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Play Video Games. Fight Thugs. Be A Thug. Ride a Bike. Eat, Sleep, Drink. Then Pony Time. Thats Me Digital. Hit me up DigtalGamer101 PC/Xbox

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2104320 Are you still interested in the story we were working on before?
Otherwise, I could send you a list of completed stories to choose from in order to get them all polished and shiny?

Sorry about the delay.

2102586 For sure just send me what you want polished or cleaned and ill take a look at it and ill get back to you

Having interests is what keeps us alive. ;)

In this case, I love sharing.

I will keep adding to the pile of stories; new once as well as updates.

For as long as you are here, are you still interested in the story you were helping me with?

2101266 Yeah other things caught up with me my life is stable now. I would a five score fic, tf human to pony I always love reading those. Also congrats on the 200 stories you done well! :)

2101175 Hya, Digi; and welcome back from .. :pinkiesmile:
I did not know a fandom was something you were taking a vacation from, butt, who am I to say? :scootangel:
Then we we will be eagerly and breathlesly awaiting the story you are working on, when you choose to publish it.

On the side of stories, I have scores of new ideas. I managed my 200 stories for the previous year, BTW. :twilightsmile:

Any particular story you would like to see, or read?

Now, if you don't mind; I guess I will have to be teasing you about a few things, from before your vacation, along the days ahead.

  • Viewing 26 - 30 of 30
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