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"We are but a drop of water that flows in the river of time which flows into the lake of timelines of what was, what is, and what could be then eventually separate into the ocean of the Multiverse."

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Thanks for adding A Pup Named Fenrir to your folders!

Your welcome, I am quite interested to see how Hena and Hermes friendship develops.

Comment posted by The_Poket_Umbreon deleted Feb 13th, 2022

Ty for the interest:twilightsmile:

Thank you so much for marking ELO: Brothers as Interesting! I hope it stays interesting for you!

Also, I love the quote on your profile. That's gonna be stuck in my head for a bit. :moustache:

Happy Holidays!

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Red Iron Rook OC Edit · 9:32pm May 7th, 2018


Now his description.
Male, he has a red mane and tail, with gun metal grey fur. As you can see, on the right side of his face he has a synthetic eye which is synthetic grey with his left eye averyslightly glowing baleful green. Red is bigger then the average stallion (Ha Ha-no dick jokes) think Big Mac then add an inch or two. He also lost his left leg which also replaced by a synthetic.

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