• Published 19th Jan 2019
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[Displaced] Save File 1: Captain G. - DisplacedWriter

Ryan, Ex-Nintendo world champion is taken to another world when he put on that old powerglove.

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Chapter 2: A Heroine, A Gamer, And... A Batter? (Xover 1)

Author's Note:

Big thanks to Hythunza for editing this chapter.
Crossed with The Winged Merchant's The Batter.
Small note: Whenever you see [ and ] around a number, it is the name of a character, a command, an item, text box, or Ryan's powerglove talking.

[Saving File… File Saved]

“Wha…” He wakes up to the sound of a small melody, as if he went to sleep at a video game Inn, in fact it sounded similar to that of Final Fantasy. Ryan rubs the sleep out of his eyes. Everything was still glowing in his sights, the roof, his hand, the blanket, everything. “...I’m still here.” he groaned to himself, he really hoped it was all just a bad dream.

However somewhere in the cave, unknown to all at the time, a very small vortex of black and white was starting to form, slowly becoming more pixelated as it appeared inside of Ryan’s room. Suddenly, it shot out a small golden coin quickly became brightly colored and pixel to back fit in with the world. The portal then closed when it’s job was finished.

Ryan’s attention is drawn when he heard the sound of a mario coin landing on the right side of his sleeping fur blankets. He blinked in confusion when he saw the coin, reaching out to pick it up. “Wha?”

He then heard a voice in his head, “Hello to anyone that finds this, I’m Sans the Batter, if you need any assistance, in need of a good spar, or have a ghost problem, feel free to summon me. I’d be happy to help out.”

“The hell?” Ryan asked, now even more confused than ever. “This.... doesn't look like anything of Hyrule.”

[Data Token Detect]

Ryan looked at his [Powerglove] in confusion as information starts to scale onto the hologram screen.

[Token is made of void energy that belongs to another [Player], Token can be used to summon a new player to the game]

“Another… [Player] ?” Ryan asked as he put two and two together. “I’m not the only one who got forced into this mess?” he said as he turned the coin around, seeing the weird crocodile. “But how do I use it?”

At that moment, the side of the powerglove open up to reveal a slot. Ryan slides the coin into it curiously.

[Scanning Token… Scanning Complete. Inputting Codes…. 527 055.. Summoning now]

Ryan’s powerglove took on a bright glow before shooting a portal into the air, it swirled with green, red, and blue pixels.

“..wwooooOOOAAAAAHHH!” Screamed an odd voice as it got progressively louder before out flew what resembled a baseball player with paper white skin and a monochrome outfit. He got up and revealed his four red irises over dark black eyes. It almost gave him an evil appearance but something about him didn’t make him FEEL evil to Ryan.

After dusting himself off, he then turned to Ryan, “Hello there, are you that called me...” He then started staring at his hand, which confused Ryan. Unaware that the new arrival saw a massive difference as he now looked a lot brighter in comparison, his pale white skin was much brighter and looked a bit retro in a way.

He took it well all things considered.

“AAAHHHHHH!!! OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ME!? WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS!?” He started screaming as he looked like he was running from... himself?

“Whoa! Man, stop!” Ryan said as he quickly got up from his bed, he reached out with both arms and clapped it over the black and white batter’s mouth.

[Player 2 Converted. Saving Data... Save complete.]

The newly arrived displaced then started taking deep breaths to calm himself down. He started chanting in a matra “I’m fine,” over again and over again when Ryan let go. After a deep breath he said, “Sorry about that, I just didn’t expect my body to change like this, even if it’s not that big a deal. Anyway, I’m Sans, Sans the Batter, and you are?”

“Ryan the… I guess ‘hero’.” Ryan said, doing air-quotes with his fingers. Even though he now believes the reason he’s here to save this world, he is still in doubt he can do it. “The old horseback at the other cave showed me a cartridge tablet and it said I was some prophesied to come here….”

Sans said, “So the guy pulled the whole “The Prophecy” trope on ya then? Man, that sounds really cliche.” He then shrugged and then asked, “So do you need any help here then?”

“Actually, I don’t need help, but I summoned you here when my [Powerglove] said you were another person just like me.” Ryan said as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Oh, so you were dragged away from your everyday life too? Man, I thought for a minute me, my brother, and my best friend were the only ones….” Sans said in thought. “Well, where exactly am I? This doesn’t look anything like where me and the others ended up.”

“Well, you’re at a [Cavern] in [Hyrule]. [Legend Of Zelda] to be exact, or I guess Rarity for some reason only the universe can tell me..” Ryan said as he glanced at the cave entrance in worry.

Sans then turned to the entrance with a raised eyebrow and asked, “Something on your mind Ryan?”

“You yelled pretty loudly….” Ryan pointed out. At that very moment, as if the universe was listening in. The sounds of low quality galloping can be heard coming this way.

“Let me guess, that’s a bad sign?” Sans asked with deadpan as he turned to the [Powerglove] user, already dreading the answer.

“Ryan?! Is everything al-” The voice was cut-off when Rarity ran in, staring at the strange black and white Batter. She had her tunic on although a little half-assed when she was rushing to get it on, her [Wooden Sword] almost falling out of it’s sheath.

As the two pale white warriors stared at each other in silence, Sans cut it with a, “Hello…?” Clearly confused by her appearance. She kept looking from and back between Ryan and Sans, and became more confused than the batter. “...How is there another? I thought you were the only one who walked on two legs?” Rarity asked.

“Well, looks like I’m not the only here who ended up in another world.” Ryan said nervously.

Sans meanwhile was staring at Rarity and trying to pin the differences between the one from back home and the one that stood before him, before a thought came to him.

“Wait, do you think there might be more like us, people who were sent to worlds like this? I mean if there’s people like you and me, then what’s stopping somebody from sending hundreds, possibly thousands of others.”

“I don’t know, I inserted your coin into my [Powerglove] and it brought you here.” Ryan said as he raised his arm to show San’s coin inserted as if it was a cartridge.

“The stories didn’t say anything about you being able to do this. It must be a new ability your [Powerglove] can do that you didn’t know about..” Rarity said as she started straightening out her outfit. The Batter notices that this Rarity was brim and proper, even as fashionista, especially with her hair not being as curly. Sans, however, was still mainly focusing on the fact that she’s a pony, unlike the Rarity he knew back home.

However he soon simply brushed it off and asks the pony and human, “So what were you two planning to do next before I was summoned here?”

“We were gonna head out and seek out the next piece of the Triforce, me and Ryan need all eight pieces if we ever hope to defeat Lord Tirek.” Rarity explained to the batter.

“Yea… we’ve got seven more to go…” Ryan said, sounding discouraged. He started to remember how much he used to rage at it as a kid.

Sans, recognizing the tone of Ryan’s voice as his brother Pas sounded like him when he got discouraged, then simply tipped his baseball cap over his eyes and said in thought, “Well, considering you went through the trouble of summoning me, I suppose I can probably help you two out and make it less frustrating.”

“You don’t mind that?” Ryan asked with a raised eyebrow. He raised his arm to look at his gauntlet, causing a hologram screen to come up. It showed a new status screen with the Batter having three hearts.

“I really don’t, besides this might be a good time to really test what this new form can do. I haven’t gotten much practice with it in the week I’ve had it,” the monochrome baseball player said as he drew his Harold Bat and gave it a few quick practice swings away from their general direction. Every time, he swung his bat, it kept making an 8-bit swoosh much like in Zelda 2.

Sans then stared at his weapon before once again shrugging. “So what dungeon we off to then?”

“We’ll be heading off to The Moon dungeon, it is well known to be a place of worship back before Lady Luna turned into a monster known The Nightmare Of Darkness.” Rarity explained as she pulled out her, showing a map that looks similar to a game. “We’ll need to tread carefully, who knows what might still be there, armies of darkness, worshippers, or maybe even traps.”

“Well whatever it is, I don’t think it’s going to be ready for the three of us. Well then, lead the way then, oh great hero,” the pale batter said with a mock praise at the end with a playful smirk. Ryan shook his head at the batter.

“...Did I miss something?” Rarity asked as he walked out with Ryan following.

The batter got a glimpse at the ponies as well who looked a little roughed up for wear. In most of the rooms of the caverns, there were all cuddled with with what limited fur blankets were left after Lord Tirek burned their homes to the ground. Ryan looked away, not wanting to be reminded of the dread he felt.

The batter meanwhile only cringed at the sight with a small, “Eeeeehhhhh…,“ coming out. He was very hesitant to say anything else before following Ryan’s example and turning away as well.

When they got to the end, a pegasus commander greeted with a salute. He whispered something softly to the wall, causing it to split open to reveal the outside world. To both Ryan’s and Sans’s ears, they can the melody coming from all around them, yet the ponies didn’t. At the three walked outside, only the gamer and the batter can hear overworld’s theme.

Sans eventually started to hum to the melody as the trio began to walk to the Moon Temple’s location. When he got a look from the two, he quickly defended with, “What? It’s catchy.”

“You won’t be saying that after you hear it for hours on end..” Ryan whispered to Sans. “At least it only plays here and not in the caves.”

“Now, it will take us a while to get there, we need to get through the forest, past the lake, through another forest, then up into the mountains.” Rarity said as she placed the map into a pouch smaller than it, however like video game logic, it went in without a hassle.

Sans, having a inventory that works not unlike hers, didn’t as much raise an eyebrow at that sight as he followed her lead.

As the three journey, they came across more of the dread energy spewing Zolas and Octoroks, however in this area they proved to more of a swarm, forcing the trio to be on their guard. Sans got to experience what it was like to feel pain without any visible bruises, however he also got some combat experience along the way. He did find a few hearts to restore the ones he lost and some rupees. He had to force himself not to quote Morshu from the CD-I games.

The moblins though, they were a bit of a pain, some of them were normal sized while others were bigger. Ryan had to use his [Powergloves] [Slo-Mo] to make it easier to deal with some of their numbers.

Sans meanwhile, while he was blocking an attack from a huge moblin and counter attacking, turned to Ryan and asked, “How in the name of all that is holy are you doing that speed up stuff, you got a turbo button on that thing?”

“Yea, there is a [Turbo] button but I haven’t used it yet. I’ve been-” Ryan ducked under a spear that was flying at him. “Slowing down timing.”

“Ah, that sounds really useful,” Sans commented while he finished off the giant moblin he was fighting.

“Not unless I end up in Castlevania..” Ryan said as he rubbed at his arm as he wasn’t used to betting stabbed by spears and not have blood gushing out. “I could get the [Stopwatch] for ya, maybe.” he said as his [Wooden Sword] materialized back into his inventory.

“...Perhaps,” Sans said in pure thought before a voice in the back of his head told him to watch his left as he dodged an attack from a normal moblin’s spear before smacking it with his bat and into the air.

With their hearts refilled and rupees clicking in their pockets, or invisible inventories. They’ve arrived at the dungeon entrance that was a stone staircase away. At the entrance wood stone pony figures holding a spear in their mouth and a giant shield along their arm. Things got creepy as the sun suddenly vanished from the sky and to be replaced from the glow of a crescent moon.

Sans only said very slowly, “What a terrible night to have a curse…” before the monochrome displaced started chuckling to himself.

“Wow, I haven’t heard that since 1987…” Ryan said in astonishment at Sans. Rarity stopped in her step to look at the two in confusion.

Sans then said to the gamer with a smirk and said, “What can I say, I’m a fan of the classics like Mega Man, Mario, and Kirby.”

“Oh! Thy must have been taking Lady Celestia’s test too.” Rarity said before she made her way over to the entrance of the temple. It looked like a Luna statue was hugging around its door with a tender smile on her face.

Sans gave a Ryan a questioning look, before he then said aloud with a shrug. “Sure, let’s go with that.” with all 4 of his eyes giving an eye roll.

“...Please don’t do that. Your extra eyes creep me out.” Rarity said with minor disgust. Meanwhile Ryan couldn’t throw off that feeling of deja-vu as he gazed upon the door.

“I… can’t see to find a way to open it. It’s locked with a key.” Rarity said as she stood up on her forelegs.

“Wait what? That can’t be right.” Ryan said as he got closer to the door to examine it, that eerie feeling still nagging at his mind.

Sans then asked, “Maybe we could try forcing it open?”

As Ryan glanced up, he noticed the Luna statue starting to get a bit creepy, its hair turning into snakes and the statue’s two eyes forming into a single eye, taking on more of a medusa look for a split second. Ryan and Rarity backed away in surprise at the statue’s split second shift. The baseball playing displaced meanwhile was still trying to figure out how to open the door, wondering if saying they had girl scout cookies would work, and was about to do just that before the two bumped into him.

“Hold up,” Ryan said with a snap of his fingers as he notices a skull at the top of the door. “For some reason, this reminds me of Shadowgate for the NES, although what it’s doing in the Zelda world, I don’t understand…” he said as he scratched his head. He reaches out and pushes the skull up, revealing a [Iron key].

[Ryan obtained 1 x Iron Key]

“Darn, I wanted to try my idea,” Sans muttered to himself before Ryan unlocked the door and the trio went inside the dungeon.