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The Displaced Tournament - Presented By Hetap - Uncle Iroh

Displaced! We all are familiar with these anomalies, their stories are told throughout the multiverse, but, what would happen if all of these big shots fight in a tournament? Who would win? We're about to find out, right here, right now!

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Chapter One, And So It Begins...

Chapter One, And So It Begins…

Eliatopia (Equestria 4194)

Ryker’s POV.

I sat upon my throne with a blank expression on my face, yawning I’ve been bored for millennia, and doing an event like this was my greatest idea yet. I had eight letters on my lap so I made a portal, sticking my right arm to the side and showing my palm to the air. An orange portal appeared, and I threw one in.

“One for Shiva…” I said throwing one in, I made another portal, “One for Thanos.” I threw one in, “One for Son Goku Black…” I continued to throw them in before I heard footsteps in front of me. Turning attention to the footsteps I see my Dragon Assistant, a female with cyan scales and a golden stomach. Someone else walked beside her an Eliatrope with a cyan hat and a golden colored gi. “Ah, the Elia Twins, my favorite assistants! What brings you here?” I asked them.

“We heard you were enacting the plan and we decided to go check on you, King Ryker.” The Eliatrope told me, I rolled my eyes.

“Jasmyn, how many times have I told you not to call me King Ryker? Call me Ryker!” I said with a jolly grin, Jasmyn sighed. “Now, Ryola, what is it you came to me for?” I asked the drake.

“Well, I want to make sure that you’re okay, you do remember what happened the last time you brought a Displaced here?” She told me, I growled, that damned clown.

“Don't mention that again please, now if you excuse me, I need to go back to work.” I threw the letters into their respective portals and I sighed.

“All done, now I must make haste.” I lifted my fatass from my throne and I walk forwards. Ready to meet the Displaced.

Outer Haven (Equestria 3521)

Ever since Outer Haven separated from the Crystal Empire, Shiva had gotten fewer and fewer appointments from her subjects. Which left her very unprepared for what came next.

Instead of a subject using the door… they used a portal. A writhing void of dark and purple energy.

The Diamond Dog Queen didn’t hesitate. Springing to her paws, her pack link crackled to life, making her white fur glow like Celestia… right as a letter flew through the portal, and landed at her feet.

Her eyes narrowed. She picked up the letter and narrowed her eyes at its strange runes. She growled.

“SKIPPY!” she barked.

The changeling - still cleverly disguised as a diamond dog - rushed in. “My Alpha?” he asked.

She sheepishly offered the letter to him. “I still can’t read,” she admitted, trying not to blush.

Grinning, Skippy took the letter, and translated its words for her:

“Congratulations,” the letter declared. “You have been offered a position for the Displaced Tournament (Presented by Hetap). The prizes are five different Devil Fruits, one wish, a life’s time supply of Hetap, and wealth! You can bring four allies in your quest. Do you want to join?

Sign Here _________

From Ryker, the King of Eliatopia.”

Shiva blinked in surprise, sharing a stunning look with Skippy.

“Before you ask,” Skippy replied. “I have no idea what even half of those things were.”

“I understood the wealth part,” Shiva noted, rubbing her claws with a curious light in her eyes. “If wealth translates out to diamonds, I think it could help keep our kingdom very happy.”

“I volunteer,” a voice barked. Skippy and Shiva turned as her son Kodo entered the room. Skidding to a halt, he bowed before his queen and mother. “Please, Mother; let me win this tournament. For the glory of Outer Haven. For the hopes of redeeming myself, I beseech you.” He gazed up at her pleadingly. “Let me do this for you.”

Shiva smiled softly. She brushed her son’s fur. “My son…” she began.

“Are you sure?” Skippy asked. “After what happened with Sombra… he may not be the best choice.”

“Officially, no,” Shiva admitted. “But it did say I could bring four allies. If I officially went…”

Kodo looked up with hope, only for his sister - Shiva’s daughter - to arrive.

“But what about the kingdom?” Celine asked.

Shiva turned to Celine. “You will lead them in my absence,” she assured her. “Let them know that we embark on a quest to gain great wealth for Outer Haven.”

Celine turned, only to find the diamond dog betas gathered outside.

“We heard ‘wealth,’” they admitted.

Shiva smiled at her subjects. “Take heart, my pack,” she declared. “If all goes well, your Queen will return with riches galore.”

The diamond dogs howled with glee, as Shiva looked to her son, who wisely did not draw attention to himself.

“Ready?” she asked.

Kodo chuckled. “This may be the weirdest mother-son trip we’ve ever taken,” he said, before taking her arm. “But I’ll take it.”

With a mutual smile, mother and son signed the contract. And the portal reopened for them. Sending them off to adventure.

Minos, (Equestria 69420.)

Thanos was walking to his palace, walking through the town, and waving back at everyone who waved at him, Thanos was having the time of his life. Smiling all the way, as Thanos reaches the palace, he turns his attention to his daughter who was all muddy.

"Did you have fun at the park, Golden Shield?" Thanos looked towards the young minotaur.

"Mmmhm! It was nice to see the boy from earlier!" She grinned, Thanos raised an eyebrow.

"You forgot his name already?" Golden Shield grinned sheepishly, "Well in any case we're here." Thanos arrived at the palace waving at the guards who protected its grounds. The guards nodded towards him, he arrived inside the palace and the Sally leaned on the wall next to them.

"Sally would you be so kind to escort this young lady to her quarters?" I asked her with politeness overflowing me.

"Well, since you asked SO nicely I guess I can. Come over her Ms. Shield." Sally walked off, Golden Shield following her, Golden Shield giving me one more last look before leaving. he sighed and sat on his throne. A portal opened next to his face and a letter came out and slapped his face.

“What the fuck?!” Thanos looked towards the paper, it was a letter, Thanos opens the letter, and his eyes opened wide.

“Congratulations,” the letter declared. “You have been offered a position for the Displaced Tournament (Presented by Hetap). The prizes are: five different Devil Fruits, one wish, a life’s time supply of Hetap, and wealth! You can bring four allies in your quest. Do you want to join?

Sign Here _________

From Ryker, the King of Eliatopia.”

Thanos raised his eyebrows at this, he gets up, the letter in his hand and he walks towards the training area, walking down the hallway to the area he sees Emerald Gauntlet and Grievous. "Hello you guys, follow me," Thanos ordered, the two complied and followed him, once they reach the training room. They see Entity and Lucci sparring, Lucci dodging a scythe attack from Entity and countering the attack with a punch to the gut. Entity wheezed and punched Lucci in the jaw, Lucci stumbled backward and grinned.

"You're improving Entity." Lucci commented he was about to lunge at Entity before he saw Thanos, "Oh hey Thanos, what's up?"

"I've been invited to a Displaced tournament, I can bring only three allies, I think. So... Entity, Lucci, Nappa come on up." Nappa appeared out of nowhere, Lucci and Entity nodded in affirmation. Grievous looked at him with a "WHHHYYYY???" look on his face.

"But why not me?!" He asked, Thanos, sighed.

"Entity needs screen time and he needs some action, and no, I'm not talking about that kind of action, perverts." Thanos turned around and signed it, an orange portal opening. "Let's go." Thanos walked in, Entity following as well as Nappa and Lucci. Leaving only Grievous and Emerald Gauntlet.

"Want some beer?" The minotaur offered.

"I could go for one right about now..."

Below Canterlot, (Equestria 2975)

The sound of a nail being slammed into the side of wood echoed through the forest. Black stood up with a smile, wiping off some sweat from his forehead. He had been making progress on his little cabin over the past week since he and Nightmare returned from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. He had gotten the walls up and was about to go call Nightmare to go get more wood, but the parasite showed up at the door frame.

“Hey Black, you don’t know anypony else besides the girls and me. Right?” Nightmare asks the Saiyan. This left Black a little confused, but regardless he answered.

“Yeah, and the two displaced that I’ve met in the past month, why?”

“Well, you got a letter…” Nightmare says as she pulls out a letter, handing it to the Saiyan who was left bewildered.

‘A letter, I’m pretty sure the populace isn't very comfortable with me, so who would be writing a letter to me?’ Black thought as he opened the piece of paper, reading it aloud.

“Congratulations,” the letter declared. “You have been offered a position for the Displaced Tournament (Presented by Hetap). The prizes are: five different Devil Fruits, one wish, a life’s time supply of Hetap, and wealth! You can bring four allies in your quest. Do you want to join?

Sign Here _________

From Ryker, the King of Eliatopia.”

Black blinked a few times before he let out a large grin. “A Tournament, one against another Displaced, I’m intrigued,” Black said as he looked at Nightmare, who gave him a skeptical look. “Oh come on, don’t be like that, you can come along as well,” Black said with a reassuring smile.

Nightmare scoffed, “That's not what I meant, for all we know, it could be a trap.” Nightmare explained, Black rolling his eyes on response.

“Nothing bad is going to happen alright, plus it did say I can get a lifetime supply of hetap!” Black said with a smile. He opened his hand and a pen appeared. He then proceeded to sign his name on there. Almost immediately, a dark portal opened next to them, holding power inside. “Come on, let's head out!” Black declared as he ran and jumped in, Nightmare sighing heavily as she followed. The portal disappearing behind them, leaving a crackling boom after.

Everfree (Equestria 374613)

The wind blows within the living forest known as Everfree; her gazing eyes ever watchful over her home. The peace is disturbed by the sounds of leather boots stepping into the dirt belong to a man who was forced to become a hero and take on the appearance of a fabled Hylian Link.

"...Strange, Celestia said the disturbance came from here, but I don't s-" Link paused as a portal opened up, allowing a letter to slowly drift into his leather gauntlet worn hands.

“Congratulations,” The letter declared. “You have been offered a position for the Displaced Tournament (Presented by Hetap). The prizes are: five different Devil Fruits, one wish, a life’s time supply of Hetap, and wealth! You can bring four allies in your quest. Do you want to join?

Sign Here _________

From Ryker, the King of Eliatopia.”

"...Devil Fruit? Hetap? What in the Flying Pot are those supposed to be?" Link asked with a frown on his face. "The one-time wish sounds more promising though." Link said as he thought about it. "Displaced Tournament..." Link repeated the letter's title; his mind swirling thoughts of possible powerhouses and god-like beings considering the vast void of the multiverse. "...I believe I'll give it a try. If things get worse, I can always leap back to my world using my Howling Stone." Link said as they served as warp points if the ones he judged meant to do any harm or misuse his trust. Using a very weak spark of Din's fire, Link wrote his name on the dotted line. When he finished, a portal opened up. Link raised his hood up, allowing the cloak’s enchantment to hide his face in a blank of darkness. Link went through to the other side and into the world that was hosting this tournament.

Ponyville, (Equestria 77777)

Phoenix’s point of view

Well, that’s a lot to take it. Going on a trip is one thing, but one day to pack?! The griffon kingdom didn’t seem so far that it would take a frickin week!

My thought process was interrupted by a rift appearing just in front of me. I had just stepped into my house, so I closed the door before turning back around. Now I had seen some wack ass shit, but this was up there.

Reaching my hand out forward, I went to investigate its purpose but was cut short. A letter suddenly shot out from the rift, hitting me straight in the nose. Groaning, I reached my hand up and grabbed it from my face before reading the inside.

“Congratulations,” The letter declared. “You have been offered a position for the Displaced Tournament (Presented by Hetap). The prizes are: five different Devil Fruits, one wish, a life’s time supply of Hetap, and wealth! You can bring four allies in your quest. Do you want to join?”

After reading it over again to check I didn’t miss anything, I determined that it was a waste of my time. Plus I already had other plans to divide and conquer and all that jazz.

And so, I set the parchment ablaze, letting it fizzle into ashes. However, the portal thingy didn’t take too kindly to that. In response, it grew in size, now standing taller than me, and began sucking me in.

“Oh hell no!” I shouted in refusal, but my attempt to escape led me nowhere, as I was soon enveloped by the mysterious rift before me.

Equestria - 16497/23 Griffonstone

In the lab of Victor Von Doom, a monitor started beeping. Doom looks overseeing the display. “Hmm, interesting.” With just a thought a device received its command and a small portal opened and a scroll appeared.

Doom didn’t pick up the message right away, first, he cast a few spells to determine if it was safe. Finally, he picks it up and reads the letter. “Hans!”

A dark shadow seeped in from under the door then took the shape of a seven-foot-tall man in a black suit and faceless white head. “Yes, my Sovereign?”

“I just got a message from some King of Eliatopia, a tournament of Displaced. Tell me do you know what Devil Fruits are?”

“Devil Fruits are magical fruits from the anime One Piece. I’m not familiar with all the details but they grant superhuman abilities.”

“What about Hetap?”

“I’m sorry my Sovereign, that one is beyond my knowledge”

Doom sat the note down and thought about it “I have no need for such items, but the possibility to study other Displaced. Very well Hans I shall join this endeavor. Summon Gilda, Maud Pie, and her pet Boulder.”

“Boulder? My Sovereign are you sure, he’s still… young.”

“Do you doubt my intellect, Hans?”

Hans bows “No sir, I’m just struggling to comprehend your brilliance.”

Doctor Doom snorts “You are getting better at covering your rear.”

Doom Snaps his fingers and his signature appeared on the invite. “Very well King Ryker, it’s your game.”

On The Shadow Damnation On The Sea… (Equestria 1293)

Aboard a black galleon ship, a dark figure stood watching the rising sun. His shirt and coat lay a few feet away, allowing him to display the large scar across his chest.

His brief enjoyment of the brisk morning air was interrupted by the sound of parchment hitting the deck. Turning his head, Eric Von Shadow found a bound scroll as it rolled to his feet. Picking up the scroll and unfurling it the captain began to read:

“Congratulations,” the letter declared. “You have been offered a position for the Displaced Tournament (Presented by Hetap). The prizes are: five different Devil Fruits, one wish, a life’s time supply of Hetap, and wealth! You can bring four allies in your quest. Do you want to join?

Sign Here _________

From Ryker, the King of Eliatopia.”

“Hmm… Interesting,” Eric mused, rolling up the scroll and gathering his coat and shirt.

Heading below deck, Eric quickly found his strongest and most trusted friends: Sombra, Rainbow Dash, and Maude Pie.

“Up you get, boy and girls!” Eric declared. “Meet me up deck!”

His voice boomed through the deck’s interior, and the three ponies wisely scrambled to meet him up top.

“Did you have to wake us at the crack of dawn?” Rainbow grumbled, rubbing the sand from her eyes… just in time for Eric to hand her the invitation.

“I received an invitation to participate in a tournament,” Eric explained. “It said I was allowed to bring four allies.” He grinned as Rainbow Dash’s eyes widened. “And I’m choosing the three of you”

“You don’t think this is a regular tournament, do you?” Sombra asked.

“It’s just a feeling, but something about this tournament doesn’t sit right with me,” Eric admitted, taking the letter back from Rainbow Dash. “Like whoever this Ryker is has an alternative motive.”

“So you’re bringing the three of us because we're the strongest on the ship” Maud summed up.

“Precisely,” Eric replied with a grin. He wrote his name onto the invitation, and the portal reopened.

“Eric?” Ask a voice that all four recognized. “Where are you guys going?”

Turning around Eric was met with the sight of Princess Luna, who was exiting the captains quarters. Eric showed Luna the invitation causing the alicorn to glare at the shadow man

“And you’re going? What if it’s a trap to kill you?” Luna asked her voice filled with concern

Eric made a move to speak but was stopped by Luna.

“Why is it that every time I turn around you get yourself into a situation that could get you killed?” Luna asked, placing a hand where Eric’s scar was located. “You almost died when we fought Chrysalis, and I lost you for two whole years.”

“Eric I don’t want to lose you anymore than I already have,” Luna said as bits of her hair turned to sparks of lightning. “I’m coming with you, whether you like it or not

Realizing that there was no persuading the princess Eric sighed as he motioned the princess to the portal. Eric and his four companions entered the portal as it closed leaving the inhabitants of the Shadow Damnation completely unaware of the absence of their five passengers.

Castle of the Two Sisters; (Equestria 1142)

Four Horsemen were sitting against the nearest stone wall of their currently broken home before a small portal opened up. A single rolled-up scroll landed on the ground.

"Someone sent that," a male clad in heavy armor noted, pointing towards the scroll

"Give me that," a masked male stated, snatching it up

“Congratulations,” the letter declared. “You have been offered a position for the Displaced Tournament (Presented by Hetap). The prizes are five different Devil Fruits, one wish, a life’s time supply of Hetap, and wealth! You can bring four allies in your quest. Do you want to join?

Sign Here _________

From Ryker, the King of Eliatopia.”

"That might be interesting," another masked male mused "We're all going right?"

"No," the other masked one stated "I'm taking Fury only. Someone has to stay behind and protect the world. Strife; you and War can take the next tournament."

"That's a bullshit excuse," Strife argued

"I'm the oldest if you haven't forgotten and I decided to take her. We don't know what this tournament contains and you'll get trigger-happy and War will cause more problems with the blade."

“Death is right," Fury added "Two go and the others stay behind. What about the prizes?"

"I'm not interested in wealth and no wish would undo the damages we've done. This is just because it sounds fun."

Death concentrated for a moment and summoned a portal onto the wall behind him and stepped turn; he was wearing dark purple armor with a skull-like design on the kneecaps of the boots and pauldron on the left shoulder. The only item missing from the armor by choice was a set of horns on his forehead. Now properly dressed; he decided on using the tip of his now current dagger; Harvester and pricked a finger; using the blood to sign the scroll. Once signed; a full-size portal opened up as Death and Fury stepped inside.

"Have fun," Strife called

Eliatopia (Equestria 4194)

The Displaced arrived at the entrance to Eliatopia Thanos standing beside Phoenix, Phoenix standing beside Black, Black standing beside Doom, Doom next to Shiva, they looked at each other confused about how they all got together at the same time. Thanos just grinned at Black.

“Long time no see, Black!” Thanos said Nappa popped up behind Thanos, Lucci, and Entity as well.

“It’s been a few months for me, How have you been?” Black asked the Titan as Nightmare arrived at his side.

“Meet the boys, this is Rob Lucci, a black man who turned white, and this is the White Reaper, Entity and you already know who Nappa is.” Thanos introduces the boys.

“Nice to meet you guys, so anything interesting happened when you went back to your universe?” Black asked.

“Well, I fought Kaido, in his Dragon Hybrid form, I killed him by kicking him to the moon and destroying the moon and uh… After that, we went back to our Universe and made the Reality Stone make the HyperBolic Time chamber, and I was taught Ki control and Kaioken by Nappa.” Thanos finished

“I met King Kai myself so don’t try me,” Nappa commented.

Black put up his hands and laughed, “Don’t worry I won't.”

“So are you going to Introduce your ‘Boys’ to everyone you meet or only for the special people?” Eric said putting his hands in his pockets as he approached the Titan and Saiyan

“Eyyy it’s you guys! Also, yes, I will introduce my boys to everyone. Hello Lesbian, I remember “killing” you. Oh and this is Lucci, basically Eric but with pure strength and he’s a leopard. This is Nappa my friend, and this is Entity_303, the White Reaper.” He introduces his boys.

“Is this creature always like this?” Asked Sombra

“Unfortunately,” Eric said before greeting the titan properly. “How have you been Jacob?”

“IT’S JOHN GOD DAMN IT!!!! Also, I’ve been doing fine, I fought Goku Black, he used Ultra Instinct and I use Burst Man, White Hot Edition. How are you doing Monohan?”

“Good, but Monohan died two years ago,” Eric said chuckling

“Edgy bastard.” Nappa laughed, “How edgy can one be?”

“It’s not Edgy, it’s the truth,” Eric said to the bald Saiyan. “I am Eric Von Shadow now and forever”

“Says the Edgy one, if you were to fight Thanos right now, he’d kick your ass,” Nappa commented.

“Really now?” Eric said, holding back his light chuckle. “And pray tell did Thanos tell you of the time we fought?”

“Indeed he did, but you both were holding back, not to mention can you turn the moon to dust like he did while fighting KAIDO!???!?!” Nappa said dramatically.

“True but can Thanos do this” Eric said as Nappa was pulled into his own shadow

Said shadow began thrashing around until it began shaking, pulling the bald Saiyan from the shadow realm Eric and the others found Nappa shaking in fear.


“So uh… Sombra, you’re the second strongest right? Basically the “Zoro” of the group.” Lucci glanced at the unicorn

“I’m not familiar with who this ‘Zoro’ is but in terms of physical strength then yes,” Sombra said before glancing at the grey pony. “In terms of Devil Fruit then that title belongs to Pinkie’s older sister”

Entity and Maud were just having a staring competition, none of them said a single word, just silence. Thanos blinked at that and he shook his head.

“Wanna hear more about me and Goku Black’s fight? It was totally epic, I literally burnt an entire landscape for miles wide! Also thanks for the Netsu-Netsu No Mi.” The Titan thanked the shadow man.

“Perhaps another time Thanos,” Eric said offering the titan a smile. “We really must catch up after this, after all we haven’t spoken for over two years”

“I just wanna say… If you had seen the fight between Black and Thanos your jaw would be dropping like a fly. Anyways what are they doing?” Nappa looked over to Entity and Maud just staring at each other… MENACINGLY!!!!

“Should we be worried about your friend giving Maud a literal Death Glare?” Asked Rainbow

“Oh, I forgot you were there you Lesbian,” Thanos said blankly.

“Stop calling me that!” ordered Rainbow Dash angered by the titan’s choice of words

“Anyways, don’t worry about Entity, he’s the silent type sometimes and he just wanna compete against the bastard,” Thanos said, shaking his head, looking at the two.

“Don’t worry Rainbow he won’t pick a fight with somepony who can literally destroy an entire Island if she wanted” Eric reassured the Pegasus

“Can he turn it into ash tho?” Thanos said turning towards the shadow man.

“Okay, enough with this dick measuring contest!” Lucci shouted out, looking at Eric and Thanos. “Thanos stop trying to make it so that Entity could destroy an Island, which he can but just don’t say it! Eric, stop instigating him! Like, NIGGGAAA!!!!!!!!” Lucci said, throwing his arms up in the air. “Oh and Rainbow Dash, maybe if you got rid of that yee yee ass hair cut you’ll get some stallions inside ya, or better yet stop being competitive, nigga!”

While the group from Equestria 1293 and 69420 bickered with one another, Kado gasped as he looked at Sombra's direction and went to her mother's side.

“That’s Sombra,” Kodo whispered. “I-It’s him, right?”

Spotting the stallion, Shiva narrowed her eyes, putting herself between her son and the stallion.

“I got you,” she growled.

Eric heard this and immediately turned to the dogs before heading towards them. Shiva’s ears perked at the sight of the human, though her eyes kept darting to Sombra. Eric stood before them and blocked any path of escape using their shadows to form caged walls around them. Shiva briefly glanced at the caged wall of shadows behind them, before her pack link surged to life, spreading like wings across her back as she watched the shadow man, caution and anger fighting in her eyes.

“What the hell are you doing?” Lucci asked the shadow man.

“Though he may resemble the Sombra from your Equestria, he is far different from that monster,” Eric said, slightly irritated. “He has proven time and time again that he is on the side of good, Do not speak ill about my friend again or you will come to regret it.”

Kodo bristled, but Shiva calmed him with a pack link. She watched Eric with caution and curiosity, before lowering her head in a nod. “Forgive me, sir,” she said. “The Sombra from my world… possessed my son when he was still in my womb.” Her hand remained on her son’s shoulder. “It caused us… a few problems.” She gave Sombra another searching look. “But if you say that your friend is different, I’m willing to believe you.”

Eric’s gaze softened by a fraction. He withdrew his shadows, returning them to their proper place

“I can understand that,” Eric said, giving the side glance to Shiva. “In my Equestria, the source of Sombra’s evil and vile nature was through the remains of a king by the name of…”

“Umbra,” Kodo remembered. “I heard him talk of this Umbra. Some sort of… demon, right?”

“The first Tyrant King of the Crystal Empire who sought to immortalize his name,” Eric said, turning his gaze to his friend. “He possessed Sombra many times and the last time, he successfully managed to revive himself.”

Shiva stared at Sombra in shock. “That poor stallion,” she whispered. “I’m starting to wonder if we only dealt with Umbra then.”

“Before being taken over, he ordered me to kill him. I couldn’t bring myself to do it,” Eric said with regret clear in his voice. “I will not have him relive any memory of that constant nightmare.”

Shiva nodded. “I understand,” she said. “The worst kind of fight is against those you love.”

Kodo lowered his head in shame. “Umbra was just an influence,” he muttered. “He may have given me the suggestions, but I still followed them.” He covered his eyes. “I got so many diamond dogs killed, I…” His voice cracked. “I got my dad killed.”

Eric stepped up to the pup before kneeling down and placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Power leads to corruption, however it takes strength to break free,” Eric said lifting the pup's head. “You must keep a strong heart and a stronger mind.”

Kodo nodded. “Yeah,” he said. “I will.” He took a breath. “I know I messed up… and I’m going to redeem myself. Whether that’s by winning this tournament for my pack… or finding another way.”

“You realize what happened was wrong,” Eric noted with a nod. “That’s good. It shows how much stronger you are” Eric smiled at the pup. “Hold onto that strength and become stronger for both yours and your mothers' sake”

Kodo nodded, while Shiva smiled in gratitude. “Thank you, sir,” she said, gazing at him with reverence. “You know, it’s been far too long since I’ve gotten to see humans again, but…” She lifted a hand for him to shake. “But I’m glad to see you’ve lost none of your humanity.”

“You may be right,” Eric said, rising to his feet and looking Shiva in her eyes. “But I have none left.”

Shiva’s ears flicked, and her hand lowered. “What do you mean?”

“Tell me would you go back in time to kill a loved one if it meant saving your beloved from death,” Eric said with a look of pure shame and regret plaster on his face. “Even if it meant that the life of one mare would cause everyone you love and care about to die horrible deaths”

Shiva stiffened, sharing a look with Kodo, who backed away from her, his tail tucking. Shiva gazed down at her claws.

“No,” she said. “Not if I had to exchange one for millions. The cost is too much.”

“Well I did,” Eric said in regret. “I killed my best friend to save my wife, and in doing so I killed Princess Luna, as well as the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight Sparkle.”

Shiva looked away, blinking in shock. “I…” she mumbled.

“Ahem…” Nappa stood there at the three, “You’ve been talking for more than one hundred words, I’m also a fourth-wall breaker. No! I will ruin this moment! AND I’LL DO IT AGAIN!!!” Nappa shouted to the heavens.

“Forget it, I’ve moved on,” Eric said shoving his hands into his pocket before returning to his friends. “Just keep getting stronger kid, there will always be somepony stronger than you.”

Shiva huffed a hollow laugh. “A lesson I’ve been trying to teach him for some time,” she noted, before turning away with a sigh. “Wow, these humans are much different from how I remember them.”

“No… there’s far more to these humans,” Shiva whispered. “I can sense it, but…” It took all of Shiva’s dignity as a queen not to start shrieking in utter delight. “It’s been so long since I’ve been around humans from my home again!” She paused, glancing away. “A-At least while I was in my right mind,” she muttered.

Kodo winced and didn’t respond, remembering his part in that particular adventure. Meanwhile, Shiva crept up to Phoenix, her claw inching out towards his body. Phoenix in response gives the diamond dog a confused look, that turns into one of concern as Shiva presses her hand on his face. She feels around it, whispering inaudible words of shock under her breath. Phoenix slowly lowered Shiva’s hand with an uncomfortable look evident on his face and placed it back at her side (trying to figure out if she was all there) before turning back to the rest to size them up.

Realizing how uncomfortable she was making Phoenix, Shiva turned away, trying to suppress her blush.

Doctor Doom let out a grunt and looked around. Without saying a word he lifted his left arm and snapped his version of the Infinity gauntlet. “Nothing, so definitely in a different reality.” He then taps on his gauntlet and a panel opens and he taps a few commands. If anyone could detect it he was taking medical scans of those around him.

Turning his head he looked to Shiva “Human?”

Shiva swallowed, sizing up the massive armored human before her. “That’s… what you are, right?” She peered at him. “Unless you’re something more? Like, uh… what were those metal things that humans would make?” She lifted her claws before he could reply. “I’m sorry; I was a simple dog before I got these powers, so I am probably… out of my mind, right now.”

Link’s hidden eyes looked between each Displaced; his pupils widening at the few he saw. “...Thanos? Dr. Doom? Goku Black?!” he mentally shouted to himself. There were real powerhouses here. “...What’s the tournament host even thinking... Entertainment of the weak struggling?” Link mentally said before softly sighing to him. Link’s right ear twitched when one of them claimed they were humans here. “...I don’t think any of us are still human other than our minds..” Link said to Kodo as he looked over at the Diamond Dog.

Doctor Doom turns his head to look at Link “Speak for yourself, I am indeed human, though my mind is far beyond those of lesser intellect.”

He returned his attention to Shiva “I am indeed Human flesh and blood within this armor. So you're an uplifted life form?”

Shiva glanced at her claws. “I believe so,” she admitted.

“Perhaps I could have a drop of your blood for me to analyze?”

Awed by the steel-plated human, Shiva managed a nod. “I can work with that,” she replied. Offering up her arm, she bared her claws, and pressed into her fur, withdrawing a bead of blood that she offered up to the Doctor.

“Your offering is appreciated. The fact you harmed yourself wasn’t necessary,” He removed a small device from his belt and placed it on the wound, and collected the blood sample. “I’m curious if your uplifting bears' similarities to the High Evolutionary uplifted creatures.”

Shiva rolled her wrist, gazing at her healed wound with a pondering light. “Wish I could answer that for myself,” she admitted. “I’m still not fully sure who or what gave me this power.” She turned her attention to Kodo, who nuzzled up against her in concern. “But… I make it work for the ones I care about.”

Before Dr. Doom could respond, the conversation was cut off as Phoenix walked over. “In need of some data rust bucket?” The man in question went to respond but didn’t get far as he was cut sure by a spurting sound and a large stream of blood. Phoenix had rolled up his sleeve and amputated everything from his elbow onwards with a spear he had been carrying on his back. Shiva stared at his action in dumbfounded horror, but Phoenix picked up the arm, before presenting it to Dr. Doom. “You’re very welcome.” He in turn simply gave him a confused expression. After waiting a moment, Phoenix frowned. “Suit yourself,” the psychotic man exclaimed, before burning the limb to a crisp. Shrugging, his hand reappeared once more as he strolled away from them, hands in his pockets.

“...When I said human, I mean normal ones from the world we came from before Displacement.” Link explained as he gave Dr. Doom a curious look due to the armored man’s form of speech.

“A very noble trait” He then looked to Link then lifted his hand to his face and removed it. Revealing the twisted scarred but still recognizable human face. “Human in the flesh.”

Shiva winced in sympathy at the sight of his scars. Hesitantly, she reached up to him. “Is there… something we can do about your… injuries?” she asked, her paw glowing half-heartedly.

“Don’t worry about that Linky boy.” Thanos grinned, patting Link on his back, seemingly out of nowhere and undetected despite his height. After all, he is the tallest out of them.

Doom looked to Shiva. “Do not worry about my scars, I have come to accept them. They are proof of my might, of what I endured. To get rid of them now is to remove the proof of me being a Warrior.” He replaced the face mask “Besides, this is my true face now. The face of Doctor Doom.”

“I see,” Shiva said, lowering her hand and then her head in a bow. “Judging by your aura, I’d say King or Emperor Doom might be more appropriate.”

“Don’t forget yourself, Mother,” Kodo reminded her, looking up at Doom. “You stand before Alpha Shiva; Queen of the Diamond Dogs, Protector of Outer Haven, Bearer of the Pack Link, and...”

“Kodo,” she chastised. “Enough with the titles; you make me sound like some sort of false goddess.” She ruffled his head with a grin before glancing apologetically up at Doom. “Forgive my son. His love for his mother is strong; it can blind him to when we are clearly among our betters.”

“It is true I am the sovereign ruler of the world I found myself inhabiting. Most of the land I have conquered, Griffonstone, Equestria, and the Storm King’s domain. So the title Emperor is fitting. Those titles I got by fighting and conquest, the title of Doctor I got by learning and struggling to better myself. One can’t rule if they can’t master themself after all.”

Shiva nodded in understanding. “Indeed, they cannot,” she agreed.

Meanwhile, Shiva’s and Eric’s conversation was coming to a close, Black had been quiet about it, but he had been glaring at Sombra when he first laid eyes on the dark unicorn. ‘So after all this time… you show your face once again…’ Black mentally spat.

Sombra eventually felt an uneasy feeling, like a pair of blades were aimed at the back of his head. Turning towards the Saiyan

ng around Sombra was met with the angry glare of the black-clothed Saiyan: Goku Black, curiosity got the better of him considering he had never once met the creature before. So he had no idea what had elicited the level of anger and malice from the Saiyan, walking up to the Saiyan the unicorn attempted to understand the Saiyan's source of anger.

“You alright there?” Sombra said his hands laying against the hilts of the swords

“Oh, I’m perfectly fine…” Black said before disappearing, the Saiyan reappearing behind Sombra with his back facing the dark unicorn.

Sombra sensing malice intent, Sombra summoned his ‘room’ and swapped places with Goku Black, Immediately Sombra went to unsheathe his sword but stopped and exhaled.

“Forgive me, reflex.” Apologized to the unicorn. “It’s obvious you see me as an enemy and yet I have no recollection of you”

Black turned his head to look over his shoulder. “I too realized that you're not my Sombra, but that still won’t change my view on you. Not after what my Sombra has done to me…” Black said as he walked away from the dark unicorn.

Sombra exhales releasing his grip on his sword. “It would see my world wasn’t the only one who suffered because of Umbra...”

“...Linky boy?” Link asked with a raised eyebrow as he reached up to lower the hood, revealing to Thanos that Dr. Doom wasn’t the only one with a damaged face. In Link’s case, his right ear had been clawed, slash marks on his right cheek, and another claw mark down the middle of his face. “I don’t think Doom understands the difference between a human appearance and a normal unpowered human of our original world.” Link whispered as he covered the right side of his cheek over with his right to prevent the Doctor from reading his lips.

“Sup, the name is Thanos, and I’m wondering if you-” Suddenly everyone heard a loud slam, everyone ceased their conversations and turned towards the one who made the noise. It was a human with light brown hair and emerald eyes, in royal garb, he wielded a staff that was taller than Thanos himself, the human had leather boots and khakis on.

A single portal opened up as Death and Fury stepped through. Not knowing or caring about the others, they stood off to the side keeping to themselves.

Black looked confused for a second, “Is he wearing Khakis?” Black asked out of the blue.

“Is there something wrong with wearing… ‘Caw-keys?’” Shiva asked.

“Rarity would scream if she saw this..” Link whispered with a frown.

“I second that,” Phoenix added from the side.

“Third,” Eric said, approaching the two in agreement.

“Ahem…” The human coughed into his hand, “My name is Ryker, and welcome to ELIATOPIA!!!!!” Ryker said dramatically, throwing his hands into the air. “There is one more Displaced but they’re already at the stadium. If you have any questions hold them off for now, because we’re going to the stadium this instant.” Ryker turned around and walked forward, there was a huge archway above them that was a total of ten meters high. And as they passed it, they saw a huge lush green land that stretched out for miles but filling the green land were houses, much like the ones in Ponyville but bigger.

“If you have questions it’s best to ask them now,” Ryker said as he walked with his staff.

“Can I go home?” Phoenix groaned, as he slowly strolled along at the back of the group.

“No, not yet…” Ryker shook his head. This earned him a long-drawn-out whine from Phoenix.

Shiva spared a sympathetic gaze to Phoenix, before darting closer. “This ‘hetap’ and ‘devil fruits’ you spoke of in your invitation,” She noted. “Are they some form of treasure?”

“You could say that, Devil Fruits are incredibly powerful, you can turn into rubber, turn into dragons, and turn into literal magma! These are just a few of the types of Devil Fruits.” Eric explained informing those who had no knowledge of Devil Fruits

“Indeed Mr. Von Shadow, Devil Fruits are incredible.” Ryker said grinning at Eric.

“Wow…” Kodo breathed in awe. “Now I want one.”

“And this is hetap,” Black said as he pulled a can of it from his gi, cracking it open and taking a sip. “A brilliant drink from the parody Dragon Ball Z Abridged,” Black explained.

“I have no idea what this ‘Dragon Ball Z Abridged,’ is, but it sounds quite intriguing,” Shiva noted.

“It’s a fan-made show that’s a stupid kind of funny, like the three stooges,” Eric said as he followed the group with Sombra by his side

Shiva’s ears flattened. “I’m… afraid I’m not aware of the three stooges either,” she noted.

“Wait, I think I know what those are,” Kodo noted. “It’s like Pinkie Pie when she’s trying to entertain those baby twins.”

Kodo sniffed at the hetap from behind Black. “Smells intriguing, too,” he noted.

“Nothing my brilliance couldn’t replicate,” Doctor Doom refuted. “I’m here to study other Displaced, beyond that this game is of little consequence for me.”

“Indeed, you are very smart, that’s another reason why I brought you here,” Ryker commented as he moved with rhythm, some humanoid dragons waved at Ryker and he waved back. Five guards armed to the teeth saluted at Ryker.

“What of me, Ryker?” Link asked curiously as he crossed his arms, knowing he wasn’t exactly a planet buster or even capable of moving at the speed of light. At best, Link would compare himself to maybe Kid Goku, more or less.

“Well, you’ll just have to wait and see, Link, Champion of Equestria,” Ryker said while observing Thanos closely, detecting massive power untapped within the titan.

“I’ll assume that goes for the rest of us,” Kodo mumbled, his fur bristling as he sensed the impossibly high power levels from what had to be the competition. He looked to Shiva with fear; wondering how his mother would possibly win against beings such as these.

“Hmm... I don’t like this.” Sombra whispered to Eric.

“You feel it as well?” asked the shadow man under his breath to hide the conversation. “You don’t trust him?”

“I trust him about as far I can throw when I was still the prince,” Answered Sombra.

Feeling a hand on his shoulder, he turned to see a rather bored-looking Phoenix. “Don’t doubt your mother like that.”

Kodo blinked, before nodding and carrying on walking. Yet now with more of a plight in his mind, as he knew for certain he didn’t say that out loud.

“So you have alternative motives besides some game of sport.” Doom looks at Ryker and directs his armor sensors to get a strong reading of him.

“I’m simply bored and interested in this Generations power, nothing more nothing less, I am also interested in your adept intelligence Mr. Doom.” Ryker smiled looking back at Doom.

“Champion Of Equestria, at least this Ryker character used the most common of my titles and not the more weird ones such as ‘Hero Of Many Faces’” Link mentally said to himself as he gazed around the area curiously. Link would often look at the three main heavy hitters of the group, mentally debating using the Wide Angle, or just don’t bother as to avoid getting a headache from the large numbers presenting their strength and power.

Doom’s hands went behind his back as he walked his fingers casting a simple spell. Thanos would hear a whispering voice in his ear “I assume you are as devious as the true mad titan. If this is the case I don’t trust this Ryker. The reward for this game is as the saying goes too good to be true.”

Thanos leaned towards the doctor, “I know what you mean but I can feel his energy and it’s off the charts, whatever power this guy is hiding, it’s dangerous, I think we should play it safe until we find an opening.” Thanos whispered back.

As they spoke, Shiva’s pack links waved towards the two like seaweed in the water, sensing the use of magic. Shiva glanced up, her ears flattening as she heard their conversation. But she said nothing; the dog within her was unwilling to believe humans were capable of such trickery so soon after she had been reunited with them. “And yet… Chrysalis was the same way,” she couldn’t help but remember. Shaking her head, she kept walking, resolving to let things play out.

Black heard the conversation even though they were whispering, ‘Now that I’m thinking about it, there is something off about this king… There’s something off about his power...’ Black as thought about the two’s conversation.

Before either could continue, a curious Phoenix poked his head between the two before whispering out, “What are you whispering about?”

Nappa went besides Thanos, “Yeah, what is it? I wanna hear!” Nappa grinned, Lucci shook his head.

“It’s none of our business,” Lucci said, also looking towards Phoenix. “And you should know to stay in your lane pal, or there’s gonna be a wreck,” Lucci said, giving off an intimidating and deadly aura.

“I’m remembering killing Thanos from my own universe of origin, given we are both from similar concepts?” Doom mused. “How would one consider a comic book reality? Let just say I feel a bit of kinship with the Mad Titan here.”

Phoenix, whistled with his hands placed behind his head as if he saw and did nothing before returning to his spot at the back of the group.

“...This guy could give Ganondorf a run for his rupees…” Link softly commented at the man giving off the aura.

‘He could easily kill Umbra the Dark if he wanted to’ Eric thought to himself.

“Whoa, we’re here!” Ryker exclaimed, there was a stadium as big as the eye could see. “Alright, follow me, everyone, I’ll show you the locker room.” Ryker walked forth, seemingly not hearing all the comments that were said about him. He opened the door and an Eliatrope was there, she bowed towards Ryker.

“Welcome my king.” The Eliatroped greeted. Ryker just waved her off and went down a hallway, the hallway was long and there was a door at the end of it. As they reached the door everyone felt gravity intensify. Shiva pulled Kodo close on instinct, their pack links twining around each other defensively. Ryker opened the door and saw Fujitora and Necrozma arguing.

“I should be the one who eats the final slice!” Necrozma argues looking at the pizza, the blind man flipped to pokemon off.

“No, I should!” Fujitora growled, “I’m disabled!”

“That’s enough you two,” Ryker said and immediately the two stopped, Ryker opened up a portal and two boxes of pizza fell out of it and onto a table. “There, now go eat.” Ryker shook his head as he entered the locker room. The locker room had a gym inside of it and a gravity chamber, though the gravity chamber was far away and inactive, they could feel gravity acting weird around the blind man. “Now come on in, make yourself at home.”

Watching the gravity chamber cautiously, Shiva and Kodo entered, sniffing around where the pizza had been in the hopes of finding scraps.

Black walked to Ryker with a curious look, “Just out of curiosity, when will the tournament start?” The Saiyan asked the ruler.

“In twenty minutes, the bracket starts like this, Thanos vs Link first, Shiva vs Phoenix second, Death vs Doom third, and finally Black vs Eric last. Whoever wins gets a chance to fight the current champion, Katakuri, and the prize.

“So we’re to fight a Mochi man?” Asked Eric confusing most of the people who were not familiar with Mochi

“What’s Mochi?” asked Luna walking up behind me

“It’s a type of doughy pastry” Eric answered the Princess.

“Hehe, indeed but even if you guys lose to him, which is highly likely, you still get the prize, the champion yearns for battle. After all, he is the strongest, besides me of course, in this very realm.

“Is that so, well Imma go do a quick training session, anyone is free to join me,” Black spoke as he walked in the direction of the Gravity Chamber. Thanos follows the Saiyan determined to not lose.

“Puppy girl, works for me,” Phoenix said, shrugging as he walked over to the gravity chamber.

Dr. Doom shrugged and eyed the other fighters, his HUD display bringing up the info his scanner had picked up already. Thanos would be the hardest to fight given what he can detect this Displaced Thanos was even stronger than the one he remembers.

Upon hearing that he was going to be fighting Thanos, Link had a nervous expression on his face, however, the expression faded as his eyes landed on the golden gauntlet that Thanos wore, realizing that gauntlet won’t have any power in another universe, thus giving the Hylian some form of confidence. Link made his way over to the table, soon taking a seat as he started going through his gear, making sure most of the items were fully stocked thanks to his pouches void regeneration.

“I wouldn’t relax just yet,” Warned Eric as he walks past Link’s table. “Thanos holds the power of a heat-based Devil Fruit while at the same time knows both Haki and the Six Powers.”

Link just ignored the shadow man, only focused on his items, “No, no… That wouldn’t work…” Link muttered

Kodo glanced over at Phoenix, who shared a solemn glance with Shiva. Instantly, Kodo dragged his mother towards the ring.

“We need to get you ready to fight, NOW!” Kodo declared.

“No argument there, my son,” Shiva agreed, summoning her pack links in the form of lassos. “Care to help me out, Kodo?”

Her son smiled and summoned his own links. “Always, my Queen,” Kodo replied.

A beep from Doom’s gauntlet caught his attention and he looked down as the analysis of Shiva’s blood came up on his display. “Interesting” was all he said then returned his attention to Ryker. The oddity of the gravity didn’t hinder him at all as he looked around the Locker Room.

“Oh and here are the rules.” Ryker pointed to a poster behind them.

  1. No killing
  2. No healing
  3. No hurting anyone in the crowds, that’s instant disqualification.
  4. There are no Ring outs, fight until you’re knocked out.
  5. No cheap tactics, aka no sand in the eye, or continuing to hit the opponent's injury and exploiting it, that’s dishonorable.
  6. No immense damage to the arena (You’ll have to pay for it)
  7. No Johns, we hate people with the name John.
  8. Weapons are allowed but no weapons that could literally level up the planet
  9. Have fun! :)

“If that’s all, I’m getting out of here, and oh, just remember guys… I’ll be watching you…” Ryker made a portal beneath him and he jumped in casually like he didn’t even sound threatening.

Black glared at the last place the king was before he jumped through the portal. He looked to Thanos before continuing his walk to the gravity chamber. ‘No healing, there goes that tactic, the area I can easily repair. But what the king last said… I’ve got a bad feeling about his…’ Black thought.

Phoenix eyed the sign, or more specifically, the second rule. I’ll have to ask about that……. He thought.

Shiva swallowed at the ominous tone in his voice, before giving a glare to the ‘no healing’ and ‘no damage to the arena’ part of the sign. “Change in plans, Kodo,” she noted. “I can’t use healing spells on this. And we might want to think twice before digging holes in the arena.”

Kodo groaned, before twining his pack link around himself. “Okay, not gonna be a problem, not gonna be a problem…” he muttered. “So… what do we do?”

Shiva looked down at her links. “You… keep doing what you’re doing,” she replied. “I’m just gonna have to change things up a little.”

Reading the sign, Link’s was now feeling more confident considering there was a ‘no killing’ and a no ‘blowing up the planet and the arena.’ “Have more confidence in yourself. No use having fear now as it may affect your combat performance.” Link said to Shiva.

“Your words are wise and kind, Champion of Equestria,” Shiva replied. “But fear has been my friend. As long as I don’t let it overwhelm me, it helps me focus; know when to use caution. And above all, to respect my opposition.” She caught her son with a pack tendril. “Something I’ve had trouble instilling into this one,” she added with a grin.

"No killing," Death muttered "I don't really want them passing through the Well anyways. More to answer to the Council about."

Ryker popped up once more and put a ring on Phoenix. “No healing factor too, sorry about that, if you take it off… I will destroy you…” Ryker said as he made a portal and walked towards it.

Wait, sir!” Shiva yelped, catching him just before he could leave. “Sorry, but I just needed to clarify…” she indicated her claws. “I’m a diamond dog, so… digging’s kind of in my nature. But, if you don’t want me digging in your arena, please let me know.”

“Since it’s in your nature, yes.” Ryker said, “I don’t want you to feel discouraged.”

Shiva bowed her head in thanks. Kodo cleared his throat, drawing her gaze.

“Right-right, I’m getting there, Kodo,” she added. “You said we could bring four allies, so… is that for battle, or just support?”

“Moral Support, after all, what are you without your friends?” Ryker said slowly turning towards Thanos, narrowing his eyes as his emerald eyes glowed. He turned his gaze back to Shiva. “Anyways have fun, and don’t go running off because if you leave this stadium… I will find you…” Ryker chirped.

With that, Ryker jumped back into his portal. Shiva exchanged a glance with Phoenix before the two parted ways, Phoenix pondering the info she had unintentionally given him.

“Noted.” Phoenix simply stated with a nod. Shiva glanced at Phoenix before looking down at where Ryker had gone.

“So…” Shiva asked worriedly. “‘Damage to the Arena…’ I’m guessing that includes digging holes in it?” When Phoenix glanced at her, she shrugged. “What? I’m a diamond dog?” He shrugged back and turned around, more info in hand.

“...I suppose draining someone’s health to heal yourself is also out of the question…” Link said with a frown, making a mental note to not use two of his armor’s enchantments.

“Welp, we have to go, I’m sure Ryker doesn’t want any non-fighters here.” Entity turned to the door and the rest of the boys left.

Doom looked around and then headed to Thanos “Thanos, do you have a tad bit of hair on that purple body of yours?”

“NO!!!” Thanos yelled from the Gravity chamber as Black did thumb push-ups while pushing his body in the air, Thanos doing sit-ups as well.

Link blinked at such a straightforward comment from Doom to Thanos. “..Not sure if that was an observation or a pickup line…” Link mentally said to himself as he reached into his pouch. Link’s outfit went from green to red in a gentle flash. The Hylian has just equipped a unique red unique that held the enchantments of ocarina of time and a link to the past, granting immunity to heat and an increase in defense.

He shrugged and tapped on his gauntlet interface. “How about a drop of blood. I assure you, on my honor as a ruler, I would not be using it to gain an advantage during combat. After all, that would be considered dirty fighting.”

“One word; Corona.” Thanos grunted as he did his sit-ups, “And other diseases.”

“Five more minutes until the match between Thanos and Link begins!” Someone said on the intercom.

“Corona? The Eternal Thena went by that name… wait..” Looks over as if he was distracted in truth he mentally asked a question to Hans. “Ah, the Coronavirus. That was an airborne ailment.”

“...The coronavirus?” Link asked with a raised eyebrow. “Is that from another Equestria or something?” Link asked as he slipped on the Golden Gauntlets to help increase his lifting and swinging strength.

Phoenix facepalmed at the lack of brain cells in front of him before walking off into a corner to do some static stretches.

“...Hey, I was Displaced twenty or so years ago. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of it.” Link said as he held up his hands in self-defense.

“Same for me as well, I’ve been trapped with the shadows of the Crystal Empire for the last thousand years,” Eric said as a shadow covered his body before receding revealing Eric in his Captains Armor

“NICE ARMOR BROOO!!!!” Thanos yelled from the chamber, now doing finger-push-ups.

“What? This old thing?” Eric asked in a boasting manner. “This is just the armor I wore as Captain of the Crystal Royal Guard”

“Should’ve seen my armor when I went to war against the Equestrian Empire back in the old, old, old days. It’s destroyed now but I still have it in my heart.” Thanos said remembering the armor.

“Is it like the gold armor Thanos wore in the Avengers Movies?” asked the shadow man

“No, it was black armor that looked intimidating like you know Dark Souls intimidating kind of intimidating,” Thanos said, continuing his finger pushups.

“Never played Dark Souls but I’ll take your word for it”

Meanwhile, Nappa himself pops up from the ground in his Ghost Form, looking at Eric.

“Sup bitch, can’t do shit to me now can you?” Nappa said, having no shadow, grinning coyly.

“Having no shadow means nothing, I can still hurt you” Eric said to the ghost form of Nappa. “I can always search the multiverse and find….”

“Mr. Popo,” Eric said enticing fear into the bald Saiyan

“OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!” Nappa disappears into the floor verily.

“Thanos your friend is a punk ass with no discipline,” Eric said to the titan

“Ahem… Don’t mind him, he’s just an asshole and someone who just pisses people off for the hell of it.” Thanos finishes his sets of finger pushups, he then does regular pushups.

“I’ve noticed,” Eric said the shadows on his body becoming more prominent

“I never said a word,” Phoenix responded, giving Link a smirk.

“I’ve never heard of Coronavirus either,” Shiva offered to Link, before turning to Phoenix. “Is it bad?”

Phoenix walked over to the two of them and patted both their heads in a condescending manner. “Indeed, something wittle children shouldn’t worry about.”

“I’ve never heard of Coronavirus either,” Shiva offered to Link, before turning to Phoenix. “Is it bad?”

Phoenix walked over to the two of them and patted both their heads in a condescending manner. “Indeed, something wittle children shouldn’t worry about.”

Kodo’s fur bristled, but Shiva waved him off. “Sir, I’m sure you’re completely taken by my irresistible charm,” Shiva noted, partially sarcastically and partially coyly. “But I’m not a child.”

“Of course you’re not,” Was all Phoenix had to add before he made his way back to the corner and continued his stretches.

Rolling her eyes, Shiva turned back to her son, and the two continued to spar, Kodo’s attacks growing more intense as he glowered at his mother’s opponent.

“Well, you're very welcome.” That was all Phoenix had to add before he made his way back to the corner and continued his stretches.

Humming in thought, Shiva turned back to her son, and the two continued to spar, Kodo’s attacks growing more intense as he glowered at his mother’s opponent.

“That was a nice training session,” Black said as he walked out of the gravity chamber, his top gi was hanging off to his side with his turtleneck short-sleeve shirt revealing his muscles. “With all of these Displaced here, it’s always good to get the blood pumping before a fight,” Black said as he created a towel to wipe off the sweat.

“Thanos and Link, I ask of you two to come to the ring.” Said someone on the intercom

“Wish me, luck everyone, because I might need it” Thanos walked out of the locker room.

“Go fuck him up, Link!” Was all the input Phoenix offered.

“Don’t go too hard on him Thanos,” Black called out. Pulling the top part of his gi back on.

As Link made to follow him, Shiva let a pack link twine around his wrist. “Don’t let fear blind you,” she whispered to him. “But don’t forget to ask for its help. Its help may just guide you to victory.” Releasing him, she stepped back and nodded in encouragement.

Thanos stood there on his side of the ring, with his arms crossed, he sees Link going out of his entryway.

“May our battle be one that pleases the crowd,” Thanos commented before adopting the stance of Monkey D. Luffy.

“I believe the crowd will be surprised and wowed considering what we are…” Link said as he reached his side to pull out the Master Sword and the Hylian Shield. Link was thinking of using the Ordon Sword, but that poor thing would be broken in half like a stick between two fingers if he used that against Thanos.

Thanos grinned, meanwhile Ryker from his throne stood up.

“The battle begins in three!” Ryker announced.

Thanos clenched his fists. Link gripped his sword.


Thanos took a deep breath. Link took this moment to sync his mind up.


Thanos popped his shoulders. Link shifted his legs into position, taking on his fighting stance, although with the sword and shield mirroring that of Skyward Sword Link.


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