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"If war is hell, I am the devil himself"
i have lived off the grid, hell, off the surface, for several years, only landing for fuel and food, i am almost never in the same country, THANK YOU PASSPORT! the only way to find me is for me to find you, and unless i feel the need to find your town, you will never see me in person.- SPARTAN S-187
only the most trusted will ever find me again, for i have transcended humanity, i am changeling.- SPARTAN S-187
LUNA NOBIS PROVIDET! (in english: "the moon will provide" or "the moon shall provide")


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Thank you for the fave on The Iron Horse! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for favouriting 'My Family and Other Equestrians'. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the Fave.

2103480 definitely worth the fav.

Thanks for adding Blank to your favorites!

  • Viewing 203 - 207 of 207
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