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Please get a real avatar please!!!!!

YES!!!!!! but I was hoping for a hot anthro mare . Its weird masturbating at my own.:raritystarry:

Pfft, don't get your hopes up, I'm no good when it comes to clop fics.

So far it has promise. Let's see if it lives up to it.

Need some motivation sweetie? I am sure I can give some Hard info....

(In ed's voice) moar please

Okay... Uh Who's the pony? That description doesn't match anyone I know.

(Cross-overs not available)

No crossovers? Hell yeah, I'll read it. I despise crossovers, they're annoying.

Oh, there is only one cross-over canon to the original story, but after that there won't be anymore except for minor short cross-overs.

You keep switching between first and third perspective, and I don't just mean in the parts where Link's thinking to himself. Also, that ending was very confusing and weirdly paced. It wasn't clear when he passed out, and it wasn't clear what happened with Nightmare Moon. Also, WTF is with the Koala bears and how does that break her hold on him? The story is still interesting enough to keep following, but it could really use some cleaning up.

I'll point this out to my editer, perhaps he overlooked alot of things.

By the way, he passed out from blood loss at the end, "felt himself creep deep into darknessā€¦ feeling colder by the momentā€¦"

The Koala bears part was suppose to be him being delusional. This version of Nightmare Moon is immature in this current time period and gets stronger by feeding onto the dreamer's nightmares.

Maybe. We all have off days, after all.

Ok, hopefully me and my editer got everything fixed.

I sent you a PM with a few helpful tips

Thank you for pointing out the errors within the text, as well as the suggestion for clarifying the final part with NMM.

I, for one, must accept that I must've been tired at the time, since those were glaring mistakes that flew over my head.

I am confident now that the chapter is good to go.

Keep on reading! :)

Like I told DW, we all have off days. Just trying to pass on the lessons I've learned in my time writing on this site :twilightsmile:

Thanks, I wasn't offended by it, in fact I appreciated it.

I cannot learn if I don't know what went wrong, right?

I say the same thing all the time when people offer constructive criticism on my stories.

Lol, Really?

Feel free to comment, it means that the story drew your attention. :)

Also, your rewriting this? Its lookin alot better tho!

aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww that ending of the chapter was so cute ;P

I strongly dislike the idea of 'Rebooting' A world.

That's what the batter said, doesn't mean that's the accurate answer.

I can't answer you that, I'll end up spoiling things.

Great rewrite, it's going a lot better than the first time story wise.

Since there's a "Mirror of Twilight" here in Link's Equestria, I could only assumed that Zant was the one who tried to kidnapped Trinity.

Is Celestia still the same caring mother-like being like she was in the "Original"?

Yes, just one minor change to her personality. She tends to tease a little to those who are nervous or shy toward her, she does it break the ice and help them get used to her presence.

Adding a bit of her original personality, huh? Has Link met Twilight yet or this was Before Twilight got her cutie-mark and becoming Celestia's personal student?

so far it looks alright, I mean the last displaced stories I had seen the last times , where suggesting that those Displaced stories aren't as good as they were anymore.

However this didn't had the typical signs till now.

I'm curious since it sounded like he would dislike both sisters at the moment.

Hello, Texus,

I am DisplacedWriter's editor, and am interested in your comment.

Would you be so kind as to either PM either of us what you mean by that? Or leave a comment here?

If we can improve our work, we'll gladly take the opportunity, so feel free to elaborate - as constructive criticism is really rare to find nowadays.

We'll be waiting for your kind reply. :)

after you mentioned having a Link displaced i just had to come see it. its freaking awesome :D

sounds like the start of an adventure

Oh great, we got assholes incoming....

And it's not only the Nobles, either.

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