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[Displaced] Save File 1: Captain G. - DisplacedWriter

Ryan, Ex-Nintendo world champion is taken to another world when he put on that old powerglove.

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Chapter 1: Out Of This World

Author's Note:

EDIT: Chapter has been edited.
For those who are wondering about cross-overs. Yes, I will be allowing them for this story. However, there are a number of rules they'lll need to follow. Don't give Ryan any items/powers/abilities/etc other than a token, don't try to change Ryan's world or leave a major impact on the plot. I will be restricting one cross-over per dungeon boss.
With that out of the way, if there are any spelling or grammar errors or characters acting unrealistic, please be sure to tell me about it.
Big thanks to Sakuragoldwolf for fixing up the story.
All cross-over chapters can be skipped if they are not your cup of tea.
Small note: Whenever you see [ and ] around a number, it is the name of a character, a command, an item, text box, or Ryan's powerglove talking.

"Oh hey! I remember this!" Exclaimed Ryan as he pulled out an old box. Blowing the dust off and blowing it revealed his old NES and the powerglove, although damaged and tampered with. Years ago, him and his brother tried to modify so it would play Gameboy games, and despite their attempts, it never would turn on and thus, it put stored away and forgotten.

Ryan slips his onto his glove, then pulled on the traps down tight. Ryan flexes his hand getting a good feel of nostalgia through his fingers. "The power glove, its so bad." Ryan quoted with a chuckle.

Ryan goes to remove the glove, however he finds that the straps are firmly tight. "..Why isn't this coming off?" Ryan said as he pulls harder, only for the straps to get even tigher. "What's going on!?" Ryan asked in a panic as he pulls on the glove harder, yet all he felt was pain. Suddenly, Ryan's eyes are blinded by a bright flash coming from his nearby TV as a distorted and static spoke out in distress. “We-... N-... help- E-...stria….glitch…”

“What?” Ryan said in bewilderment as he takes a step back away. Suddenly a force of gravity began pull him, he begins to panic and run away from the vortex's pull. Ryan lets out a loud scream as his voice becomes glitched and distorted as he goes flying backwards toward the TV.

[World Found; entering code 171140, Transferring Now]

Suddenly, Ryan's body starts to split into many colorful pixels as he gets sucked into the television. Ryan's room was left with dead silence. All around Ryan was a flashing tunnel of red, blue, and green all around, leaving the scared gamer in confusion. Ryan had to shut his eyes tightly as the colors start giving him a headache. Ryan groaned in pain, his sounding like it was playing through an old speaker. Everything suddenly stopped, allowing him to open his eyes, revealing a colorful blur if colors that slowly came into focus. Looking around, everything looked pixelated and color, yet 3D and strangely detailed despite the limited color pallet. To the northwest, he finds and square pixelated cave. Looking down, he also notices he's got the same color pallete.Slowly, a familiar melody started to drift into his ears, reminding me of the first legend of zelda game in all of its 8-bit glory.

“T-this is getting freaky..” Ryan commented before looking at the power glove. The greenboy screen was brightly lit, but showing nothing on it. Out of curiosity, he presses the start button. The world freezes in time as an 8-bit hologram appears, showing his current inventory.

  • Powerglove: Equipped
  • Cartridge: Legend Of Zelda
  • Connection: Stable.
  • Inventory: No items found.

Ryan turned his power glove around, and realizes it was no longer made of plastic, now it's appearing to be made of metal with the smaller plates going over his fingers like scales. This was just too wild and weird to be believable, and yet here he stood in Hyrule Fields from the very first zelda game.

The poor ex-gamer had to sit down in the light yellow sand, to help calm his racing heart. “..t-this is really happening?” He said as he gripped his hand, picking up sand and allowing it to slip out in pixels. Ryan raises his arm and begins shaking it, finding it impossible to get the glove off, it was almost like it had become one.

Ryan pushes the pause button assume, allowing time to resume its course. Looking at the top right corner of the holographic screen, the ex-gamer notices a meter label power with one of its six bars mousing. “..So the pause function has some limitation…” he said to himself as he lowered his arm. “Alright, I need answers.” He said as he started to move toward the caves entrance.

Once inside, the cavern was lit by two torches. In the middle of the room Ryan saw a familiy old man wearing a red cloak, however it was standing on all four in the shape of a pony. “I told you, the enchanted wooden sword is all I had! If you want the White Sword, you'll need to give me more time, I-” The old man pauses to look at Ryan. “Oh! Sorry, I thought you were Rarity." He said as he put down what looked to be an unfinished sword. The old man narrows his eyes in confusion “...Strange, you…” he stopped in mid-sentence to get a good look at Ryan. “You don’t look like a pony…”

“Why would I be a pony?” Ryan asked as he gave skeptic look.

The old pony's eyes went wide as he looked at Ryan's Powerglove. “...That gauntlet..” The old man said as he suddenly grabbed hold of Ryan’s powerglove.

“What the- HEY!”

“This gauntlet…” the man traced a hoove over the glove. “..This…” He looks up at Ryan.

“This..what? Dude, you’re making me uncomfortable….” Ryan said as he tries to tug his arm away, he is surprised that the old man had a firm grip on it. The cloaked man traced his hoove over the small cartridge that is currently in it’s slot.

“I can’t believe it... It’s been twenty-two years since she sent that distress call. I thought the glitch managed to stop it from going out?”

“What are you talking about?” Ryan asked in confusion as the old pony let go of his powerglove.

“Years ago, A glitch came to our kingdom and decided to treat it as his personal playground. Celestia and Luna confronted it and tried to send it back using the Code of Elements, but alas it proved to be too strong. The Glitch corrupted Luna, forcing Celestia to flee for her life. The Glitch in its rage shattered our of Epixeria and sent it across the Zone..” The old man explained as he made his way over to his table. He picked up an old cartridge and blew the dust-out, but on closest inspection, it's more of a stone slab. “Celestia found this deep within her world of Angel Land describing a game hero of old known as Captain G.”

The old man handed it to Ryan, allowing him to study the old pictures and writing. “Wait… Captain G?” Ryan asked in confusion. ”That sounded bit like Captain N cartoon…” Ryan thought to himself.

“According to the slab, when the world of Epixeria is in dire need, a man from another world. the one who wields the gauntlet of power, will come to save us.” The old man said.

“This is bogus..” Ryan said as he turned the stone cartridge around to look for answers. “I mean this has got to be a joke, I can’t be this so-called hero..”

“As ‘Bogus’ as it may sound, you fit the description. However, you would have came to our aid alot more sooner if the glitch hadn’t interfered.” The old man said with a sigh. "But now, you are here, you can at least save [Hyrule], please seek out rarity and help her gather the pieces of the [Triforce] ”

“Don’t you have Link helping you with that?” Ryan asked as he's confused again.

“Who is Link?” The old pony asked, causing Ryan to go silent for a moment at that answer.

“You know, Link, the hero of Hyrule?” Ryan explained, but all he earned is a more confused look. “Never mind…” He said as he rubbed his forehead. “Maybe this is some weird alternative dimension..“ Ryan thought before looking at the old man. “You said something about [Triforce] pieces?” Ryan asked as he went through his old memories about the game.

“Yes. You see, when Lord Tirek attacked Hyrule castle, Prince BlueBlood, not wanting the evil fiend to get their hands on the triforce of wisdom, he broke it into many pieces and sent them to nine temples heavily guarded by traps, puzzles, and locked doors. I sent the heroine Rarity to go ather then, I do hope she's alright." The old pony explained as he gazed through a pixeled window.

“Ok, yea, I can help her out, but first, tell me If there's a way to send me back to my home?” Ryan asked in hope.

“That sort of power only Celestia can do... But she’s miles away across the Zone.” The old man said as he made his way over to the cave’s entrance. “The only way to get to her is if you were to find the Codes of Harmony. Six items of power that once held Epixeria together…”

Ryan followed the old man. “What is the Zone, and where can I find the Codes of Harmony?” he asked.

“The Zone is basically a place outside of our world. No one has been able to traverse it since we discovered it. As for the Codes Of Harmony, well, it’s hard to say. The Glitch scattered them long ago, who knows where they ended up at..” The old man explained as he leaned onto his wooden cane.

Ryan pushed his black hair back and sighed. “Great…” Ryan thought. Ryan then gave the old man a slightly annoyed expression. “I don’t even want this, all I wanted to do was pack up my things and move out of my apartment..” he whispered to himself. “But nope, I got roped into this prophecy mumbo jumbo.”

"Before you go..“ The old man said before he turned around to head back into the cave. When the old man returned, he handed Ryan a thick scroll. When Ryan opened it up, it revealed a pixelated map of Hyrule

[Ryan obtained Map]

A small 8-bit icon of Ryan’s head appeared on the map, showing his location. “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this.” The old man said, as he handed Ryan a wooden sword and a shield. Suddenly, both items turned into energy and got absorbed into his powerglove.

[Ryan Obtained Wooden Sword and Wooden Shield.]

Ryan stared at his powerglove, wondering what just happened. “Uh... thanks?” Ryan said perplexed as he started to head out. “May the three watch over you friend. When you find Rarity, please forgive her, she can be stubborn at times.” The old man said as he waved his pale hoof.

After one last look at the old man, Ryan started his journey, an adventure he didn’t want nor did he ever ask to go on. The ex-gamer honestly didn’t like how in a lot of rpgs the hero was always the chosen one, he or she who fated, destined and or prophecized to save the world based on legends. They all felt forced, like they were the only ones who can do it and that they did not have a choice in the matter. Now, apparently, Ryan is this so-called Captain G of legends that would one day appear to help them in great peril. “Of all the gamers out there, why me? I mean come on, I can’t be the only expert here… right?”

Holding up his gauntlet and pressing the start button, he brings up the hologram showing his inventory. With a few button presses on the control pad and A button, the [Wooden Sword] and the [Wooden Shield] materialized in array of colorful pixels into his hands.

“...What will happen if I get a game over.” Ryan asked in fear as he thrust the wooden sword into a Octorock, causing the monster to burst into red, blue, and green pixels. In its place is a floating green rupee. When Ryan reached down to pick it up, it shrunk down and got absorbed into his gauntlet.


“It even has the same sound..” Ryan commented as he brought up his hologram inventory to see his currency at [Rupee x1], he glances at the upper top corner of the screen to notice his three hearts. Ryan starts to cross a bridge, when suddenly angry zoras popped out of the water.

“Holy! they’re bigger than I remember!” Ryan exclaimed as he made a mad dash to the other side of the bridge, leaping left and right to avoid the barrage of fireballs. One of the shots managed to hit his leg, causing him to tumble over and hit the ground hard. Ryan quickly turns himself to lay on his back, as he raises his wooden shield to block another incoming ball of energy. Ryan pushes himself up and rushes to the other side.

Despite not having any injuries on his leg, he definitely felt the pain of that shot. Ryans turns around to stare the Zora, who were now staring at him with a look of hatred and hunger. Ryan slowly backs away with shield raised, not wanting to get hit by more of the Zora's shots.

Hours later, Ryan finds what loooks to be twisted looking tree having the expression of screaming in horror. He looks up to notice that there were eagles perched on top of its braches. “Can’t believe I’m doing this... but it’s the only lead to get home. Just find the heroine, help her find the Triforce of wisdom, and try find those 'codes of harmony’ thingies.” he said to himself.

Ryan begin to transcend down the wooden stairs, being careful as to not trip over the 8-bit colored vines. He arrives at the bottom. His [Wooden Shield] dematerializing as he reaches out to take a torch from its scone. The floors were an aqua green and made of stone that had aged well from the passage of time. In the west wall is a small crack that allowed water leak out, allowing plant life to thrive in the temple.

Ryan looks down at his [Power Glove] to bring up his inventory, and to see if by chance it give him a good idea the temple.

[No map available]

“Of course..” Ryan mumbled to himself as he lowered his arm. “Let’s see… If this is like the game, there are two rooms, both have enemies and a key. Maybe that heroine the old man mentioned is here?” Ryan said. Looking up ahead curious, he notices that the door to the north had already been unlocked. “Yea, she’s been here…” he said in high hopes. Ryan heads on over to open the door that led to the next room.

The next room is empty other than the skeletal remains that were once Stalfos. Ryan gives the bones a prod with his [Wooden Sword]. “..I hope they’re not going to come back to life…” he said

As Ryan traveled through the rooms of the temple, he finds out that they were also empty. No enemies nor keys, nothing to stop him. It wasn’t until he got to the fifth room that he found some sort of creature hiding behind a blocky pillar, appearing as if in pain.

It took Ryan a moment to remember that they were called Goriya, a race of rats that were skilled at throwing their boomerang. The Goriya took notice of Ryan and hissed at him. Despite the pain it was feeling, it was not going to go down without a fight. Pulling its arm back, it threw it’s boomerang at the ex-gamer, forcing Ryan to dive out of the where.

“Even though it’s a boomerang, I know it can still hurt me.” Ryan said as he started thinking up a plan. At the moment, he had an [Torch] in his left hand and his [Wooden Sword] in the other. Looking down at the powerglove in curiosity, he notices a few buttons with each one labeled [Pause][Slow-mo][Rapid Fire]. Ryanlooks up just in time to find the Goriya throwing its boomerang at Ryan.

The moment Ryan pushed the [Slow-mo] button, time started to slow down. A clock counter appeared over the Goriya’s head, showing show would be frozen for five seconds. Not wasting time, Ryan ran around the boomerang and straight for the rat with [Wooden Sword] held back. Ryan thrusts the [Wooden Sword] into the Goriya, causing it to recoil in pain in slow motion. With two seconds remaining, Ryan swung his sword to deal the finishing blow, causing the rat to vanish in a pixelated explosion.

“And it’s was just one enemy..” Ryan said as he checks his power glove, he notices a small meter showing that using one [Slow-Mo] drained the rest of the meter, however lucky for him, the power meter is slowly recharging. “Jeez, it's awfully slow.” he commented. He heard a wooden 8-bit sounding thud as he looks back to see a [Boomerang] on the ground.

When he reached down to touch it, it turns into pixels and gets absorbed into [Inventory], much like his sword and shield did. Ryan held his hand up and flexed his fingers. “This thing’s been pretty useful so far..”

Upon entering into the next room, Ryan sees a battle already underway. Ryan saw a purple maned white coated unicorn wearing a green tunic, jumping around dodging the electric orbs that were fired by Aquamentus. Next thing Ryan notices that the room is vastly different with pillars supporting the roof, Ryan also notices that the floor was wet due to the leakage in the room. Across the room and blocking the door, stood Aquamentus, a green dragon who had webbed claws and fins along its back and neck.

Ryan raises his arm to look at his inventory, which now had two three new icons.

[Ally ???: ]
[Ryan: ]
[Aquamentus: ]

"Best be careful.." Ryan said as he summoned his [Boomerang] into his hand. Puling his arm back and with a careful throw, he swings directly the dragon’s horn, allowing the boomerang to fly as if guideded by magic. As the boomerang hits the dragon's horn, the dragon's body flashes blues, stunnig it. The unicorn takes notice of the dragon’s distraction and decides to take a chance. With a [Wooden Sword] glowing in her [Magic] grip, she gallops up to Aquamentus and stabs it, causing the dragon to let out a low-quality scream. Aquamentus exhales three electric balls down at the heroine, knocking her back.

Ryan catches the boomerang, then takes a quick glance at his powerglove, the [Power Meter] still recharging at [10%]. With [Slo-mo] out of the question, Ryan decides to focus on his current tactic: Keep stunning the Aquamentus.

The heroine leaps out of the way as another shot is fired by the Aquamentus’s unihorn, however, she wasn't fast enough to dodge the second shot, forcing her hearts down to one piece.

“Holy!” Ryan exclaimed as he ran to the othe rside of the room, his legs sloshing around 8-bit water around. “Over here, ugly!” Ryan yelled to draw it’s attention. The dragon turned to look at Ryan, then lowered its head as it started digging into the stone floor. It takes off like a bolt, charging straight at him and surprising the ex-gamer as he gets shoved into the wall. “Ok..” He croaked in pain. “That was stupid of me..”

Bep-beep, bep-beep, bep-beep.

[Ryan: ]
[Ally ???:]
[Aquamentus: ]

The unicorn takes this moment to let loose a frenzy of slashes at the dragon’s tail, managing to hit it threetime in before Aquamentus turns itself around to charge at her. Ryan slowly gets up as his body is screaming in agony. He would have been gorged if the physics of this world didn’t apply to him. The [Torch] he had dropped into the water had its fire put out, only the unicorn’s magic served as a light source, casting the room is a dull dark blue color palette.

Ryan looks down at his body to see it blinking and flickering in and out of reality, even the lights on the power glove were blinking like crazy, as if trying to keep Ryan stable.

Meanwhile, the Heroine had managed to hold her own as she tried her best to keep her distance. “YOU RUFFIAN!” She screams while bringing down her [Wooden Sword] onto Aquamentus’s horn.

It felt freaky as hell to him, how his body felt it was going disappear from this world. Soon remember the powerglove's functions, he reaches up and holds down the [ Center ] button, allowing his body to refocus into existence.. "..I had to reboot the damn thing.” he said with a shakey voice. I. Ryan makes a mental note to keep his distance. and get out of the way if it charges again. Like before, he throws his [Boomerang] to stun Aquamentus, allowing the heroine to land another blow. Aquamentu's attention is given back Ryan as it charges at him once again, but Ryan was ready this time as he leaps out of the way, causing it to ram straight into the wall. The temple shook with the dragon’s collision, causing a hole to crumble open, allowing water to rush in.

“We need to get out of here.” Ryan yelled over at the Heroine.

“Not without the monster’s [Heart Container] and the [Triforce Piece]!” The heroine said as she rusheds Aquamentus. The dragon pulled it head out of the wall and turned, it’s eyes glowing red with anger. It let loose a loud roar before charging at Ryan.

Quickly reacting, he threw the Boomerang at the dragon, however this time it moved it’s head out of the way. What it didn’t expect was for the [Boomerang] to fly back and hit its horn along the way. It ended up losing its footing due to the dissertation from the impact. With it stunned, the heroine started stabbing at it with renewed vigor.

With the last blow dealt, it quickly got up, and started to charge around the room, ramming into pillars and destroying them in a mad frenzy. Seeing the pillar’s fall made Ryan very worried, especially when the roof started to creak and groan.

The Aquamentus ran into the middle of the room, threw its head up to the air, and let out a loud roar. It fell over and collapsed, then exploded into an array of rainbow pixels. The heroine then ran over to the [Piece Of Heart], holding it high as a familiar meledy played. She quickly places it into her side saddle.

The place is now rapidly filling up with water. “That pony is crazy!” Ryan exclaimed as he turned around to run out of the temple. The Heroine returns from the other room, running after Ryan.

The walls crumbled away, allowing even more water to flood throughout the temple, causing the two heroes to be swept up with it. They struggled against the currents, as they were tossed and thrown around. The rush of water reaches the third room near the entrance of the temple. Getting out of the water, they managed to get to the surface. The two now soaking wet their clothes. Ryan raised his arm to look at his power glove, surprised that it didn’t malfunction when water hit it. The Heroine is wringing out her tunic and cap. “This outfit took me weeks to make…”

“So, you’re this heroine the old man talked about?” Ryan asked as he looked at her. She definitely didn’t look like Link other than the famous green tunic, she looked rather out of place in those clothes.

“Who, me? Oh, why yes, I suppose I am.” The mare said as she placed the green cap back on her head. “No one else wanted to stand up to those brutes, so here I am.” she said as she flicked her hair out of her eyes. “My name is Rarity, please to meet you.” she said as he held out her hoof, but stopped mid-way.

“My name’s Ryan.” He said as he shook her hoof before she could pull it back. “I... guess I’m the Prophesied hero.” Ryan said, his voice full of disgust at the title.

“You? Strange... that thing the old man had looks nothing like you. I thought you would be more… Gallant?” Rarity said, while she looks disgusted with Ryan’s clothing of choice, which is just a black sleeved shirt, and old torn blue jeans and flipflops.

“Well excuuuuse me, princess, I didn't have time to dress up better if I had known i'd get yanked from my world.” Ryan says with sarcasm clearly in his voice.

“Well, anyways, I managed to grab the [Triforce Piece], one down, eight more to go…” Rarity said with a sigh as she took a sniff of her fur. "I’m going to need a nice long bath..” she mumbled under her breath as she pulled out a small [Heart Container]. Before the heroine could use it, it suddenly split itself in half, the first piece went to Ryan, fully healing him back to normal while the second half went to Rarity. “...That, wasn’t supposed to happen.”

[Ryan got Half A Heart]

“Hey! How can you can absorb [Heart Containers]? I thought I'm the only one who could do that!” Rarity said as she lifted her hoof to prod Ryan.

“I guess it has something to do with this powerglove.” Ryan said, as he brought it up to look at his current menu, which has updated to show that one piece of the Triforce had been obtained.

“That... looks a lot like my pouch, except only fancier.” Rarity said, as she watched in fascination, before a thought struck her. “Care to come along with me? I’d appreciate the help on my journey, makes things easier.” she said as she started to wring out her tail. “A lot less dirty as well.” she whispered to herself.

“Hey, I already agreed with the old man to help you, I can’t back out now.” Ryan said before allowing the hologram to fade.

Both Ryan and Rarity left the temple’s island. Rarity insisted she lead the way. Along the way, the duo had to fight monsters that chose to fight them. With each monster defeated, it left behind Rupees.

“Ever since Lord Tirek took over Hyrule, a lot of our currency has been turned into monsters.” Rarity said, as she scooped up the green rupees.

“So basically, they served as the heart of the monster?” Ryan asked as she checked his inventory screen. Ryan has learned that anything Rarity collects, will show up on his status screen.

The two heroes arrive at an entrance, which has been covered up by some sort of wooden barricade. Rarity knocks on it three times.

“What’s the password?” A voice spoke from the other sort, speaking in a strange rough voice.

“I am error.” Rarity answered. The wooden wall slid away to reveal a secret cave. Ryan heard a melody being played on his powerglove. “SShhh! Come, we need to get in before any Moblins discover us.” Rarity exclaimed through hush voice. Ryan follows closely behind her.

There is an armored pegasus waiting for them inside. “How’s the progress?" he asked.

“One piece so far, took me hours just to find it.” Rarity said as she present it to the pegasus. The triforce's size is alot smaller than its game counterpart.

“Good, then we’re one step closer to freeing Hyrule.” The pegasus said as he looked at Ryan. “What’s that?” he said pointing with a hoof.

“This gentlemen is Ryan, he helped me out against Aquemenus. As for what he is, he’s that prophecy Old Pony told us about.” Rarity explained.

“...Seriously? This guy can’t be the one. I mean how’re you going to defeat Lord Tirek? You aren’t even fully armored or prepared to fight that mad goat.”

“Hey, I don’t know how I’m going to ‘save the world’ with just a power glove either.” Ryan said with annoyance in his voice. The pegasus walked over to Ryan’s side, and gave the glove a prod.

“Did the old man pay you to put on an act or something?” The pegasus asked Ryan in disbelief.

“Alright boys, that’s enough. Ryan has some courage and… well, some skill. Luckily we didn't get a [Game Over].” Rarity explained.

Ryan blinked at Rarity. “Game... over?” he asked.

“Yes, [Game Over] is when we lose our life, foreever..” Rarity said as she looked over at Ryan, making him cringe in discomfort.

“Let's not talk about that then..” Ryan said in fear as he walked passed the two ponies, and ventured deeper into the cave.

Ryan arrives at the other end of the tunnel, soon noticing it's full of ponies that sat in rows in a array of colors, some of them were winged, some of them had horns, while others had none. They looked worse for wear, especially with some of them having bits of fur burnt. A baby pony is being treated for wounds. Ryan cringed at the sight when he saw that one of them is missing their eye. Ryan’s heart broke when he saw an orange filly with a light purple mane crying to herself and mumbling something about wanting to see her big sister.

All of them looked up and noticed Ryan, they all stared at him with mixed reactions of fear, curiosity and anxiety. Rarity came up beside Ryan and spoke. “Don’t worry, he’s with us.” she said. The group of ponies did calm down, however some of them still watched Ryan with worry.

Seeing so many injured ponies got Ryan thinking. He looks down at his powerglove, the very thing that transported him to this world. How could such an old tech do this? It’s like something out of the 80s movie

“Damnit..” Ryan whispered to himself as he adjusted his rose tinted glasses. All he just wanted to go was home and forget about this whole mess, but now seeing Hyrule in such disarray made him rethink his plans. The ex-gamer would not be able to forget this even if he managed to return home.

“Come on, I should guide you to one of the catacombs so you may sleep..” Rarity said as she trotted past Ryan. He follows after her as they make their way past other rooms, which oddly were all perfectly squared. “I’ll need to some research in order to find the next temple before we leave the cave.”

“...Actually..” Ryan said as he turned around to look at the heroine. “You won’t need to. I know all of their locations.”

“How do you know?” Rarity asked as she looked at him,

“Well..” Ryan said as he rubbed the back of his neck. “Years ago, this world was just a game being played on a TV”

“Screens? Then.. Lady Celestia’s message did get through?” Rarity asked.

“Wait, messages? Are you saying those words coming out of my TV was from Celestia?” Ryan asked skeptically.

“This is just what I heard from Ace. He said that Celestia sent messages through things called screens. He said that when The Glitched attacked, Celestia attempt to send a message through her screens..” Rarity explained. Ryan was quiet as he thought about this. He wasn’t the prophesied hero, it was actually by luck that her message got to him first.

“That doesn’t explain why I got sucked in in the first place.” Ryan said as he looked at Rarity with a raised eyebrow.

“She was desperate, Ryan. She was trying to call someone who would help her..” Rarity said before going quiet. “If only her message arrived sooner, maybe then my sister would s-still be with me..” he said as a tear threatened to escape her eyes. “N-no… I must be strong.. I can still do something to save Hyrule, but trying to get to my friends in the other worlds across the zone will take time..” he mumbled quietly to herself. “Sorry Ryan… Lets try getting you a place to sleep. I know one of them have a sleeping bag.” Rarity said as she guided Ryan through the halls until they arrived at an empty room with nothing but a place to sleep. It was an old leather sleeping bag, different than what Ryan was expecting. “I will be sleeping in the next cavern. We will be departing after [10:00] hours.” she said before giving Ryan a smile. “I’m glad we’re destined to work together, Ryan. I look forward to taking on the next temple.”

After Rarity left after saying goodnight. Ryan has been laying under the fur blankets and deep in thought over the events that had lead him here so far. He raises his arm as the green light from his powerglove lit up, showing him the current time. [9:10]

What made Ryan raise his eyebrow was the lack of AM and PM. “I guess it doesn’t exist yet.” he said with a sigh. “How did all of this become a thing? How is it possible that I got here? Is this some sort of untapped technology my brother accidentally created or is it Celestia’s fault?” he asked.

Slowly, his mind started to drift until he finally managed to fall asleep.