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The group for the third movie antagonist.

Corrupted twilight in a way of speaking.

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Human midnight x juniper montage

Sorry for bad inglish

A story where twilit is a werewolf and midnight controles the werewolf form and they have a sort of venom and eddie relationship

Sorry for bad inglish

We should have a folder entitled “Midnight Sparkle defeats Daydream Shimmer” or “Midnight Sparkle Wins” or “Empress Midnight Sparkle“.

Does anyone know a story that's similar to "The Wrath of Midnight Sparkle"?

Comment posted by Grand-Galvatron deleted Dec 22nd, 2022

I'll admit, Pony Midnight Sparkle looks awesome!!!

If MLP: FiM does one thing right, it's creating rather sexy antagonists.

I slash the assassin ask you midnight sparkle to join me I'm a power hungry ruthless cold-blooded assassin with a taste for your story's so will you join me on my group

Can you join me slash the assassin on my group pleases

this is the song of midnight


Is it just me, or is Midnight Sparkle the sexiest villain in the show?

Comment posted by Shadowheart332 deleted Oct 2nd, 2015

Now We can have:

Chrysalis x Midnight
Celestia x Midnight
Sunset x Midnight
Trixie x Midnight

beautiful QwQ

The midnight sparkle group is now open for business. Please place any story you make or find in this group.

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