• Published 14th Jul 2019
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Fallen Order - Souls_With_AK

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For the record...

Me and the boys were waiting in Lunas room waiting for her to finish whatever she's doing in the bathroom. We took bets on who would survive falling off her balcony, but before we could actually try it Luna walked out with her mane looking more plain blue imsead of that space crap.

"Sorry about that I needed to freshen up" she said putting on casual clothes. I usually see her in a dress or...let's stick with dresses.

"I didnt know your hair actually looked like that" I said in a surprised tone.

"Oh sorry I didn't have anymore of my special shampoo" She handed me an empty bottle of some French letter crap but it also said it makes your hair look magical.

"It looks really nice if I'm being honest" I complemented, she blushed.

"Thank you. Now for the reason you are here I have a mission for you three that requires the best of your abilities," she was now serious. "I will be conducting a secret mission and I need you three to help me"

"What is it?" I asked looking at the guys.

"It's my sister" she said nervously.

"What about her?" She took a deep breath before answering.

"She's been acting rather strange ever since we escaped the old temple where the teleportation mirror was, I noticed she kept her eyes on you a lot through magic" She pointed at me. I don't know why Celestia is practically stalking me but I would like to find out.

"Why the pumpernickel fuck is the princess stalking him?" Kelso crossed his arms obviously upset.

"She is afraid of you"

"Why is she afraid of a pasty white boy?" I joked. Luna pulled up a chair and sat down then began to explain it all.

"Well I have a theory as to why she is afraid. When we entered the old temple it showed no sign of caving in but as soon as we found the mirror it just so happend to destroy it;" I tilted my head head as I took in the knowledge and tried to understand. "And it just so happens that you were so close to going home only for it to be crushed infront of your very eyes. I do not think that is some coincidence do you?" She leaned forward. I stood there thinling back to it trying to remember the whole event.

"Are you saying the princess destroyed the mirror?" I spoke slowly still thinking.

"I cannot say for I truly do not know, but that incident couldn't have happend on its own without somepony causing it"

"We can't just straight up ask her 'hey did you fuck us over?' She would be on our ass's for that" Kelso said.

"We could just break into her room like in those movies where the villain has a diary and has their plans and crap in it and find out if she really did do it" I offered and the others nodded.

"I can cast an invisibility spell along with a mind cloud spell so not only will anypony not be able to see you three but my sister cannot use her projection spell to watch you" She lit up her horn, me and the boys grabbed each other's shoulder as we disappear like ghosts.

I took the lead and followed Luna down stairs and down a hallway to Celestias room. I patted myself and reached into my pouch for a marker, I pulled it out and drew some art on the wall and by art I mean I drew a giant penis. Me and the boys were giggling like school girls while Luna just rolled her eyes and called us foals. We reached the room and just before we opened it the door flew open and Celestia walked out with her hair in a Monday morning fashion, She grabbed Luna and started whispering to her.

"Luna I think something bad happend my magic, isn't doing what I want it to!" She looked around as if she was searching for someone to attack her. I saw her door still open and we scooted our way in and I tapped Luna giving her the signal.

"Sister what do you mean your magic isn't doing what you want are you sick or somethin" Luma put on a fake concerned look. Celestia shook her head vigorously.

"I...I'm trying to watch a certain pony to make sure he is....safe from harm" Celestia stammered sheepishly.

While they talked we looked around, I searched the nightstand and found a bunch of scrolls from Twilight and other ponies. At the bottom I found a book with Celestias mark on it. I silently cheered and opened it, most of it was some girly stuff I didn't care for then I found the right one it was after they got back from that temple.

(Celestias POV from the diary)

I packed up my gear Luna got me a for our little adventure with the three undead and Twilight to the temple where we can possibly find a way to get them back to their home. When the undead trio first showed up I thought of them to be a threat but over the time that they have been here they have shown that they could be trusted and I'm pretty sure Twilight has an interest in the leader of the three, Kobe is...strange to say the least he can go from being a out going fun loving creature to your worst nightmare in an instant. The other two named Colin and Kelso are more passive than him and show more calming attitudes.

But anyways me and little lulu teleported to Twilights library, I knocked on the door and Kobe answered not to happy to see us but we were coming along anyway as it was Twilight who invited us on this trip. We walked through the fields and forest before making a stop in a clearing, Kobe went off somewhere with a bow then came back a few minutes later with a dead rabbit. I was horrified as he cut the skin off and proceeded to put it's corpse over the fire, I felt sick but I couldn't judge their...diets as that would not be very nice.

I was having trouble setting up our tent so Kobe built it for us and taught me how to put it together. We had the sleeping arrangements all laid out with the colts in one tent and mares in the other but apperently the three undead couldnt all fit so Kobe had to sleep in ours which didn't seem like an issue to us, Kobe on the other hand slept as far away as possible from us.

(Next day)

We made it to the mountain where the old temple sat on top. Kobe tied a rope around each of us so we could stay together, we started climbing using the ice picks we brought. Kobe made it to the top but I slipped and we started falling, I tried to hit the ice but before I could I felt a hard pull from above and it turns out we were saved by a little knife Kobe stuck in the ice. After we got to the top we all sighed in relief then the ice cap we were on stared to break making us run to the temple. Kobe was very lucky as I caught him before He could fall.

I pulled him up and we went inside the temple. It was somewhat dark but we could still see, we found three paths to go down. We each took a path with one pony and one undead to accompany the other other. I went with Colin while my sister went with the short one Kelso and Twilight stuck right by Kobe the whole time. We walked down the narrowed hallway and found a few doors that lead to empty rooms or old closets.

"So...Colin what do you plan on doing when you get back to your home world?" I asked wanting to get to know him as a friend.

"Well IF we do get back me and Kobe are going to join the military to blow shit up and retire then open a donut shop I don't know about Kelso he does his own thing" he replied looking back at me. I was suprised as they wanted to continue fighting but then live a simple life the next.

"You two choose to live a chaotic life over a peaceful one is a strange thing" I commented.

"Yep it was mostly Kobes plan so I hopped on it with him. But let's see if we can find a way home first before we get our hopes up yeah?" We stopped at some double doors blocked by debris. We carefully moved it all away so we wouldn't hurt ourselves.

We opened the doors and entered a big room, at the center was a mirror with the red stone insids it. I watched as Kobe put his head through and come back cheering. The mirror showed him his home letting the three friends celebrate and I thought i could hear Twilight mumble something but before I could ask the whole room shook and just like that the mirror shattered right infront of us. It was so heart breaking to see Kobe fall to his knees as their home was torn away from them.

"We have to go now!" Colin shouted. Kobe picked up the stone and ran with us out the center doors.

The whole place was coming down on our heads, I used my magic to stop some of the rocks from hitting but unfortunately couldn't stop Kobe from being crushed under a bookshelf and half a wall. Colin went back to help him but he yelled something and tossed the stone to Colin.

"RU-" More of the temple landed on him. I had to drag Colin out of the temple and just in time too as the entrance collapsed.

"Well that wasn't in the manuel" Luna said holding up a hikers book of hiking.

"Why is it that every time we go somewhere one of us dies?" Kelso said aloud. I almost forgot that the three friends couldn't officially die but would come back.

We began to head to the cliff edge to climb down but I stopped as Twilight was staring at the ruins. I walked up to her to see if she was alright but what she said made my body run cold.

"I didn't mean to do it..." She muttered. I looked back at the destroyed temple then back at her a few times before I realized what had happened.

(Kobes POV present)

I just stared at the book with mixed emotions, it was confusion, anger and sadness. I didn't want to believe it but from what she wrote it was the only lead. I didn't realize it but the invisibility spell wore off a long time ago as I was reading and Luna was trying to grt my attention.

"KOBE!" She shook me back to reality. I looked up at her and behind stood a worried Celestia.

"Please don't tell me it's true princess" I pleaded weakly. Celestia closed her eyes and looked down, I didn't want to believe one of my best friends just destroyed my way home I just couldn't.

Colin and Kelso were confused on what was happening, I didn't tell them as I just stood up and walked outbid the room handing back Celestias diary. It hit me like a train, one of the only ponies I actually liked was the same one who prevented our return home. I heard voices in my head from different people telling me things.

She betrayed you and your friends

What if she saved you from going back to that hell hole?

You know what needs to be done

I needed answers and she was gonna give them to me. The train to Ponyville arrived and I hopped on sitting in the very back away from others.


I was almost to the library before the girls showed up blocking my path. I noticed each of them had on familiar necklaces that matched their cutie marks, they were holding the elements of harmony.

"Sugar cube Ah know what yer thinking and no we will not move out of yer way..." Apple Jack stepped forward. The others joind her except Flutter Shy who cowered behind Rainbow Dash.

"I want answers" I demanded. I didn't have my sword or shield I left them at Canterlot as to not kill anyone on my way.

"We know you're upset darling but-" Rarity started but wasn't having it.

"Don't give me that bullshit you dont understand that our one way home was fucking demolished because of her!" I pointed towards the Library. "All I want to known is why? Why did she do it?"

They all remained silent as I suspected, I stepped forward and immediately Rainbow Dash charged at me. I was just a split second faster grabbing the back of her neck and threw her to the ground hard. The Library door opened and Twilight stepped out wesring her crown, I rolled my eyes since I knew they would probably use it on me but it ain't gonna do shit.

"Kobe I'm so sorry, I didn't tell you cause I didn't want you to get mad at me..." She was making some bullshit excuse that I did not care for.

"Why the FUCK did you destroy the fucking mirror?!" I shouted making her flinch.

"I-I didn't want you to leave..." Tears were flowing down her face as my left eye twitched.

"Oh...my...fucking fuck, we didn't plan on leaving immediately you fucking tard! We still had a damn mission to do and now we get nothing out of it good freaking Lord Twilight you make want to kill myself with a cheese grater covered in ghost peppers! First you bring a fucking castle down on my damn head and didn't bother seeing if I was still okay just because you didn't want us to leave now thats a whole new fucking low Twilight" It made no sense as to why she would do that but I guess its how this world fucking works.

"I know that now and if I could fix this I would please believe me!" She stepped forward to sob into my chest but I shook my head and walked away with my anger fuming like an Auschwitz furnace.

"I don't ever want to see your ass again near Sol or me again so long as I live" I started walking towards the castle before I ended up burning this entire town down.

"Kobe wait!" They called but I just continued walking back to Sol to see Ajax and Stone Wall and find out if we need to be anywhere.

Author's Note:

So like the site kinda died when I was writing and I don't know why but its getting so hard to write sometimes and I barely even want to wake up. Lots of problems have been going on with family and stuff but all i want to do is write For you guys, it's getting hard to do that as I just lay awake at night fighting with that voice that keeps saying "do it, it will stop it all" I just don't know what to do any more sorry if this chapter seems weak I'm just tired maybe I'll go nap....

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