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No Chronicles of Narnia fans here? Well this is outrageous, there's talking animals here too, and fantasy adventure! I know some like the films and others don't but I am a big fan of the books and personally, I think they are wonderful. So for any fan of the Chronicles of Narnia, either books or films, you're welcome here.

Enter the Wardrobe, battle the White Witch, free the land from the clutches of Miraz the traitor King, enter a world of Fantasy and Adventure, where heroes are forged, Kings and Queens are made and adventure is just a step around the corner. Enter Narnia Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve, Citizens of Equestria. Your Journey begins now.

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lol can imagine Twi miss casting and edung up in narnia just not sure in what point in the time line.

Fluttershy " well I talk to animals but they don't talk. I mean they do just um not English "

To any who join. Please spread word of this groups existence to the world, after all how can a group achieve anything if it doesn't even get of the ground? Come on! There's got to be more Narnia fans out there! Hello! Anyone there?

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