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8 years after the battle with Tirek and invasion from Tartarus the three heroes and their Warriors of Sunlight went around the world to finish off any remaining demons and other horrors that threatened their home. There are many battles they will face across the sea and at home, to do what is right will be costly and even deathly.

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Twilight Sparkle was fiddling with an amulet she found in the Castle of the two sisters. When she drops it, it shatters into pieces causing a fog to blind Ponyville. One by one Ponies disappear, taken by the thing in the fog that makes the sound of another pony to lure others. Twilight barricades herself and Spike inside not wanting to see what was out there until she hears her friends.....

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When 3 best friends end up as undead in anthro Equestria, they will embark on a long journey to save Equestria from the darkness that grabs at it. The Abyss is coming and three humans stand in the way of thing that wishes to destroy the world they know. Follow Kobe, Colin, and Kelso as they build up their will power to fight the forces of the Abyss one monster at a time.

NOTE: There is cursing,killing,adult jokes,very gruesome deaths,dank quality humor,childish humor and lots of retarded moments, enjoy!-Souls_USA

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