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Fallen Order - Souls_With_AK

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Crushing hope

It has been 3 days since we left and have made it to the mountains where the ruins are. Colin pulled out some climbing axes for each of us except the princesses who just used the arrows I gave them, not the best plan but it would work. I took the lead with Twilight strapped behind me and Celestia,Luna,Spike,Kelso and Colin behind each other. We were now a mile up the mountain and i could see the ruins tower above it wasn't much further.

I finally made it to the top but before I could settle myself a scream from Luna came and I was now being drug back to the cliff edge.

"Shit shit!" I pulled out my knife and started stabbing the ground trying to stop. I gave it one last stab before we finally stopped.

The weight of everyone was killing me I had to act quick or else we all died but the ponies and dragon would permanently. I clipped my rope to the axe and began to pull them up. Once that was over I played down huffing from exhaustion but that soon stopped when the ice started to crack.

"Oh come on!"

The cliff started to crack so I got up and started running. The ground was falling underneath me, I tried to jump but barley missed it only to be saved by Celestia.

"I got you!" She pulled me up.


We entered through the broken double doors and began to look for this stone and portal. This place looked like an old midevil castle with all the statues and paintings. We came to a forked path down a hallway.

"Maybe each of us with a horn should go with each of you guys" Luna suggested, it was a good idea just incase one of us finds the portal.

"Okay so I will go with Colin and Spike, Tia you go with Kelso and Twilight you're with Kobe"

Me and Twilight took the right lane. We passed a few rooms with nothing of interest, I found a few things of value like a necklace and a few rings but that was it.Then we stumbled upon a big metal door with a golden cross on it.

"I wonder what's behind this" I said sarcastically. We pushed it open and to our suprise was a big mirror with a red stone inside the top of it.

"Kobe I think this is it" Twilight said running up to it.

She put her hand on the mirror changing her reflection into a human. It showed her with white skin and with purple eyes, her hair was brown with that pink strip running through it.

"Is this me?" She looked at herself some more.

"I guess so"

I walked up to it next and I still looked the same with my armor, then a voice came from the mirror.

"What is it you desire most Warrior of Sunlight?"

I looked back at the mirror and it showed my family and friends surrounding me all with happy faces and laughing. I saw my dad smile and I haven't seen that in a long time, I saw my dog wagging her tail while staring at me. It showed me and my family happy again no longer fighting. They dissapeard and now it was me all alone once again.

I put my hand up to the mirror and it faded through. I pulled it back in surprise I stuck my head in and saw a forest, I looked left and saw a sign.

"Oklahoma City scissor tail park"

I pulled back from the mirror putting my hands on my head. I couldn't believe it I finally found a way home.

"Twilight we found it,We found the portal home!" I hugged her tightly.

A few moments later the others came through other doors and i explained to them what we found. Me and the boys were cheering and dancing while singing, it was the best day of our lives. Until the castle began to shake, the roof started to fall apart and we rushed to the mirror but it was knocked over by a piece of rock causing it to shatter. I couldn't move I just watched my one way ticket home get destroyed in front of me, I fell to my knees as tears came down.

"Kobe we need to go now!" Colin shouted, I picked up the stone and ran out the door.

The whole place was falling apart we were almost crushed a few times. I tripped a fell, I tried to get up but the wall fell on me knocking me down. Colin turned around and ran back but was cut off by debris.

"Kobe!" He yelled.

I could only move my arm with the stone, I looked at Colin then back at the stone. I threw the stone to him and he caught it.

"RUN!" I screamed at him a bookshelf landed on my head knocking me out cold.

(Time unknown)

My eyes drifted open and looked around in the darkness, my left arm was crushed under rocks while my right arm was fine i tried to push it off but the lain made me think twice.

"Fuck....FUCK!!" I screamed in anger. "WHY..WHY NOW?! WE WERE SO CLOSE!?"

I was angry with God, I was so close to getting home only for it to be stripped away.


Only silence. I cursed myself for even thinking this was simple. I had to find a way out of here I don't feel like starving to death. I pushed away some rocks so i could get at least a 180 view, I had to lush away the rock on my hand or cut it off and I kinda need both of my hands. I pulled a piece of wood over to me to use me as leverage in lifting the rock.

I stuck the beam under the rock and pressed down on the beam while trying to hold in air, it was painful but I got my hand free. The place shook causing more rocks to bricks and rocks to fall, I tried to push the big bookshelf off me but the debris on top of it wouldn't budge.

"Great just great first I'm sent to some pony world where their more human then pony and die in the process, see my worst fears, being hunted down by a human enthusiasts and now I'm trapped under a castle!" I raised my hands "Is that all you got!?"

The castle began to rumble.

"Okay I take it back"

I could hear a buzzing sound above me. I looked up to see rocks being moved away and a changlings face appeared through a tiny hole.

"Long time no see friend" it buzzed.

"Who are you?" The changling rolled its eyes.

"It's me Ajax from Canterlot you thought i was stalking you and you almost killed me remember?" It took me a minute to remember.

"You never told me your name last time" i deadpaned

He made an 'o' expression then started pulling off more of the castle off of me. I heard more buzzing from different directions and knew he wasn't alone. One by one my limbs were free. Two other changlings pulled me out from under the bookshelf. I pulled out my estus and healed my body, I looked down and saw a piece of the mirror and picked it up.

"What is that?" Ajax asked.

"It was my way home" i shoved the piece into my pouch and we walked out of ruins.

We left through the down doorless entry and outside were a bunch of other changlings along with other creatures ranging from Griffins, Lions and even a few Dragons. I noticed each of them had Solairs sun on their right shoulders.

"What is this?" I turned around to face Ajax.

"Well we've all known of the return of the warriors of sunlight and vowed tp serve them and bring down dark easy shohld it ever return"

I looked back at the others and they all made the praise the sun gesture. I was taken aback by this I had my own little army. We made our way down the mountain and Ajax led us to the castle of the two sisters, it didn't take long since we flew their via me on dragon and others being flown over their. Once we got there I saw some ponies and other creatures taking down old banners and replacing them with Solairs sun.

"We made this our base so we aren't far from Ponyville," we walked through the castle towards the bonfire in the middle "Our ancestors were once warriors of sunlight led by the great Star Swirl the Bearded he taught us all he knew from his adventures"

"So what kind of darkness has returned?" I couldn't think of any character so evil that me and the boys were sent here.

"The dark Lord Tirek has returned but we haven't been able to find him, we checked all over the badlands and even went to Taurteris itself to find him"

My train of thought stopped after that. Twilight isn't even princess yet and Tirek comes after she becomes one. Which was soon. Ajax showed me some more the base they set up and took me to the 'war room', it was Celestias old room I knew that cause I saw a Lion take down the equestrian banner and replace it with ours.

"Welcome to the war room sir we will coordinate all of our operations here by your order" the lion and I shook hands I had to hold back on calling him a furry so hard. "I am Stone Wall the lead defence team"

"So like 'Stone Wall' Jackson, nice to meet you" I do love the civil war era and found it hard to believe I'd see another 'Stone Wall'.

The lions were taller than me by a good foot or two, there were a bunch of different races noticeably dragon's Griffins and Minitaurs. For some reason they all treated me as if i was some king to them.

"So whos in charge here?" I asked Ajax and he pointed at me.

"Well you and your brothers of course" a look at the crowd caused them to cheer. The only leadership training I had was Jrotc in highschool and that was barley enough but I don't really have a choice right now.

"Well King slayer what shall be our first course of action?" Stone Wall asked.

I needed to get the guys, Ajax told me know our way here that they came back assuming I died and came back. I left the castle along with Ajax who disguised as a normal pony so no one would try to lynch him in Ponyville. I kicked open the library door scaring the daylights out of everyine inside.

"You guys are chodes you know that?" I said to all of them, none spoke they all looked like they were crying for days. "Jeez what's got you all cutting onions?"

"Dude its been 3 days since the incident we were teleported back after we came down the mountain and waited for you to come out of the forest but ahen you didn't we thought you died for real this time,!" Colin shouted "Me and Kelso tried to find you in the castle but you weren't there and some lion guy came in looking for somthing so we left and Twilight here wouldn't eat or sleep."

Twilight came up to me and wrapped around me crying. I didn't even know I meant this much to them..wait no it's not my fault.

"Hey, I was stuck under all that shit and you left me remember?" I pointed at him

"We tried to look for you but it was too dangerous and after all that you just walk right in like nothing happend" he crossed his arms

"Oh so it's my fault I was being crushed under a fucking castle trying to survive and you didn't even bother to see if I was alive!? Yeah nice job!" I argued with him cause it wasn't my fault they left me.

"plea-" Twilight began but we cut her off with yelling at each other.

"You didn't send a letter saying 'hey I'm alive' if you did we would have came for you!"

"Hey retarded I don't have magic remember? I prayed for y'all to get me out of there but he did shen y'all wouldn't!" I pointed to Ajax.

"Oh my God dude that's all you talk about about 'praying this, Jesus that' dude it's fucking dumb" i snapped at that.


"Both of you stop!" Twilight pleaded but we kept going at it.

"We maybe if you would wake up from your delusional fairy tale you would see re-" I punched him in the face before he could finish. I stormed out of the library while Twilight tried to stop me.

"Kobe please don't leave we need you, I need you!" She begged.I ignored her and me and Ajax went back to the castle.

"Fucking Asshole we don't need them we can do this ourselves" Ajax had to jog to keep up with my speed walk.

"Sir Kobe I understand your anger but in order to defeat Tirek you and your brothers must work together"

"Their not my brothers" I scoffed.

We came back to the castle and I helped with fixing most of the rooms we needed for the warriors and raided the old armory finding perfect conditioned weapons, Ajax gave me a list of each group of soldiers we had.

[Earth Ponies] 356

[Pegasus] 244

[Unicorns] 290

[Lions] 430

[Dragons] 41

[Minitaurs] 89

[Griffins] 670

[Changlings] 400

All together we had 2,520 it wasn't much but it was a start, Stone Wall said he could get more of his brothers to join our cause and Ajax needed help freeing other hives if they were to help us. This will take time and we don't have much so we need to be quick, I went to the war room to start building our Warriors of Sunlight.

Stone Wall and Ajax were the battle strategist while i handled the smaller operation like freeing POWs from other hives and recruiting more memebers from all across the globe Ajax led the more bigger ones like getting slaves out of the diamond dog territory in the badlands and searching for Tirek. Our numbers grew ever so slightly and during all that I contemplated on going back to Ponyville to talk to the guys and work something out.

(A week later)

A knock came at the door and Twilight entered with Colin and Kelso right behind her. We stood in silence not one of us daring to speak. Ajax took this time to leave us alone then I finally broke the ice.

"The fuck you want?"

"We came by to see if you were okay" Kelso replied.

"Well I'm doing just peachy" I remarked, Twilight held up a basket of food.

"I made us a little lunch if you want to hangout" She blushed a little. I was kinda hungry so I guess it wouldn't hurt.

"Sure" I simply said.

We sat in the observations tower looking at the stars and taking turns shooting arrows at timber wolves. We were having fun even after the argument, I leaned over to Colin.

"Sorry about punching you" I whispered, he just patted my back.

"Sorry about what I said, I was out of line" i handed him the bow and he shot a timber wolf in the eye.

I didn't realize it but Colin and Kelso went back downstairs leaving me and Twilight alone. I looked through the broken telescope and could see the stars pass by, it was pretty cool.

"Hey Kobe?"

"Yeah whats up?"

I tried to find the zoom button on this thing but i guess old technology isn't as cool as today's, except trebutchet's those will always be cool.

"Would you like to have dinner with me and my parents tomorrow? Their coming to visit before heading to see my brother up North." I thought about it and it would be good to have more allies even if they are my friends parent's.

"Sure! What time and where at?"

"Its a restaurant that opened up recently in town called 'Hoof Dale Garden' I checked it out and it looked really nice and I made sure to check if they served meat and they did so that's a plus for you"

I nodded my head thinking about how much bacon i could order...I love bacon.

"We will meet them around 7:30 that night"

"Okay sounds like a plan i guess I should dress nice maybe add a tie here" I pointed at my chestplate. Twilight giggled and shook her head.

"I already have a suit for you and don't worry I made it where it matches your helmet so you can still keep it on" I was thankful she didn't mind me wearing it i honestly thought she would want it off.

"Thanks sparky, I guess we should head back to Ponyville I'll go tell Ajax to watch the place while I'm out" I went down the stairs and found him waiting for me.

"Oh hey man I was just about to ask you somthing" I smiled, he just looked back up the stairs and back at me.

"I heard abkut the whole dinner thing and don't worry i shall make sure the place is in one piece when you return" he said jokingly. I thanked him then left with Twilight.

We ran into a few timber wolves and a wierd chicken snake that I crushed with my stoned foot. Twilight said they are called cockatrice they are like medusa except they just have to look at you without you knowing. Luckily i didn't become a garden statue. When we came back to the library ahe took me upstairs to try on the suit and not gonna lie it looked good.

"Jeez I'm getting a funny feeling just looking at myself" I joked.

"You're not the only one" she said quietly

"What?" I whipped around.

"What?"She said innocently, I looked at her skeptically but shrugged it off.

"Okay well I'm gonna go to bed see you tomorrow Sparky" I walked down to the basement where the guys were already dead asleep. I put my sword under the bed and the shield on the wall then let sleep take over.

I walked through the dark Canterlot castle drawing 'art' on the walls. I was dreaming of course But it was better than nothing, I summoned a Kawasaki ninja and drove through the halls while trying not to slam into anything. I felt weight on the bike and turned around to see Luna with a helmet on waving.

"Hello Kobe fine night for a ride" she said, I popped a wheelie busting down the throne rooms doors.

"What brings you to my humble dreams of well this?" I got off and sat on Celestias throne with Luna on hers.

"Well none of my subjects are having night terrors so I thought I'd drop by to see a friend" Oh she considered me a friend thats nice.

We talked about the letter Twilight sent and surprisingly Luna was on board with the while Warrior of sunlight even though she's the princess of the night. She and Celestia talked about it and Celestia wasn't to sure on it for some reason I mean she's the sun princess this is like a fan club for the sun. Then the sounds of banging and windows crashing caught our attention.

"SWEET FAUST WHAT THE BUCK ARE THOSE THINGS!?" Luna shouted. I looked at the monsters then back to Luna.

"Zombies" I pulled out a mini gun from the throne and quoted the wise words of and old President that was totally real. "Luna in times like these, our capacity to retaliate must be and has to be massive, to deter all forms of aggression"

She looked at me with horror but I knew it was my time to shine.

"Do not pray for easy lives Luna, pray to become stronger men" I gunned down the wave of zombies while 115 played somewhere.


"Should I go with the black or grey tie?"

"I like the grey one" tonight we were having dinner, I didn't know but it was just gonna be me and Twilight going not the others. Twilight wore a lavender and black dress with stars on the seems I asked her if she wanted to see me turn a lair of shorts into a dress but she said no.

On our way out I slipped my knife in my pocket for safety reasons of course. The Hoof Dale Garden looked kinda like the olive garden from home, I hope they have unlimited bread sticks.

"Kobe I apologize if my parents are weird" i laughed thinking about the times my last girlfriend met my parents and oh boy did that get crazy.

"If you think your parents are weird you should have met mine, they would have made you think we were insane" We went inside and my brain was right about it looking like olive garden.

A waiter took us to the table where a white and blue unicorn sat. You know that feeling when you feel like your being judged by someone and you don't know them but you feel like you did something wrong? Well that's how I felt as I stood there like a deer in headlights. The blue unicorn stood up and shook my frozen hand.

"Hello you must be Kobe my name's NightLight and this is my wife Twilight Velvet" I came out of my frozen state and smiled.

"Howdy it's a pleasure to meet you bOTh" my voice cracked causing Twilight to laugh at my misfortune.

We sat down and i stared at my plate with the urge slam my head into it rising.

"So Kobe Twilight here says you and your friends are ancient warriors from another world what's it like if you dont mind me asking?" Velvet asked, she had the voice of the most loving mother ever. Sadly she wasn't mine.

"Its really nothing after a while its just apart of living and not giving in to the darkness I guess. The fighting becomes second nature now it may not be a perfect life but it's a fun one nonetheless." Night Light nodded as though he understands.

"I know how that must feel, i spent 23 years in the royal guard and at first fighting scared me but now it's nothing new" we continued to tell stories after we placed our order. I loved talking to veterans even from another country i liked hearing there stories of their battles and listening to them when usually others ignored them.

"Tell me son why do you wear your helmet, are you expecting an attack?" Night Light joked. I looked around and we were the only ones in the area besides a few staff.

"You know what? Screw it i can respawned if i die" I took off my helmet and sat it nect to my foot. Twilight looked surprised and her parents looked like they just seen a human..oh wait.

"Your not a pony, huh i always thought you were from Twilights letters" Night Light commented.

"Nope I'm a human from another planet" i said with a smile.

"I never thought you'd take it off outside the library, I'm proud" Twilight complemented. I got wierd looks from her parents and I'm pretty sure it's the scars.

"Is it the scars?" I looked at Velvet, she nodded her eyes showing sadness. "Sorry if i look scary" i chuckled lightly.

"Don't be sorry son, battle scars tell others that you never gave up" Night Light sounded so much like my recruiter from school it kinda scared me.

Our food arrived and we ate and chatted, I ordered the chicken pasta and the others orders hay burgers it was literally hay between two buns and yet they call me a savage around here. I tried the cider and it didn't taste bad per say I just prefered Dr pepper over this poison.

"So Kobe will you be the one taking my daughter to the grand galloping gala in a few month's?" Velvet asked, I completely forgot about that thing.

"The what?" Time to play dumb.

"Oh right other world thing. The gala is a dance that happens every year in canterlot. The princesses host it and it's always a blast to go to, theres dancing and singing with a lot of food and games there." I nodded in acknowledgement. I took a drink then she hit me with her next question. "Im sure since you two are together it will be fun" I choked on my drink at that.

'She thinks we're a couple?!' I pounded my chest trying to stop coughing. Twilight was redder then a tomato and i was red from almost dying to a drink. I didn't know what to say at the moment but my 'partner' did.

"Mom! Were just friends and plus were helping them find a way back home" she defended I couldnt help but laugh

"Oh sweety you know I'll always support whoever you date" Velvet teased.

"Oh mom!" She groaned

Me and Night Light were having a good laugh at them two. We finished our food then walked her parents to the train station. We waited for the train to arrive so in the mean time me and Night Light talked.

"Where did that burn mark come from explosion?" He pointed at my cheek.

"Not exactly I was doing a rescue operation with the Griffins and was captured by Chrysalis," I rubbed my face remembering how painful that was. "She tortured me for information but I refused to give it to her and she sliced my legs and back so this was my gift from her I'd prefer a box of candy but this will do" I laughed it off but Night Light didn't he looked at me like I was crazy.

"Son I'm gonna be honest, I don't think I could ever live a life where I can't die but you seem to enjoy it why is that?"

"Well life is sometimes a mystery it's all abkut how you live it, even if you can't die" I simply said.

He smiled and shook my hand as the train arrived. They hopped on and we watched them head north to the Crystal empire. We walked down the path to the library then out of no where Twilight hugged me.

"Thanks for coming" her muffled voice said.

"Yeah no problem" i awkwardly scratched her ear and she seemed to like it a little too much.

We came back to the library and i went to take a shower, after that we sat un her room just listening to Elvis Presley on the stereo and read books for the rest of the night. Little did I know I just dug myself into the deepest hole Imaginable

Author's Note:

AAAHHHHH me and the boys are going camping this weekend since we haven't seen each other in like 2 months. Oh and I have a question for you guys. How would y'all feel about another human being in the story like some one who enjoys invading other worlds in dark souls and is now sent to Equestria as a bad guy? Im still debating on it but i want y'all to decide. Love,Souls no homo:heart:

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