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This is a group for all the followers of SmileHDFan... for all of us people/ponies who love our friend and never want to see her go... this group is for her.

If you are a follower of our dear Smiley, please join. Here we'll post blogs to cheer her up, we'll post pictures, we'll do whatever it takes to make her happy. And we'll protect her from any attacks that come her way.

If you are SmileHDFan... I hope we can cheer you up... you make so many people and ponies smile... you deserve to be happy, with a doubt.

I don't know about everypony else, but I'd move mountains to help her. ;)

We all love you Smiley!

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If I may interject; that is false on all counts. Hi there; pvtread here, and I happen to be a former tank crewman who was in the Army. We have lost more than just a few tanks to be honest. In Iraq alone we lost more than a handfull of them; weather by driver neglegents and driveing into rivers, huge IED`S designed to cripple a tank by taking out the underbelly, or those few lucky rpg shots hitting between the turit and chasies. The exact numbers are unknown due to most being destroyed by air units lest they fall in to enemy hands; as is s.o.p for such incedents. That aside; just wanted to say to SmileHDfan. You arent alone in this; and we all are here for you.:pinkiehappy:

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That isnt possible. Im sorry in no war can you lose only a single tank. Its just not possible. You lost two to RPG's in afghan.


Because Abrams tanks are badass, that's why.

And because the only reason one was ever lost in the Iraqi War (I.E. Destroyed) was because of friendly fire.

One question.....Why is there a M1A1 Abram MBT on the cover image?

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