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With stories like The Many Secret Origins of Scootaloo and Crisis of The Infinite Twilights, Defender2222 has created a great number of possible new ideas. Some of these ideas were so interesting that they had to be written. Others have not, but deserve to be.

In other words, it's his fault that these stories exist.

That what this group is about: to collect the stories based on ideas by Defender and try to get them all in one place. Be it a one-shot, a multi-chapter single story, or an entire series, if it is based on something by Defender2222, it belongs here.

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Hey there. Just put in a couple of new threads today for any members who might be interested.

Just a note, for those not following me personally: Lord Tydal, Mary Sue (the OC I adopted/stole from King of Squirrels) and new OC Flicker Flame are now doing Reviews of MLP Episodes. You can find 'Some OCs Review' on Tumblr, my deviantart, and on my blog here.

Hey there. Just got a couple of new threads over in the forum section if anybody here is interested in them. One involves CrowMagnon's Eclipseverse and the other involves Hopeful Ink Hoof's "Friendship Is Shining" universe.

363254 I call dibs on 'second-in-command'! But I want two weeks paid vacation and a sweet mecha for the crushing of enemies. In exchange, I'm willing to get an intimidating facial scar.

*Steeples fingers* Good... good... its all coming to fruition


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