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I'm a writer of fanfictions. Of course being an amature I have spelling and grammar errors.


[Displaced] into a darker My Little Pony world than the one he knew. Hans now lives in the mind of Marvel's Victor von Doom, Dr. Doom himself. Not just looking like Doom the mind of the character was also active.

Hans now has to figure out how to work with one of Marvel's prime villains in a harsh 1800s technology world with colorful anthro ponies and anthro griffons. One thing is clear DOOM has arrived and on his left hand was the Infinity Gauntlet.

Victor Von Doom knew something was wrong. The sun was radiation the wrong spectrum of energy to be Earth 616 sun. The Infinity Gauntlet power seems to function oddly. It wouldn't get rid of the annoying voice in his head. The creatures he seeing are humanoid mostly in appearance. All the species he sees break known physics with some kind of X-gene or Magical means. A world of superpowers, a world where superpowers mean nothing, the most powerful rule this world. Worst was the gaps in his mind, the knowledge he should have wasn't there. When was the last time he ate? When was the last time he took a nice shower? Things that should be in his memories but wasn't. It doesn't matter he was Victor Von Doom of Earth 616 and he will conquer this land and with its resources, find the way home.
Fanfiction I don’t own anything just having fun.
Featured many times by now. Really the list just got too long!
6/6/2020 - 4/7/2021

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nice dr doom displaced.

Ahh thanks it good to have references material.

Good start

....Infinity Gauntlet? lol, don't see why when he's already powerful according to Death Battle since he combined techlogy and magic, especially his armor that can deny reality bending.

I needed something that Josh/Hans would buy. But it has it purpose in the story, just not sure how far in the story.

If you have to go with power why not Overpowered! After all if he fights the Ponies of Equestria it be Infinity gems vs Elements of Harmony. In the comics Doom always craved power even when he didn’t need it. He took the beyonder’s power and basically became a God once.

Great story! Wish there were a few more villain Displaced stories, but this will do for now.

The thing is, when the main character starts off overpowered, you tend to have difficulty providing growth and character progression, well except the Saitama route where main character suffers from depression due to having nothing to use all that power on.

Hence the split personality Victor Von Doom/Hans dynamic. On top of that I already displayed the Gauntlet not responding to Doom due to that split. This gives a mental dynamic for story progression rather then physical or power obstacles it’s mental.

Only when Doom and Hans work together would the infinity Gems would respond.

There would be more social growth in that Doom would be taking over Griffonstone making it his base of operations and ruling the kingdom. I hinted at that with Hans telling Doom about the history of the place.

Thanks for the comments I appreciate it. In the comics Doom’s weakness always been his mental state. His pride, ego, and temper were often manipulated causing him to loose the situation he was in.

So kind of like Thanos, except he mentally wants to lose.

Doctor Doom has saved the Earth a few times even played the Hero as a Tony Stark replacement in “Infamous Ironman”.

But yes most of his defeats are due to his own pride and arrogance.

It would sure help a lot if Hans stroked Doom's ego by using comic facts to trample on Reed Richards. He could mention how Reed killed his family using the zombie virus in the comics, and how Doom saved thousands of refugees by using a portal.

Also, I just want to say that I like the unique angle of your story. I look forward to seeing where this will go.

I like it, but you got alot of really simple gramatical errors which make it a little harder to enjoy this.

Yeah, I know my problem is grammar errors. My learning disabilities make it hard to write. Among my problems are Dyslexia and Asperger's. I can't afford the full version Grammarly I try the best I can.

Its all good man, you've done a solid job, and there wasnt anything so bad that it pulled me out of the story. The one thing I noticed was struggling with the word it.

When I got time I look it over see if I can clean it up some more.

This is a go beginning of the story, can't wait to see more chapters

Not bad I like it. Hope the next chapter comes out soon.


Very disappointed to find out that website doesn't exist

I was afraid to look myself. Then again who knows when it will be real.

is this the doom that only wants to take over the world becuase it is the only way humanity survives?

No think more along the lines of this is what Hans thinks Doom would be like.

It’s a cop out there is no way I be able to write Victor Von Doom the way Marvel does. I can write him how the Displaced Josh/Hans THINKS he behaves.

My goal in these first chapters is to display his brutal authoritarian side with just enough caring to show there a possible good man.

Hmm that motivation might be in the mix. I am trying to make him the hero or at least an anti-hero

you planning on an eventual seporation or fusion of the two? both would be intresting

I’m planning on a fusion of Doom and Hans. That will be far into the story about when Twilight and the Mane 6 confrontation with Doom.

Right now he would loose if hit by the Elementals of Harmony, he has no harmony within himself. If I change my mind and he is blasted by the rainbow Victor von Doom will be erased like Nightmare Moon. Leaving only Hans.

the real question is if doom/hans will be able to toss back the blast and redirect it to the 6 so they get a tast of thier own medicen or him flat out just being able to use them becasue hounestly the only reson i think equestria gets away with so much is because of the alicorns and elements and if you do go the way of country building then having hanz use the elements would certinly shake up the world

Read Chapter One again. Pay attention to what the crow Griffon says.

oh i get ya now. you going the agressive or reactive way for that?

Reactive Doom has no real reason to attack Equestria. Now for some spoilers. Once prince Blueblood starts causing trouble Doom makes moves both political and tactical. Including using the Infinity Gauntlet to take control of the Sun and Moon. That the sun and moon becoming his minions prophecy. That of course causes Equestria to send the Mane 6 to confront what they see as a threat.

guessing the griffons wont like that

well since griffons kingdom is in disarray with no real leadership it be a cake walk for him to take over

And thats without even mentioning the other versions of doom, like god doom. Which was a fantastic series.


Fuck, this is good, no this is amazing. Finally a capable displaced. I love it. Can’t wait for the next chapter. My question is, Is Doom going to go with the political manipulation (blackmail, threats, assassinations) or is he going for the hostile take over (Terrorist attacks, tactical strikes, kidnappings) when dealing with equestria.

PD: here’s a lil video of Doom that might help you get ideas https://youtu.be/qlAPHH9NrXA

Comment posted by NmB deleted May 20th, 2020

Truth is I’m not that far into the planning. Right now his goal is establishing a base of operations. The only things I know he will do is use the Infinity Gauntlet to take control of the Sun and Moon.

Pull the rug from under the Mane 6 by manipulation or just telling them what he thinks. One way or another he going to shatter Equestria world view.

Given he now has the most powerful artifact on the Planet even more powerful then the Elements of Harmony. The Stormking targets him. That won’t happen till after he displays his might over the Equestrians.

This isn’t spoilers because I already had a character tell you the plan. The old crow griffon predictions.

I’m thinking he’s going to play a game of spider. The classic “Welcome to my lair.” Says the spider to the fly. After all he has Hans MLP knowledge of possibilities. Events won’t be as sugar coated as the show but he be prepared for the mane 6 to show up after he takes the Sun and Moon. He would also be prepared for Tempest Shadow and the Stormking troops.


The more you talk the more I want to see the next chapters. Changing the subject do you follow a schedule? Like one chapter per month or one per week something like that? Or do you prefer posting when you feel like writing? I’m not complaining nor demanding just simple curiosity.

I try to post one a week. I work night shift and writing is one thing I do when off. T.V. Sucks at 4:AM ! I’m already 1500 words into the next chapter I tend to post Friday nights/Saturday mornings.

Right now in the story I’m world building the city of Griffonstone in this universe. I really trying to not follow the standard power trip of other Displaced stories. Hence the two minds in one body.

I’m aiming for this Dr. Doom to treat Griffonstone like the canon Doom treats Latveria. He will show kindness and caring for the Griffons, and brutal vengeance on those who threaten his subjects.

doom is begining to see the cracks in his own reality and glados could be a good antaganist to use as a person to use to show the city dooms might. if doom realises he is the fake will he accept it and teach his other or force their fusion

Something, something, Spirit of Chaos, something.

Or another way there won’t be any fusion for some time. Coming to grips with not being the real Doom will come first. After that he still might not accept Hans as part of himself.

Oops did I just spoil something?

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