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Why do I write? Because it's fun! :D

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I wonder how Applejack would feel if she had actually been there?

To be honest for some reason I thought this story would be worse... It's actually really good. Keep up the good work!

Thank you, glad you have it a shot. I will try to keep up the quality. :eeyup:

2 words...........Loving it! :pinkiehappy:

Not gonna lie, this is actually sounding really good. Like in just the two chapters, im already intrigued.

Wish people would realize that these soldiers didn't CHOOSE to do these things, it's the government who decided to get involved. (probably a bad analogy) It's like blaming someone for murder because they were in the BACKSEAT of a car when the driver was the one who was in control.

The people who hated on the soldiers during the Vietnam(?) war, those men were FORCED into the military and then forced to participate in the conflict. Treated like garbage by your fellow countrymen for something you DIDN'T want to be involved in.

I wasn't going to read it until I saw the comments. After doing so I must say that this is one of the best new stories I have read in quite some time.

Intriguing and a concept I haven’t seen that much here...

Wonder what AJ thinks about the fact that Celestia and Luna are the ones who sent them over there.

This is nice, I'm gonna track this!

Hopefully AJ gets a good smackin' along the way too

Thankfully drafting is a thing of the past.

i wonder how the rest of the six will be...
Pinkie i see not being different from how she treats anyone else.

With her brother being military i can't see Twilight disliking him. Could see some conflict between Twi and AJ about this.

Flutters be too shy to confront about it.

Dash.. supportive
Rarity see as not a fan

It's possible that Twilight might know more about the conflict, might have looked into it when things started getting belly-up. Celestia and Luna might not have received well that Twilight got her nose in the affair considering that outside of monsters she had never had to fight other ponies and sapients with the intent to use deadly force. One can argue about Changeling's, but up until Thorax most probably thought that Changeling Drones where not sapient at all.

Strangely enough he didn't have to give his uniform, rifle, ammunition or anything up, so not knowing what else to do with it, he brought it along. It had been a part of him for so long, he could not bear the thought of selling it.

Ohoho wow that is not going to end well. Not for Sharp in particular, but think about it.

If or when the whole thing is over, the Peace Corps will likely be drawn back to Equestria. Back to a notably hostile population that at best fears them and at worst despises and is disgusted by them, and being allowed to keep their weapons and ammunition. Some won't be as lucky as Sharp to have someone as kind as Granny Smith to give them a job. Some will get angry, angry at how they've been treated after going overseas ostensibly to help people.

If that's not a perfect powder keg for a revolt or outright banditry, I don't know what is.

Really curious how this go on in the future, and the prologue was just 👌
Amazing work, my dude.

Hmm pretty good let’s see some more

I concur, this could actually lead to a situation where the civil war in Saddle Arabia could seem like it could happen in Equestria

Well, now that's a cover pic I wasn't expecting to see, let alone in the featured stories list.
Cheers, mate.

Haha! Yes, it is an awesome pic, cheers XD

A well naunced take so far, liking where this is going.

Someone put this in the Romance section for the Supporting Original Characters group, wonder what that's about.

This story is really good so far! I love it! Keep it up.

Honestly, that sounds like a cool story concept. Exiles within their homeland.

"Are you a royal guard?"

Sharp smiled. "No, I don't have the style for that. No, I was a soldier of the peace corps.." He explained, not really wanting to go into more details about that to a little filly who probably knew little, if anything, about the civil war in Saddle Arabia.

no little apple im with a force that can fight and win battles

Life takers and heart breakers. ;)

In just 2 short chapters, you've managed to create an interesting concept, perform some seriously competent execution on level with many hardcore writers and have created a feeling of intrigue that most aspiring writers, or hardcore writers can struggle with. I believe the choice of topic, the approach to skip the war and focus solely on the aftermath and treatment of the soldier ponies is an excellent starting place for a politically and emotionally charged story about the spread of misinformation and prejudice throughout a society that has never faced true hardships like war. Seriously good work so far, and I for one, along with many others, cant wait to see the direction you take this story!

Thank you , that means a lot. :pinkiehappy:

Though we will see certain points of Sharp's time in Saddle Arabia, from when he signs up, to basic training, and of course his time over there and how it changed him. I hope I can capture both sides of the coin. :twilightsmile:

Just a question, will this be in the form of paragraph breaks and a change of scene to Saddle Arabia? Or instead PTSD flashbacks?

There won't be sudden scene changes, like we get full on scenes with ponies talking and what Sharp is thinking and feeling. He will be effected, but the full on detailed scenes will be contained in their own chapters.

So it's not like he will stand with Big Mac talking, and suddenly we will see a scene from Saddle Arabia, it would probably be more like he hears something that could remind him of a battle, like, let's say someone hammering nails in a board, which trigger a reaction within him as it reminds him of rifle shots. Or thunder reminding him of artillery.

Hope that makes sense. ^^

Ah, PTSD. With such a great start with your first two chapters, I am excited to see how you pull this off good sir!

He was grey, grey coat, a thick grey mustache , and of course, a grey mane and tail.

He's very grey indeed.

I want to nail his struggles returning to a civilian life, and also nail Applejack's and others understanding. So I hope I can keep a good balance, but to tell you the truth, being featured and so many responding so positively, kinda makes me nervous XD

Hey is there anyone who can tell me what color Sharp's coat is? He is the pony in the cover. I have no clue what the buck it is called, and I have really looked XD

We are all mortal, good luck and may writer's block not fall upon Thee!

I think I'd just say he's beige and leave it at that.

Do I even want to look at this comment section?

It's like the man said - it can take a lot longer to come Home than it did to get back to the World.

Thank you for writing this.

I wonder how the other elements will react.

Well, it’s certainly well written. I’m excited to see more.

Hmm, interesting. I haven't seen a soldier type fic that caught my eye in quite a while. What the heck, I'll give it a try. :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad you did. ^^

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next

I read this and all I can say is “Man, AJ is sure quick to forget the lesson she & the others learned when Zecora came around. Never trust rumors wholesale.”

Now I also wonder what kind of bolt actoin rifle does he have Im thinking either a Kar98 or a Lee Enfield no.4 Mark 1

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