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Vogon Biotech Presents, My Little Pony.

Do you want that special somepony? Would you like to experience what it would be like to wake up next to the mare or stallion of your dreams? Well wish no longer. We here at Vogon Biotech have your answer. A fully created and real living, breathing, and existing being just for you. When you order from us you're not getting a mass produced knock off. No, my friends you're getting the real mare or stallion of your dreams.

Have you always wondered what it would be like to live with Applejack? Perhaps you've wanted to have a study buddy in Twilight Sparkle. It could be that you want a prank pal in Rainbow Dash, or you want to learn to care for the animals with Fluttershy. They're all right here, and they're waiting.

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No need to be hostile.

I am the only one that cares... Fuck all of you.....

The greatest story line ever. Why let it die?

Hell I would take a bad story now if VV was still alive...

Vogonverse will live!!! If I have to drag it screaming and kicking to the light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just FYI, the Vogonverse isn't dead. Real life has provided some rather odious obstacles to continuing the canon stories. More chapters are being added to certain stories and a few new ones are being worked on.

Comment posted by Fracturedheart deleted Aug 29th, 2017

Is the Vogonverse dead? I just found it and the stories are great RIP VV I will miss you.:pinkiesad2:

379280 i think this group... and storyline.. died.

379217 That is absolutely the most perfect number of cannons per story!

378676 Of course. Each story written and placed into the "cannon" folder is filled with 110 cannons.

So... I think the "cannon stories" folder is meant to be "canon stories"

Unless, of course, those stories contain large caliber weapon systems.

Comment posted by VenetianGhost deleted Sep 22nd, 2014

375842 It's cool. I get that all the time, too.

375841 :facehoof::twilightblush: Well, now I feel awkward. I guess I'm just used to people not understanding what I mean and having to explain myself.

375838 I wasn't confused, just unnerved. Rich folk living in slums? Man, that sounds disingenuous to me...

375835 Some really rich people have/had additional houses built so they can pretend to be poor. That's what I meant. Sorry if I was confusing.

375826 Like AstroTurf living? That sounds a little convoluted.

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