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I am the Reaper, a divine god of death and I created this place for beings who hold the power of light or darkness. This place was created in hopes of bringing powerful beings together. This place is full of both kindness and insanity, so both beings of light and of darkness will find comfort here.

Rule 1) There will be no fighting on the home page. there will be a forum for that or you could take your battle over to the insanity dimensional death brawl. But please, don't go all hating other users for having there own opinion.

Rule 2) Make sure to put your story in the right folder there is only 3 folders so if you manage to screw that up, then you need your head checked.

Rule 3) Stay away from the gate of the corrupted. That is the resting place of fallen reapers if you are caught lurking around the entrance the gate keeper will happily let you in but he won't let you back out.

Now since we have laid down the ground rules, I would like to welcome you to The Realm Of Gods And Beings Of Power and I hope you enjoy your stay.

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Pfhu, amateur. It took me only ten hours.

Behold! I answer you!

Even though it took 3 years....

Eehh.. and what if you have a story that could potentially fit in both folders? Cause I have a serie of fics in which there are beings both good and bad.

*whispers back
so what do i do
*looks to girl then back to reaper
*Whispers back
also how much for that crimson emerald, ive got like a bunch of rainbow geodes and i know for a fact that you cant get them on this plane of existence so how much we talking here

*looks back to girl then back to reaper then back to girl
hey why'd you stop attacking me

395576 *whispers back* she always seems mad


do you mean the portal or the crimson emerald

cause the answer to both is no

*looks at chick

im honestly surprised your not questioning what i did to the portal, shouldnt that be your priority right now
*shield materializes

i guess you finally realized
*shield materializes

*whispers to dark reaper
i think i made her mad

395437 first tell me your not trying to convert that stuff to power cause its not gonna end well

*keeps walking*


come on we can be friends.... ill pay for lunch, anywere you want
*focus crystal brightens and releases a light directly into the gate
*entryway air freezes and shatters
*gate warps slightly and returns to normal

cool it worked

*focus crystal shrinks to marble size
*chest cavity opens up
*crystal floats into chest were others can be seen

now that that's settled lets talk

*looks at dark reaper

what would it take for me to get a crimson emerald from you, iv heard their rare

*looks back to girly

whats with the face?

395432 *frowns and walks away*

395418 what if i said ive got a coupon
*hands coupon
that thing is 110% legit i got it off a trusty guy in a trench-coat behind an ally so i know its real
*body crystals glow brighter
*focus crystal brightens
this things also almost charged so i don't have much time
anyway id like to just talk and maybe get to know you
for all i know your just a pretty face with princess syndrome

395417 i don't make deals

*light emanates from wings and other crystals on body
*nonchalantly stands up
man am i glad the counter gravs are functioning, and with the kinetic dampeners and abso....
*shield materializes
note to self, she is not friendly
*continues charging focus crystal
*shield materializes again
please stop i only want to talk, maybe make a deal

395321 *unknown force slams you to the floor*

huh i wonder if shes friendly

*finishes cleaning gates
*gate sheen's and sparkles
*blood glistens in the light
*turns head

hey chick-ee-poo how you doing
*starts walking towards girl in red dress
*starts charging focus crystal with power

395238 she's the vessel of the creature that rule that realm beyond that gate......thing is she's been its vessel for so long she think like the creature acts like it and she gained most of its powers........makes it very hard to tell who she is most of the time mainly since her and the creature are now one and the same you an never tell if your talking to her or the creature


whats wrong with her
*snatches crystal out of air
nice... anyway ill get started
*grabs cleaning supplies
more blood right....right
*grabs bucket of spare virgin blood
i knew this would come in handy

*gets started cleaning and polishing skulls

*notices girl in red dress walk out
so whos the dame in the red dress again?

she looks kinda cute

395235 well i could care less how much blood is on the gate i think the creature that runs that place likes the gate being all bloody......but anyway here ya go -reaches into my coat and pulls out your crystal and tosses it to you-

one more thing if you see a girl dressed in a red cloak walk outta that gate i think it would be best if you kept your distance from her



besides its just a focus crystal, what the worst i can do with a focus crystal
after all im just the new guy, how powerful or knowledgeable could i be?

just get me one and ill make that gate shine,ill even purify the blood and get rid of or enlarge any stains par your request

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