• Published 2nd Mar 2021
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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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Ninth Floor! Oh yeah, it's Pokemon time.

Ninth Floor! Oh yeah, it’s Pokemon Time.

The TV then turns off as the series has met its end. All was silent.

“...This was by far the most…” Grievous clenching his fists, looking at the screen. “AWESOMEST SERIES I’VE EVER WATCHED!!!!” Grievous cried out, jumping to his feet. “Sylvia is the best girl in ALL OF THE GALAXY!!!!!” Grievous said, hopping around.

“MM-HMM!” Blazy agreed, dancing with him. Ryker just sat there, staring at the TV.

“THE VERY BEST!!!” Grievous said with a laugh, “Ryker, remember that episode where Sylvia doubted the hat? That was my favorite one! Oh who am I kidding? They’re all my favorites!” Grievous said with a laugh, Ryker slowly rubbed his eyes.

Ryker then punches Grievous in his face unexpectedly, sending him flying into some rubble. Ryker then gets up and hands the controller to Luco as he walks towards Grievous. Grievous got up and went into a fighting stance.

“You think you’re so high and mighty don’t cha?!” Grievous said, his voice echoing.

“Five…” Ryker began to count, holding up five fingers.

“Why are you counting?” Grievous tilted his head.

“Four…” Ryker said as he put down a finger.

“Uh… Well anyway I will beat your ass!” Grievous said, pulling out his Elemental Swords.

“Three…” Ryker put down another finger.

“Here I come, Irish boy!” Grievous then flew at Ryker.

“Two…” Ryker put down another finger, his eyes half closed as he looked at Grievous.

“ELEMENTAL-” Grievous then begins to spin like Sonic The Hedgehog. “SPIN!!!”

“And… One.” Grievous then let out a wail of pain as he dropped out of Ultra Instinct, purple Ki surrounding him as his pupils disappeared and he was white-eyed. Grievous then fell to the ground unable to move.

“I forgot that it was a side-effect of Ultra Instinct…” Grievous grumbled, Ryker then shook his head.

“You seriously didn’t even think for a moment that I was stalling? Yes, while it may be the greatest Disney Show of ALL time and Sylvia is THE best girl. You are a retard, a complete and utter fool. You fell into my trap and now I will beat you silly.” Ryker then readied his fists, covering them in Armament Haki.

“... If the multiverse is a big place… And you two are out there… Wander, Sylvia, PLEASE GET THIS IRISH PRICK AWAY FROM ME!!!” Grievous cried out, Ryker raised his fist and slammed it down onto Grievous skull.

Luco tsked, glancing at Blazy. “Well, Blazy? You are part Zbornak, after all.”

“Mm…” Blazy started to step forward, before Luco hopped on her back.

“That’s right,” Luco agreed. “Your name’s not Sylvia. You’re just one of her fans.” He shrugged. “Sorry, Grevy.” And with that, they teleported away with a burst of fireworks.

“Bye, have a wonderful time!” Grievous said, before getting kicked in the chin.

“No one is going to help you! I am inevitable you bag of bolts!” Ryker said as he stomped on Grievous, over and over again.

“Doh!” Grievous said, wheezing. Ryker raised his foot, and with a cackle he stomped on him again.

“...Do you feel that?” Thanos said, stopping in his tracks. “Feels odd.”

“I taste that!” Kodo said, looking around. “Seriously, there is something really-really wrong.”

“Only way we can make it right is by getting to the top,” Shiva insisted.

“..I recognize the feel of time, but the other part makes me feel a little queasy…” Link said as he looked toward the feeling of spaciality.

Black stopped and looked around, Luna Black raised an eyebrow. “Now that you mention it… can anyone sense anyone outside the tower, cause I can’t sense their life force…”

Eric, who had timed out of the fusion with Sombra, Closed his eyes and tried to find anyone with his observation haki. Snapping his eyes open Eric saw and outline of people outside the tower, however he couldn’t spot nor sense and of his friends or the others that came with the other Displaced

“You’re right Black, our friends are nowhere to be found” Eric said blinking as his vision returned to normal

“We’re too far away, when we go up the stairs and move to floors we go to different dimensions. Right here, is a bridge to a dimension AND we couldn’t even sense them from the start when we got in this tower!” Entity replied, walking passed Thanos.

“Yeah, now… Wait, do you see that?” They all make it up to a room and there stood Giratina with Palkia and Dialga with him.

“Hey...” Luke noted before remembering their threat. “Uh… who are you guys?”

“The Legendary Pokemon of Space, Time, and Distortion” Eric said, slightly upset. “Out of all the legendaries they don’t have Darkrai” Eric muttered to himself

“...What was the last time you played pokemon?” Link asked Luke curiously.

“I don’t wanna talk about it,” Luke replied morosely.

“I control Antimatter and the Distortion world, I am Giratina!” Giratina said, spreading his wings, the beast was taller than Thanos.

“I am Palkia and I control space.” Palkia introduced himself, Dialga perked up.

“And I am Dialga, I control time.” Dialga said before turning to Giratina, “You ask the questions.”

“Man… The Supreme Kai of Time would have trouble with that.” Black commented, crossing his arms.

“I ATE THE SUPREME KAI OF TIME!!!” Dialga cried out, his red eyes glowing.

“Yeah sure, and I’m evil.” Black said with sarcasm.

Dialga then coughs up a potara earring, before inhaling it.

“Huh… that's new…” Black said with a raised eyebrow. ‘At Least he didn't eat Toki Toki, that would cause problems.’ Black thought.

“Er… Fine, alright, okay we have some questions that need answers if you want to pass. Understand?” Giratina tilts his head, looking at the group.

“Understood, Pokemon Satan!” Thanos said with a salute. Link facepalmed at that.

“Okay, question one, who would be the Main Protagonist if this was a show.” Giratina inquired, Thanos just smiled.

“I’d say whoever is here who’s good with bonding with pokemon.” Link pointed out as it made the most sense.

“Easy, Shiva.” Thanos said, putting hands on his hips.

Shiva’s ears perked. “Me?” she asked.

“Come on, you’re a kind soul,” Thanos said, giving her a thumbs up. “Not to mention you helped the others, beat Fujitora… Yada, yada, yada.”

“False,” Giratina said with a frown.

“What?!” Thanos cried out, “But how? You know what? You try Shiva!” Thanos pushes her in front of him. Going behind her.

“Um… okay…” Shiva mumbled, glancing up at Giratina nervously. “I was going to say Thanos. He’s the strongest of us, is pretty much the leader, and the one who has the most hope of getting us through to the end.”

“Correctomundo, Thanos is the protagonist, think about it, he won the tournament, helped his friend, Black, met Eric, knows the Crimson Sage by name, beat your worst enemy, WON THE TOURNAMENT saved your husband two times and I can go on.” Giratina said with a laugh, Thanos just had a confused look on his face.

“Nigga how the fuck?!” Thanos said, looking around, “How? Why? WHEN!??!!?” Thanos cried out. “WHY AM I THE MAIN FUCKING PROTAGONIST?!?!?! I DON’T WANNA!!!!!”

“Now, who is the best girl?” Giratina asked, looking at everyone.

“Shiva,” Luke said instantly, pointing at his wife.

“Absolutely Mom,” Kodo added.

“G-Guys!” Shiva stammered, blushing as her tail wagged.

“Correct!” Giratina exclaimed, “You are such a nice Diamond Dog, you care for Fujitora, have two wonderful offspring and have a mighty husband!”

“Stop, you're making her blush,” Entity said, pointing to the Diamond Dogs. Indeed, Shiva was turning more red than white, though Luke and Kodo just laughed as they embraced her blushing form.

“Now, who has never defeated a Displaced?” Giratina asked, Thanos then pointed to Black, as did the rest of everyone.

“Black.” They all say at the same time.

“Correct.” Giratina said, “He didn’t win against Crimson Sage, never really beat Thanos, lost to Eric, Towa was killed by Akainu and Akainu was defeated by Mira. So he never defeated a Displaced.”

“Get fucked, Black.” Thanos said, flipping Black off.

“Fair… but I feel personally attacked here…” Black said as he looked down, frowning.

“Sorry,” Shiva said sheepishly.

“We all get attacked, personally, physically, mentally, and socially.” Giratina said plainly.

“Now, who gets traumatic flashbacks when someone says Three Female Royal Guards?”


Thanos froze, looking straight at Giratina, his pupils shrunk and just stood there.

“‘Thanos’ enough for you?” Shiva asked the trio, before reaching for Thanos. “Thanos, you’re not there anymore, you’re with your pack. Stay calm. Deep breaths, and remember, you’re not there anymore.”

Thanos does exactly what Shiva told him… And he was turned into a purple bean. “Black! Black! I’m over here, flip me over.” Bean Thanos ordered the Saiyan

“First… no… second, why the fuck do I have to flip you?” Black asked.

“I gave you your arm,” Bean Thanos said plainly.

“That's a fair point, but it doesnt tell what purpose it would serve flipping you.” Black said as he crossed his arms.

“I could look at you because my ass is facing the damn ceiling.” Bean Thanos said, as he tried to turn his body only to fail.

“Oh… then why didn’t you say so?” Black said as he walked over to Thanos, then pulled him out of the ground like a vegetable. “Better?”

“Yup better, look at me, I turned myself into a bean, I’M BEAN THANOS!!!!!” Bean Thanos said in a perfect Rick impression.

Black then dropped Thanos onto the ground and walked away, saying nothing at the Titan. ‘How do you deal with these… ‘Displaced’?’ Zamasu asked who sounded disgusted.

“I just got used to it…” Black said.

Link wanted to make a joke about Bean Thanos getting along with Picklerick, but considering the death stares Thanos keeps giving, Link decides it's not worth it at the moment.

Shiva blinked. “This was not my intention,” she admitted.

“Okay, now you all can pass.” Giratina then opens the door, Thanos just sat there, still a bean. Until Shiva walked back to him, picked up the bean and carried it with her.

Link felt a bit upset, as no questions were asked about himself, making him realize he has made the least impact on this whole journey. Sure, he’s defeated some powerhouses thanks to his friends, found another love, saved the Ender Dragon from extinction, saved one or two people from dying, but that appeared to be about it. <feel free to edit this as there’s probably alot i’m forgetting>

As soon as they passed the door Thanos turned back to normal, his 700 pound body was like it was. Shiva nearly staggered under his weight, but luckily, Luke returned to her, and helped her set Thanos on the ground.

They then find themselves in a waiting room, a door was out there.

“...We’re in the stadium from Pokemon Sword and Shield wait, why do I have a pokeball in my hand?” Thanos asked, then pokeball just chilling,

“Not just that,” Shiva noted, gazing in shock at Luke. “Did you… get a makeover?”

Luke now looked much more like a Lucario than before. Though, granted, the changes were minimal.

Eric’s black coat moved from his body to his shoulders as a black hat was on his head and a pair of black shorts and Sneakers adorned his lower body. Along with his changes he also noticed a single Dark Ball attached to his belt

“The Fuck” Eric said before seeing Sombra laughing at Eric in a white sleeveless shirt and a pair of blue pocket shorts a Ultra Ball on his belt

Eric used his shadows to cover his legs like a pair of pants.

“Let’s see what’s in this ball,” Thanos throws the ball on the ground and out comes a 9’6, 785 pound wolf. “...Brudus?” Thanos said, raising an eyebrow, Brudus then shook itself like he was a wet dog. And looked at Thanos in his eyes, Brudus then sniffed the Titan and his tail wagged. “BRUDUS!!!!” Thanos said running at Brudus and the giant of a dog tackles him.

Shiva, Luke and Kodo’s jaws were on the ground. “That guy was in that ball?” Kodo stammered in shock.

“Pokeballs are a fickle,” Brudus replied, as Thanos gets up. “They’re weird but it gives me shelter so I’m alright.”

“In theory, I think it's like the capsules from Capsule Corp, except instead of smoke, it's a flash of light. I’ve always believed that pokemon get turned into energy and get shrunk down to fit inside the ball. Inside said pokeball, is a room or an area fit for that pokemon’s needs. Some pokeballs are specially designed in terms of capturing or taming, like the Love ball. It’s kind of a mixture of the hyperbolic time chamber and the PC from the Pokemon games since you can assign an area for them in each Box. I used to be a bit of a pokemon nut years ago, then stopped playing them after Black & White 2.” Link explained in full detail as he smiled at his memories.

“If you say so… ‘Brudus,’ right?” Shiva asked, before inclining her head. “I’m Shiva.” She indicated her family. “This is my son Kodo and my partner Luke.”

“I am called Brudus but my original name is Zamazenta, I am the guardian of this country and I carry a mighty shield. Though you can’t see it… Yet.” Brudus then proceeds to stick out a paw for a hand shake. Shiva took his paw and shook it with a grin.

“I look forward to working with you,” she replied.

“God you sound like my sister…” Brudus said, though only the Diamond Dogs could understand him, others only heard barks. Thanos tried to pet Brudus’ back, but failing on the account he was too short. So he just went for the head.

“This is a big boi, he’s adorable,” Thanos said, Brudus looked like he was ready for war and had been in a war but he was still adorable in the eyes of Thanos. “This is the biggest boi you’ll get,”

There was a pokeball that Link had in his hands. He looks down in confusion, wondering how it got there without him feeling in.

Similarly, Kodo noticed a poke ball in his claws as well, blinking down at it in confusion.

Black felt something in his hand, seeing a pokeball in his metal hand. “Huh, I guess we all get pokemon… Neat!” Black said with a smile, they all noticed someone hiding in a dark corner, a bulky figure. “Vegeta?”

“WRONG!!!” The stranger called out, the man walked out of the shadows and had a massive chin. Lucci gasped and pushed everyone to the other side of the room.

“THE NIGGA CHIN!!!” Lucci cried out.

“That’s not how you say it...” Link said with a frown.

“Well that’s how they said it,” Lucci snapped, “Fucking donut.”

“The fuck you just say?” Black said with a raised eyebrow.

“Indeed I am, I am the Nigga Chin!” Nega Chin said, Thanos put himself before everyone.

“What do you want from us?” Thanos said, shaking in fear.

“I’m just here to tell you that Luna Black, you’re up.” Nega Chin walks out of the room like nothing happened. Thanos then sighs.

“..ok?” Link said plainly with a shrug of his arms.

“We get to live… For now.” Thanos said before he then shivered.

“Huh?” Luna Black said in confusion.

“You must best Necrozma in a pokemon battle. Necrozma is fighting,” Lord Twigo explained to the Alicorn.

“We don’t know how to play this game of ‘Pokemon,’” Luna Black said with worry.

“Throw your singular ball onto the ground, and out come a pokemon that you will order. Here is its moveset.” Thanos then hands her a book.

“... Sounds like slavery to us…” Luna Black pointed out as she took the book from Thanos.

“S-Slavery?” Shiva asked, her voice going up an octave.

“With all due respect,” Kodo asked. “Why’d you mention the S-word?”

“Pokemon get caught, bond with the trainer, love the trainer as the trainer loves it back and then boom. Forced Friendship through slavery.” Thanos said blankly, Brudus then licks Thanos’ head.

Kodo and Shiva stared at Thanos, horrified, before Kodo stared down at his pokeball like it was a live mine.

“I don’t feel good…” Shiva mumbled, as memories of her time in the fighting pits flickered around her form. Some got triggered by a certain number of female guards. Shiva got triggered by the S-word.

“Mom, it’s okay…” Kodo said, taking her links.

“You’re not in the pits anymore,” Luke agreed. “Just take it easy, you’re all good.”

“Hey, come on, Brudus is fine, see?” Thanos said looking to Brudus the guardian of the Shield. Brudus was just vibing and laying down, catching some Z’s. The sight of him relaxed calmed Shiva, though her fur still remained rather pale as she collected herself with deep breaths.

She still turned to Kodo with a growl and pointed at his pokeball. “Whatever creature is in there,” she told him firmly. “You treat him or her like the living being he or she is, understand?”

“Of course, Mom,” Kodo assured her.

“The one inside there is a fighter, young and strong.” Brudus said drowsily, yawning, when he opened his mouth it looked like it could fit Thanos’ head inside it.

Kodo chuckled. “Then we’ll get along very well,” he decided, opening the ball and releasing the pokemon inside; a strange bear-like creature with a bandana not dissimilar to a kung fu fighter.

“It’s a Kubfu, a fighting type pokemon, the weakness to fighting is flying and psychic.” Brudus explained before shifting his body for a more comfortable position on the floor. “Super effective to normal, ice, rock, and steel. I’m a fighting type in this form but when I get my shield… Oh boy I become one HELL of a fighting steel type. Pardon my language.”

Kodo nodded in appreciation to Brudus’ explanation before turning his attention to the Kubfu. “Well, uh… Kubfu?”

“Kubfu!” the pokemon clarified.

“I’m Kodo,” Kodo said. “And we are gonna make one heck of a team.” He offered his claw. “Partners?”

“Kubfu!” the pokemon declared, shaking Kodo’s claw.

“This is so adorable!” Lord Twigo said, having his pokemon next to him, a Sir Fetch’d that was muscular. Having it’s blade resting on its shoulder.

“Sir Fetch’d!” The Knight agreed with the Holy one.

Eric tosses his Pokeball into the air, the ball opens releasing a flash of light revealing the tall form of Incineroar, immediately Eric grew a massive smile on his face

“Incineroar! Fuck Yes!.” Eric said in excitement. “My all time favorite, A Fire and Dark type”

Seeing the excitement on his friends face Sombra threw his ball only to shrink back when he saw it was small rodent looking one, this in turn caused Eric to bust out laughing

“Blaziken!” The Fiery Bird said, clenching it’s claws and pumping it into the air.

“Hoopa!” The Deity of Rings said floating next to Elae.

“We have pokemon my bruddas!” Elae said, clicking wildly, “DIS IS DE WEY!!!”

The Alicorn blinked for a moment before looking at the pokeball in her hand. She then got a determined look, “Alright, we shall beat Necrozma in the battle of pokemon!” Luna Black says with determination as she raises the pokeball in the air.

“You can win!” Thanos called out before running to a person who was betting, “I put all of my bits on Necrozma.” Thanos said quietly. Black thought he heard something as he looked to Thanos, but said nothing as he looked back to the Alicorn.

“Alright, let’s go to the stands,” Entity then walks out, glancing back at Luna Black and giving her a nod.

There stands Necrozma in the middle of the arena as he watches Luna Black walk out.

“Greetings and welcome to a Pokemon battle, here are the rules. There will be no items in battle, held items are allowed, when your pokemon faints you lose and go to the stands. And this will be a turn based battle, that means no attacking when I’m attacking. Understand?” Necrozma said, tilting his head, he was 7’10.

“That seems inefficient,” Luna Black remarked as she looked at the poke ball in her hand. She noticed a button in the middle of the ball. Out of curiousity, she pressed it as the ball began to glow. She tossed it out of her hand at the sudden light. As the ball hit the ground, it opened as a shimmering light slinked from the ball.

Out came a creature in the shape of a crescent moon, one eye on either side of it. It floated there while the Alicorn watched in awe at the new creature.

“She’s fucked.” Thanos said blankly.

“What is it Thanos?” Black asked as he sat down next to the Titan, moving his metal arm about as he got used to his new appendage. “Is that not a good Pokémon?”

“Yup, one it’s a psychic type, Necrozma is a psychic type as well. Two, it can’t evolve and has trash stats. And… Yeah… Good thing I bet on Necrozma.” Thanos said aloud.

“Well…” Black said as he looked down to Luna Black. “Lulu’s doesn't have a chance…”

“Not to mention I calculated that Necrozma is level one hundred!” Thanos cried out.

“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.” Black looked to Thanos with a raised brow.


The battle had now begun, since Necrozma had a higher speed stat, he went first.

“Night Slash!” Necrozma then swipes his massive at Lunatone, with 100 percent accuracy it hits.

Super Effective.

And just like that, the pokemon fainted, Necrozma blinked.

“That was easy.” Necrozma said flatly.

The Alicorn’s jaw dropped as she didn’t get a chance to even get a turn. Her mouth was opening and closing, The Alicorn trying to process what happened.

“Ah yes, pokemon, where you’re either level 100 or you’re nothing.” Lucci said with a shake of his head.

Luna Black shook her head out of her stupor and began to pout as she crossed her arms.

‘Man she’s cute when she pouts.’ Black thought.

“Well, the victor has been decided, Necrozma wins!” Lord Twigo said, motioning a green flag to Necrozma.

Luna Black picked up the pokeball as it flowed, taking the fainted lunastone back into the spherical orb. She looked back at it before she left the arena and back to the stands without a word.

“Back to the locker room I guess…” Thanos said walking back to the locker room, Brudus following his trainer.

As the Alicorn sat next to Black, looking back at the arena with a pout. Black put a reassuring metal arm on her back. “Don’t worry Lulu, you tried your best.” Black said with a smile. The Alicorn turned to the Saiyan, the look she gave the Saiyan said to be quiet. Black had gotten the message and looked back to the area without a word.

She’s a feisty beast, how’ve you lived this long?’ Zamasu asked with genuine fear.

“Even I wonder that.” Black asked himself.

“Women, am I right?” Necrozma said suddenly, he levitated over Black. “They’re scary and nice, perfectly balanced.”

“Especially the strong ones,” Black said.

Thanos immediately appeared before Black and Necrozma, “Did you say… Balanced…?” Thanos asked, doing the Drip Goku stance.

“Don’t you dare go on that whole ‘everything must be balanced by erasing half the universe’” Black said as he waved his hands around.

“How old are you?” Thanos said, looking down upon Black.

“I’m currently 1034 years old, if we count imprisonment in stone.”

“If you cut it by half...517.” Thanos calculated.

“And your point?” Black asked as he crossed his arms.

“It’s balanced.” Thanos explained blankly.

Meanwhile on floor 5

Phoenix stood there, drinking tea with the other commanders, wondering how he got here.

“...So what are ye doin’ out here?” Davy Jones inquired, not drinking tea because he was too cool for it.

“That is a very good question.” Phoenix states, calmly sipping his tea.

“...How did you get lost? All you have to do is go up the damn stairs!” Bullet cried out, pointing towards the stairs.

“I smelt beer, and so I followed.” Phoenix explained without looking at the man. “I’m quite a simple creature.”

“...You do know you have to make your way up the floors to catch up with the others… Right? That includes the challenges.” Akainu said, lighting his cigar with his magma.

Phoenix dropped his tea in realisation, shattering it on the floor. “No……. NO…. NOOOOOOOOO!!!” Phoenix fell to his knees and began quietly sobbing in self pity.

“And Ugandan Knuckles is one of those challenges… May god have mercy on your soul…” Arkham Knight said with the shake of his head.

“Whelp, it was nice meeting you all.” Phoenix states, slowly raising a gun to his head.

“Hey, I did that too!” Arkham Knight pointed out, Fujitora just kept on eating his ramen.

“Difference is, people care about me.” The fairy king stood back up and began looking over his gear, ready to set off.

“Have fun,” Fujitora said after finishing his ramen.

“Soo uhh,” Phoenix began looking around. “Where am I going again?”

They all stood on the Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones just pointed to the door that says “Exit” in bright red colours.

“Huh, am I getting old?” Phoenix mumbles, waltzing over to the door. “Have fun with ya tea guys!” He shouts behind him, waving over his shoulder.

“Farewell, and don’t ye worry, everyone else didn’t notice it too!” Davy Jones called out, waving his crab arm, the others just waved their normal arms.

Phoenix found himself standing in a staircase with a bunch of stairs, thousand of them. After walking up the stairs he finds himself at a door. There stood Elae.

“Do u kno de wey?” Elae asked Phoenix, clicking a few times.

“Yeah, to your mum's house.” Phoenix remarks, staring down the bipedal peace of shit.

“Dat is not de wey!” Elae said frowning at Phoenix, “What is something that u fite for?”

“I fight for Joe!” Phenix shouts, pulling a salute.

“U mey pass.” Elae then disappears and the door opens, after waling through it he finds himself at Marineford, Mr. Perfect Cell and Yamcha were there.

“Kachiga ma squigga.” Phoenix greets, pulling out Chastiefol. “So all I have to do is kill everything I see and then I can meet up with the rest?”

“Well… No, go on ahead, we’re chilling out here.” Mr. Perfect Cell motions to the exit door.

“Seems legit.” Phoenix shrugs before walking to the exit door… And finding more stairs there. “I see a pattern here…”

After climbing up the stairs he finds Piccolo meditating, opening his eyes Piccolo just stares at him.

“Go, leave,” Piccolo ordered, pointing to the door behind him that led to the seventh floor.

“Do I seriously not get to kill anything?” Phoenix moane, “This is such a drag.” The Fairy god sulks his way over to the exit door, dragging his feet along the way. He finds himself at Hyrule castle, the door right in front of him with a big red sign that read, “Exit.”

“Get fucked, bird brain!” Phoenix heard the voice of Thanos, though it was very faint.

Phoenix proceeded to pull out a kunai before giving it it’s orders. “Find Thanos, and kill on site.” He then walked through the door… And found even MORE stairs than before. He then proceeded to climb the stairs, though it had no end before he looked to his right and found himself in the End dimension with a bunch of corpses. And like before it had a door with a sign that read “Exit.”

Walking over to one of the corpses, Phoenix used disaster to resurrect it. It made a light breathing sound, and looked happy to be alive. The fairy king then instantly killed it. “Yay, I got to kill something.” Phoenix said sarcastically, before doing it another five times. Once he was satisfied, he went through the exit door… And finding stairs there. After a LONG and tired journey, he was finally caught up with the others.

“Phoenix!” Shiva greeted. “I was wondering where you went off to.”

Just before Phoenix could step into the room, Thanos threw the hilt of the Kunai, Phoenix sent to kill him at Phoenix’s forehead. Thus making him go off balance and fall down the stairs.

“HAHA TAKE THAT BITCH!!!!” Thanos laughed at Phoenix, hearing his body fall down the stairs.

“Thanos, for goodness’ sake!” Shiva barked, racing to Phoenix’s side… only to find him gone.

Teleporting behind Thanos, Phoenix whispered in his ear. “Go to sleep.” And he did. Thanos fell to the ground face first, as Phoenix began wiping the dust off of himself. “God I did not miss you.”

Lucci just stood there, eating his bucket of KFC, “Five… Four… Three, Two, One and…” Thanos then gets back up.

“GET AWAY FROM ME MOLESTIA!!!!” Thanos got in a fighting stance before dropping it when he saw Phoenix, “Oh hey, Phoenix Wright.”

“Heeey Thanos.” Phoenix put out a fist for Thanos to bump. “Sorry, got caught up with some fine alcohol, what did I miss?”

“Black has a metal arm now, Luke is a pokemon, Necrozma is waiting for a pokemon battle, we fought an army, the Diamond Dogs got wrecked by Davy Jones and his crew, Lord Twigo is with us now, the Ugandan Knuckles is still here, Eric is still an asshole and a jerk, we know about Ryker’s past, and… Link is Link.” Thanos informed Phoenix, bumping his fist with Phoenix’s.

“Oki dokes, now when do I get to kill someone?” Phoenix asked, stapling his fingers together.

“We’re not killing anyone here, the Commanders are victims, like us. So is Ryker, we won’t kill anyone except minions, also I need to show you something.” Thanos said with a devious grin before turning himself into a bean. “I turned myself into a bean! I’M BEAN THANOS!!!!”

“That’s great Thanos, that’s really amazing.” Phoenix agrees in the most condescending manner possible. “How bout Eric? Can I kill him? He’s a dick.” Phoenix began rubbing his hands together and etching towards Eric.

Thanos turns himself back to normal and puts his hands on Phoenix’s shoulders, “Please do, he almost killed an eleven year old child that has been traumatized and scarred. Please do, out of everyone here, he is the one that I actually do not like.” Thanos begged Phoenix.

“Whelp! Guess we’ve come to a conclusion!” Phoenix begins happily stolling towards Eric, but is stopped by Shiva. She just puts a hand on Phoenix’s shoulder and shakes her head.

“Dew it young Phoenix, join the dark side, kill ‘em!” Thanos cried out, “Just do it for my morals!”

Looking between the two parties, Phoenix contemplates whether to satisfy his want for blood and get lectured by Shiva for an hour, or just sit still. “How bout this?” Phoenix finally asks, encasing Eric in a healing orb. “Boom! Now he won’t die.”

“YESSS!!!!!!!!” Thanos said, laughing like an evil villain, which he was.

Shiva sighed, but backed off. “I guess I can’t argue with that,” she admitted. “Sorry, Eric.”

“Don’t be, he’s beating up a shadow double,” Eric whispered in the Diamond Dogs mind from the shadows

“IT STILL FEELS GOOD YOU FUCKER!!!!!” Thanos laughed, showing Eric the middle finger. His intense Observation Haki, Ki Control, and Alicorn Magic spotting Eric.

“This is where the fun begins….” Lifting Eric’s shadow double up with telepathy, Phoenix began slamming him against any surface he could find at unreal speeds, before launching him into the distance. He then teleported the now bleeding Eric back, before kicking him over to Thanos. “Now you try.”

“...Really? For me,” Thanos said, smiling and holding his chest. “This is the best early Christmas present… EVER!!!!” Thanos then proceeds to go That Ain’t Falco on his ass. Performing a back breaking technique, shoryuken, MUDA MUDA MUDA technique, he then proceeds to kick the crap out of Eric. Lucci just took a sip of tea before joining in, this my friend, is a Jojo’s Reference.

Phoenix began chanting as he did so. “Happy feet! Wombo combo!”

Eventually, Entity joined in, it was Thanos, Lucci, and Entity kicking the crap out of Eric.

Gesturing to his feet, Phoenix shouted to the others. “One Two!”

“Join the party buddy!” Thanos cried out, the others made room for Phoenix to join in. And then there were four.

Shiva sighed, as Kodo crept next to her. “So… should we… help him?” Kodo asked.

Wordlessly, Shiva transferred what Eric had said to the young pup.

“Oh,” he mused, before turning away.

“Salutations my canine companions.” Brudus greeted the dogs, Brudus was now wearing his 1300 pound shield. It was rather impressive, matching the Shield Pokemon’s colours.

Shiva chuckled. “I can see why you were so eager to show off your shield,” she noted.

“I usually bash into my enemies and the force of my attack causes an explosion. It’s called Behemoth Bash… Yeah I have a lot to tell you regarding Thanos,” Brudus said, glancing at Thanos who was kicking Eric.

“Such as?”

“...I know him from somewhere, we haven’t met before but it feels like… We’ve been on a whole journey. We fought a being known as Eternatus and I fought by his side… Though it was with someone else, someone named John.” Brudus said, squinting his eyes as he glanced back at Shiva.

Shiva glanced at Thanos. “I’ve heard that name,” she admitted. “John Oliver. It is a name that he identified as once ago… but not one that he prefers others know about. Eric Von Shadow knows it, and… well.” She glanced cautiously down at the Shadow Man’s double as he was beaten by the four warriors.

“John Oliver… John Oliver… He’s my trainer. He’s the one I won the Pokemon League with, the multiverse is insane.” Brudus said, surprised looking at Thanos as Thanos just glanced back at Brudus. Giving him a thumbs up before continuing to kick Eric.

Shiva chuckled. “A fact that is well-known to us by now,” she replied.

“He wasn’t as tall nor was he purple, but he was human. It would seem he has gone through some type of evolution during our time apart, this explains his new strength and… Do you evolve?” Brudus asked, looking at Shiva quizzically.

“Not in the ways you are familiar with,” Shiva said. “I grow and develop, yes, but I am incapable of changing forms. At least not without supernatural aid.”

“Mega Evolution, I see… So… Not even Gigantimax?” Brudus asked the Diamond Dog.

“No. Though…” She glanced at Luke. “My mate seems to have become one of these pokemon. Perhaps it is possible…”

“Lucario can only Mega Evolve, hm… So how is John? I haven’t been around him for a few weeks.” Brudus then sits down, though he’s still taller than Thanos.

Shiva hummed. “I’m not as familiar with John or his ‘Thanos’ persona as you are, but I’m guessing he’s changed quite a lot from the trainer you knew.”

“Hm, well have you picked an item for your mate?” Brudus asked Shiva, gazing at Luke and noticing he didn’t have a held item.

Luke and Shiva exchanged a glance. “What kind of items?” Luke asked.

“Do you see my shield? It’s a held item, when I take it off…” Brudus then pauses, the shield then spreads apart and falls onto the ground. The item shrinks down to an old and rusted shield, “Boom, there are a LOT of items to choose from. Like uh… Leftovers, they heal you with every turn.” Brudus then turned around and there was a whole shelf full of items.

“There are Z crystals,” Brudus motioned over to crystals, “Mega-Stones,” Brudus turns to the orbs, “And the regular everyday items like the Shell Bell, Black Belt, this… Iron thing.” Brudus pointed to the spot where there was an iron ingot.

Luke’s ears perked at the Black Belt. “I heard black belts are worn by masters of combat,” he noted. “Does this black belt do something special?”

Shiva closed her eyes and held her claw over the belt. Her claw glowed with magic, sensing the abilities of the item “It should boost the power of Fighting-Type Pokemon.” She grinned as she turned her claw to Luke. “And wouldn’t you know it; you’re a Fighting Type.” She paused. “Well, a Fighting/Steel Type, but, nonetheless…”

“It’ll make me strong!” Luke concluded, happily taking the belt and tying it around his waist. “Ha!” He struck a triumphant pose.

“It will make your physical attack increase, not your special attack.” Brudus pointed out, “However, there is a way for Luke here, to go Mega. And that… Is with the Mega Stone. Lucarioite, all you need to do is get a ring, put the Mega Stone inside of it, do a cool little speech and boom. Luke is now a Mega Evolved Pokemon.

Luke and Shiva exchanged a glance, before Luke shrugged and tossed the black belt away - ironically causing it to fall on Kodo’s Kubfu. As the two pondered the new item, Luke took the Mega Stone, while Shiva yanked out a chunk of earth and crafted a ring from it. Briefly gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes, Shiva slipped the ring onto Luke’s claw, before they entwined their claws together.

“The strength of the pack is the wolf,” Shiva whispered. “And the strength of the wolf is the pack. You are my pack, and I am yours. Let our bond power us through any conflict.”

“I am your sword,” Luke whispered. “And you are my shield. Our partnership will see us through this fight.”

And sure enough, with a burst of light, Luke Mega-Evolved.

“... It has become increasingly obvious… You are small.” Brudus said, the tallest being in this room.

Luke deflated with a disappointed growl, before Shiva pat his shoulder.

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight,” Shiva replied. “It is the size of the fight in the dog.” She considered his height. “Though size can play a part if you’re not careful.”

“Yeah, look what happened to Link when he fought me.” Thanos said, done with kicking Eric and a hetap. “He was severely outclassed and he had a lot of fight in him.”

“Hey, I ain’t one for dick measuring contests. I fought hard, but not to the end where I would die.” Link explained.

“Exactly, you tried your best and had a lot of fight in you, and failed. Miserably.” Thanos replied, “Like seriously, I didn’t even use any of my powerful skills.”

“Better to have room to grow than being overpowered and having nothing to look forward too.” Link said with a shrug.

“Exactly! That’s why after I FINALLY WON I’m going to sit down… Watch my daughter grow, retire, and live on a farm for the rest of my days. The dream life.” Thanos said with a smile.

“Take a page from Goku’s book. He’s powerful but villains kept going after him or planet earth, I don’t feel you’ll be able to live peacefully.” Link pointed out.

“I’m not Goku nor do I have villains that can threaten me after I am in complete control of Equus, and who’s to say I have to fight? I have a full Avengers at my disposal, Lucci, Grievous, Entity, SUPERGIRL, Sally, Rapunzel, and more.” Thanos snapped.

“...You really think it’d be enough considering the multiverse’s endless possibilities? I mean, there are those who can visit your universe without needing a token.”

“We have a Supergirl and a Nappa, a Kryptonian and a Saiyan on our side. If things get hairy, then I’ll call Elae, the Ugandan Knuckles.” Thanos replied blankly.

Link shook his head and waved his hand off, seeing as Thanos doesn’t understand the logic of the multiverse, Displaced and how ridiculously they can get in terms of power.

“Well… Back to the original topic at paw, I’m not Link, and I’m not fighting you,” Luke replied.

“...I hate that you have a good point, but Necrozma has a second transformation, his TRUE one. He turns into… Yeah he becomes a God of Light.” Thanos said before squinting his eyes, “...Or so I remember.”

“Great,” Shiva replied. “We’ve already taken on how many Displaced with the title of Gods now?”

“To be honest, I’ve always felt that anyone calling themselves ‘God’ is just using it as a title. If they can bleed and die, then they’re not a true God.” Link explained.

“So is Fierce Deity a God or is it just a title?” Lucci asked, “Because honestly, I don’t know.”

“I haven’t bled as him yet, and I'd rather not see if I can die while in that form…” Link said as he felt uncomfortable about the subject.

“Would you like to find out if he can bleed?” Thanos said, raising his Infinity Blade and coating it in Ryou Haki. Pissed at Link for their little quip.

“I’ll answer you in the future.” Link said casually as the triforce of courage hid his fear.

“Oh the future… I see…” Thanos then flashes Link a devilish grin, “Oh and you fail to specify.” Thanos then raises his sword high over his head, “GET THE MASK ON!!!”

“Nope.” Link said as he pulled out the ocarina of time, played the song of soaring, and suddenly vanished in a flutter of golden feathers. Link had used the song’s second function rather than the angelic wings. Thanos just slowly puts his sword up with a scoff.

“Well, back to the topic, as for how many gods… Bullet, Arkham Knight, Fujitora, Akainu, Zabuza, ...Uh… Who am I missing? Oh right, Herobrine and… Eh… I forgot the others.” Thanos said with a shrug, “I mean, Necrozma IS a legendary Pokemon.”

After a few minus, Link returned with a bag of popcorn in his hands, hearing the last part of the conversation. “...Makes me wonder where they all came from, Mew, or Arceus?” Link pondered as he tapped his chin.

“Mew was made by Arceus, Arceus is the creator of the Pokemon universe, he made space and time, the skies, the ground, and the seas. He is an ACTUAL God.” Lucci explained to the Hylian.

“Sadly for his video game counterparts, he can easily get captured by a Master Ball or taken down by normal pokemon.” Link said in amusement.

“Does he die or bleed though? The answer is no.” Lucci said flatly.

“I wouldn’t be able to answer that since I never watched the movies he was in.” Link said with a sigh. Lucci can tell Link misses his own world. Lucci just gives him a sympathetic look before he turns away.

“We’re going to find a way back,” Shiva insisted, both to Link and Thanos. “We found a way through the others, surely we can find a way through this.”

“...I can’t fight every fucking God! I’m not Asura, I’m not Kratos, I’m not fucking Goku, I BLAME YOU KAIDO!!!” Thanos shouted at his blade.

Link wanted to make a comment, but chose to keep quiet about wanting to point out that when you become powerful, you end up a magnet for God-like or powerful beings.

“You don’t have to be any of them,” Shiva insisted. “You’re doing great so far.”

“Well you are right…” Thanos then loses his balance, he then shakes his head as he was hit with a wave of some… Mysterious magic. He then leans on one of the lockers that was in the rooms. “Oh god what just happened?”

Shiva scanned him with her magic. Her eyes narrowed. “A vision,” she growled. “Hang on…” She clutched his side before it hit them both: They saw a person with white hair, wearing a white and blue prestigious coat. He had sharp teeth as he grinned, it then flashes to Thanos punching the man as they flew into a ship and made contact with some type of… Reactor. It then flashes to the grave of Thanos, a statue there with it.

“Oh god, fuck, shit, fuck!” Thanos then went to his knees before going on all fours, “Oh god my head…”

Shiva backed up, clutching her head. “No…” she mumbled. “No-no-no-why…” She sat back against the wall, Luke and Kodo going to her side.

“What is it?” Luke asked.

“We’re never getting out of this,” Shiva deadpanned. “Link, this universe is never going to let us leave. It’s just going to keep throwing psychos and dictators at us until we snap or die or both!”

“I… Kaido… KAIDO!!! He’s one of Kaido’s men,” Thanos said before clutching his head, “Damn it!” Thanos then stands up, “Why won’t Kaido’s men die?!”

“Jasper…” The voice echoed in Thanos’ mind, Thanos then clenched his head.

“Ooough… I’mma go… Clear my mind…” Thanos said, walking to a corner of the room.

“Alright,” Shiva mumbled. “Sounds nice… ugh…”

“What did you see?” Brudus asked the Diamond Dog.

Without a word, Shiva touched Brudus’ head, and the vision transferred to him. He saw the man in the white hair and coat. He saw Thanos fight him. And he saw Thanos’ grave.

“Oh dear Arceus!” Brudus barked, jumping back and looking at Thanos. “Who was that?! What was that? John...”

“I don’t know,” Shiva whispered, shaking her head. “I don’t know…”

Link held onto his chin as he started thinking to himself, wondering if Displaced Pokemon were considered as Pokemon, or just mere imitations in the eyes of Arceus.

“Okay, I’m alright, nothing happened.” Thanos said casually as he walked out of the corner, “I totally didn’t have a panic attack.” Thanos said, looking at everyone staring at him. “Okay I may or may not have had a panic attack but nothing happened.”

“Oh you totally had a panic attack,” Eric said as he rose from the shadows causing his double to vanish

“Shut up Marcus,” Thanos snapped his head towards Eric, “You’re built like a fucking eggplant. Also, I had a vision but I’m not telling you guys what happened. Way too personal.”

“I understand,” Eric said, turning to the Battle ring. “What you see is your business, nopony can make you reveal it.”

Thanos then laughs for no reason and points at Eric, going to his knees he hit the floor with his fist.

“Yes I know, I use the pony term instead of saying nobody, Everyone Ect.” Eric said to the Titan. “After 1,012 years being among the ponies It just became a habit for me.”

“Mood.” Link answered amusingly since his world is the same way.

“Well unlike you I had a certain universe destroying jackass in my head to keep me mentally tip top.” Thanos said, pointing at his head.

“Repeat what you said, though I may not be in control of your body, I can still take over you.” MCU Thanos snapped.

“Oh fuck off,” Thanos said, looking to the heavens.

“He does have a point…” Abridged Thanos mused.

“Pfft, like some insensitive ja-” Thanos was cut off and he took a more regal and intimidating posture. “As a little bit of revenge on John, his vision ends with him dying.” MCU Thanos explained to everyone, “By someone of white hair.”

Link took a step back when he noticed the sudden facial and attitude change.

“Do you know how he died, little one?” MCU Thanos asked, approaching Link, each step was like a tremor.

“No, I don’t, uh… Thanos? Buddy? Come on out?” Link asked nervously, wanting the Thanos he knew out and not this jackass Thanos who appears to still want to do whatever despite knowing there are others who can kick his ass.

“He died a fool, he purposely grabbed the enemy and rammed himself into an explosive. That is how he died, he died risking his life to save his so called friends. He perished all because he was too afraid and too weak to beat his opponent. He dies a coward, and a weak one at that.” MCU Thanos spoke, looking down at Link. “And he’ll always be remembered as one.”

Link let out a sigh, feeling very tempted to play the Song Of Healing and force MCU Thanos that dwells within Thanos, to be turned into a transformation mask. After a

Thanos then shook himself, “Oh for fuck’s sake Thanos, can you leave a guy alone? Link are you alright? Did he kill you? Did he kill any of you?”Thanos said, looking around and seeing everyone alive. “Okay good.”

“You need to put that guy on a leash.” Black said as he leaned back, putting his hands on the back of his head.

“A mental leash made out of adamantium.” Link suggested as it was the strongest metal he could remember.

“He helps,” Thanos pointed out to Black, “Who do you think taught us how to fight when we were in the Everfree?” Thanos said with a shrug.

“I wasn’t there, but you’ve got a point. Just wished that Zamasu was the same.” Black mumbled.

“Hey, what would happen if MCU Thanos and Zamasu spoke with one another?” Thanos pondered.

“Let’s find out, shall we?” Black said as he put a hand on the Titans head, a second later, two voices began to speak up.

Hello mortal, I’m the most wonderful god, Zamasu.’ The corrupted Kai said, ego dripping from his voice.

“I do not appreciate beings with egos, however it would be rude if I didn’t introduce myself. I am Thanos, the real Mad Titan, and destined being that will balance the universe.” MCU Thanos said calmly.

Zamasu let out a short laugh. ‘Ah yes, I’ve heard of your plan. A comenderable plan I must say, but ineffective, why not erase the whole universe?’ Zamasu asked with curiosity.

“Because some deserve a chance at life, there are beings who have good in their hearts, pride. When I was on my conquest, I destroyed half of the population of a planet, do you know where I found one of my best fighters? On a planet I saved,” MCU Thanos said, explaining his reason behind it.

Zamasu scoffed at the mad titan. ‘Blasphemy, mortals don’t deserve to live, they destroy the planets they corrupt. They were a mistake created by the gods.

“That’s all because they have little resources, by destroying half of them they have room to grow. To evolve.” MCU Thanos said, trying to sway the Kai over to his side. “I’ve met many people like you, and when I tell them my plan to erase half of the universe… They understand.”

And I like it, but it’s ineffective. I’ve traveled to the future thousands of years to watch a certain mortal race with my master, Gowasu. Even after gaining some sort of civilization, they always go back to their primal instincts… to kill. That’s why I killed my master, and used the Super Dragon Balls to swap bodies with Son Goku. Erase all 12 universes of their mortal beasts. I did it for Justice!’ Zamasu ranted

“You have become the very thing you swore to destroy, you kill and for what reason? Because they’re brutes, because they’re primal? Look what you’ve done, you’ve killed countless men, women, and children. You claim to do it for justice, the only justice I see is you dead.” MCU Thanos said, his calm voice somehow appearing threatening.

The Kai began to laugh like a maniac, unnerving the mad titan. ‘And that’s the cherry on top, I can’t die, I used the Super Dragon Balls to make myself immortal, I can never die!

“Oh really? When I was searching through John’s mind I saw you die at the hands of a little boy with a sword, and history repeated itself when you fell against Link.” MCU Thanos pointed out.

Link took a big step back, not wanting The Kai to seek revenge. Link is even lucky his Master sword and Black’s ki helped knock that ki ball back.

Zamasu growled as a mental image of the Kai appeared in Thanos’s head, he prepared a Ki blade. ‘How dare you!

“That’s enough!” Blacks voice came in, getting in between the two while holding Zamasu’s arm.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s enough for you two.” Thanos said, walking next to Black. MCU Thanos didn’t even take a stance and just stood there.

“Your anger just proves my point,” MCU Thanos said before turning to Thanos. “John, I wish to get away from this… False God.”

“Okie dokes!” Thanos said and he erected a wall.

“Is that a Trump joke?” Abridged Thanos said, raising an eyebrow.

“Perhaps…” Thanos mused.

Zamasu continued to growl at the Titan, only to be silenced by a swift punch to the jaw by Black, making the Kai burst into smoke. “Man, I wish I could shut him up permanently…” Black muttered.

“Well, now we know what happens, it looks like Thanos is more mature than Zamasu.” Thanos said before whistling, “Man that didn’t go well.”

“Yeah.” Black commented as he took his hand off the Titans forehead. “Haven’t done that in awhile.”

“I kinda thought they would get along,” Thanos said with a frown, “Well, I can’t force Thanos to be friends with him.”

“Like you said, Thanos is more mature than that false god.” Black said as he shrugged.

“Alright so who’s…” Thanos was cut off when THE NIGGA CHIN!!! Walked out from the shadows. “THE NIGGA CHIN!!!!” Thanos cried out. Black rolled his eyes at that.

“Indeed I am, and one of you is going next, take a guess who it is.” Nega Chin said, raising an EVIL eyebrow because he’s EVIL.

“Is it Purple Mr. Clean?” Black said as he pointed a thumb to the Titan.

“CORRECT!!!” Nega Chin answered like Plankton, Thanos was then dragged by an invisible force.

“OH NIGGA!!!!” Thanos cried out before he crashed into the arena stage, Brudus then jumped down onto the arena stage, right in front of Thanos.

“Right, now we’ve got our Pokémon expert fighting, this should be easy,” Black said as he leaned back while crossing his arms.

“Outta be interesting to see Thanos command a pokemon to fight for him.” Link said as he also leaned back to watch the show.

Meanwhile down below.

“Okay then, let’s do this.” Thanos said, looking at Necrozma… Though he was blocked from his view, Brudus was just so damn massive. Stepping to the side he looked at Necrozma.

“You already know the rules, let’s do this.” Necrozma said, getting in a stance.


To no one’s surprise, Brudus went first. Thanos then ordered his pokemon to do a move.

“Brudus, use Howl!” Thanos said, the dog then howled and an orange aura appeared around him when he did.

Brudus’ attack rose sharply.

“Psychic!” Necrozma said, and Brudus was surrounded by a pink aura and was flung into the arena wall. Brudus grunts in pain and goes to his feet before taking his master’s side again.

Super Effective.

“Now, it’s my turn, Brudus use Crunch!” Thanos ordered Brudus, the dog then bared his teeth and huge teeth appeared before Brudus. Brudus then runs at Necrozma and with a jump he bites into Necrozma. Necrozma howled in pain as he hit the ground.

Super Effective.

“Okay, okay, that hurts… Try this on for size, Earthquake!” The arena began to shake and Brudus began to stagger. Grunting in pain, Thanos frowned.

Super Effective.

“Come on, you can do this buddy. We can do this, now… USE BEHEMOTH BASH!!!!” Thanos orders, Brudus then howls in excitement. He was ready to show off his special move.

Brudus’s shield locked tight and a red shield flashed before his eyes. Brudus then ran at Necrozma and jumped before ramming into him. A huge explosion went off and a cloud filled the air, the cloud cleared when they saw Brudus. His eyes were red, they then spotted Necrozma on his back.

“Ow… Ow… Ow…” Necrozma then gets up, “If you used your special, then I’ll use mine!” He then gets a Z crystal out and grins wildly. He was then surrounded with a powerful aura. Brudus was then caught in an invisible box.

“SHATTERED PSYCHE!!!” Brudus then hit the invisible box over and over, not by his own will like he was being smacked into it over and over. The box then shattered and an explosion followed afterward.

Super Effective.

When the cloud dissipated… They saw Brudus laying down, defeated.

“Brudus is unable to battle, the winner is Necrozma!” Lord Twigo declared, Thanos just walked over to Brudus.

“You tried your best mate, you tried your best…” Thanos petted the dog on his head, he then pulled out his pokeball and the dog went back inside. “Good fight,” Thanos said before he walked towards the stands.

“Damn, I thought you had it,” Black said.

“You fought well Titan” Complimented the unicorn swordsman. “Be proud of that.”

“Your fight won’t be in vain, Brudus,” Kodo said. “We will finish what you started.” He looked at his Kubfu. “Right, Kubfu?”

“Kubfu!” the pokemon agreed, fist-bumping with his trainer.

“Thanks guys,” Thanos said with a thumbs up. Thanos then looks at Black for a moment, he stares at him for a moment before looking away. “...Forget it…” Thanos shook his head and went to the Locker Room to tend to his devices.

Black stared back as the Titan left, furrowing his eyebrows as he thought of what Thanos was going to say. But the Saiyan shrugged it off and looked back to the stage.

“Okay, who’s next?” Necrozma chirped, “Who will it be…? Eric? No, Sombra? No, now what about… Shiva!” Necrozma said, and with a snap of her fingers both Shiva and Luke appeared on the arena stage.

But the Diamond Dogs were ready. Before the teleport spell could even begin to fade away…

“Aura Sphere,” Shiva ordered, and Luke blasted the blue projectile at his opponent.

“HEY HEY HEY!!!” Necrozma shouted and flew above the blast before watching it hit the wall. “No! This is not how you’re supposed to play the game, you’re level sixty nine, I’m a hundred. And I got you here faster, I teleported here so we can start the battle. But instead of being nice and patient, you shot a fucking Aura Sphere at me. I know Aura Sphere can’t miss but ya broke my heart, so I broke the rules.” Necrozma said, putting a black claw where his heart would be.

“A game?” Shiva asked. “You think making me watch my husband get beaten to near death again is a game?”


Briefly, she chuckled; a dark, humorless chuckle with hints of madness to it. Suddenly, Shiva snagged Necrozma with a noose-like link, and yanked him down to her level, allowing him to see the rage burning in her eyes. Even though she wore the changeling mask, all it really did was keep her restricted to a tranquil fury, which may have been more dangerous than a berserker rage. Merely staring into her dark pupils gave the pokemon the sensation that fire was creeping up his skin.

“Every instinct I’ve got is already screaming at me that my daughter and the rest of our people are in danger.” Shiva growled in a level and calm, but cold and very ominous voice. “And even if they weren’t, I’m sick of this place. I’m sick of your repulsive definition of ‘games.’ I’m tired of being the weak and pathetic ‘nice girl’ that everyone can beat up because she’s not a fucking level nine thousand beefcake powerhouse that thinks the solution to every problem is to punch it. I’m sick and tired of being subjected to your immature ‘memes’ while you congratulate each other about your ridiculous power levels.” Her fur glowed brighter and brighter with every sentence, until everyone had to look away or risk losing their eyesight. But even when they looked away, they could still see her snarling face, like a wolf that was five seconds away from sinking its fangs into their faces. “I want to find my daughter, and get my pack home. And if that means going all out on the next creature that wants to piss me off…”

“Holy flying pot…” Link whispered as the sheer measurement of Shiva who has enough of it all. Link thought he was getting sick of it all, but Shiva’s beyond his.

The noose tightened until Necrozma couldn’t breathe, and as his lungs squirmed in his chest, pleading for air, visions began to flash before his eyes: a terrifying spectacle of diamond dogs empowered with alicorn magic diving into a fight that was not honorable or glorious, an earth pony screaming as he was ripped limb from limb while being gutted like a fish, while in the distance, a diamond dog’s skull was crushed under a pegasus’ hoof like a grape. She showed griffons suffocating as they were buried underground, dragon throats exploding with fire and blood as diamond dog axes carved them open. But more than that, she displayed the pain and agony that came with it. As the others watched, they felt the sensation of swords sliding across their bellies. Felt the dirt that suffocated the griffons in their throats. Felt the burn of fire as diamond dogs were incinerated by dragons. All with the subtle feeling that Shiva was only showing but a hint of what she was capable of; what she had seen of war and fighting in her own world, and exactly how she felt about it. There was a feeling that she was more than willing to show the displaced worse things; that she was ready to plant a disease in Necrozma’s mind that would leave him wearing a strait-jacket in a rubber room for the rest of his life.

Her glow dimmed by a fraction, but only enough so that Necrozma could see her now demon-black eyes glaring darkly at him.

“... …” Necrozma was silent… Never had he seen such rage and terror. Not even from Ryker on his off days, not Screwball, nor Katakuri. Hell, even Asura for that matter. “... … … …” Necrozma then bends space and the door to the next floor appears. “You guys may pass, though you didn’t even beat me traditionally, you beat me in the mind. And I’m a Psychic type, meaning that you bested one of the greatest minds known to Pokemon kind! Go on ahead.”

Instantly, Shiva was through the door, Luke, Kodo and even Kubfu getting yanked after her.

“Alright bet,” Thanos then gets in a Michael Jackson outfit and was moonwalking towards it. “Wait, why do you fight for Ryker?”

Link gave Thanos a blank stare, wondering why keeps MJing away.

“Honestly, I don’t want my man's plan to fail. He’s been doing this for 7000 years and that is too much time for a plan to just flop.” Necrozma explained, “Like all of that time, all of his pain, the beings he’s killed, would be for nothing.”

“Oh, I see, that’s a new one. Alright Displaced, roll out!” Thanos said, pumping his fist up and walking through the door. Lucci, Entity, and Elia followed him, Elia glanced at Necrozma once before leaving.

“Hurry,” Shiva said from the door. “The others need our help. And soon.” The others heard the fear in her voice. “Hopefully, we’re not too late.”

“And hopefully this is the last hylian damned floor…” Link said as he follows the others downstairs.

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