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Was a fan of the music, Got into the show, Now im loving alot of the fan fics.


Hoopla · 10:07am Sep 3rd, 2013

In case anyone didn't know this about me. All of my writing is done on a "I got an idea, better write it down before I forget " kinda way. or in a "Had a few drinks, lets write stuff" way. Makeing everything I write pretty erratic and the story lines could twist and turn in ways even I didn't expect to happen. mostly with the second way I write though... Also Steam and their damn sales man... Also uh... I'm still here, Also the rate of chapters being released can be erratic as well...

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*pokes with stick*
I-is it dead?

That is an excellent way to approach criticism. I'm glad that you've learned that lesson early. Heh! I like the "battle scars" comparison. Yeah, we're all here to learn, and I know I'm a better author for it... especially after I swallowed my pride and began using editors and pre-readers!:twilightsmile:

1625051 I've enjoyed my time well on this site, and the community on this site. Many harsh critics that may be able to cause some or many hurt feelings for those that can't handle negative comments well. I always saw them as a learning experience, and it's made me a better writer for sure. I mean, compared to how I used to write and my sloppy editing. I had one guy leave a comment stating that my terrible grammar, spelling and a few others things caused his eyes to burn. I got a good laugh out of it and googled proper grammar and a few different spell checks. They helped me out a lot.

I always viewed negative/hurtful sounding comments as a learning experience to point me in the direction of what I did wrong.

I've never deleted a single comment from any of my stories, and I never will. I view them as Battle Scars on my way to write great fanfiction. lol :rainbowlaugh:

So, how have you enjoyed your time in the fandom so far in general, and on FIMFiction specifically? What have been the best parts and the worst parts for you?

Thanks for the favorite on Man of War! Feel free to comment and be sure to check out my blogs.

Brony on!

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