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Ryan, Ex-Nintendo world champion was digging through his closest. He found things that were from his childhood, such as his NES, the zapper, along with an old trophy he won years go. When he pulled out that powerglove, things took a turn for the unexpected.

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Local photographer Elwood travels across America in search of the perfect shots of local wildlife and nature’s beauty. One day, as he’s traveling through the Coronado National Forest, he’s about to come across something that will change his life forever.

(Note: This is currently past Elwood. Any cross-overs you've read with him is Future Elwood.)

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A man's last chance at getting a proper job now falls to a homeless person that would soon give him a chance of a life time to see the multiverse and meet many interesting people.
[Cross-over Driven Story]
Please provide a score with your comment between 0 to 10 for each chapter as each one holds different styles of writting, thus you will be expecting the grammar and spelling to vary between good, average, bad, or insulting to your eyes.
You have been warned.

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[Canceled. I know people will be upset, I just can't find the interest and passion to write this. However, if anyone wants to continue where I left off, please PM me.]
My memories are foggy on what happened to me.. I remember something about coming home from some event, then went skidding out of control off a bridge and into a lake. The next moment I woke up, I found myself as some sort of entity of water.. I cannot remember who I am ever since then, some call me Echo, most call me a monster and abomination, two of them have called me a God Of Destruction, and last later in life, I've been called a Displaced.

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