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CMDR Kovacs

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To Do List: 1)Drink. 2)Make armor. 3)More drink. 3)Work out. 4)Drink with girlfriend. 5)Play video games. 6)While drinking. 7)Get more drinks. 8)Write fanfiction. 9)Be social. 10)While drinking.

Other Names:
Lord Marshal Terminal
Knight Ebrel of Astora
Gelatinous Cube

Current Pony Works in Progress:
"The Forbidden" - HiE Sci-Fi
"Wish I Had a Beer" - YHAY (Non-Canon)
"The Same Coin" - Alternative TCB
"Boxful of Jelly" - CGotG (Canon B (possibly))

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Thank you for Favoriting my story. It means a lot to me that you support my work.

Thanks for the fave!

2199078 Make it four slabs and you got a deal.

2198992 Hmm. that's a little steep. How about two embers and two titanite slabs? I have tons of those.:rainbowlaugh:

2198252 only if you give me five Embers and some titanite

  • Viewing 81 - 85 of 85
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