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Fallen Order - Souls_With_AK

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undead for hire.....again

I woke up from having another nightmare, I was panting and sweating i felt nauseous. I got up and went to the bathroom to throw up, after that I got dressed and checked the time.

"Its only 6:39 jeez"

I walked out of my room where a guard was stationed she pointed me towards the mess hall, I thanked her and went on my way. I walked for about a minute and bumped into someone.

"Oh sorry i wasn't paying attention"

The guy i bumped into didnt take my apology then I looked down to see it was that same pony that was giving Celestia and Luna a hard time. He looked at me in disgust and I guess he recognized me too.

"You're that freak who threw a head at me!"

I nodded and he was red in the face with anger,I chuckled then he tried to punch me but it felt like a baby slapped me with a napkin. He looked at me and I looked around then when no one was near I punched him in the face knocking him out.

After that I was in the mess hall where some of the castle staff just stared at me as I went to get food, turns out they don't want to make meat cause I'm not a Griffin. I found that kinda racist but whatever I made my own food the chefs didn't appreciate my amazing cooking skills and kicked me out after I was done.

I sat at an empty table then felt some one tap on me, I ignored them wanting to eat in peace but the they tapped on me again and I whipped around to find a maid who was startled by my speed.


She got herself together.

"The princess would like to see you when your finished."

I gave her a thumbs up and began to eat with my helmet lifted a little. As i was eating a Griffin came in and he looked like some one who seen war due to his scars and his sword. He came over to my table and sat across from me, I acted like he wasn't there.

"Hello I'm-"

I interrupted him

"Dude im trying to eat my breakfast now go away"

He stared at me like I just shot his dog, but he waited for Me to finish which was annoying. After I was done he began to speak again.

"I am Aellô the general of the Griffin army and I'm here to talk about hiring a few mercenaries to handle a bug problem, I've talked with the princesses and they said I had to ask you and your friends"

I didn't know if he was serious or on crack, we just got back from killing an army and beheading an edge lord, now we have to leave again to kill bugs. I sighed and put my hand on my helmet.

"Ok one it's to early in the morning and im an angry person in the morning, two why do you want to hire me and my friends, oh and I'm Kobe?"

He leaned back a little and stroked his feathery chin. I didn't mean to be rude I'm not a morning person I once almost punched my friend for waking me up.

"Well I did I have an elite squad go into the hive but they didn't return and I heard that three creatures killed old King Sombra with ease, so I came to find them"

My mind can't process things sometimes so I took a while to think. He was waiting patiently and I just said I'll talk with the others, he nodded and I went to where the maid said the princesses were.

I walked for about five minutes and found a garden where Celestia and Luna were. I walked over to them and sat on the ground cause i was still tired.

"Oh Kobe did you not sleep well?"

Luna asked,I just shook my head and Luna bent down to pull me up to no avail due to me in my armor. I fell over groaning and they chuckled at me, Then Celestia looked over to me.

"Has Aellô spoken to you yet he was wanting to ask you and your friends something?"

I simply grunted

"What did he want exactly if you dont mind us asking?"

I rolled over to face them and told them everything slowly and dozed off after. I woke up in a dark blue room on a very soft bed. I wanted to leave but it was so comfortable I didn't want to.

After about a minute i got up and turned to my left to see Luna reading next to me. She looked at me and smiled. I checked under the blanket just in case, everything was where it was supposed to.

"Don't worry after you fell asleep in the gardens I carried you to my quarters, I didn't want to walk long so i made one trip"

I nodded and got up and when I turned to look at Luna I realized something. She was in only a bra and underwear.

"Oh sweet Jesus Luna!"

I covered my eyes to protect my innocence and Luna just seemed confused about my reaction. She got up and walked over to me but I backed up using one hand to shield my eyes and the other to find a door.

"What's the matter Kobe was it something I said?"

I backed up some more

"Lady where's your clothes at!?"

She just looked down and back at me still confused. I found a door handle but when I entered I was in the bathroom. I sighed to myself while Luna knocked on the door asking what's wrong.

"I'm wearing my casual night gown don't you wear your briefs to bed?"

"Yeah but I also wear pants not just walk around in my underwear that's just indecent"

I think I hurt her feelings cause she got quiet for a good minute. I wanted to peak but i didn't want to be a creep about it.

"I don't look nice?"

'Uh oh'

I thought to myself, this didn't go in the way I thought. I slowly opened the door and saw her looking down at the floor.

"You look great but it's just I'm not used to seeing other uh...ponies in their underwear"

She looked at me with a hint of sadness and her eyes looked so freaking big. I stepped out facing up and heard Luna sigh then open something I looked back down and she had a blue shirt on that reached down to her thighs.

"There is that better?"

I nodded and a knock came at the door, I walked over to answer it and the person at the door was Celestia and she didn't seem to happy to see me for some reason. She walked past me as she shut the door with her magic and stood next to Luna with her arms crossed.

"Kobe did you punch blue blood in the face this morning?"

Oh that's why she's upset.

"Yeah so what?"

She shook her head and Luna looked a little excited about it. I explained why but it didn't seem to appease her, i thought 'll well' and sat down on the floor. Celestia sighed than began to speak.

"Did Aêllo speak with you, he came by to ask for help with changelings that keep stirring trouble in their towns?"

I told her about our little talk and how i didn't really want to bother with bug horses. She understood and after that I left the room to find the guys.

As i walked I ran into Twilight who looked happy to see me. I asked if she knew where the guys were and she took me to them. We were all in the spa room it was so pink I thought i was gonna turn pink myself.

I saw Colin and Kelso sitting on a bench talking with the girls who were enjoying themselves in the pink water. I walled over and Rainbow Dash was the first to greet me.

"Hey there buddy wanna join us since the other two are being wimps?"

She looked at me with hope in her eyes and I crushed it.


She groaned and sunk into the water Apple Jack just chuckled at this, now I know not showing them what we look like doesn't make sense since we showed Twilight but that's because we made a mistake when we took it off infront of her. I've read too many stories to know what happens to humans.

I sat on a chair while we all talked about different things like how Flutter Shy is gonna get her vet licence and how Pinkie Pie is still wanting to throw us a party, now I'm not gonna lie I do love parties but that also means other people and I'm not a people person. I'm not paranoid I'm cautious.

I remembered what happens this morning and told the guys.

"So I talked with a Griffin this morning he wanted our help with killing bug ponies but since we just got back from the ice kingdom i said no, he wanted me to think about it"

Colin and Kelso both just looked at me and grunted. After a few more minutes of Rarity telling us about how we need some new cloths so we don't have to walk in our armor, we peaced out. We walked around Canterlot and some of the ponies were giving us strange looks and I'm pretty sure they were talking mad crap about us.

We ended up at some bar amd the sign said ages 16 and up which was wierd cause you can't drink till your 21 but we went inside anyways. As we entered all eyes were looking at us and it was so quiet you could hear a pen drop a mile away. We walked to a table and sat for about three minutes then a waiter came by, she was a female pony with a dark pink coat and blue mane.

"Hi I'm Cherry Heart and I will be your waiter for today"

She seemed happy as she handed us menu's and said she would return shortly. We looked over the list and the only meat they had was chicken and pork I liked the sound of pork and the others got chicken and we waited for Cherry Heart to come back. We talked about old times from middle school and the other things we did together I missed those times and I don't think we will be going back.

After a few minutes Cherry Heart came back to take our order. We told her what we wanted and for drinks we just got water cause I dont know what cider. Cherry Heart didn't seem weirded out when we ordered meat I guess it's common to her cause she just smiled and went to give the chefs our order.

As we waited a few more ponies entered and the first to enter was who i wished to avoid. Blue Blood was here and I guess he was looking for me. He spotted me then sent one of his men over.

"Oh great" I said with annoyance Kelso looked at me then at the guard who was closing. Him and Colin seemed confused.

"I may have punched a prince earlier"

They just nodded.

"Hey you with the blue skirt"

I ignored his insult dispite wanting to beat him into the ground. He came closer calling out. I carefully grabbed the table knife just in case, Colin shook his head and sighed cracking his knuckles.

"Hey I'm talking to you"

He said grabbing my arm to which i stabbed his hand and smashed his face into the table. The bar went into chaos and now everyone was fighting. Some guy tried to punch me but tripped so I did a WWE John cena slam on him. I felt a hand grab my neck and slam me into a chair I looked back and it was blue blood.

"Still mad over this morning eh?"

I said throwing a punch into his gut, me and him were duking it out while Colin and Kelso did a king of the hill battle on the table. He wasn't a good fighter and I could tell cause he punches like a napkin. I got him good in the nose then he used his magic to throw me outside.

I got back up and he was already running at me so i tripped him and He went face first into mud. I laughed at him and he didn't seem to happy about that, he got up and threw a few punches and kicks but I blocked them and did the three stooges and poked his eyes.

I went back inside to get the guys but as soon as i came in I felt a hard object hit my head and turned around to see Blue Blood in my face. He knocked me over and started hitting me with a chair he picked up.

"You disgusting filth I will have your head!"

He yelled then a loud bang came from the entrance and everyone froze. We all turned to look and it none other than Celestia and boy did she look angry. Blue Blood had a big grin and approached her.

"Ah auntie I was ju- AAAHHHH!!"

she used her magic and chucked him across the bar. She saw me and if looks could kill I would have died twice, she picked up me and the guys and tossed us outside. I landed on my back while the others were on thier feet. I got up to see Celestia standing infront of me with fire in her eyes.

"You better explain what just happened or so help me I will make sure you get thrown off the mountain."

I rubbed my back for a second.

"Well I was defending myself from someone and it all went haywire from there.

"You stabbed a guard in the hand and slammed him into the table"

I nodded at that not regretting it. Now in my defense he technically assaulted me by grabbimg me so i used all legal methods to protect myself. By stabbing him of course.

"Okay I know that seems bad but I was protecting myself from harm....by doing harm heh"

This didn't seem to work so I decided on the next best option that is totally gonna work.....run. I ran as fast as I could with the guys in tow,I never felt so scared before when i heard the sounds of wings above me. No later than a second till we were in a room and I slammed into a wall.

"Ow that hurt"

"This is what happens when you start a fight in my kingdom"

Celestia hissed at me as I got up I didn't see the issue I was simply defending me and my friends. I wish I could have got a few more punches in though.

"Hey that Blue Blood guy started It"

I told her the while story and she some what calmed down but that didn't stop her from punishing us. So for a whole week we were put on watch and that means where ever we go about five guards have to follow us. It was annoying cause i couldn't use the bathroom without them checking on me every two seconds. They even stood guard in my room which was the worse of it all.

Every time I would have bad dreams the guards would wake me up and I couldn't blame them, I mean if i saw some dude in armor crying in his sleep I would wake him up too. All together we had fifteen guards on us which I thought was a little much but I guess it was to more protect the citizens more than us.

"So have you thought about what that Griffin general said?"

Colin asked me and I have thought about it and it sounds nice to get away from here. I went to find Aêllo so I could give him my answer, Celestia said he would stay a week so if we ever made a decision. I found him with a few other Griffins who I assumed was his guards, and I walked up to them.

He turned around when he heard me.

"Ah Kobe have you and your friends made up your minds?"

"Yeah and we will help you only to get away from here and if we are getting paid"

He looked at me with a sharp glint in his eyes then smiled. He stuck out his claw hand and we shook on it.

"We will be leaving tonight then?"

I nodded and left to tell the girls who wanted to go but i told them it wasn't necessary. I found Colin and Kelso playing cards with a few off duty guards and informed them about our plans.

"So how much are we getting paid exactly?"

Kelso asked.

"He didn't say but since its gonna be a huge hive of bug ponies I guess it's a lot, even with his elite guards still missing"

After their little card game we went to our rooms to pack our stuff. When i entered my room Rainbow Dash was in there looking through stuff. She didnt notice me so I snuck up on her and scared her.

"Hello there"

She screamed and went into defensive mode then realized it was me. Her eyes widened as she soon knew she was caught. I didn't even know why she was in here till I asked her.

"Why are you here?"

She stuttered for a second and shuffled around trying to explain herself. She sighed and looked at me.

"I-I was looking for something that could show me what your faces looked like I mean we hang out a lot but we don't know anything about y'all except you are zombies and can't die, it's so frustrating and I just want to know why y'all won't let us see you or get to know y'all more"

I should have known this would happen I mean I can't blame her We havent told them anything but lies and they considered us their friends. I sat down on my bed thinking of what to tell her, which wasn't gonna be easy. So I came up with the only real truth I knew.

"The reason is because we don't want others to know to much about incase a certain...uh pony or other creature knew about us and wanted our extinction, I do apologize for keeping y'all in the dark but its for everyone's safety to leave it alone do you understand?"

She looked at me puzzled.

"But you or the others can't officially die so yall are basically invincible, you said it yourself"

I shook my head knowing she still didn't understand.

"We are not invincible and you are right we can't officially die but after a few hundred deaths you tend to lose hope and faith, and when that happens we go hollow"

She remembered when i said that the first time and looked sad I patted her on the back awkwardly after i got my stuff. I accompanied her back to her room and we said our goodbyes. I headed back to the main hall where the guys were and we went to the train station where Aêllo would be.

We walked down the road to the station and I noticed a pony staring at us then began to follow us but I didn't say anything just to see what he was up to. I turned to glance at him and now instead it was a girl following us. I blinked and looked back and now it was a different guy, I leaned over to Colin and Kelso

"Hey take a left down this alley somthing is following us."

They didn't say anything but we went down an alley way and we I lost sight of the thing we hid behind a wall. I heard hoof steps and readied by sword. When it came into veiw I grabbed it and threw it to the ground and held it at sword point.

"Who Are you and why are you following us?"

The pony looked horrified but I knew it wasn't a pony and it knew that i did and changed form into a black bug like pony. I wasn't surprised to see one cause I found out word here spreads fast like lighting.

"Please i dont mean any harm I just need to tell you something please!"

It pleaded as I put more pressure on its neck. I didn't like the idea of talking to some bug that from what I remembered was evil. I looked at Colin and Kelso for their opinion and they shrugged. I rolled my eyes and pulled the changling up.

"You better make it quick or i will gut you and hang you from a tree"

My threat seemed to work as his big bug eyes widened.

"I just wanted to say that you shouldn't believe everything you hear especially from the Griffins and the princesses they tend to lie about a lot of things, especially during times like these"

It walked away and before it flew off It turned Its head to look at us.

"Not all of your enemy's are on the battle field"

Now i along with they others were confused on what it was talking about. I stared at it as It flew off into the night. Kelso was the first to speak.

"Okay that was the weirdest thing I have ever seen what exactly was that?"

I told them about all the evil creatures from the show and stuff as we made our way to the station. After that we met up with the Griffins and headed off to Lord knows where and during that I pondered about what the changling said to us. Dark thoughts started to creep in my head.

'what if they are just setting us up and are using us to increase their power and once we are done they just betray us and throw us into the darkest pits they find till we go hollow?"

"No they wouldn't do that I'm just being paranoid I mean they are our friends.....right?"

I wispered to myself, I have noticed the guards would give us stares of death at us as if they were ready to kill in an instant. I hate the fact that I'm so worried about who will try to bring me and my friends harm. I looked over to where the guys were and they were asleep along with everyone else in the train car so I went through my satchel of infinity and pulled about a weird golden globe with a cross in it.

"When did I get this thing?"

I noticed it had writing and i had a flashback of my childhood when I read those three words.

'Holy Hand Grenade'

I was in shock at what I had in my hands i didn't know if I should wake up Colin, throw it at him or use it now as a prank. I put it back in my satchel and had the biggest grin on my face as I tried to sleep. I tried to sleep but I kept thinking of the Holy hand grenade and how I should use it so I pushed those thoughts out and went to sleep.

( 5 hours later )

I opened them to find myself in my room from earth.

"Wha-How did I get here?"

I walked out often my room and into the kitchen but no one was there. I went outside but no one was there either. I was all alone and I didn't like being alone my breatbing got faster and i looked all around to find some one but to no avail.

"Do not be afraid this is just a dream my child"

I whipped around to see a man in robes he had a beard and long hair.


He chucked and shook his head.

"No my dear boy I'm not Jesus im just a messenger from the heavens"

He had a kind smile which made me feel better and not scared. I sat on a chair and stared at him waiting for him to tell me more.

"When you and your friends arrived in equestria y'all had a calling and you three have answered it now you must know that what the changling that you met was telling the truth not all of your enemies are on the field"

I tilted my head

"What do you mean by that?"

He put a hand on my shoulder loomed very serious.

"What i mean is there is a darkness coming and when it comes those who you call friends will now be your enemy and only you can save the poeple of equestria"

When he said that I was still processing what he said, he said only i could and i still didn't understand. I got up from the chair and looked at him.

"Why just me what about Colin and Kelso, they are with me?"

He closed his eyes and sighed sadly.

"Yes but they do not believe like you do bit they do play a role in your quest and you all will succeed in it"

I was lost in thought after what he said I didn't know what to say next so I stood silent. The man turned around and a long set of stairs that lead up appeared before he left I called out to him.

"Wait what's your name!?"

He turned around and smiled.

"Who do you say I am?"

The man walked down the street and the world around me shook violently before blinding me with a bright light.

I woke up as soon as we arrived to the Griffin kingdom and good lord was it huge. Me and the guys wanted to take pictures but realized we didn't have a camera. We sadly walked through the city towards the huge castle, some of the griffins didn't pay us no mind others just worked on things. Some of the kids here looked at us in awe as we walked to the castle. The air felt nice even under my armor back in Canterlot it was warm or hot but here it felt perfect.

I saw the black Smith shop not to far away and saw that they made what seemed like Roman related weapons and armor and me being the history geek I went over to check it out. It looked like the centerion armor with a silver face plate. I went to talk to the blacksmith about the price cause I always wanted to own a set of roman armor. The blacksmith was a white and grey Griffin with a peg leg.

"Ah welcome to my shop friends I am Vulcan the empires best blacksmith are you looking to buy or sell?"

I checked to see how much gold I have the girls keep saying their called bits but I refuse to say that mostly cause it sounds cringy. The gold I had was a 'gift' to myself from me finding it in a certain females room while she wasn't looking. I didn't steal it I borrowed it but I'm still gonna keep it. I think I had probably a few thousand these things were about the size of a nickle.

"How much for the centerion armor with the sword and shield?"

He looked me up and down before telling me.

"Well you look like you've seen your fair share of battles so I'll bump it down to 1500 bits what says you?"

I was honestly surprised but i didnt complain and took a few minutes to count out 1500 pieces of gold. After that he carefully put the items in a big back pack except the shield and handed it to me which i almost fell over cause how heavy it was. I tied the shield to the pack, Colin and Kelso just shook their heads.


They just continued walking and I just shrugged and caught up with them. We finally made it to the main room where a Griffin was sitting in a pearly white throne whit two gaurds at his side. He had a scar over one eye and wore a weird looking crown, he looked at us then stood up and walked over with a serious look. When we where toe to toe he smiled and held out his arms.

"Ah Aêllo you made It back and I see you brought some guest welcome to the Griffin empire"

Aêllo introduced us to the guy.

"My emperor these are the three creatures who had slain King Sombra and his army the one with the skirt threw his head at Celestias nephew"

' why does everyone keep calling it a skirt!"

I thought to myself as Colin and Kelso snickered at that now I get my flaps look weird but they are deffenently not a skirt. I sighed and the Griffin approached me.

"So you three are the ones I heard about, I do appreciate you for what y'all did it if I only I was there to see his defeat"

He put his claw on his chest and bowed to us.

"I am emperor Trajan and you will always be welcomed here so long as you do good by my citizens and they do good by you"

We bowed back and thanked him for his hospitality. After we introduced ourselves Trojan led us to his war room where he had a huge table in the middle with a model of the entire world from a place called "saddle Arabia" to "yak yakistan" I could see little Ponyville and thought I could see ponies walking but it was just the light. I placed my pack down and we all sat down at the round table and began to talk about our plan.

"So as you know we are having a changling problem, we have reports of attacks from other traders and one of our outer wall towns, few survivors were found but they others were taken away to their hive. We sent an elite team of soldiers in but they never returned"

He looked over to me with a stern look.

"I want you three along with a few of elite guards to find out what happened to my citizens and soldiers and if you can bring them home. If you need to....then burn the hive to the ground"

Me and the guys talked for a bit then agreed to do it. We would leave for the hunt in two days so we stayed in guest rooms and waited.

Author's Note:

Yo so I'm straight up not having a good time right now due to me and my step mom fighting a lot so it might take longer for me to upload more chapters and with school I need to study but do not fret my fellow gamers I will complete this story. Oh and my friends Colin and Kelso say hi and would like to know what y'all think so far so yeah stay tuned for next on WHITE....BOY.....MAFIA!!!!!!!! Ok I'll stop but seriously though I do appreciate y'all liking it and I cant believe I got over 400 reads thanks dearly and see you next time....

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