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Because Hell is real, and ponies may just have to face it someday. Doom crossovers of all stripes go here! RIP AND TEAR!

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Hi guys, added a story of my own. It is currently incomplete.

I'm currently developing one :moustache:

I wonder when new stories will come with the Doom Slayers new look.

this is a very nice group :)

I´m just gonna leave this here:

I've been wondering why do we have so few stories. i mean some of them are really good like Hell in Equestria but why don't we have more?

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Right. If we are REAL fans of DooM and MLP, then let's get this going on. If anyone can help me with my history, or has any idea of a group history, then let's do this.

Let's getting started shall we.

If anyone can provide a banner, please PM me or leave a message on my userpage.

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