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Pro-human comяade from Eastern Europe.

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Hello fellow Eastern European pro-human

I've given it thought, and it would seem that ever since the release of the television special from 1985, and the subsequent greenlighting of the 1986 TV show, there was never any stopping it, only postponing it. Even from the very first commercial for "Pretty ponies" in 1979, the only possible outcome is everybody on Earth is going to get it. We're all going to get our taste of equinity regardless of what happened after that point. Everyone was already a hybrid from the start. No one has been pure hominid nor pure equine for centuries, millennia. The stuff is like lead: Real difficult to get out of your system once inhaled dust particles, or ingested in the water. If only exposed once, it's harmless, but in ever so minute amounts, none of it ever comes back out unless you surgically remove and pump it away. And it causes tumors to grow. Eventually, seeing "And Friends" would end with the same outcome, even if it would take longer.

And from that point, the only possible remedy was always to take the Earth's populace away to another dimension, away to Eques, and bring them back home to Earth. Whether you went all the way, whether you are in an intermediate stage, or never been exposed at all, it would always be essential to go to Equestrian lands and come back again. I hope they find another way to get there, build another interdimensional portal. At this point, everybody on Earth is going to need it. Better to send them there before they need it than afterwards. I would send myself there ASAP, before I even grew new limbs, new genitals, or lost my digits so I could get the whole thing over with, and come back when the moment is opportune. Agreed?

I think I am starting to lose it with Sunny. You have read many of my comments, but I think the theme of that other fic is shifted. Just look at some of my earlier comments then my later ones. I said saving people's lives at the expense of their genetics is noble if there is no other way. Doing so for revenge is not justified. If the idea is everybody has another side to themselves that would remain forever buried if not intentionally brought to the surface, I would buy that. What happened in the fiction that inspired it was totally different to what happened in the spinoff. This isn't revealing one's true self. It's destroying the mindset of the original and leaving an alien in its place. While Alex Chance and Jacob made it relatively unscathed, the bystanding siblings central to that other fic have been subjected to something far more sinister. There's plain evidence that while memories are intact, the perception isn't. The girl doesn't see her parents as Mom and Dad anymore, but a couple of caretakers who are generous enough to let her stay with them. The young man now imprisoned in a mare's body (something that never happens in the alternate universe) sees his sister as a twin rather than an older or younger sibling. The two overall act like one of Discord's mind rape victims than their old selves, unlike Alex and Jacob. Alex, Jacob, and WL only act differently as a natural response to their circumstances. The siblings in Consequences act suddenly different as if their situation is perfectly natural, even though both have been deaged to prepubescence. This has never happened to anyone who revealed themselves naturally. They know it shouldn't feel right, but it does. except for the young man, the others in Consequences immediately adapt to it, while he remains himself before he succumbs hours later. I think the virus actively tweaks your inner being unlike regular exposure to magic. Sunny is being portrayed in a much shadier light than she usually is.

I have recently written a blog titled, LOPE Explanation (Don't Panic). I think you would enjoy reading it.

Hi. You followed me. You are familiar with a couple of stories known as LOPE and Consequences, I'm sure.

In LOPE, a strange energy source has saturated the Earth and nearly everything else. It turns out those waves are essential to all forms of life, everything relies on it. But beings with a sufficiently large brain require an absolute minimal quantity. Any animal with a substantially large brain would get theirs cooked if exposed to more than a moderate amount. It turns out that humanity with their own obsession with endless growth, population, industrial, and technological, concentrated the stuff, and multiplied it around the world, inadvertently putting themselves at risk. Everybody on earth disappeared altogether without a trace, leaving everything behind except moving vehicles, which were also beamed away into limbo. Minutes later, a handful of people came back in the very locations they vanished with no recollection of that alternate universe they were sent to. Whatever caused it, it left their minds in new bodies foreign to their own, the old ones were left in limbo. Hours later, an ever so slightly larger number came back to the site of their vanishing than the minute ones. Eventually everybody would come back, but that would take thousands upon thousands of years, well after the initial ones passed. It would also leave nature to reclaim everything man had built. Except for those in cars, planes, trains, and ships at the time, in the company of friends relatives and acquaintances, almost nobody would ever see anybody they knew before again. Vehicles come back with all occupants in tow. Also, they bodies they occupy are not the originals mutated, but an actual body swap. They were built on site to be occupied by existing minds, and pay no attention to what the individual identifies as, as that's irrelevant. Nothing but pure chance determines what kind they would get, or what features they had. Some would have ones that have similarities to their old ones by pure coincidence, others would have nothing in common with their old bodies. Whether you had straight hair, wavy hair, or curly does nothing to determine what kind your new body would have. Having slanted or parallel eyes doesn't guarantee you will or won't have that type later. Having a high, low, or intermediate voice doesn't enable you to predict what you might receive. Regardless of what genitals you had before, everybody has a fifty-fifty chance to get whatever when they come through. Miraculously for the latter, the coin almost always flips in favor of most people for that.

The characters are: A lonely girl who had an unpleasant home and personal life who refuses to talk about it, or even reveal her real name who sees this as a chance to start fresh, and advises the others do the same; A computer technician who has no other notable talents or skills who never even drove a car or cooked over a stove or even had sex in his life who is not very social; A female pilot who loved her family and home, never mind her old body who became bitter and abrasive at the bad news, and frequently mourns the loss of her hands and her old genitals; A surgeon who is something of an elitist and a snob who worships life, and views death as an enemy to be reckoned with, rather than a natural part of life, and will save any life he can, even when it's against his own best interests and strongly urges everybody to breed; A guy who always wanted to live out his adventure novels who finally got his chance, but tends to be reckless and leaps before he looks; A grease monkey who spends the better part of the story trying to be pragmatic, always finding ways to find and maintain water in the desert, grow food to stave off hunger with industry dead, reliable and durable structures and maintenance materials for housing to not die from elemental exposure, and just tuning into the radio after Internet failed to contact anyone who may be alive just to stave of the loneliness and boredom; A couple from Vancouver BC, Scott Andrews and Jim Miller, Scott (now Scottie) being a carpenter who got marooned on his neighbors roof by wild dogs, inadvertently shot energy from his body that scared off the dogs and made the house collapse under him, causing him to flail his arms as he fell, only to reflexively levitate in midair, then subconsciously uses that energy from himself to reassemble the house just by looking and thing about it, recieiving a mark on his hip of a sledgehammer smashing a wall, James (originally Jessica) taking charge and reciving a mark of a camera on a tripod on his/her hip.

Consequences is a one shot where some misanthrope has discovered a mutagen that has perfect success. Clearly determind to eradicate humanity, s/he concocts a conspiracy to release it in every large packed building s/he can. After successfully doing that, the ever so efficient government quarantined the buildings where everybody inside has been exposed. Seemingly unharmed, the infected patients, deemed contageos and hazardous, have all communication from outside cut off with lead sheets over the windows and power being cut. The end result is that they are deemed stable and safe after a while, but with a new shape, and no clear remedy for their condition. The only thing to do is to prevent any more such outbreaks, and ensure remaining humans who were outdoors or at home or in buildings that weren't targeted remain untouched. The story ends with an unsettling conclusion: They all went back to their old lives as if nothing happened to them, even though it clealy has. When they first got shrunk, bent, and distorted, they were aware of their situation. Hours later, they show clear signs of deterioration, and are aware of it. Even later, they cease to mention it, or even seem to care, implying that the muatation has killed them as individuals. Replaced by alien life forms that think they are the original.

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