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This is a group for my story H1P1 so that others can join in on the story with side fics.

Of course there are a few rules you have to go by.

The Species you become is dependent on location for instance if your in a rainy location like eastern US, you will become one of the three main pony race's, if your in a desert like California, you will become a griffon, and if you are in the arctic, then you will become a crystal pony.

The transformation differs from person to person but they all have the same two changes of the ears and tail, to start with.

MLP:FIM is not a thing in this universe.

The virus will infect almost all of eastern US on 05/03/15.

The virus will infect most of the world on 18/06/15

That should be it, see you on the other side of the wall.

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Hiya, guess I am new here.

Just curious as to the effect on people who are not in the exact locations mentioned here.

On that note, I guess it is good that I do not live in the desert.

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