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An Honest Question... · 12:28am Aug 18th, 2021

Nothing I wrote had anything to do with ponies whatever.
Therefore, why would some random bystanders who somehow found my silly writings by chance want me to submit them for approval knowing there is no way it’ll happen?

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Why uh... why are they urinating through a funnel?

2246595 Yeah, with rest. Without rest, you can guess what. Stamina is greater physical strength and locomotion with less breaks, which is established as typical ground dweller characteristic. Flight and teleporting are taxing, unless you happen to be part of that rare class that carries traits from all three main types.

Yeah that... figures. I think it's pretty clear that pegasi can cover more distance than any other kind of pony. The thing is, they have to be high up in the air to do it, and miss out on all the stuff along the way.

2246232 All too true. Most will go for the frills. Telekinesis and wings allow dexterity to carry over. Standard ground dweller does not have this. Of course, their gift isn't quite as obvious, and takes time to find out without being told. They are not invulnerable to illness and injury, but they sure do thrive on it. Their stamina is incredible. They can carry heavy loads, draw them, and run or walk greater distances without tiring as quickly. I know it cannot happen, but you can always dream.

I kind of like the fifth. I like the idea of being a being that can read emotions of any being perfectly, even in the most stoic. And being able to siphon the feelings out of them for sustenance. We know they can be parasitic and drain all feeling out completely, but they can also be mutual with their hosts. They prefer hosts who would voluntarily be feed off of. We've seen A's daughter exercise restraint. She lost her virginity too, which to them is probably another time to feed. I imagine when she's screwing her spouse, she also feeds on the passion.

Earth pony. Any pegasus can fly, and unicorns can use magic, but earth ponies are the special ones.

Pegasus is a second choice, if only because Daring Do is a pegasus. I'd probably end up as a unicorn though, just because I'm such an intellectual nut case.

But really, I'll end up as none of those, because we can never be ponies.

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