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Alex was up late playing the final boss of Dragon's Dogma, Bitterblack Isle, until he is zapped and falls unconscious. When he wakes up he finds himself in the everfree forest in a body that's not his own. Can he find his own way and survive in Equestria. Find out in "Daimon in Equestria". Oh did I mention his sister is here too. As Ornstein

P.S. This is my first story so no haters please. Also if anyone has any corrections on what some characters do or how powerful they are please tell me but tell me based on facts, Not opinions. Thank you. :) Also, since i've watched Dragon's Dogma, to me Daimon is much stronger then most characters in equestria except people like Discord, Tirek, etc. He is stronger then the Princess though. Same with Ornstein. Only Discord and Tirek match them in power. They can't reality warp but on a power scale their the same. Sorry if anyone is mad that I made them overpowered but they are some of my favorite characters and to me they are at least close to that power. Especially since Daimon's full power is unknown and that Ornstein fought creature's that could stand up to gods.

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It's a little rushed but other than that, I love the general concept of the story. I'm just hoping that it doesn't suddenly stops getting updates.

Ha! That sounds like a fun story. I am up for more.
Keep it up m8

Fuck yeah, Ornstein! He is the best character in Dark Souls 2, even better than Seath in my opinion.

Same here man oh and your logic is from dark souls 1 though. But that’s besides the point, I agree Ornstein is awesome and I have a website posted for him in the second chapter. 😎 also watch the language please.

ahh so sweet :twilightsmile: like how this is going.

Let's see if this is idiot celestia or an actual good one and questions what is going on

You’ll find out but please watch the language a little ok. 🤗

im a little nervous about this story because I really don't want it to fall into so many traps that other stories have

I get it. It won’t be exactly like that because their not overpowered to everyone. What I’m saying is that the three Alicorns fighting Daimon at full power would be like the Celestia fighting nightmare moon. Also some of those make sense depending on who is in Equestria but I still get your point.

with or without the elements?

the fact that its three on 1 and celestria needed the elements yea...

See my point now. Also, I’ve played Dragon’s dogma and seen how powerful Daimon is compared to magic users in his regular form. Son in his awakened form, he is very powerful in my opinion compared to the ponies since they mostly rely on magic.

a lot of charecters are op when compared to the ponies

that comment triggered me so hard even tho I know your trolling

well I think a lot of pokemon in the pu teir are more powerful then most of the ponies

It makes sense and also no I’m not at least trying to troll. I just want to show I see your point. I still agree with the Pokémon thing though

Thanks, also keep telling me your opinion. I’d didn’t know about that site and now that you brought that to mind I’m gonna watch out for how I make my characters in my other books. Thanks again.

your welcome on all acounts

:pinkiegasp: Tia has done buck up :twilightangry2: Get her Daimon!

Now that I think about it, how do you make an estus flask, i always thout that it was a special Cinder from the bonfires?:unsuresweetie::derpyderp1::applejackconfused:

Welcome and I agree. I don’t know either so I’m gonna make one up. 😁

I really like this. Two of my favorite games crossover. Keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:

Thanks, and i'm glad someone knows Dragon's Dogma. Again thanks.

Actually never beat Daimon second stage because was grinding lvls in the game. Well time to get back on it lol:rainbowlaugh:

Makes sense, most people can’t figure out how to damage him at first anyway. If you need any advice, I can give you some tips

I'm good against Daimon, but still not good against death. Tried fighting him 5 times. Dead 5 times with barely any damage on him. What class, element, and strategy party would you recommend?

It depends on what level you are. If your lower, I would just run. If your higher, then try to stagger or knock him down. It is possible. Also use Tagilus's Miracle and Salomet's Secret potions.Use your strongest attacks and always avoid his sleep spell. Try using Tenfold Flurry as a Ranger. He can also be knocked down into an abyss. Is weaker to Fire. I would use Blast arrows. Also, don't run out of stamina, no matter what.

I always been using light magic since he seemed like a dark type, didn't know weaker to fire. Thanks for the tips. :pinkiehappy:

Is the monster in the picture Daimon or Ornstein?

Please do not take this as raging flaming. But this story, while having good ideas and such, could do with some improvement.

Now I understand its your first story. So take this as advise.

It could do with some work. The flow feels a bit choppy and rushed, this is something to work on. Expand your explanations and put some more effort into chaining events together yeah?

Also, there is a certain level of "things happen because" here. By that I mean that some events happen without any agency to them, or logical reason behind them. Fluttershy offering them a spooky ass old castle when they cant fit in the door is one such instance.

Its out of nowhere, there is no buildup to it, it comes out of nowhere and goes against a fair bit of logic.

So I advice that you give this story an overhaul because it REALLY has potential.

Getting a Beta reader to help might be good too.

I understand. Thanks for the advise. Also, for the castle thing. She was talking about her house when the door was at her cottage and Zecora’s hut, and the abandoned castle was their because they were all worried what Twilight and the others would do.

Not that bad, just make the chapters a little longer and I'd be happier. But that's just my opinion.

No, I agree. I try to make them longer anyway, I just sometimes lose track of time and try to wrap it up so I don't make everyone wait to long. Don't worry though, right now i'm trying to find a good way to finish this story so I can start on the next one. That one will have garanteed longer chapters. P.S. it's a combination Displaced story. The combination characters for it are in my notes on the last two chapters

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