exploded in a burst of fireworks. And for a moment, the drake staggered around, a headless body. For a moment, she sank to her knees, almost looking like she was about to keel over. But as Katakuri was about to walk away, her head suddenly shot out of the stump, and head-butt him back just as hard, sending him skidding as she shook residual flames off her regenerated head and whooped, accidentally sending another burst of flames scorching the arena.

“...I’ll need to get the others to clean this up,” Katakuri said, putting a hand on his forehead. He shook his head, loosening his scarf, he then fixed said scarf.

“Hang on,” Luco said, appearing with a broom. “Let’s see if we can’t sweep this whole incident under the rug. Considering I had a stint as a janitor, I can promise you that won’t be a problem.” He cackled as he began sweeping… yet only caused the broom to ignite. He glared at his broom with a sigh. “No one’s going to get either of these references, are they?” he muttered.

“Nope.” Katakuri replied, and like Hulk did to Thor, he slammed his fist into Blazy’s temple, sending her into a rock. Bouncing off the rock like rubber, Blazy kicked back and sent Katakuri into a rock as well.

“Hee-hee,” Blazy tittered, burping up another flame that she quickly suppressed. “Mm… mm-mm,” she corrected.

“Okay, okay,” Katakuri said, walking out of the rock. “It would seem that you deserve this, you are a good fighter and an even better opponent… Is that the same thing?”

“Mm-mm,” Blazy said, once again wagging her talon like, ‘Kinda, but it is what it is.”

“Well, whatever, you shall witness, you’re all going to witness, my second form!” Katakuri declared his voice booming, he then adopted a white aura. With a powering up charge, the whole tower began to shake like a magnitude 10 earthquake was going on. Katakuri’s hair began to go up like he was going Super Saiyan. Then the aura got sucked into Katakuri… They exploded, making a Universe shape, everyone saw mini solar systems.

From the universe they saw a white silhouette, Katakuri then readying his stance.

Blazy started panting with excitement. She clenched her fists, her flames turning white as her red eyes started to turn black. But as she prepared to charge…

“Oh… snap,” Luco said, looking at his watch. “I’m sorry, boys and girls, but we gotta go.”

Blazy turned to him, her jaw dropping in horror. “WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!” she screamed, bathing him in flames. When the flames cleared, his clothes were all burned off, but he still shook his head.

“I know-I know I feel your pain,” Luco said sadly, cupping Blazy's devastated face. “But we have many important things to take care of.”

“But… But…” Blazy indicated Katakuri’s second form, like that was all the explanation he needed for why this was beyond a bad time.

“Sorry,” Luco said, before glancing at Katakuri. “Actually, wait. I’m a chaos spirit. What do I have to be sorry about?!” He hopped onto Blazy with a cackle.

“No, but… NOOOOO!!!!” Blazy wailed, reaching out for Katakuri. But then Luco snapped his fingers, and they vanished in a burst of fireworks.

“My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.” Katakuri said, turning his form off and looking down at the ground, it then began to storm.


Rain hit Katakuri’s body as a depressing song began to play. “...She was the only one that pushed me to this form… Other than Ryker… My next form would be my final form... “ Katakuri said, sadness oozing out of his voice.

“No one has made me so happy in a fight. Fighting Ryker is boring but her… I have a question for God…” Katakuri then looked up, he was actually crying. “WHHHHYYYYYYYY!??!!?!?!?!??!?!”

The tower began to shake with his yell of anguish. Katakuri then just stood there and got a bouncy ball, he then threw it, it hit the floor and hit a rock before going back to him. He then repeats the process. “Life is pain… Pain is life…” Katakuri said as he repeated the process over and over again.

“This feeling… Is the same feeling I felt when I realized that my mother had… Abandoned me…” Katakuri said solemnly, “This… This pain… Oh it wounds me…” Katakuri sighed before catching the ball, “Wait, I refuse! She wouldn’t have left me! She’s probably hiding!” Katakuri then picks up rocks and throws them, trying to find Blazy though she is gone. “She’s here! COME ON OUT!!!!” Katakuri then kicks the rocks, making them shatter.

“My man is going through the first stage of Grief.” Entity said, shaking his head.

“DAMN YOU BLAZY!!! WHY COULD YOU LEAVE ME?!!??! Wait… This is Luco’s doing! YOU FUCKING DAFT MOTHERFUCKER!!!” Katakuri then ignites his aura and strikes the ground in anguish.

“Second stage…”

“PLEASE LUCO, GIVE HER BACK!!!! I’ll give you my golden gun! I’ll do anything!” Katakuri bargained, looking at the skies.

“Third stage…”

“Why…?” Katakuri said, his voice muffled as he faced the ground, “Whhhhyyy???” Katakuri sobbed.

“Fourth stage….”

Katakuri then gets up and wipes his tears off, “Okay, I accept it, she left me to fight these fighters. She must be hungry after our fight, I understand..” Katakuri then looked at the fighters, “Who would like to fight me?”

“Don’t look at me, think you’re way out of my league.” Link said with a shrug.

“That’s the last last stage,” Entity said, pointing out to Katakuri.

“...So…” Katakuri mused before walking up to the group and pacing back and forth, “I need someone who can rival me. Which isn’t likely given that I beat Ryker on multiple occasions, I need someone that can… Satisfy me, pause on that. Someone who fights fair, and DOESN’T USE CLONES!!!!” Katakuri glared at Eric.

“Use a Fusion for all I care, I’ll check back in fifteen minutes.” Katakuri then turned into a Donut shaped mochi and rolled away.

“...Fusion..” Link repeated Katakuri’s word. “...Two of you might need to use the earrings, or one of you to weaken and to be on the same level of power as another for the Fusion dance. As far as I know, there aren't many equals here.” Link explained from what he remembers of dragon ball z.

“Except beings like Thanos, Eric, Black, Lucci and… Yeah that’s all.” Elia said, “But there’s also the Fusion Dance.”

“The Fusion Dance requires the person to be at the exact level of power, mind, height, and movements for it to be properly done. If done wrong, you’ll mess up the fusion and you’ll be stuck with whatever messed up being for 30 minutes.” Black explained as he crossed his arms. “It’ll be more wise to use the Potara earrings.”

“Well, you guys discuss it, I’ll sit here and watch.” Thanos said, getting a bucket of Fried Chicken, he hands it to Kodo before getting another one. “...Is Lucci still down there?”

Kodo peered over the side. “I think so,” he said, before Shiva gasped.

“Guys, look!” she exclaimed.

The others followed her gaze; a door was open at the far end. The exit to the final floor.

“We can go through!” Shiva cheered. “Come on!” She seized her pack mates and sprinted for the door

“Now you listen here buckarooskee!” Katakuri then jumped in front of the door, “You ain’t goin’ nowhere! Until one of y’all satisfy my lust for a good fight!”

Shiva’s fur started to glow… before a shriek sounded from the hole Lucci had punched down. Someone was flung up into the ceiling.

Kodo blinked up at the person that had just been embedded in the ceiling. “Is that… that’s not Lucci.”

It was Luco. The chaotic monkey man groaned as he slowly peeled off the ceiling and plummeted down after Lucci

“OH NIGGA!!!” Lucci cried out, as he got hit by Luco.

“KATAKURI!” a familiar voice bellowed, producing a ball of flames.

“Ms. Blue?!” Katakuri said, turning to face Blazy.

Shiva wisely slunk away as the ignis-drake reformed from the flames, and lifted her head, her red eyes glittering with happiness.

“No one has ever managed to fight me on this level,” Blazy said, fire swirling around her as she spoke. “No one has even managed to hear me SPEAK without getting hurt.” She re-formed her combat stance. “Luco may be my father. I have obeyed his every chaotic order without question. But I will not obey him on this one.” Her wings and talons spread like Freeza or Cooler, as her flames condensed and turned white like stars. “Our fight is not over.”

“Indeed!” Katakuri cried out, going to his Ultimate Transformation, “I feel the same way Ms. Blue, I have never fought someone who can push me to this level other than Ryker! You are the first one that I want to go all out on, you are truly a worthy opponent!” Katakuri then pulls out his blade, Wailing Dark. “Let us engage in our ultimate battle!”

“Yes,” Blazy agreed, a saber of light forming in her own talons. “Let our battle rearrange the cosmos. Let our cries of war be heard by every man, woman and child in the multiverse!” With a battlecry, Katakuri and Blazy flew at each other. And a single blow produced an explosion that hid the fighters from view, and decimated the walls of the arena. Every fighter could feel the energy emanating from the two fighters.

Thanos proceeded to run up the stairs dragging Lucci, Entity and Elia up them. “Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope!” Thanos said, his voice fading away as he distanced himself.

“So much nope!” Shiva agreed, dragging Luke, Kodo, and all the other fighters by her links as she practically raced Thanos up the stairs. “Come on, everyone,” Shiva howled.

“TIME TO LEAVE!” Black shouted as he grabbed Luna Black and flew to the exit and up the stairs.

“DON’T FORGET US MY BRUDDAS!!!!!” Elae cried out, running up the stairs, Lord Twigo however stayed behind.

“Master Twigo!” Kodo cried.

“GO ON MY FRIENDS!!!!” Lord Twigo roared, “MY TIME HAS COME!!! You must best Ryker on your own, I am a Commander, and I can not assist you in your cause. I came as far as I did to see you grow, Kodo, I wish you good luck on your journey.” Lord Twigo said, holding a hand to his chest like a CHAD.

His ears flattened in sadness, but Kodo copied Lord Twigo’s motion, before Shiva’s link dragged him up the stairs and out of sight.

They were all close but they didn’t realize… They were still so very far...

To Be Continued...

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