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Maybe Cain will have better luck keeping this world alive compared to the last one 😒.

Yeaa.. i'm not proud of that one. I was in a bad depressed mood when I wrote that and it kind of bled into the story.

I mean the fact that the world of Dark Souls is doomed no matter what the player does. For crying out loud, the final map of the trilogy is a literal ashen wasteland with only a few ruins giving any idea of what the world used to be.

Here's hoping Equestria doesn't turn out the same.

OH! Right, I misunderstood your comment. I used that ending as a base to start the story with as I kept thinking of what the fire keeper said. I can't explain further as I don't want to spoil anything.

Honestly I did not expect stone dragons.
Is that going to change over the following years between the placement of the story and NMM's return or not?

Mentioning the stone dragons was a way to provide some world building and to show some differences between this Equestria and the original Equestria. As for them changing, I can't reveal anything yet.

Mentioning that you can't mention something is often confirmation.
Also the souls world has more than one type of dragons if I remember correctly.

And you are correct, but only a small number of different dragons like Wyverns, Hellkite Drakes (aka imitation dragons) and whatever I'm forgetting.

Holy crap, 17/4? I was so nervous when I uploaded chapter 1 as I felt unsure if I did a good job, but seeing that ratio made me feel alot better, thanks everyone!

Haven't read yet, but it is all the same regardless.

Tread lightly, O' Champion of Ash. Be well, friend.


“Despite allowing the first flame to die, it appears the cycle has been renewed, yet I know not whom has lit it, how, and why. Do I need to journey once more to the Kilt Of The First Flame?” Cain thought as he held his hand over the bonfire, channeling through it in a attempt to warp

By the way.... does SOMETHING seem off to you here? Perhaps a bit of frayed Scotsmen caught your keyboard.

Kilt? KILN


Oof. Fixed, thanks for pointing out that typo.

A message wrote down in front of an old abandoned kitchen, memento of an adventurer. You can see the ghostly visage of a man wearing a fancy hat from foreign lands and a fancy looking mask depicting an aging gentleman. Adorning a Catarina's armor peculiar shape are the gauntlets and leggings usually worn by grave keepers.

It reads
Let there be, forgiveness
and then, be wary of forgetting

//The story seems really interesting so far, going to mark it to read more chapters in the future, to add onto the rping part of "leaving messages" this one being just a way of saying "forgive but don't forget" since these creatures can be either nobles or too cunning for their own sake, if not a bit backstabbing. Anyway, keep it up my dude.

So gauntlets and leggings of a Grave Warden, but which version? DS2 or DS3? Is it a normal mask, or mask as in face?

I got the set mixed I'm a fool, I meant to say the Gravekeeper set from cinders. And the hat is the Mirrah Helmet.

Oh, ok, thank you. Now I've got a better mental image.

make the main villain a guy with the giant daddy buil from dark soul 1

Not a bad start, can't wait to see how Cain's story unfolds.

I'm genuinely impressed you even put the message in an actual kitchen and that went quite good with the story! I expected to maybe have my message as a cameo at some point.

Back on track, so far so good the story my good dude. The battle feels grounded and I'm curious to see what destiny has for our champion, Cain.

As for a message since we are in the griffon kingdom...how bout this one near a nest...

"Aah, seems familiar ... But exchange?."

Still a bit cryptid, still trying to come up with these using Dark souls like messages.

I really meant it when I said you can talk to Cain. He see the comment as messages in his world and he will respond, comment, and react to them as long as it can be of use to the story. It could be friendly advice, directions, secrets, or information wherever it is located. That isn't to say 'all' comments will be in the story, just one to three messages per chapter as to avoid cluttering.

I can't wait for a "Try tongue, but hole" message or a jester/mimic hat trolling message.

None the less excited to see what ghost are going to appear in future chapters!

Or the author can do what they want and not listen.

To be honest, I didn't know how to respond to that suggestion.

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