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Can I put my balls in ya jaws?


When 3 best friends end up as undead in anthro Equestria, they will embark on a long journey to save Equestria from the darkness that grabs at it. The Abyss is coming and three humans stand in the way of thing that wishes to destroy the world they know. Follow Kobe, Colin, and Kelso as they build up their will power to fight the forces of the Abyss one monster at a time.

NOTE: There is cursing,killing,adult jokes,very gruesome deaths,dank quality humor,childish humor and lots of retarded moments, enjoy!-Souls_USA

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shoulda been Demons' Souls.

Comment posted by Jar Man deleted Aug 7th, 2019

An interesting tale, but you need an editor badly. Will thumbs up and track, very original idea.

Don't be sorry, you have my interest.

Ahh, don't worry buddy. I'm not a writer myself, but i know that it can be a little bumpy when you start something like this. But with time comes evolution, and experience of one's writing ability.

Thanks Man im sorry for no update I'm heading hime from Texas but it will be complete I promise you that☺☺

"Alright we'll do it plus what could go wrong?"


I'm sure everything will be fine 😂

Hey man, you double posted the chapter!

Okay, so you need an editor, only for spelling and a bit of wording issues. Also, I see Tia is annoying as ever! Still enjoying it, keep up the good work!


Im so sorry i didn't realize I repeated it

Tis fine, I was halfway through the initial punchline when I noticed, thought he was dreaming it over again, lol.

All the "Y'all"s are starting to rustle my jimmies. >:(

(Not to be racist but wtf is a Quanker?)

How would not knowing that make you racist?
Don't you hate it when your comments don't get a response?

No it's a Joke and sorry for not responding I've been busy with stuff

I'm gonna post the next chapter for Holloween since its a spookyish chapter and i have a few more done so don't worry your favorite white boy writer is still alive I just need to wait a few mire days and it sucks its so slow but hey i think it'll be worth it oh amd I'm moving so yeah...always remember friends God loves you and i need to use the bathroom room

( Twilight came down stairs after hearing all the noise with a book as her weapon. I snatched the nook and added it to our defences )
whats a nook

Whoops I meant book sorry

I like princess luna saying y'all

Lol I apologize if it's anoyying I'm trying to fix it

A bad guy might be good, I'm thinking one of the ones that play at being a bad guy. In it for the lolz sorta thing, you only have to worry if make him/her mad types.

Look at that, never this early.

*starts writing down notes*

Hell yes to the human antagonist, then you could have a blade if the dark moon come save them. Would be fitting for Luna.

Hell yeah böther

I have always served the BotDM in Souls games.

Hey all idk if y'all will read this but if you have questions feel free to ask and if your wondering, Colin and Kelso are real friends of mine so if you want to ask them something just comment and I will harass them:twilightblush:

no drinking cause i have to be a good Christian boy.

eat, DRINK, and be marry.

"Ask and you shall receive"-somehere in the bible idk

The ponies said "y'all" way more than is appropriate for their characters.

Pff ikr like this guy probably made Luna say y'all at one point (I'm so sorry I'll fix it)

To go out fighting a cloud daemon is one of the many ways I would wish to go myself. :coolphoto:

that but we're like the black knight from the holy grail we were unstoppable.

Spooky cloud demon shall feel our wrath böther

That is a nice story! :ajsmug: And the ending as well! :rainbowlaugh:

Oh trust me my friend this story isnt over just yet but thank you for liking the story:twilightblush:

Am i the only one thinking that Twilight destroying the mirror/portal is incredibly selfish of her? It makes it even more selfish because she destroyed the ONLY way for Kobe and his friends to get home all because she didn’t want them to leave! Even if she feels bad about it it’s still incredibly selfish of her to rob them of the hope that they will be able to return home.

Otherwise great chapter

Thank you for liking my story böther it means a lot😃

You're welcome :). And sorry if my comment sounds harsh.

Oh hell no böther you were right no need for apologies as it was part of the whole story that leads up to something i consider big 😃

A friendship that clings is a friendship that sting's. In this part.
Not only did she and everyone of them. DID, not go back to see if he was in fact dead. But almost killed him in the end.
With a big building in fact.
Nice going twi Your friendship is ruined.

Applejack makes sense- everypony else saying y'all doesn't.

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