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I'm basically a Teenage Mature Gamer with some MLP Love.

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UPDATE! Temperary Break from FIMFiction. · 12:37am Nov 14th, 2017

I want everyone to know I'm not dead. I've just decided to take a break to do some non MLP FIM related fics on Fanfiction.net. I have 3 already so click the link if you're interested. None are displaced related... so far.


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Honestly speaking, I probably won't. I've been gone for a while and had fallen out of the MLP fandom, though my interest has been recently renewed with My Little Ace Attorney: Elements of Justice since I enjoyed Turnabout Storm a while back and love Ace Attorney too much to stay away from it.

Though I won't say much about what it'll be about but I might and that's a big MIGHT return in the near future with a hopefully better displaced fic than my last few now that I've grown as a writer. No promises though.

will you finish you're other storys here

I still exist. I just don't really use this account anymore.

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