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Be Happy not sad. Smile and be happy.

I want ponies to be happy.

1. Be happy
2. Be Happy
3. Be Happy
4. be nice
5. follow site rules
Thanks and make sure you're happy.

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I loved this group a long time ago and I still do! :heart:

I have always been dedicated to happy endings, and I support this group's ideals. But I've never added a story, because I've never written a story that was happy from the first word to the last; happy endings are sweeter if you have to work for them. But I'm going to go ahead and add "Quizzical" because, even though I make her cry in chapter 7, and other bad things happen to her, I get to write on the last page my favorite line ever ("Quiz was happy.")

I'm also adding "Little Fixer-Upper." Even though it begins with the heroine feeling completely miserable, it's all about the victories you can achieve if you friends just try to help. It's also quite funny, I think.

I hope these are considered worthy additions to the group.

Casuls smiling is a us3less..*pimp slaps Giantdad*
Giantdad this is a happy group *grins and starts singing happy while Giantdad swings his sword at me and misses*

358791 I've looked at the clip, and the reactions to it.
kind of an amusing end to the scene?

The Bro-nies looks silly, though. :pinkiegasp:

358782 Haven't watched the episode. JUst look up Smile HD on youtube, the remix is awesome!

358775 I guess that kind of summed it all up fairly nicely, for such a gruesome scene?

Apparently, there's no way of withstanding her, when she go out on a limb this far?

these interpretations have inspired me to a few stories too.

Question is just how powerfull Pinkie Pie and the Pies really are, since they merely shjow small glimpses of who she is in the first place.

though Maud proved they can be as mean and tough as the next Villain.
She turned the rock to dust, by hoof, right?

358759 Nope, Pinkie is joining the picnic when she kicks off Twilights head, bursts Rarities skull, beats up AJ, rainbow dash kicks her at sonic rainboom speed, her kill-o-meter goes to 'You're fucked,' she goes super sayan and kills AJ then RD, before blasting Fluttershy. Fluttershy then proceeds to beat her ass until Pinkie uses the subtitles as a weapon, before dropping a spirit bomb and destroying all of Equis

358753 oh, a special ep where they react on the Smiles HD?

Maybe she hoped she would be spared, if she smiled?

You always have to rely on Shy in the end, she has proven herself numerous times, when she get in the tough spots.

Only then Pinki got a nuclear meltdown and went all balistic?

358741 Nah, I mean they reacted to Smile HD. Dat part with Fluttershy. Brutal! And why was AJ smiling when Rarity got killed?

358721 they do?
guess I didn't enjoy the show enough to look, or I got the wrong episode?

something Hilarious is 'Ghost Song'.

I enjoy most of the japanese vocal versions.
they catch Pinkie Pie so well.
there are several others too, just gotta see them for yourself too.

358708 I like watching the bronies react. Their faces are hilarious!

358706 is washing the clip ..
but wait, this is 'HD* right?

I've seen it a few times.

even placed it on my Smile blog, way back, that it.

358636 new clip to the old song?

There are a few of these around, you know. :pinkiegasp:

358630 Nah, it was a remix, with a great animation! You should watch it!

358618 it was the 'Smile Smile Smile' by Pinkie Pie, right?

358392 Beats me ..

at least, now we're both here .. :yay:

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