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Dwarf(ves) in Equestria. its time to start a new trend of sorts. Too many humans and not enough Dwarves.
Feel free to add any stories that have anything to do with dwarves. post ideas, etc. but remember that Discussion gathers no gems.

Dwarves from all fantasy aspects are acceptable. Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft, Germanic mythology, etc. If its dwarven, its good to go. Also, a mix of any or all dwarven lore is acceptable.

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A quick question: What is your opinion on self-made Dwarf civilizations? It would interest me, as I've currently started to write a story, and I only stumbled over this group a day or two ago.

371984 Speaking of mead, I'm gonna crack my last bottle of cherry mead open.

I havent visted this page in a long time. Glad to see People joined the group. Still, we need more stories with a dwarf or dwarves.

369729 I too forgot about this group up until today lol.

Well this definitely seems like a nice place to hang my axe and drink my mead hahahaha

369729 doesn't matter how old if its saying elves are better than dwarves it gets the hammer :ajbemused:

also that was merely a point of what one of many realms and stories of which Elves in an unfriendly light.

overall I've seen or read a large amount which paints elves commonly in a bad light compared to dwarves which worse would probable be they're portrayal in overlord.

>29 week old comment
>decides to argue with it
>mfw I'd forgotten this group even existed.


see elderscrolls

Elderscrolls aint definitive elven canon, mate. And you shouldn't view it as such. No depiction of the elves is canon. There is no canon for what the elven race is truly like, because there's so many interpretations of them. There's only your own personal depiction of them

I, personally, like to depict elves the way they're depicted in the Eragon books. Wise, ancient, magical. They're proud, but not pompous or arrogant. They respect the world and it's inhabitants, and are very secretive, hiding away so they can have their privacy.

I'm still trying to figure out why you responded to a 29 week old comment.

I'm also trying to figure out why I'm still taking part in this....
Fuck it, conversation's over. You can like your dwarves, I'll like my elves.


see elderscrolls high elves both self and descendent races

yeah if never a more played with species which pompousness and arrogance from their long life span earned them distate.

I mean really there are tales of orcs being the result of elves tempering or from their treason... not to mention their personality do to their long life leaves them arrogant and hated species. once human ideal of attractiveness are aside your flaws are clear as a blood coating your dagger and bow.

dwarfs however are loyal and steadfast and commonly oppose many evils. elves can have their bows dwarves constructs, metallurgy and knowledge of the deeps dwarves survive in harsh climates of fire, toxic spores and dim to lightless underground and remain stoic yet tale of drow are proof of where your arrogant race leads in times of trouble. BEGONE WRETCHED TREASONUS DROW SPAWNER

Glad to see theres a group about this, after all, Dwarves are the superior people in almost every universe that they appear.

We now have 3 stories! Haha! :pinkiehappy:


just a bunch of lazy tree huggers.

And dwarves are a bunch of dirty tunnel dwellers.:trollestia:
Elves are proud. Elves are powerful. Elves are wise and masterful.:heart:

343956 Everyone knows Elves are just a bunch of lazy tree huggers.:raritydespair:

While dwarves are a hard working proud race.:heart:


Elves used to hunt dwarves to the point they were nearly extinct, as they saw themselves as betters.

Because they are better.

343883 them's fightin words:ajsmug:

Elves are best race.

You heard me....

343846 Should prob make a group for elves too then. I haven't seen any fics with elves.

But then again... Elves used to hunt dwarves to the point they were nearly extinct, as they saw themselves as betters.

Blasted Elves! :heart:

Edit: I did done dooed it. EiE: Elf in Equestria

No love for the elves?:applecry:

Smiles should stay :rainbowwild:

Smiles was here! :rainbowkiss:

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