• Published 2nd Mar 2021
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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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A Challenging Challenge For A Challenge!

A Challenging Challenge for a Challenge!

Ryker blocked a punch from Luffy, smiling as Luffy tried and failed to defeat him.

“Who else is dead now? Maoehd, Blake, and Nappa! It's ahnly you and Grievooehs now.” Ryker said before dodging out of the way of a punch by Luffy.

“Thundering Strike!” Grievous cried out, readying his Thunder Sword, slamming it down on the ground a huge bolt of lightning slammed down on Ryker.

Luffy huffed and so did Grievous, “Did… Did we get him?” Luffy asked before he was grabbed by the throat by Ryker.

"No, you've joehst pessed me ahff." Ryker growled before sending a plasma wave into Luffy’s rib, sending him flying through rubble as he let out a scream in pain. He turned around only to be kicked in the face, Ryker crashed onto the ground. “Who in the-” He then gets up and he sees Ultra Instinct Grievous.

“Well, this should be interesting.”

“Indeed,” Luco quipped, appearing on the sidelines. “Hi~ me again.”

“Leave us be!” They both pulled out their guns and shot at Luco, only for the monkey man to teleport away with a burst of fireworks.

“Now hold on a second there, partners,” Luco chastised in Applejack’s accent. “I ain’t here to cause trouble.” He paused. “Oh, who am I kidding? YES I AM! Just like Eris and the Golden Apple. Though I wouldn’t recommend eating this apple; it bites back! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Another burst of fireworks exploded between them. But Luco wasn’t the one that appeared. Instead, it was someone else. Someone that made Grievous' eyes widen in shock. Ryker, however, just growled, severely pissed off at Luco, Blazy, Grievous, and her.


Meanwhile, the Diamond Dogs paused, glancing back at the way they came.

“You feel that?” Shiva asked.

“A disturbance,” Luke whispered. “Yeah.”

“But… it’s not possible…” Kodo added. “M-Maybe…”

The dogs looked at each other with fear in their eyes, before...

“Oi, you guys comin’? Pause on that.” Lucci called out, glancing back at them.

Briefly glancing back, Shiva and her family rushed to join the others, just as they reached a new room. Inside, they saw Asura sitting with two wheels next to him. One wheel had all of the Displaced but Phoenix and the other had all of their mortal enemies.

“Is that fucking Asura?” Thanos asked, pointing at the Deity of Wrath. Thanos was then fangirling he wrapped his arm around Black, “That’s fucking Asura!” Thanos squeaked.

“Never heard of the guy.” Link said with a shrug.

Black looked dumbly at Asura before getting out of Thanos’s grasp. “Who the hell is Asura?”

“Asura, from Asura’s Wrath” Eric turned to the Saiyan. “A video game my friend played constantly. Very angry, and very powerful.”

“..So similar to Hulk or Kratos, minus the green or the deep hatred for Gods.” Link guessed.

“Well he held great anger for his fellow Godly Deities,” Eric corrected.

“Hmmm… neat,” Black said simply as he looked at Asura.

“Well, his daughter is being a tool for war and he wasn’t happy about that, got defeated and got knocked out for 12,000 years while his daughter suffers. Asura proceeds to kill a lot of Gods, a lot.” Thanos explained more to Link.

“Sounds reasonable,” Luke replied.

“You forget the Five-hundred years after he was defeated by his brother in law” Eric pointed out to the Titan.

“Oh, thanks, I almost forgot that. Yeah, family is complicated with Asura, but Asura and Yasha then proceed to fight the King of Monsters, aka Vlitra.” Thanos explained once more.

“Tch, I don’t know why I’m here but someone wanted me to spin some wheels. I fought him and lost,” Asura said with an eternal frown on his face. “Whoever it lands on your fight, the ones who fight them are chosen by this wheel.” Asura said, tapping the Displaced wheel. “As you see, it’s very simple, if you don’t get it you’re an idiot.”

“So basically a wheel of fortune… lucky me…” Black muttered.

The wheel beside the Displaced wheel had Kaido, Zamasu, Daybreaker, The Avatar, and Umbra.

Black looked at the Zamasu option with gritted teeth, the voice in his head laughing. ‘Well well well, looks like I'm up there Saiyan.

“...The Avatar Aang?” Link asked in confusion as he saw the name.

Shut the hell up Zamasu…’ Black growled.

“Dammit, why can’t we ever be free from that bastard?” Eric muttered through gritted teeth as he saw Umbra’s icon.

“Ohhhhhhh…” Luke and Kodo moaned at the sight of Day Breaker.

“How many times do we have to teach you this old man?!” Thanos cried out, lookin at both Zamasu’s and Umbra’s icons. “Not you, you stayed dead.” Thanos pointed to the Kaido icon.

Asura looked at Black, sensing his anger, “Hmph, take your anger out on one of these fighters. Now… I’m going to spin these damn wheels!” Asura then stood between them and took a mighty spin of both of them. It then lands on Thanos and Daybreaker.

“Oh son of a-” Thanos said before he was cut off and was teleported to Ponyville, though it was in flames. But in the room a table popped up and there was the surrounding area with miniature Thanos and miniature Daybreaker.

“Ain’t that fucking ironic.” Black said as he eyed the miniature Thanos and Daybreaker.

“I have to agree with Black on this one, Thanos,” Eric said trying to hide the chuckle forming in his throat

Thanos looked up from the table/arena and gave Eric a tiny middle finger. “Fuck you.” Thanos said blankly, though he couldn’t see Eric, he figured he was there.

“You can do it, Thanos!” Luke declared, a sudden burst of courage empowering him. “Beat that demon!”

“I have a way you can deal with Day Breaker” Eric said looking to the Titan. “Throw cake at her” At that Black began to snicker.

“Fuck off, that’s offensive and I still love her! Jackass.” Thanos cried out, showing him the finger.

“Yeah, how will that even help?!” Luke added.

“I’ll find it hilarious” Eric said busting into a full blow laughter

“I second that.” Black commented.

“When I get out of here, I will rip off your other arm and shove it up your ass. And as for you Eric, I will turn you into a fucking donut and give you to Satan!” Thanos snapped.

“Donut? It’s not pink it’s a lightish red” Eric said howling in laughter

“...I’m going to break your spine.” Thanos said with a growl, pissed off, it takes a lot to piss him off.

“Besides, it's just a rapidash, alot of fire, and anger problems.” Link said jokingly.

Shiva glanced at Luke with an intrigued grin. “Getting your confidence back?” she asked.

“I’m not gonna let her traumatize me,” Luke said. “I’m back… and she’s going away!”

“Y-Yeah!” Kodo agreed. “Go Thanos!”

“Hmph.” Asura crossed his arms and peered down at the two minis.

On the stage Thanos was raising both of his hands.

“Celestia, I feel your pain, you’re hurt, I am too.” Thanos approached Daybreaker, a hand on his chest. “You and I are similar, we both have a fire in our hearts that will burn everything when we lose control, look around you, look at the destruction you’ve caused. The homes you’ve burnt,” Thanos said looking at the ruins, “Come on, we can fix this together, I can help you.” Thanos reaches a hand out and smiles innocently.

“Aw…” Entity said, holding a hand to his heart. He was touched, very touched. But to Black, he recognized what Thanos was doing, and a small mischievous smile crept onto the Saiyans face.

“Why am I getting a Hulk and Thor vibe right now,” Eric said slightly worried for his friend

“Dis is not de wey!” Elae said with a click or two, looking at Thanos’ almost replicated Thor smile.

SHINK. Elae drops dead- No, that’s not what happened. It was just Link imagining it in his head as he was getting rather sick of the living meme.

Thanos continued to smile at her, his hand out, with the most cheeky smile ever.

“You got this, Thanos…” Luke whispered, glancing at Shiva. “He’s got this!”

Shiva merely quirked an eyebrow, before cautiously tying a pack link around Luke’s wrist. “Go on, Thanos…” Shiva muttered. “Do your thing.”

“Take my hand and we can change the world for the better, we can fix this, ALL of this with the right mindset and a good heart we can-” Thanos was then cut off as Day Breaker blasted him full in the face with a sunlight beam.

“Well, so much for Thanos taking her to a ‘Whole New World’” Link said with a shake of his head.

“PFFFFF…” Black bent over and began to laugh, “Oh that's hilarious!” Black gasped out as he continued to laugh.

“BAH!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” Lucci erupted into laughter, slapping his knee before he fell over. “AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

“YAH!” Shiva yelped. When the others turned to her, Luke and Kodo had vanished down another hole. Shiva had been dragged so fast, that her paws stuck out like Wil E. Coyote after a pratfall. The white diamond dog groaned as Day Breaker’s laugh ripped through the stands.

“You foalish purple oaf,” Daybreaker mocked. “Thinking I need ‘YOUR’ help to change the world for the better? You, who stink of the mutts who tried to destroy my beloved Canterlot?!”

Thanos then grabbed her by the neck and stood to his full height, “I tried my best, I tried to be reasonable but no… Do you know what you just did my girl?” Thanos asked, Conqueror’s Haki twirling around him.

Day Breaker merely grinned at the demon that the Conqueror’s Haki tried to intimidate her with. “I made my position clear,” Celestia replied, her aura boiling the air around them both. “Those who stand against my ponies…”

“...You done fucked up.” Thanos said darkly.

Kodo and Luke poked their heads out, blinking in astonishment.

“Oh dear god.” Entity said, his red eyes dying down to an orange.


Thanos then coats his fists in Armament Haki before gut punching Day Breaker in her abdomen, knocking the wind out of her sails. Flaring her wings, Day Breaker growled animalistically at the Titan before raising her hooves. The air began to heat to an unsettling degree. The grass beneath them caught fire, and Thanos felt every breath bake his lungs.

Though the Titan never froze and began to fight fire with Hell, kicking it up to Netsu Netsu Heat Man he grabbed her by the horn and made her face go on a date with his fist. I don’t think it’s needed to say that they smashed that day, Thanos then repeats the process over and over again.

Urgh!” Day Breaker growled. “So you’re more powerful than my usual rogues. An intriguing setback, but ultimately pointless!” Daybreaker reared up and caught his fist, pulling him down before delivering two cloven hooves to his chin. Though she may not have carried the power of a Devil Fruit or a Super Saiyan, she did still carry the magic of an alicorn that wasn’t holding back. And her force was enough to jar his grip off her horn and send him into the air. Rolling back to her hooves, Daybreaker launched into the air, delivering another mule kick that sent him higher, before teleporting above him and summoning a meteor that she introduced to Thanos’ heart. Thanos was sent hurtling into the ground, the impact creating a nuclear-styled explosion that Daybreaker hovered in front of, smirking maniacally.

“You see, this is what we should’ve done with Chrysalis,” she muttered to herself. “This is what we should’ve done with Tirek! This is what we… wait… why is he still moving?”

From the smoke out came Thanos, his fiery aura still there. “Rip and tear until it is done.” Thanos said with a low growl, spitting some blood out. He then flew at Celestia, covering his fist in Ryou Haki as his fist began to heat up to the hundreds. Celsius specifically, using Soru he appeared before Day Breaker. “HEEAAAT!!!!!” Thanos prepared his attack as he watched Day Breaker smirk.

Heat?” she asked coyly. “You think that I will be harmed by a little heat? Me?! The master of the sun! The…?”

“CRASH!!!!” Thanos then punched Day Breaker in her face, making her face… Go in her face. But Thanos kept going he then made her body meet the ground, making a satisfying CRASH.

“Dear fucking God she fucked up…” Lucci said, getting a handkerchief and rubbing his forehead as if feeling the heat from there.

“I know, and it’s wonderful,” Luke whispered, giggling in glee as he watched his killer get decimated.

“I wish I could cry, but I don’t have tear ducts!” Kodo yipped.

Eric tried to trifle a laugh. “Heh..Brook joke.”

Shiva merely patted both her husband and son’s heads in silence, watching Day Breaker with a contemplative look as the alicorn struggled to pull herself up.

This… can’t be possible,” Daybreaker growled. She glared up at Thanos, struggling to stay on her hooves. “You… can’t be that strong. This world belongs to me! ME!” Hellfire blazed around her as she shrieked. “I AM EQUESTRIA’S GODDESS!”

“Do you want a cake girl, want some cake?” Thanos said, holding a luxurious, white colored cake with symmetrical sides. It had sprinkles and all in all it was good looking. He slowly smiled.

Day Breaker growled darkly. “You think some cake will distract me from this…?”

“Here, have some cake girl!” Thanos then threw the cake into Day Breaker’s face. Crossing his arms.

She sat there, steaming in rage, before slowly scraping the frosting and cake off her snout. Glowering, apparently just as mad at herself as she was at him, she slowly began nibbling on the crumbs, as her magic enveloped Thanos, and began bouncing him off the ground like a tennis ball.

“Play ball bitch! STEAM HOPPER!!!” Thanos then propelled himself with steam, and he began bouncing in the air like a ping pong ball. He then picked up speed and vanished.

“What?” Daybreaker stammered, looking around. “Where did you go? What did you do? What…?”

“Surprise motherfucker!” Thanos then appeared above her and kicked her head, and like an ostrich her head was stuck inside of the earth. Thanos then proceeds to tap dance on her body, with a top hat and all. “I’ve been watching too much Wander Over Yonder!” Thanos cried out.

“EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” Blazy shrieked like a fangirl, suddenly appearing in a burst of fireworks and dancing with glee before Luco yanked her back.

“Yes-yes, Sylvia is best waifu, now back to the void!” Luco declared, popping away before anyone could comment on their sudden appearance.

“I agree!” Thanos called out back, before Day Breaker launched him off her with a roar of rage.

I’ve had enough of this madness!” Daybreaker screamed. “WHAT IN EQUESTRIA ARE YOU?!”

Thanos then grins before looking down at Day Breaker like she was beneath him. Which she was. “You see Day Breaker, you’re not dealing with the average Titan warrior anymore…” Thanos began looking at Day Breaker with a smirk.

Day Breaker blinked. “Wait a minute… have I been here before?”

“I have become the Titan of legend, I am the fire that puts out the darkness, I am the Drill that can pierce the heavens, and I am the Train that fucking could…” Thanos said, clenching his fists.

Nope, nevermind. This is definitely a new one,” Daybreaker admitted.

“I AM THE LEGENDARY SUPER TITAN!!!!” Thanos cried out his fiery aura upgrading to a full on Hellish flame. “MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!!!” Thanos stomps on Day Breaker’s forelegs and begins to pummel her face. Punch after punch with no remorse. Though the heat did nothing to her naturally heat resistant body, the punches packed more than enough power to get the job done on their own. And in a matter of minutes, the dark side of Princess Celestia lay beaten and broken at Thanos’ feet.

Luke and Kodo exploded into a fit of cathartic howls and barks.



“And now… For the finale, this is for you Luke, this is for all of the things you destroyed. Everyone’s prized possessions, all of it, everything they bought, paid for, and enjoyed to their heart’s content.” Thanos then dislocates Day Breaker’s wings and throws her into the air. Thanos got his gauntlet wearing fist ready, lightning struck him and fueled the gauntlet, covering it in Armament Haki and enhancing it with Tekkai Go. “This is for Shiva, Kodo, and Celine! They had to suffer with one loved one down, all of them!” Thanos cried out, clenching his fist as Day Breaker dropped down. “THIS IS FOR THE DIAMOND DOGS!!!! CORONAAAA!!!!” Thanos roared in an African Accent, he then connected his fist into Day Breaker’s skull and on impact spider webs like cracks formed on the earth and Ponyville crumbled. When it shattered Thanos was summoned back, Thanos then blinks.

“...What happened?” Thanos asked, “I was right in Ponyville.” Thanos squinted his eyes.

“You just beat the living shit out of Daybreaker, that’s what happened.” Black chuckled.

“Beat the sh… no-no, you just BEAT THE HELL OUT OF DAYBREAKER!” Luke cheered.

“It was so cool,” Kodo gushed. “You totally wrecked her!”

“Dear god I went Whitebeard on her ass, for god’s sake, and all that I said back there was true. I kinda did those things for you guys, especially that finale,” Thanos said, putting his hands up as he smiled.

Shiva’s tail wagged, and she inclined her head. “Well, we appreciate it,” she said in gratitude, before turning to Luke and Kodo. “Think you two will be able to be around Celestia, now that you’ve seen how her dark side has limits?”

Luke’s tail was wagging. “I think so,” he admitted. “It’s nice to know that the things you fear can be beaten.”

Kodo chuckled as he played with one of Shiva’s pack link tendrils. “And you were thinking of therapy? Who is this ‘Dr. Wolf’ you’re thinking of?”

Shiva sighed, and severed the link. “No one we need to worry about now,” she replied, grinning up at Thanos. “Thanks to you.”

“You’re welcome, I would have done more but she was fragile, pause on that. I would have done the whole back breaking thing, go Hulk on her ass and slam her over and over again… That’s just the tip of the iceberg. But hey, you’re welcome.” Thanos said with a smile.

“Alright, if you guys are done talking I’m going to spin the wheels.” Asura said, the frown still there he then spins the two wheels.

“...Why is he so angry all the time?” Elia raised an eyebrow, “He did get his revenge…”

The wheels rolled and the Displaced one landed on Shiva - “Oh, heck,” the white diamond dog grumbled - the enemy one landed on Kaido - “OH HECK!” all three diamond dogs yelped.

“OH SHIIIITTTTT!!!!!!!!” Thanos roared, clasping his head with his hands, “OH FUCK!!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!!! FUUUUUUUCCCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!”

Black’s eyes widened, he slowly looked to Shiva with a grim look. “Shiva… I don’t think you can win this one… “ Black gulped.

The white diamond dog said nothing, her fur somehow paler than it usually was.

“No!” Luke and Kodo wailed, clinging to her. “W-Wait, take us in too! Take us!”

“You two can’t interfere with this…” Black said as he glanced at the two diamond dogs. “She’s on her own with this one… I’m sorry…”

“Stop speaking ill about her,” Eric said with his arms crossed. “She’s stronger than you believe she is”

Without warning, Shiva was transported to the ruins of Kaido’s base. There stood or flew Kaido in his Dragon form. Kaido then looks down at Shiva with an intrigued look in his eyes.

“Oh it’s you, lady Shiva, it’s kinda weird not being in a sword… But hey, I’m out and about and you better prepare or I will blow your brains out! Haha that rhymed!” Kaido laughed, his voice shaking Shiva and the surroundings.

Shiva said nothing, staring up at Kaido before shutting her eyes, and breathing, almost like it was her last breath.

“Mom?” Kodo whispered.

“But… I just got you back!” Luke protested


“Well, there be some days worth living for and this is a day worth DYING FOR!!! BORO BREATH!!!!” Kaido shot a Final Flash like fire breath from his maw, the blast was headed straight for Shiva.

Shiva didn’t look up… but she didn’t stay motionless. As the Final Flash ‘apparently’ impacted her form, she vanished in a blinding flash of light. At first, there was no sign of her. But then…


As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the law runneth forward and back; for the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

Kodo and Luke’s ears perked, as the light condensed, re-shifted, and reformed into a pack of diamond dogs.

As one, they spread eagle like wings and launched onto Kaido, the diamond dogs digging right through his scales and carving into the soft flesh underneath. Shiva was nowhere to be seen, and though the army of spiritual dogs had tendrils that dug into the ground, there was seemingly no central point from where the tendrils seemed to spawn.

“... If it’s a one on one fight, Kaido will win. It’s still true to this day because apparently, THERE’S A BUNCH OF YOU!!!!! How many armies must I fight?” Kaido groaned before unleashing a barrage of fireballs across his body, trying to burn the dogs off. Yet, small vortexes of light shielded them, and seemed to make them grow bigger and stronger as the fireballs were absorbed into their bodies. Their digging accelerated, and Kaido began to feel them tearing into the muscles of his body.

“... So this is what it feels like to feel pain again... Huh.” Kaido said, blinking, “Do a barrel roll!” Kaido then spun around and flew up to the clouds. Aiming to go to space given that some people, such as Shiva, can not survive in the vacuum of space. “We’re going to Brazil boys!”

I’m afraid not,” a voice echoed in his head. For as he tried to carry the dogs up into space, they began to flicker and lose their form. Turning into simple ropes that dug into his carved up flesh like grappling lines, they strained and pulled him back towards the ground. Normally, it would have been easy for a dragon such as Kaido to snap the links. But as he strained against them, he felt his energy waning. Almost like his own strength was being used against him.

“Oh fuck you all!” Kaido roared, he then turned into his human form and dropped down to the ground like a ton of bricks feet first.

As he hit the ground, however, the ground opened up like a pair of jaws to meet him. And as he sunk into the ground, the tendrils doubled, tightening around him like a cocoon and sucking him of energy like a vampire. As he struggled, his skin began to change, turning into solid diamond. Not diamond that he could move; he was slowly being turned into a diamond statue.

“Well, I’m meeting Satan.” With his last vestiges of strength, Kaido pulled out a cup of sake and began to pour it down. “Gather up all of the crew, it's time to ship out Bink’s sake…” Kaido sang as he turned into a Diamond statue.

The tendrils withdrew from the now still statue, embedded in the ground like the world’s greatest treasure. From above, Shiva popped out of the ground, her fur shimmering like a star. She glared down at where she had buried Kaido, and then let out a massive breath of exhaustion before falling to the ground. “Holy crap, he was strong,” she mumbled.

Luke’s jaw was on the floor, before it curled up in a smile. “I love that woman,” he whispered in awe.

Black’s eyes widened at the finish, completely speechless. “Holy shit...” Black muttered as he tried to comprehend what happened.

“Have you ever seen Meg? When each Megaladon died and another one came and killed the previous one? There is no way, no possible way that Kaido-” Thanos said as raising a finger.

“Just shut it Thanos, let her have this one…” Black said as he elbowed Thanos in the ribs.

“My enemy got fucking destroyed, my hardest opponent got defeated by someone weaker than me! No offense, Shiva, but my pride!” Thanos said, holding a hand to his heart.

Luke chuckled. “She just stopped holding back, that’s what happened,” Luke said. “A side effect of her abilities is natural empathy; she can’t fight without seeing the side of the person she’s fighting. In this case… she just didn’t care.”

“All in favor of never messing with Shiva ever again? Say aye,” Black said as he raised his hand.

But before anyone could say that, the ground from the arena began to rumble.

“HAHA!!! I knew it! See?” Thanos said leaning on the table pointing at the tiny arena.

Shiva moaned as she felt the ground shift. “Oh, come on, man…” she mumbled.

“REEEEEE!!!!” Kaido screeched, he then burst straight from the ground, “I’m just getting one hit in, I deserve that much.” He then turns into his Hybrid form, going to the size of an Oozaru he readied his Kanabo and lightning struck him. “RAIMEI HAKKE!!!!” Kaido roared as he slammed his Kanabo into Shiva.

Shiva growled as the attack came down towards her, before grinning at the fact that her link was wrapped around Kaido’s leg. With a smile, she didn’t move. “Alright,” she said. “Enjoy your ‘one hit.’”

The force of the blow shook the entire stage and shattered it just like when Thanos did it, Kaido then roared and threw her into the two cliffs that Thanos and the boys walked from. “...I’m satisfied now.” Kaido said blankly, pulling out his sake and drinking it.

Shiva chuckled, drawing his gaze. To everyone’s shock, she was standing up. But… something wasn’t right about it. Her body was contorted and broken. Several of her limbs were bent in ways they shouldn’t have gone. Yet, as she stood up, they reset. She pushed her limbs back into place and adjusted her jaw. She grinned darkly at Kaido as she completely reset her body.

“Well, I give up, there’s no use for this. Want to drink some Sake some time? This fight will go on forever if we continue!” Kaido grinned as he turned back into a human.

“Oh, be careful,” Shiva said, glancing at her link, as an ominous black lump coursed into Kaido’s body. “You ever hear that expression, ‘I’m rubber, you’re glue?’ Well, you just bounced a pretty hefty attack off my rubber.”

Kaido got it a moment later, as he felt exactly how it had felt for Shiva to get hit and thrown into the cliff. His body bent and contorted the same way Shiva’s had been. And as she severed the link, he was left a broken mess just as he had left her.

“... You know that was a dick move, couldn’t you have… Oh wait, that’s right, you would be dead. And I would be laughing.” Kaido said finding a way to drink his Sake, “Oh and to clear things up I would’ve said ‘couldn’t you have fought me like Thanos did?’ Yeah that wouldn’t be a great idea. But hey! The fact that I would’ve killed you though!” Kaido laughed, taking a shot of Sake afterwards.

“Mm-mm,” Shiva agreed. “Asking me to fight like Thanos is like me asking you to fight like a pony. It’s not how we fight, and we’d just get killed trying.” She paused. “Or rather, ‘I’d’ get killed trying.”

“I would invite you to my army, BUT I LOST IT!!!!” Kaido said, glaring up to where Thanos was, Thanos raised his hands and backed away, while Black laughed in the background.

“A generous offer,” Shiva admitted. “But I think this adventure’s been more than filling for me. Give me some time with my home and family, and I’ll get back to you. For now…” She turned to the audience. “How do I get out of here?”

“Hold on, I got this, can you fix me real quick I can get you out of here. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you, I just need you to fix my broken bones so that I can whack myself with my Kanabo. HARD.” Kaido said, looking at his Kanabo.

Shiva hummed in thought at that, before re-extending her pack links; one to him and one into the ground. As his bones re-knit, however, the ground around them died; trees were snapped in half, the grass withered, and the ground turned to dust. But as Kaido was risen to his feet, he rose a restored man.

“Alright, thank you ma’am.” Kaido bowed to Shiva, “Only respectable to bow before royalty.”

“To you as well,” Shiva said, bowing back. “I will certainly consider your offer in the future.”

“Well… It’s time to knock myself out. YEET!!!” Kaido then whacked himself on the head hard, though it didn’t knock him out. “OH MOTHER FUCKER!!!!” He hit himself again, “WHY AM I SO FUCKING STRONG!??!?!” Kaido whacked himself on the head again, screaming in pain. “OHOHOHO THAT HURT!!!!”

“Well… He’s doing-” Thanos was then cut off by a whack. This time, Shiva tilted her head, and used her pack link to add a small bit of extra power to Kaido’s next strike.


“Hey Shiva are ya doin’ yer homework if not your master will KICK my ass!” Kaido then spun around like a ballerina before hitting the ground with a thud. He then squeaked in pain before Shiva was teleported next to her family, who promptly swarmed her with yips of relief.

“I’m fine, guys, I’m okay,” she assured them, as their overenthusiasm sent her to the ground.

“I knew you were okay, but I still worried regardless,” Luke whined.

“Don’t leave us again,” Kodo whispered. “Not unless you have to.”

“I’ll certainly try, guys,” Shiva said. “I’ll certainly try.” She winced. “For now, can you let off on my ribs; that display took a lot more out of me than normal.”

Quickly, they let her up, lending her their energy as she healed.

“I’m still mad though.” Thanos said with a small growl.

“Oh be quiet Thanos, stop whining.” Black said while shaking his head.

“Choke on a fat one, Bucky.” Thanos said jokingly, trying to hide a grin.

“GRAH!!! Stop it with the damn talking!” Asura cried out, glaring at the two rivals.

“Man your grumpy,” Black said with a laugh.

“I’ll show you grumpy when I rip out that other arm of yours and shove it up your ass!” Asura shouted, Elia then promptly plugs her ears. Ryker then walks out of a portal.

“Asura, be kind to my guests please.” Ryker was rather tired, he was in sandals and he had a bathrobe on him. “They’re here to kill the Ryker at the top of the floor, also, I’m a clone. Don’t hurt me, I’m not real, so how is this challenge? It is hard?” Thanos then grinned.

“That’s what she said.” Thanos laughed, pointing at the Ryker Clone.

“I’m leaving.” Ryker Clone then leaves, giving Thanos the bird. Asura scoffs and goes back to the wheels.

“Alright, it’s time to spin, don’t whine or complain like someone did,” Asura glared into Shiva’s eyes. Shiva blinked in confusion - she had only briefly shown well-deserved fear - but she said nothing to contradict the God, and Asura spun it. It lands on Zamasu… And Link.


“Oh shit… That isn’t good.” Lucci said before slowly turning to Link with an expression of dread. Entity just shook his head and began to pray for Link.

Shiva gasped, remembering Zamasu from Black’s vision, but clamped her snout shut, glancing at Asura nervously.

“No. Com-plain-ing.” Asura grunted out from his teeth.

Shiva nodded, her claws fastened over her snout.

Luna Black looked to the Dark Saiyan, who chose to remain silent as Zamasu laughed in his head. ‘Well well well, looks like I’ll be killing a mortal today afterall’ Zamasu laughed as Black said nothing as a dark haze covered his face.

“Not another word from you… you hear me…” Black muttered.

Thanos then clones himself and gets in a suit with a hat on and then gets a coffin ready. Four clones circled around Link all towering over him doing the Drip Goku stance.

“What in the Underworld?” Link asked in confusion as Thanos’ clones put Link inside said coffin faster than he could register. They then close the coffin.

The Titans then dance with said coffin, doing the whole coffin dance. The others just look at Thanos with astonishment as he and his clones do the dance.

“HEY!” Link yelled as a Goron Fist punches its way out. “I am not dead, I was not given permission to die!” he said half joking and with a serious tone of voice as he tore his way out of the coffin. “What’s this about a green faced white haired guy?” Goron Link asked as he stepped out.

“Link… you're facing my opposite… you're facing Zamasu…” Black said grimly as he looked at Link.

“..Oh, grand. I’m going to be killed as quickly as Hercule, minus the comedy relief.” Link said with a… rather depressing sigh as he got back in his coffin, minus the goron form.

“It was nice knowing you, Link,” Shiva said solemnly.

“My brudda! I will guide u to our queen in de afterlife!” Elae clicked, looking up at Link, somehow being adorable. Link ignored Elae, he was too busy sending silent prayers to the three Goddesses Din, Nayru, and Farore.

“Link,” Thanos said, motioning Link over to him. Link sat up in his coffin as he looked over at Thanos. Oh boy, that sad depressing look on the hylian’s face did fit the chill attitude he often shows when nothing annoys him.

“Link, I know you feel like you can’t win but… If you use Manticore poison…” Thanos pulls out a blade and some poison, “Douse it in the poison and it will paralyze Zamasu, then finish him off and knock him out by becoming a giant and wrecking his shit.”

“...Funny, the very thing that almost killed me, is going to help me.” Link said minor amusement as he looked at the bottle of manticore poison.

“If we’re allowed to help,” Shiva added, resting her claw on Link’s shoulder and imbuing him with a feeling of energy. “The Diamond Dogs stand with you. I can give you a temporary link to my pack. It won’t last forever without me powering it, but if you act fast, you’ll be able to absorb the energy from pretty much any attack, and deal it back in equal measure. Just make sure you act fast.”

Link nodded as the help from everyone assisting was helping him gain back confidence.

“And if we are… there's no knowing it would work…” Black said solemnly. ‘Not that it would help… damn Super Dragon Balls.’ Black thought.

“You never know unless you try, and I’m willing to try.” Thanos looked to Black with a nod before handing Link the two items. “I wish you luck, young Hylian,” Thanos gets on one knee and is still taller than him. He then pulls out a blade, the same blade Thanos gave to Gamora, “I gave a copy to my daughter, this one is real, it’s dangerous, use it.” Thanos looked into Link’s eyes.

Link takes the odd looking blade, inspecting its design. Before Link could give them his thanks, he was gone.

Link was then teleported to a place that resembled the future timeline. Bodies layer everywhere as they were mangled or ripped apart, covered in blood. Amongst the bodies laid Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks, covered in blood as their faces revealing horrified death expressions. Link slowly walked along the literal valley of death as his heart raced in his chest; the triforce of courage trying its best to help Link keep going.

“It looks like I missed one… Mortal…” A voice boomed in the destroyed city. Link looked up to see Zamasu in all his glory, standing atop of a building looking like it was going to fall. “Soon… the Zero Mortal Plan will be finished, and I will reign supreme!”

“Goddesses give me strength...” Link whispered as he dipped the switchblade into the manticore poison.

Zamasu looked amused as he hopped off the building and descended to the ground a couple of feet away from Link. “You should feel honored, Mortal. For you are the last of your filthy kind. You should be grateful that you’ll get a quick death.” Zamasu claimed as he prepared a Ki blast. In a split of a second, Link was overwhelmed with fear, causing the Triforce Of Courage to shimmer at its brightest; like a beacon within the darkness. Link suddenly ran at Zamasu with a loud warcry; dagger in hand, prepared to ram the dagger into Zamasu’s neck.

The Kai rolled his eyes as he put a hand up, the dagger piercing straight through Zamasu’s hand as the Kai was unfazed at the face he’d been impaled. Link gulped as he saw Zamasu raise his other hand carrying the ball of ki. But stopped when Zamasu felt a staring sensation run through his body.

“What did you do, you disgusting ape.” Zamasu growled as he couldn’t move, being paralyzed.

Letting go of the switchblade, Link quickly pulled the giant’s mask, placing it onto his face, causing a rush of purple energy to shoot from the mask. Link is forced to let out a yell, which quickly grew deep as he grew up in size.

“...WHY DIDN’T HE USE THAT ON ME??!!?!?!” Thanos cried out looking at the mini giant.

Zamasu growled as he looked up to the giant Link. “If you think such a pathetic poison will last, you’ll be dead before you know it, Mortal!” Zamasu exclaimed as the kai’s body began to shake violently.

Blacks eyes widened, “Link, that poison isn’t going to last. FINISH IT NOW!!” Black shouted.

Without any hesitation, Giant Link took out the Master Sword, which has grown with his size. Anyone watching this would realize that the Giant’s Mask the hylian wore, was the one from the N64 rather than the 3DS where it forced you to use only your fists. Giant Link thrusts the sword straight down on Zamasu’s; the blade’s edge glowing as if Majora’s Moon was descending at a very alarming rate.

By the time the sword began to cut through Zamasu, the poison had worn off. But it was too late for the Kai as the sword sliced clean through Zamasu, cutting the god in half. The two halves of Zamasu fell to the side as The Kai let out a groan of pain. Due to Link not having any knowledge of Zamasu and wanting to make sure the God was actually dead, Link is unleashed a… dangerously big Din’s Fireball as he doesn't want the Zamasu to regenerate in a similar fashion to Cell or Majin Buu. A dome like explosion erupted as the fireball slammed into Zamasu.

Thanos then begins to hum Attack On Titan opening, the first one at that. When he got to the Yaeger part he… “YAEGER!!!!” Thanos cried out.

There would be nothing but a small smoking crater where Zamasu’s once was. Reaching up and removing the Giant’s Mask, Link shrunk down back to normal size. Link let out a bloody cough as the powerful magic had taken its toll. “The reason why I didn’t use that against you, is that it puts a magical strain on my body. My equipment doesn’t run on video game logic, otherwise I’d have tried a glitch to combine the Giant’s Mask and the Deity’s Mask.” Link explained as he took a moment to take slow steady breaths.

Black remained silent as he looked into the smoldering crater, the smoke rising from it as it went high into the sky. “That wouldn’t have finished him off…” Black muttered, but loud enough for Thanos to hear.

“Come on Link!” Thanos cried out slamming his fists on the table, “You can do this!”

Out of the smoke, walked out an uninjured Zamasu who had a smug smirk. He didn’t say anything as he looked to his left. And what walked out of the smoke made Link's heart drop… another Zamasu…


“What a fascinating show, mortal. But such a… pathetic attack couldn’t erase me.” The two Zamasu’s boasted, their voices in perfect synchronization.

“...The Four Sword would be helpful right about now..” Link said mentally to him as he pulled out his Hylian Shield to wield with his Master Sword, raising it to protect himself. “Or at least my own Goddess Luna..” he said, knowing she’d charge into the fray.

Luna Black looked down the table with worry. “There’s must be something we can do!” Luna Black cried out, looking to the group. Black remained silent as he had a grim look.

Link held his hands into the air as a ball of blue magic formed. Link allowed the ball to enter his body as he casted Nayru’s Love to atleast give him three minutes of a fighting chance. A diamond shaped barrier hums to life; slowly moving around the Hylian.

“Oh, is this another futile attempt at stopping me, mortal?” The two Zamasu’s said with amusement.

“Better this than your idiotic plan.” Link spat out as he held his Master Sword at the readdy.

“You remind me of a certain blue-haired Saiyan, always interfering with my plans to cure the multiverse.” Zamasu boasted as the two floated into the air, moving in synchronization as they prepared a Ki blast. Not feeling so confident but still being pumped with courage, Link threw down a Deku Nut, releasing a very bright flash of light.

The two Zamasu cursed to themselves as they launched the ki ball, the two separated attacks combining into one large ki ball. It was aimlessly flying towards Link as the two Kais couldn’t fire it directly. Giving his Master Sword a twirl, Link swung it in a downward motion in an attempt to knock the ball of ki right back.

Link struggled against the attack as the ball of ki began to push him back. But Link felt a sudden burst of power coarse through him. Looking above him, Link saw Black pointed his hand towards him, a thin blue energy flying into the Hylian. Link smiled as he let out a yell, knocking the blast back towards the two Zamasu’s as they recovered from the blinding light. Link knew what Ki was, but didn’t know how it felt until now. Deciding to use this gift, Link starts charging the Quake Medallion into his sword. Link quickly slams it into the ground, unleashing a powerful earthquake of lightning. Due to Black’s Ki, the attack was further enhanced, becoming a wild crackling of blue and yellow lighting traveling toward Zamasu.

With the combined power of Zamasu’s own attack and Links, together it created a massive attack that had engulfed the two kais as they began to scream in agony. “Impossible!!! How… can this… be happening?!?” They cried out in anguish as the combined attack began to vaporize the Kais. Eventually erasing Zamasu from every last cell, shortly after a massive explosion that sent Link flying backwards, shaking the city.

Black looked down with a smile, ‘Well done, my friend.’ Black thought.

“Yeah, great job, pack brother,” Shiva agreed.

Link landed, although a bit of rough landing, Link got up onto his feet, rapidly spamming his Wide Angle to make sure he was actually not out there, or about to reform as if Zamasu was the T-1000.

“Don’t worry Link!” Black exclaimed as he looked down on the table. “I can’t sense his ki, he’s gone… you just beat a Dragon Ball Villain!” Black cheered as a faint image of him appeared in the sky.

“Thanks to your ki!” Link cheered toward the sky where he heard Black. “I really don’t want to do that ever again. I can hear the Fierce Deity screaming at me for not using him.” Link said with a laugh.

“Yeah, consider the ki I gave you a gift! It’ll stick around for a while if you use it wisely.” Black explained.

“Fair enough!” Link said before being teleported back. Nayru’s love stuck around for a while longer before flickering out.

“You helped him?!” Asura then stomped on the ground, gaining the Saiyans attention.

Shiva’s grin instantly faded. “Aw, crap.”

Asura stomped towards Black and grabbed him by his shirt, “Who the hell do you think you are?!” Asura cried out, clenching the Saiyan’s shirt with an iron grip.

Black looked at Asura, “Who am I? I’m just a man who walked through a door.” Black said simply. “If you're gonna hit me, hit me. It won’t change a damn thing.”

“It will change one damn thing, it will change your attitude!” Asura then tosses Black aside, sending him into a wall, and at that moment he is transferred to the Crystal Empire.

“I don’t think it will do anything as much as I've seen Black fight. The guy can take more than just a punch.” Link complimented before Black was taken away.

“Do you want to fight?!” Asura snapped his head towards the Hylian, “If not, then shut the hell up!”

Link let out a sigh at how everyone in this dimension was always fight-crazed. Link, for a moment, was tempted to lie and say Thanos wants to fight. Thanos just stared at Link motherfuckerly as if knowing what Link would do if things got intense for him.

Black simply got up as he dusted off… snow? This left Black confused as he looked around and his eyes widened, seeing the tall crystal buildings with the Crystal castle in the middle of the city.

“Is that a meek little fly I see” Umbra said appearing before the Saiyan in a plume of black smoke

“I guess we all have to face our demons eventually…” Black groaned gazing upon the Dark King and noticed the dark marks covering his body “those marks there for decoration or did Lucifer give them to you?” Black mocked.

“They’re a reminder of the man I plan to kill once I deal with you, little fly” Umbra said running a hand over the curse marks left by Eric’s Murasame

“Little fly huh? A very astute observation of you, claiming me to be an insect, what a joke.” Black laughed.

“Last time I met a monkey like you.” Umbra said, stepping in front of the Saiyan. “He was nothing more than a feeble. Little. Fly.”

Black said nothing as the two stared each other down, the Saiyan then smirked, “Oh but I’m not like this other, “Fly” you so boldly claim.” Black said as hair began to sway in a nine existing breeze.

“Let’s get this over with” Umbra said stepping away from the Saiyan as he drew his sword. “After all” Umbra turned to the Shadow Man and his former hosts. “I have others I plan to kill.”

Kodo growled darkly at the threat.

“..I wonder, is this from different timelines or universes, or were all those fighters recreated much like Zamasu?” Link asked as he watched the fight go on in this mini recreation projectery on the table.

“Time and space are bitches.” Thanos said with a frown before for five seconds, Dialga and Palkia appeared behind him before they vanished.

Link turned his head at the sudden presence of the two pokemon of time and space. “...Those two are dangerous..” Link said in fear, remembering how the movie showed them clashing and causing bits of reality on earth to disagerating as if Thanos with all of the infinity stones was playing pattycake with his fingers.

“Why do you look scared, is it because I’m over Eight feet tall?” Thanos said, raising an eyebrow at the Hylian.

“What, you didn-... Ah, apparently you didn’t see the two legendary pokemon that appeared behind you for a split second.” Luke said.

Ghiratina appears behind Luke, peering down at the “Lucario” before talking to Luke telepathically. “You better shut the fuck up, we weren’t here.” Ghiratina said before vanishing from sight. Luke blinked, and looked around, but wisely didn’t say anything about what he had seen.

“Okay so I saw…” Thanos felt a dark aura behind him, “Nothing.” The aura vanishes, Asura then frowns at Thanos who promptly hides behind the nearest person next to him. Which was Shiva and Luke, the two loyally huddling together to make it easier for Thanos to hide.

“Nobody here but us dogs,” Luke insisted, before Shiva nudged him for silence.

“Do you think I’m fucking blind?!” Asura cried out, his iris being white, he clenched his teeth in anger.

Luke and Shiva glanced at each other. “Well, you have white eyes,” Luke pointed out. “Where we come from, people with white eyes are either blind or see the future.”

“Luke, please stop talking,” Shiva whispered.

“That’s because I was shocked with electrocution, dumbass!” Asura snapped, Thanos slowly grabbed onto the Diamond Dogs shoulder and teleported the trio to Brazil.


As Umbra took his eyes off Black, the Saiyans hair spiked up and turned blond. Black turned into a Super Saiyan as his aura exploded around him. “I’m sorry, but those plans are gonna have to be put on hold.” Black claimed as he took the stance of Future Gohan. “And this time… no one is gonna die by your hands!”

Black vanishes and reappears before Umbra as the tyrant turned back to the Saiyan, only to revive a gut punch. Temporarily stunning Umbra as Black began to land kicks on repeat. “Never take your eyes off your opponent!” Black roared as he spun around, using the momentum to carry his fist into the tyrant's jaw, a miniature shockwave propelling Umbra into a building.

Black let out a deep breath, “That was for Crystal…” Black hissed as he saw the crystal building beginning to crumble and fall on top of the tyrant.

“Call upon the Darkness and grant me blades to sever the Light” Umbra Chanted as the building slammed on top of him

The Building was cut clean in half as Umbra strode towards the Saiyan with two longswords in his hands made from pulsating magic.

“Honestly if you couldn’t beat Von Shadow, what makes you think you can beat me?” Umbra said with a smile

“It’s called holding back, I didn’t want to kill him. The only one to let me go loose was both Thanos and The Crimson Sage.” Black explained as he rolled his shoulders. “You, however… I can let loose.”

“Spread the Darkness and make me untouchable” Umbra said with a vile grin on his face

“That’s not good,” Sombra said, hearing the spell.

Luna Black turned to Sombra, “What did Umbra just do?”

“Umbra just made it harder for Black to attack that cowardly bastard,” Eric said to the Alicorn

Thanos and the two Diamond Dogs arrived, some wearing hats with Brazil’s flag on them, some wearing green and yellow outfits. “What is with you edgy people and your fucking hax abilities?” Thanos turned to Sombra, Eric, and Umbra. “Not you Shiva, you’re good.” Thanos points at Shiva before giving her a thumbs up and smiling. Shiva smiled and gave him a thumbs - or in her case, dew claw - up in return.

“Because D A R K N E S S,” Link said jokingly as he wiggled his fingers.

“Just because we use Dark Magic doesn’t make us Dark,” Eric argued

Suddenly, a six red eyed purple draconic long horned headed popped out of a portal. ““Just look at me for example.” the dragon said before vanishing.

“He’s got a point,” Shiva noted. “At the end of the day, dark magic is pretty much just energy being used in a magical - and sometimes very dark - manner.”

“...Was that Grima from Fire Emblem Awakening?” Link asked in surprise.

“Who’s Grima from Fire Emblem Awakening?” she asked.

“A powerful massive serpent-like dragon known as the Fell Dragon, although why he’s smaller just now?” Link said as he shrugged his arms.

“Oh. Okay,” Shiva replied.

“GET BACK HERE YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!!” Ryker cried out making a portal to the room and making another one to follow Grima.

“You’re all edgy, I use dark magic sometimes and at least I don’t wear black and talk about revenge. Not to mention I don’t HAVE SEX WITH AN EDGY FUCKIN’ PRINCESS!!!!!” Thanos cried out, pissed off. “No offense Luna.” Thanos held up a hand to Luna before putting it down.

“This is the ultimate power!” A black hedgehog appeared for three seconds.

“...Did the universe get bored?” Link asked in concern.

“EBOLAAAA!!!!” Elae said as he was surrounded with a Super Saiyan aura as images of the virus floated around him.

“Why is everyone showing up!” Asura cried out, clearly pissed, he then slammed his fist into a wall, making the tower shake.

Umbra’s spell took effect as Black blinked, seeing a short Crystal pony with light blue curly hair, wearing a dress. The Saiyans eyes widened as he realized who he saw, a young filly that guilted his heart.

Under the guise of Crystal Umbra ran towards the Saiyan with a vile smile on his face, but to the Saiyan Crystal was crying.

“Why couldn’t you save me, Mister Black?” She screamed as she jumped at the Saiyan.

“I-“ Before Black could respond two blades of Darkness were plunged deep into his stomach

“Like I said little Fly, if you couldn’t beat Eric and his Magic, then you can’t beat me and mine” Umbra said diggin his blades deeper causing more damage to the Saiyan

The image of Crystal faded and was replaced by Umbra, Blacks eyes widened at the pain. But to the Saiyan, it was a mistake for Umbra to take the image of a filly he promised to protect.

“Eric won because I held back!” Black scrunched up his eyes as they changed color, turning grey as his hair turned pink. “You dare… have the… audacity to take her image… and twist it…” Black growled as he pulled out the blades. He stared into Umbria’s eyes with rage. “YOU WILL DIE BY MY HANDS!!!” Black roared as he transformed into Perfected Super Saiyan Rosé. The pressure pushing Umbra back. Black hovered a hand over his wound, a green glow covering it as the wounds began to close up.

“You and your Pathetic ‘friends’ all share a common weakness” Umbra laughed at the Saiyan’s anger. “Your all hold such love and compassion to others, it’s why it’s so easy to kill them”

“That may be true, but it’s also our will to go on, our will to fight, our will to face tyrants... LIKE YOU!!!”Black charged forward, Umbra not being fast enough to register what happened as he was kicked in the jaw. This sent him flying into the air as Black appeared above him, his fist covered in a yellow glow. “FIVE REN KUGI DRAGON FIST!!” Black chanted as he threw his fist into the tyrants gut, a yellow dragon exploding from the Saiyans fist and engulfing Umbra as a large explosion followed after.

“I have to learn that…” Thanos mumbled

“You’ve got enough powers as it is.” Link said with a frown.

“But I love fisting people.” Thanos said, looking at Link.

“Isn’t that what she said?” Kodo asked.

“Kodo, Grievous would be proud of you, and I am too.” Thanos said with a hand over his chest as he sheds a proud tear.

“Well, I aiiiiiiiin’t having that sh-stalfos!” Link said, then groaned at how he failed to quote Jontron. “Times like this, I wish I could curse without my words being replaced by the names of Zelda enemies.”

“Wait what? Didn’t I hear you cry ‘fuck’ when you pounded Light? Thanos asked jokingly.

“Shut up!” Asura then slammed his fist down on Thanos’ head, making his head get stuck on the ground. His whole body then stuck up straight like an arrow. Link decided to zip it as he didn’t want to end up like a stomped Goomba.

As the Explosion subsides Umbra emerges covering in blood and missing and arm and a leg, Umbra’s magic flared erecting a barrier around himself as the blood over his body crawls back inside his body and his arm and leg begins to regrow themselves.

“Think I’m a little fly now?” Black mocked as he hovered above the dark king.

“I’m going to enjoy ripping your limbs from your body” Umbra growled at the Saiyan

“I’d like to see you try, you miserable excuse for a king.” Black taunted as he looked down upon Umbra. “You know… You don’t deserve my full power.” Black said as he dropped down to Super Saiyan 2.

“Bear the Weight of your sins” Umbra chanted causing the Saiyan to plummet in the ground. “Dark Press”

“Feels heavier than your fight with the Shadow Man, doesn't it Monkey?” Umbra laughed

Black began to laugh as he shakely stood up to his full height. “You think these sins are heavy? Then you don’t know what I’ve experienced.” Black claimed as he stared into Umbra’s eyes.

“You’re right. Why don’t I add in my Sins as well” Umbra said as the force drastically increased causing the ground below the Saiyan to crack and break

But Black stood his ground as he didn’t falter. “Your sins mean nothing to me Umbra, you haven’t eradicated two pony races off the face of the universe, you haven't caused the death to your loved ones.” Black said as he began to walk towards the tyrant, every step shaking the earth.

“Insolent Child!” Umbra Yelled casting Dark Bullet into the Saiyans good arm

“You didn’t live with that for thousands of years,” Black said as the Dark Bullet made a visible bruise on the Saiyan’s arm. His pupils changed shape, one to of a cat as a dark aura surrounded the Saiyan. “You don’t know what it’s like to lose everything you care about,” Black’s voice warped as rocks began to float around him. The Saiyan prepared a ki blade as it extended to the length of a longsword. “All that you know… is how to be cruel, heartless, and how to be an insignificant little cunt… and that I won’t stand for.” Black said as he charged forward, appearing in front of the tyrant before he began to slash at the barrier with the ki blade.

In my base form, I could destroy this planet… In my Super Saiyan form, I can eradicate a solar system… In my Super Saiyan 2 form, I can eradicate a galaxy… What hope do you have in beating me?” Black asked as he twisted the ki blade in Umbra’s barrier as it began to crack..

“Stop it,” Umbra said Jumping back blasting Black again only this time in his leg. “I am the King of the Crystal Empire, I order you to stop!”

What is a king… to a supreme kai? To a god?!” Black roared as he charged forward with tremendous speed.

“No...S..stay back” Umbra said in fear firing a large black orb of Magic at the Saiyan which pierced his chest but the Saiyan continued to strike and destroy his barrier spell

“Remarkable,” Sombra said in astonishment. “He’s destroying Umbra’s barrier.”

Black let out a roar that seemed to be overshadowed by an Oozaru’s roar, Black broke through the barrier and sliced Umbra’s arm clean off, the tyrant screaming in agony. Only to be silenced as he was grabbed by the head and then slammed into the ground, shattering around them.

Umbra clenched his arm before trying to cast his healing spell, only for the Saiyan to stamp his foot on the Dark King's horn, shattering it into hundreds of pieces.

I’m gonna give you one chance to give up… or…” Black said as he faced a hand towards the king's body, a dark purple orb forming in it. “Or be destroyed, might I remind you though. You won’t appear in the afterlife, your soul will cease to exist.” Black informed as the orb grew in size.

“I...Am….King Umbra...the Undaunted….I...will..never...CONCEDE!!” Umbra charged, rearing his armored fist back at the Saiyan.

Kodo sighed, shaking his head at the sight of his former - hm, he wasn’t sure what to call Umbra - about to make a fatal mistake.

“Oh brother…” Link face-palmed at the ignorance of Umbra.

“And I am inevitable,” Thanos said looking down at the mini Umbra.

“Now don’t you start that.” Link said with a frown of disapproval.

“I’m not starting it, I’m finishing it, like I will finish the universe.” Thanos said to Link, turning to face the Hylian.

“..The one we’re in? I mean I'd understand most of that and this insane situation.” Link said with a shrug.

“Not this ones, or mine, yours, given that there’s a high percentage that you won’t be able to stop me, I could.” Thanos said darkly, Thanos then shook his head. “What happened?! Did Thanos take over again? Oh for fuck’s sake!”

“You really need to lock that guy up tighter than Naruto’s nine tailed fox.” Link suggested warily.

“You mean tighter than Light was?” Thanos said, joking once more, he then covered his mouth.

“Why you little-” Link said as he placed the fierce deity mask on and skyrocketed in height slightly above Thanos as he started choking him as if he was bart. Sadly for the hylian, Thano’s neck was too thick to properly struggle him.

“You transformed, thus that is unfair, so I will transform. HRRR!!!” Thanos then tensed his muscles becoming the exact height of FD Link, “Damn it I’m still not taller, also I’m lying, this isn’t a transformation. I’m pulling a Michael Jordan and becoming taller.”

FD Link let go of Thano’s neck, then a sigh to calm himself down. “Don’t be pulling a Trunks and buffing yourself out.” FD Link said as he looked back down at the table.

“Oh I can do that, Buff Boy, activate!” Thanos became buffer his muscles bulging, “I’m fuckin’ swole!” Thanos then looks back down at the table.

“Think you should change your name from Thanos to Memos.” Link said with a shake of his head.

“You should change your name to your actual name with your ‘My Name Is Jeff’ lookin’ head ass. No offense by the way.” Thanos said, a hetap in hand.

“...What is with you and hetap anyhow?” Link asked since Thanos is constantly drinking the stuff.

“It’s the only drink that makes me happy.” Thanos said blankly.

Suit yourself… Hakai...” Black said as the orb disappeared, only for a pulse of purple light to appear around Umbra. Slowly, the dark king screamed in agony as he began to disintegrate into purple particles, which ceased to exist. His echoes of agony fading as his form disappeared with his soul vanishing. Black sighed as he went back to his base form, his eyes and aura returning to normal. “Dick…” He then gets transported back to where he was before he was teleported.

“THAT’S MY BOY!!!!” Thanos cried out, pumping his fist up into the air.

Black looked towards Thanos before giving him a thumbs up, but he didn't smile as the thought of the past reminded him of his failures.

Eric walked past the Saiyan and approached the remains of Umbra’s Horn before picking up each piece

“Why are you collecting his horn fragments?” Kodo asked. “He could still be in those.”

“Exactly why we can’t leave any part of him,” Eric said, absorbing each and every piece into his shadow. “Any part of him can corrupt even the purest of people.”

To prove his point, he pulled a crystal horn from his body and went towards Luna Black with it. Immediately Luna Black backed off and proceeded to make a barrier around her. “We get thou’s point, no need to prove it.” Luna Black hissed as she stared daggers at the remains of the tyrant's horn.

“Seconded,” Shiva agreed, putting herself between Kodo and the horn fragments. “No live demonstrations!”

“...That was from Jungle Book,” Thanos then turns to Shiva with a disapproving frown.

“What? My chant from when I fought?” she asked. “Yeah, and it’s not wrong; dogs are better in packs. I just thought it sounded cool.”

“SHIVA!!!!” The voice of a certain Blindman shouted out, coming from down the stairs they had to climb to get to this room.

Shiva turned to the source of the voice, her ears fully perked in shock. “Issho?”

“That can’t be the disturbance we felt,” Luke muttered. “Can it?”

“C’MERE YOU LITERAL BITCH!!!!!” Fujitora then runs to the floor and tries to go through the door, only to get punched in the face by Asura. Sending the Wisteria Tiger back down the flight of stairs.

“Issho, oh my…!” Shiva stammered, before wisely backing off from Asura.

Kodo then felt a horrible sensation in his mind, like a pounding migraine.

He found himself in a desert, there were bones everywhere, weapons sticking out of the ground like grass.

“Oh, by everything sacred,” Kodo groaned. “What’s happening now?”

He then sees off in the distance, a mask sitting on top of a dune. His ears flattening, Kodo approached. As he approached the mask he recognized it as Grievous’ helmet/mask. The mask was burnt and bloodied.

“G-General?” Kodo whispered.

Suddenly a red light flashed over him and as he turned around, it was Ryker with ruby eyes instead of emerald eyes. Ryker had Yoru as his blade, raising it high he slashed Kodo.

Kodo snapped awake with a bark of shock. “The General’s in trouble!” he barked.

“You mean Grievous? He’s fine, Ryker’s on the top of the floor, knowing him and his pride he’ll be waiting for us.” Thanos said, before flashing him a grin. “Grievous is a tough guy, he can’t die.”

Shiva, Luke and Kodo exchanged nervous glances. “I mean,” Luke pointed out. “He’s a lot tougher than we are.”

Kodo, however, still kept glancing back at where they had come from. Shiva and Luke couldn’t help but follow his gaze, still sensing that disturbance. Like they were missing something very important.

“He did catch Rubilax too,” Thanos added, trying to reassure the family of Howlite Howlers. “He fought Kaido, survived an assault from Celestia herself and not to mention fought an entire army by himself. He’ll be alright.”

“Hmph!” Asura then turns around, crossing his arms. Thankfully, he ignored Shiva, turning instead to Eric. “Well, it’s about damn time you fight,” Asura puts his hand on Eric’s shoulder before swiftly chucking him towards the table. Eric then shrinks to size, soon finding himself in some sort of weird time distorted area constantly flickering in and out. In the middle of the room, appeared to be a grey and white cloaked figure; its facial features hidden within the hood. Every so often, its head would twitch and jerk. If Eric had any way of knowing, they would have a feeling that this was not its true form.

Seeing the side of the figure caused Link to bring his hand up to his head as a rush of pain caused him to groan. “I.. remember this? I remember this guy, but I can’t remember where and why.. It’s like it happened, but it didn’t?” Link said as he tried to make sense of this weird enigma, as if he was in the paradoxal void of the Displaced universe.

“You could be remembering something, but it's probably being blocked by a memory spell?” Black said with a raised eyebrow. “Yet again, what do I know of magic?” Black said as he held out his hand, making a cup of tea, the Saiyan taking a sip before letting out a sigh.

“That’s not it, I remember this whole thing, yet at the same time I know this never happened… I think this has something to do with what Sans The Batter told me years ago. Someone or something reseted time,” Link said feeling a little afraid before looking down at the table that showed everything. “Be careful down there, Eric. From what little I can remember but can’t…?” Link said before shaking off the contradictory feeling from his mind. “This is actually a lesser void dweller...” he points out.

Thanos spits out his hetap, which falls onto Shiva, causing her to yelp in shock. Thanos then shakes his head and looks down at the table. “HE WHAT?!?!?!?!?!” Thanos cried out.

Link slightly flinched at the raised voice. “Are you actually surprised?” he asked curiously.

“Of course I am! There’s only one person I know who knows of the void and I didn’t even meet him yet!” Thanos said, turning to Link before downing some hetap.

“Who?” Link asked confused.

“Ed, he’s the one who demolished Goku Black, and did a bunch of other stuff that would kill me.” Thanos said after crushing the hetap and throwing it to the nearest garbage can, which was Sombra because he’s trash.

“Edward overpowered Ultra Instinct like it was a toy… hell, he treated my Haki like it was a bug.” Black explained as he took another sip of tea.

“....So he’s more overpowered.” Link said as he let out a long groan. “Enough with the overpowered beings, multiverse...” Link thought in annoyance.

“To be honest, I don’t like him, it’s like the creator of the multiverse decided to go suck a dick and make Ed a half-Void Dweller.” Thanos said tsking at Ed’s overpowered being.

“That’s like every single Displaced asking why their Displaced Displaced them, but the answer would either be the same, because of some important fate, or their Displacer wanted to be a dick about it.” Link said with a shrug.

“I mean, I CHOSE to be Displaced, unlike ALL OF YOU!!! Kilton was generous enough to give me a choice.” Thanos said, remembering his Void Dweller.

“Bitch I walked through a door and then I’m a younger Goku Black, I didn’t get a choice.” Black commented.

“...I didn’t have a choice in the matter, I didn’t want to be Link, I just wanted to enjoy a normal life before that treasure chest containing the triforce appeared at my doorstep.” Link said with a frown mixed with annoyance.

“Curiosity killed the cat,” Thanos said with a blank stare, “You could have simply picked up the box, walked back to the postal place, put it there, and been on your way. However, Shiva, you had no choice in the matter, you got struck by lightning and here you are.”

“Pretty much,” Shiva agreed.

“YOU HOWEVER!!!!” Thanos boomed, making Elia get flung from the force of his voice. Thanos glared down at Eric and slammed his fists down at the table. “YOU FUCKING ATE A PROP THINKING IT WOULD GIVE YOU A DEVIL FRUIT POWER AND CHOSE TO BE A DISPLACED BY BEING A FUCKING RETARD!!!!!!!!” Thanos roared, clearly pissed off. “Which it did but what were you thinking? That could have been bad for your health, teeth, and digestive system.”

“Not really no,” Eric said plainly. “If the fruit killed me that day, it definitely would have been a plus compared to what my parents would have done to me.”

“Why are you worried about his digestive system…?” Luke asked.

“Science always fascinated me when I was in school, as did Mathematics, ELA, P.E, World History… Yeah I was a fucking nerd. I still am, I just hide the nerdness.” Thanos said, crossing his arms.

“...By quoting memes and being retarded on purpose? Why?” Link asked confused.

“Fuck you I have autism, jackass.” Thanos gave him the middle finger. “Oh and why fucking not? Do you want me to be serious?” Thanos asked, peering down at Link’s soul. “Do you want me to, J̷̢̢̝̥͔̺̤̬̘̠͍̬̄̂̈́͋̎̊̔̍́̌͌̏͜͝ē̸̹̹̈͊f̵̢̡̥̯̮̹̜̙̥̫͙͈̤͇̟̈́̅̐̈̄f̵̨̨̧͍̭̫͚͓̥̯̘̠̣͓̈́̈́́̃̒̽͛͂̽̕̕͜?̵̡̧̧͍͇̘̣̮̙͈͚̪̣͉̈́̅̄̋̎͑̊̀͂̽“ Thanos asked, looming over Link, a dark and deep purple aura surrounding him as he did so. Thanos’ eyes turned blood red like he was enveloped in Dark Ki.

“Alright, alright, chill.” Link said as he held his hands in self defense. “Here, have a Snickers, you’re not you when you’re serious..” he said, somehow holding a Snickers Bar in his hand.

Thanos slowly took the Snickers Bar, “That’s what I thought,” Thanos then disappears in the shadows to eat his Snickers Bar in peace. Like nigga sneaking off with a piece of fried chicken in its little hands. (This was written by Chill for context and yes, I am black)

At that very moment, some roblox kid yelled out in slow emotion. “O O O o o o f”

“...I’m losing my mind here…” Link said in full forced confusion.

“Nigga what the fuck?” Lucci asked, looking around in the same confusion as Link, trying to spot the Robloxian. “You and me both, Link…”

“Stay strong, my friends,” Shiva said, patting them both on the shoulder. “We’ll make it through this together.”

“Dat is true my bruddas! With de powah of EBOLAAAAA we can nevah freeze!” Elae said with a click. Thanos proceeds to turn into a Purple Ugandan Knuckles.

“Dis is true my bruddas!” Ugandan Thanos said, agreeing with his brudda. Thanos then goes back to normal, “Ahem, so… Does anyone want to talk to Asura here?” Thanos looks to Asura who crossed his arms and glared at Thanos.

Luke peered over Thanos’ shoulder at the God. “About what?” Luke asked. “Anger management? The joys of fatherhood, maybe?”

“Yeah, you guys should talk about that, that seems nice.” Thanos said, “I’m a father too but Imma sit this one out.” Thanos then gets in a Michael Jackson outfit and moonwalks away, leaving Luke to awkwardly sidle next to Asura.

“So…” Luke mumbled. “Ripped apart the heavens for your daughter, right?”

“Yes, those bastards framed me for murder, killed my wife, and me and took my daughter away from me. And I was killed by that bastard Deus and was sent to Naraka, 12,000 years passed while I was there.” Asura grunted out through his teeth.

Luke nodded. “But you got those bastards back, right?”

“I killed my master Augus, killed my wife’s killer Sergei, killed Kalrow, pummeled Wryzen to death, and killed Deus, the only one I hadn’t killed was Olga. She was killed by that bastard Chakravartin.” Asura explained.

Luke huffed. “Sounds like she got off easy compared to the others.”

“No, she was killed, brutally.” Asura said with a frown.


“...You have a daughter, right?” Asura inquired with a raised eyebrow.

Luke’s tail wagged. “Aye, a beautiful pup named Celine. She has her mother’s eyes and my fur color.” He chuckled softly. “And she’s always so eager to see the world, and to learn about the other species. When a skirmish put us at odds with the ponies, Celine didn’t look for a way to defeat the ponies; she looked for a way to make peace instead.” His head lowered. “I wonder how she’s doing right now; she doesn’t even know I was revived.”

“Revived?” Asura then turned to face the Diamond Dog, intrigued at Luke’s story.

Luke nodded solemnly. “I died,” he admitted. “To Daybreaker.” He huffed. “It was my own fault. I let anger and envy drive me to accept the aid of the madman Umbra, and that madman drove Celestia into darkness. I simply paid the consequences.” He gazed up at Thanos. “But thanks to the Titan’s kindness, I was brought back. Reunited with my wife and son.” He took a breath. “And soon, I will be reunited with my daughter as well. All I have to do is make it through this.”

“Hm… When… When my daughter was born, I couldn’t hold her. I… I just couldn’t when I was a commander during the war against the Gohma, I felt… Guilty holding her. I despised her crying, I despise when anyone cries. It makes… I hate it when someone feels sadness! We Demi-God’s gain power from souls also known as Mantra. The Seven Deities began killing Gohma and Humans alike. Do you know how many souls they collected?” Asura turned away from Luke, clenching his teeth in anger.

Luke’s grin faded. “Far too many,” he guessed.

“Seven. Trillion. Seven trillion lives, gone all because they wanted to put an end to Vlitra. Me and Yasha killed Vlitra, and all of that… All of those lives, wasted! It pisses me off,” Asura growled, Thanos then slid in.

“Let’s change up the topic, what is your daughter like?” Thanos asks the Deity of Wrath.

“What is Mithra like? Well… She’s kind and will always help out when things get rough, and… Gentle. When I embraced her I felt like everything was right where it should be, she’s always willing to experience pain if her loved ones live. That’s why I despised her becoming a priestess…” Asura said with a shake of his head.

“What about your daughter?” Asura turns to Thanos, Thanos puts a hand under his chin.

“Well, I have a Minotaur daughter named Golden Shield, ancestor of Golden Horn. She’s… Well she takes a lot from her ancestor, she’s nice, strong, and a good soul. Golden Shield is about… Four years old in Minotaur Years which is the same as human so… About four months, Dog Years. Her father, Golden Hoof, is a jerk. Me and her are the best of pals, and boy was I proud when she beat her first EVER Manticore.” Thanos wiped away a tear and sniffed, “They grow up so fast.” He then blew his nose with a paper tissue that he forged with Alicorn Magic.

“What in Naraka is a Manticore?” Asura asked the Titan, Thanos cleared his throat.

“It’s a lion with wings and a scorpion tail.” Thanos explained to the Deity of Wrath.

“What the Naraka are those?” Asura asked once more, Thanos gasped in utter shock.

“You’ve never heard of lions and scorpions?” Thanos held his chest, doing an overdramatic step back.

“There were some animals on Gaea but they’re almost all dead because of the Gohma.” Asura explained, Thanos then stopped his overdramatic chest holding and nods.

“I see, that’s unfortunate, well the scorpion is as big as Wryzen in his normal form.” Thanos explained. Asura quirked an eyebrow.

“Huh, so your daughter… She must be a fighter.” Asura said, crossing his arms.

“Not really, no, she’s more of a bookworm than anything. She always goes to the Royal Library to read about history to find where I was, what happened, and always read science books. Shieldy wants to build a country in the sky one day, as in making our WHOLE country float in the sky. She’s a dreamer, that's for sure.” Thanos said with a chuckle.

“Aren’t all kids?” Luke replied with a grin.

Thanos opened his mouth and raised a finger, he couldn’t form the words together. “You have a point.” Thanos put down his hand and closed his mouth.

“...See? Isn’t this nice? All of us talking about our children. Just dads being dudes.” Thanos said with a smile.

“Oh yeah… sure…” Black said with a sip of his tea, being distant for the whole conversation on daughters.

“Do not worry my brudda, u r not missing out on anything! My daughter is a nice person, though not exceptionally nice just the right… Amount of… Nice…” Elae said in his African accent looking at Black as he just stood there, drinking his tea.

“Uh… Thanks?” Black said awkwardly.

“U will get an offspring one dae my brudda!” Elae clicked, “And I will be there to see ur mate birth ur child!” Elae said, Lord Twigo had to cover his face to conceal his laughter.

Black blushed and turned his head away as he continued to sip on his tea. “Yeah… sure, thanks…” Black muttered as he tried to blush.

“You’re not helping my dear friend, he is clearly shy,” Lord Twigo then slides over to Black and pats his back.

“I’m sorry, but this is my second time talking about having a child.” Black said as he quickly turned around.

“For such powerful warriors, you have rather odd hang-ups,” Luke commented. “My children loved the story of how I impregnated their mother.”

“OOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Zarbon moaned in the background.

“NOPE!” Black raised his voice and created earplugs quickly, before proceeding to whistle.

“It was rather educational,” Kodo mumbled.

He suddenly heard the moaning come closer.

“SHUT IT ZARBON!” Black shouted, his voice rivaling Luna’s Royal Canterlot Voice in volume and force.

“OHHHHH!!!!” Zarbon then crashes into Black like an arrow and disappears.

Black quickly got up, the rest of his tea spilling on his gi. He growled as he hovered his hand over his clothing, getting rid of the stain using his ki. “Fucking hate that guy…” Black growled. He then took out the ear plugs as he created a new cup of tea.

Asura, however, frowned. Unable to understand the events that were currently unfolding. “What the hell does ‘dude’ mean?” Asura asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh! I know this one!” Luke insisted. “Rainbow Dash would use it all the time! Um…” He scratched his chin. “It means… someone. Like, it can just be another way to refer to someone as… ‘someone.’” His tail swished as he glanced away. “I think.”

“...I still don’t get it.” Asura said blankly, Thanos just pats Asura’s back.

“Another way to refer to someone as a friend.” Black comments as he finishes his tea.

“We’re not friends.” Asura brushes Thanos off.

“In Thanos’ eyes, you are.” Black said as he stretched, finding it off a little with his missing appendage.

“... I don’t… Tch, how?! What the hell?!” Asura cried out.

“I dunno, Thanos just being Thanos,” Black said with a shrug.

“If he can beat me, then I would consider him as a friend.” Asura then turns away from Thanos, Thanos just backs away from him.

“Man, he’s got some issues with us.” Black says as he created a chair and sat down.

“His comrades betrayed him and someone he trusted tried to take over his daughter, I don’t blame him.” Thanos said with a shrug.

“Yeah…” Black says as he leans back in his chair and glances at the table. “I wonder how Eric’s handling his fight.”

As they spoke with one another, the battle was just starting. All around Eric, looked like a mess of static; broken in shards flying about all around with bits of it revealing two different time periods but never connecting. In the middle of the room was a figure wearing a grey and white cloak, its face hidden within the hood. Any light that shunned through, it’s face was unidentified.

“So..” Eric said, dusting himself off as he rose to his feet as he looked towards the figure standing before him. “To whom do I have the pleasure of facing”

Its head twitched as time glitched all around them. “I am the Avatar Of Despair….” It said as its head jerked again. “I am the Avatar Of Despair…” It repeated, its head jerking around. It appears this creature was stuck in some sort of time loop.

“Reaper of the Seven Seas. ‘Shadow Reaper’ Von Shadow” Eric said, giving a courtesy bow before drawing his sword. “Well then, let us dance Lord Avatar.”

“YOU ARE BENEATH ME!” The avatar screamed in a distorted voice as it’s body took on a gentle shimmer, the surrounding area becoming more messed up than ever, making all sense of direction pointless. Eric would find the floor was suddenly missing alongside gravity weakening, allowing both the Avatar and Eric to float. The longer this went on, the more chaotic and senseless the area became.

“Better end this quickly,” Eric saud drawing in the shadows around his body. “Savage Shadow Soul: Soul of the Savage Reaper”

Eric took on his Savage Reaper form before pulling out his Imperial Arms Incursio rather than his signature Scythe, his right hand glowed green before revealing his Sacred Gear. Holding the sword in front of him, the Shadow Man called upon the power within the sword

“INCURSIO!” Eric called out as a suit of white armor formed around him, however it was different than last time he used it. His arms and legs still had the shadows of his reaper form along with his Boosted gear which began glowing every ten seconds

Eric kicked the air behind him creating a massive shockwave that blew the ruins flying at blinding speeds, before anyone could so much as try to find the Shadow Man, the Avatar was sent flying with an impression in the shape of a fist located on his left cheek. It didn’t take long for another tremor to shake the area as another impression appeared on the Avatar’s back, Eric summoned the red tipped spear of his armor before bringing it down on the Avatar. Unfortunately the Avatar spun around and sent Eric flying with a swift kick to the Shadow Man’s face

“Keh ha ha ha ha ha! You can’t do anything to me!” The Avatar taunted as it hopped around like a maniac. “Eh ha ha ha- Patire!” The avatar screamed as a wave of darkness came flying toward Eric.

However due to his immunity to Dark Magic Eric was unaffected by the Avatar’s dark spell.

“Eeeeh?” The avatar said confused as its head rotated like an owl.

Correcting himself in the air, Eric uses the Moonwalk technique to keep him from drifting in the void. Reaching into his body Eric pulled out his scythe and held it in his left hand while his spear was in his right, leaning forward Eric kicked behind him and raced towards the Avatar with his weapons crossed across his body. A X shaped slash appeared on the left side of the Avatar’s body. The attack connected, slashing open its cloak and revealing a swarm or wriggling tentacles that quickly hide themself deeper.

“This is all wrong! WRONG! WRONG! Demolir!” The Avatar yelled, causing an explosion of arcane energy to erupt from him.

The Eruption of the energy caused Eric to knock off course and drop from his speed, “Teslae-AAHAHAHAAHAHA!” The Avatar yells, laughing while casting a spell, causing a bolt of lightning to shoot out of its hood at Eric.

The bolt hits Eric’s chest, electrocuting the shadow human. “Something is very wrong about you Link! Where’s your spells? Your sword? Your toys?!” The avatar asked as a twisted ugly smile formed within its hood.

“I see.. you believe I’m the champion” Eric said looking towards the Hylian Displaced. Link shrugged his arms with a confused expression on his face, as if knowing but not.

“Don’t make a fool of me! Sellsword!” The avatar yelled as it flew straight at Eric; arms held back as if prepared for an attack.

“I don’t know what you did to him Kid but he’s definitely planning your funeral” Eric shouted out as he flared his magic. “Surround me with the Darkness and protect me from the Light, Dark Barrier”

A thick dark purple magical barrier covered Eric as the Avatar slammed into the barrier sending him flying into the surrounding ruins like a pinball

“Kyeh! You hold no hope to a God!” The Avatar said as it shook off the remains of the daze, it appeared to feel no pain despite the obvious damage inflicted. “Here! CATCH THIS! GAEA!” The avatar screamed as a tentacle arm took out a large spire of earth, soon flinging it straight at Eric like a Javelin.

Eric immediately dispelled his barrier before aiming his hands forward, a flood of shadow erupted from the Shadow Man’s hands swallowing the spire into his shadow. Narrowing his gaze Eric began to pour shadow from his body

“The only way one can kill a god is if he becomes a demon” Eric said as his shadow body soon turned solid. “Savage Shadow Soul: Soul of the Savage Demon”

Eric’s Sacred Gear and Armor dispelled as his skin turned to charred leather, his teeth became jagged fangs, his eyes turned pitch black, the knuckles on his hands turned to spikes as well as his shoulders and knees. Jutting from his back and his sides were pairs of taloned arms in the palm of both hands where eyes which twitched in any and all directions, Black flames bellowed from his head forearms and his back. However he was much smaller than before, in comparison he was the height of Link himself.

“A demon?” KYEH HEHEHEH!” The avatar said as it leaned its head back, continuing to laugh before suddenly, its hood lowered, revealing a blackened head with large sharp teeth. As the Avatar continued to laugh, its cloak ripped apart, slowly growing bigger. A large blackened claw slamming onto either side of Eric. “You can’t even comprehend!” The avatar said said as it let out a bellowing scream, causing a mixture of liquid void energy and saliva to hit in various places on Eric’s body, all the while Eric was laughing with each and every strike, his body swelling and growing along with his laughter

“Dear lord! Eric has been slobbed!” Lord Twigo said, clasping his forehead. “And. He’s. Enjoying it!”

“That’s kinda gay Eric. Really gay.” Thanos said, shaking his head at the man's antics.

Shiva shook her head, turning away. “Nope, can’t handle this,” she mumbled. “Too weird.”

“I agree my sista!” Elae turned his head away from Eric.

“Yesss!” Eric laughed out, flicking his forked tongue. “Again, but this time you weakling I want you to hit me. As. Hard. As. You. Can”

“Hit you? Ahahahahaha, HIT YOU?!” The Colossus Of Despair yelled in amusement. It raised a gruesome claw high into the air, reaching out and plucking an oversized meteor out of the void, soon swinging it straight down on Eric. A very powerful erupt of fire would explode upon impact, blinding everyone watching. There was a long length of silence before a sound could be heard from beneath the rubble


The Laughter only seemed to grow as did the trembling on the stone meteor, the meteor exploded revealing a Hysterical laughing Demon Eric whose body looked like it belonged to a professional bodybuilder like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“I thought I told you to hit me with every ounce of strength you have” Eric mocking in a laughing manner as he effortlessly pulls out a chunk of rock from the meteor. “Cause it felt like it was made from paper mache.”

“You’ve been too much FFFUUUNNN.” The Colossus Of Despair said a mist of vile smelling poison spread all around Eric. “To kill now!”

Eric just smiled and took in a deep inhale of the poison, his body growing larger in response.

“Quite tasty,” Eric mocked with a wide smile. “Got any more?”

The Colossus Of Despair turned his head sideways, confused and perplexed at how Eric resisted so much.

“What are you waiting for? HIt Me! Fight Me!” Eric screamed out, launching himself at the Colossus of Despair. At that moment, tentacles shot out of its body straight at Eric; each one thin and sharp enough to puncture almost anything.

Eric just laughed as his body grew to the point where the Tentacles could not remove themselves from the pressure around them, Eric grabbed hold of all of them before pulling his opponent towards him. Once within reach Eric placed a hand on the Colossus’s chest

“Suffering of Gluttony” Eric called out as all pain and damage was compressed in the palm of his hand

The compressed damage was fired into the Colossus at point blank range. The giant was sent flying through the void, crashing into meteors and left over bits of the room. Once the impact of the attack had ended, the Colossus was bleeding out void, and anything it touched would suddenly cease to exist.

“STOP FUCKING AROUND, KILL IT!” Link shouted out as bits of time erased memories returned to him. “Its true form will just make things worse.

“STOP BEING A DRAGON BALL Z CHARACTER YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!!” Thanos cried out before turning to Shiva, “No offense.”

“... DRIVE TO… DESPAIR… CRUSH… HOPE ITSELF…” The Colossus said as it floated toward Eric; its body flickering from glitches in time. The void was starting to crumble and fade, disgrating one by one as the shell from The Colossus Of Despair’s body was falling. Every so often, Eric would keep seeing different timelines all around and the Colossus Of Despair’s form flickering from the millions of forms it had used.

As the flickering figure began to move towards Eric, it’s body began to be hit by hooks of shadow. Looking down he found his own shadow had surrounded his feet, the Colossus was dragged down into his own shadow as he tried to forcefully remove the hooks. The Colossus screamed as his head was swallowed into Eric’s Shadow Zone

“YOU CAN’T.. STOP DESPAIR.. FOREVER!” Colossus said as it opened it’s maw wide to cast a spell, only for his own shadow to clamp it shut. The moment the Colossus Of Despair left this existence, everything faded back to reality. Link let out a breath of sigh now that the danger was averted.

“Congratulations you edgy pianist.” Thanos said, clapping slowly, very, very slowly.

Kodo blinked at Thanos, before glancing at Eric and then at the others. “Goodnight, everybody,” he said with a grin.

“...What the hell?!” Asura cried out, “None of you are making sense! You’re pissing me off!”

“Welcome to the club,” Shiva deadpanned. “I’ve got jackets.”

“Shut. Up.”

“I remember fully now I fought this being before, I was only able to kill thanks to Ash who applied a lot of buff spells on me..” Link explained.

Suddenly Eric was now back inside of the room, Thanos then cleared his throat. “Now that we have our edgy boy back, let’s go!” Thanos then kicks down the door that had… More stairs to it.

Dispelling his Shadow Soul, Eric collapses in Shiva’s arms, who started healing any injuries he had with her links. However he still ended up coughing up a bad amount of blood much to the Diamond Dogs' worry.

“Easy there, Eric,” she said, glancing at the others. “Does anyone have any orange juice or something?”

“Get the hell out of here and move on!” Asura barked, glaring down at Eric and pointing to the door.

“I’ll be fine,” Eric said, lifting himself to his feet.

“Yes, whatever you say,” Shiva replied, before barking. Luke raced to her side, and together, the dogs carried Eric up the stairs to the next level, Kodo wandering behind them.

“That was reckless of you” Sombra said, tailing behind Eric and the Diamond Dogs. “Dangerously Reckless, you could have died!”

“But I didn’t, Did I?” Eric asked with a smile

Sombra however wasn’t happy with that response and bonked Eric in the head with the back end of his sheath

“SO MANY FUCKING STAIRS!!!!” Thanos roared as he began to climb up the stairs.

“Po from kung-fu panda, the grumpy cat meme, Hulk, and Francis from left four dead would agree with you.” Link said half jokingly, half seriously to Thanos.

“I will rip off your spine and choke you with it! I am at my breaking point! Any other remark and I will drag your skull across the walls until your head is burnt TO A DAMN CRISP!!!!” Thanos roared, his head on fire with white.

*Linkin Park - One Step Closer plays as Thanos’ hair caught on fire.*

“Save it for Ryker, please,” Shiva replied.

Thanos slowly turned towards Shiva, not even saying a word. He slowly continued his walk.

“Let us go my bruddas! To de top!” Elae followed Thanos.

“Whatever you say, *Click* Elae,” Entity said, walking up to the stairs. Elia followed after him.

“We r close to de top!”

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