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Fallen Order - Souls_With_AK

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The undead strikes again

I opened my eyes and sat up lazily. I looked around and noticed a lot of rubble and realized I'm in a ruined castle. I got up and walked around and saw some corridors. I began going down the second one wondering where it leads.

"Where am I, this doesn't look like Ponyville," I said aloud

I walked some more and I found myself in a throne room. I looked at the chairs and behind them were two colored banners, a yellow one and a blue one. That’s when I realized I'm in the castle of the two sisters.

"So this is what it looks like in person. Pretty cool if I do say so myself.” I saw an orange light coming from behind the thrones. I walked over to get a closer look and to my shock, it was a bonfire. I couldn't believe it, so I put my hand up to the coiled sword and it made that satisfying sound that every bonfire makes. I sat down and started making plans to get back to Ponyville and to the guys.

"I better get going I guess” so I got up and when I turn towards the exit of the throne there was nothing but a wall.

"Where did the exit go?" I looked around and there were now only 3 hallways this time I went down the hallway to the right and saw a torch on the wall so. I grabbed it and proceeded down the long dark hallway. After some time I ended up in what I guess was the archives as there were scrolls and books everywhere.

"I wonder if there's a spell for teleportation around here?” I started looking through scrolls and books but I only found stories of old and letters to other ponies. I was about to give up until I found a golden book with a sun on it. The book looked like it had seen better days and I picked it up, wiped the dust off and opened it. I flew through the pages and stopped on a certain page that had a picture of 3 bipedal figures with the one in the middle doing a familiar pose with his hands. He was praising the sun and I read the page and it said: "one day when the world needs them, three heroes of light will come to Equestria and rid the world of the true evil that rules it.” I sat there and thought to myself about what I read just now.

"Could it be talking about me and my friends?"

I didn't know what to think of this. I looked to my right and saw a worn-out satchel I took it and placed the golden book inside it and went back to the throne room.

After a while, I was back in the throne room and I looked back towards the dark hallway only to see a wall again. I turned towards the thrones' rooms exit to see it wasn't a wall anymore I sighed and shook my head.

"Man I gotta stop going to places," I said chuckling to myself. I made my way out of the castle and into the dark woods I still had the torch in my left hand and my sword in my right. With my shield in my back, I walked through the night hoping I don't get jumped by wolves or giant crystal bears.

(2 hours later)

I walked for what felt like forever till I heard faint yelling in front of me.


I stopped when I heard what the voices were saying.

'Colin, Kelso?'

I ran towards the voices and eventually I saw Colin and Kelso running towards me. I sighed in relief knowing I don’t have to be alone in the woods anymore. They came up to me huffing.

"*pant* Dude what *pant* happened" Kelso wheezed out. I explained what happened and told them about the book and the castle. They were surprised at my story and we began walking back to Ponyville.

When we arrived I saw a big burnt spot in the ground from where I 'died' we walked to the library and Colin told me what happened after I poofed out of existence I laughed about it.

We arrived at the library and I noticed the lights were on so we entered and Twilight trotted over to us with a relieved smile and offered to let us stay over until we get things figured out.

"I sent a letter to Princess Luna since it’s night time, about your situation and she should be here soon," Twilight said as we sat down on the couch. I pulled out the golden book and when Twilight came back with the tea she saw it.

"What kind of book is that I've never seen that before?" She asked, giving us drinks.

"Well after my little incident with the Dragon, I woke up in a ruined castle and found this book. I opened it to find a weird page in it here.” I showed her the page and she sipped her tea reading the page. She claims she never heard of it, but the princesses may have an idea, which is what I'm afraid of.

*knock knock*

"That must be the princess" Twilight went to answer the door and as she said it was Luna she entered along with 2 Nightguards I stood up to greet her.

"Luna these are the ponies I was telling you about in the letter" she pointed towards us. Luna looked us over with a small smile and bowed to us.

"Hello, I am Luna princess of the night, it's a pleasure to meet you three. Twilight here has told me about you and your friends' situation and how y'all are undead which I find very interesting. " I introduced the boys and I to her and offered a spot on the couch. We talked about many things from her banishment to a bald guy kicking people down holes, we all had a good laugh. What felt like 20 minutes was 3 hours of nonstop storytelling and jokes. I noticed Colin sleeping against the wall near the front door and Kelso on the floor snoring loudly, I began to feel tired as well.

"Well I best be going it is late and you need a lot of rest.” Luna got up and as I yawned she poked my forehead and the next thing I knew I was out.


I awoke to the smell of pancakes and coffee. I sat up and looked for any sign of life.

"Ah, your awake just in time for breakfast I made blueberry pancakes and some coffee" Twilight said in a cheerful voice. I still had my eyes shut cause I hate mornings more than anything but eventually I got up and kicked the others awake to only get mumbles. In response, I just shook my head and walked to the table and I accidentally stepped on what I thought was a child.

"Ow hey!" I looked down and instead of a child it was a little dragon, it was Spike.

"Oh my bad little dude" I apologized, hoping he doesn't set me on fire.

"It's fine and hey who are you by the way"

"I'm Kobe but you can call me Josericonachocoquesodilamadilajonez the third" I proudly announced, he just looked at me like I was an idiot, which I was.

"His name is Kobe, Spike" Twilight says laying out the food. He nods his head and sat down at the table while I went to wake the guys up again. This time they got up and Kelso looked at me then started sniffing the air and looked towards the table, and staring at spike who also stared back wide-eyed. Kelso got up and leaned over to me slowly.

"Yo dude, there's a tiny gecko in the chair"

I sighed and went to sit at the table.

Once we were all seated We took our helmets off and began eating. Twilight looked at us like she was studying a new life....oh wait.

"Oh my gosh I didn't even ask what race you are I thought y'all were miniatures or a hybrid, but now that I see y'all, what exactly are you?" She asks with amazement in her eyes.

"Oh...uh We're Humans" I answered with a crack in my voice. She nodded her head and started eating faster 'oh dear".

I took a bite of the pancake and it tasted like Heaven slapped me in the face and a choir was singing.

"Twilight these might be the best thing I've ever eaten in years," Colin says with a whole cake in his mouth.

"Don't y'all have pancakes where y'all are from?" She asks a puzzled look on her face.

"Oh, we do it's just not as good" Kelso chimes in already done with his plate. We finish eating and I helped wash dishes like the good person I am and Twilight began asking about humans and stuff. I told her everything I knew and she was writing all of it down. It was alright, to say the least, I was a little worried about her telling everyone about us.

"Hey uh do you think we could keep this human talk between us? I don't want to disturb others about our race and stuff?" she looked at me with confusion and I guess she knew it was important to us.

"Of course I will, I’ll make sure my notes are for me only," she said doing what I knew was a pinkie promise. I sighed in relief and finished the dishes.

I went back to the living room to see Colin and Kelso talking to Spike about who’s the better fighter. I shook my head and left them to sort it out and pulled out the golden book and started reading it with Twilight also reading over my shoulder.

Author's Note:

So I got banned in dank souls which sucks but I only have to wait 173 hours

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