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Local photographer Elwood travels across America in search of the perfect shots of local wildlife and nature’s beauty. One day, as he’s traveling through the Coronado National Forest, he’s about to come across something that will change his life forever.

(Note: This is currently past Elwood. Any cross-overs you've read with him is Future Elwood.)

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The idea of ponies being replaced by dragons is a rather intriguing one, which caught my attention rather easily. I'm rather interested in seeing where this story goes, particularly with such an interesting twist! It'll be interesting to see if Fluttershy has a fear of dragons still, even being a dragon herself, or if the fear translated to her being afraid of ponies, should they exist in some form still.

Is Coronado a real place?

It's south of San Diego.

Keeping an eye on this.

I'd change the description from mane to frills or something, since dragons don't have hair.;)

I double dare you to do a crossover with solid script Equestria and Equestria's White Fang?

Question: This is a Dragon Rider story apparently, so what kind of Dragon Rider we talking here? Alagasëan, Dragon Lance?

wait, I'm confused, when was this updated?

also, is there more somewhere?

Because I got here from another story that had a link to this one in one of the chapters.

That cross-over was future Elwood, the story you see now is past Elwood. Sorry for the confusion.

so where is the the future story?

in google docs all written ahead of time but not yet edited and cleaned up.

so can we expect more soon? Because I got a feeling of excitement when reading this, so I hope more comes soon.

When I get more freetime in my life.

when will the next chapter come out

When my autism eventually stops causing me to be uninspired/unmotivated/unable to focus.

I know the feeling

I would love to read more of this as it seems interesting.

I like this story I have read over many different displaced story's.

this is not dead is it?:unsuresweetie:

Autism and writer's block is preventing me from writing.

I deeply apologize for everyone who has put this on their watchlist and has been expecting another chapter. Writer's block and/or writing muse has refused to come back, or even stay with me.

Its a alright man.

We can wait ( unless i die 😱)

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