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Hello Mares and Gentalcolts,

Welcome to the Classical Music group where we're dedicated to everything and anything that has to do with Classical music.

This is a group where our stories where writers can post ponies (or whatever species they are) that are classical musicians or their stories have a link to a piece of classical music. This sight is not only for ponies like Octavia, but for any characters that play on classical instruments such as the piano, cello, violin, organ, etc...

The rules here are very simple:

1: If your story has anything to do with a theme of either classical music or a character playing a musical instruments, you're welcomed to post it.

2: Other kinds of music can be included as long as it has something to do with classical music/instruments. Which means that Octavia and Vinyl Scratch are welcomed as long it has something to do with Classical Music.

3: Please be civil both in the forums and the comments. If someone disagrees, do so to be constructive.

4: YouTube links to classical pieces though-out the ages, be in a story or a recommendation are welcomed.

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Fresh out of the idea forge, a brand-new group has arrived, earning a listing in New Groups. Congratulations!

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