This is a group for people who think the American government is made up of retarded fascists who need to have some sense bitch slapped into their heads.

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It's not retarded fascists it retarded communists

i'm here motherfuckers prepare the bombs!

rage against the machine. all i got to say.

I joined the group just to make this comment and give you some food for thought. The mass quantity of people incarcerated in the US make this the most imprisoned country in the world. The tu quoqe argument "patriots" throw back about it being purportedly worse elsewhere does nothing to resolve this crisis.

There's an elephant in the room. A huge number of adults in the US are incarcerated for the mere use or possession of cannabis aka marijuana. On what grounds are these people locked up? Let's think.

Our legal system operates under stare decisis AKA common law precedent. The 18th Amendment banned alcohol and the 21st Amendment repealed said banning. Isn't this precedent? Where is the constitutional amendment banning the substances they lock people up for now? Non-existent. Common law precedent would seem to necessitate such an amendment if it was the rule before. When it comes to possession and use matters, people are being incarcerated under false pretexts the way I see it. Yet most of the people have stood by idly and let the media dictate their rights.

Some people will try to derail the case by talking about driving under the influence issues or other crimes that aren't necessarily attached to this argument. I'm referring to the mere possession or use by an adult.

No need to talk about "legalization" if there was never a legitimate banning in the first place. The last thing I want to see is people abusing drugs but it is a personal matter. An addict has a medical problem and isn't necessarily a criminal IMO.

Build a rational case. Don't just complain about things and make emotional random statements on the internet.

(Yes this is from the mind of Arkan0id and not copypasta. No I'm not an attorney yet, just a pre-law post undergrad in financial limbo.)

I'm not going to be a permanent member of this group. I'm just trying to help build a more rational case against the system's enormous flaws. The name of this group doesn't exactly suggest seriousness.

I've been bitchslapped by the government too many times to count and I'm fed up with it!!! By the bye is my upcoming story, "second chances" acceptable?

348266 if you're not doin any with it, and openly state that it is up for grabs, I guess that's ok.


Well, the post is attached to my account. I'm just passively disowning it.

348263 it was your post, right?
aside from that, I guess you still are entitled to leave the responsibility, to whom ever choose to react on it.


I don't particularly care what anyone does with the idea. As far as I'm concerned, I never even suggested it.

348257 aw, ok.
maybe someponi else creates it later, if only we keep them on the topic?

Sometimes it is fun with groups like this, even if it doesn't connect too much to our ponies.
and you can stay lazily inactive, still hppy you've placed your name here? :pinkiegasp:


Yes... I know. I did not create the group I said I wanted to create, and I am pretty much inactive on this site (not the group), now.

348246 if you didn't create the group you mentioned earlier, you can't be active in it.

I wasn't refering to the group we're in, it is clearly staed who created that. :pinkiegasp:


I did not, and I'm pretty much inactive on this site now.

316266 how's the group going?
you did create it, right?

American here who thinks people like to overreact over stupid shit.

Let the hate commence. :D


Americans won't join it. So count me out.



Do it.

wao #6 · Jun 27th, 2013 · · 1 ·

I feel like making a group now called, "People who think that the American population is just a bunch of dense retards who think they have power." Just to be ironic. Because that's ironic, isn't it? Is it?

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