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I'm a writer of fanfictions. Of course being an amature I have spelling and grammar errors.


What happens when a lucid dreamer ended up in Equestria during the fight between Celestia and Nightmare Moon? The answer is he gets caught in the magical blast from the Element of Harmony and Nightmare Moon, becoming the new guardian of the dream realm, but will the ponies accept a new dream walker?

The world of dreams is mine to control, I am its master, I am its guardian, I am the Prince of Dreams. I am the son of Nightmare Moon.

Rated Teen due to sexual innuendos, cursing, and violence. Doesn't contain graphic depictions of violence, but nightmares can be scary.

Editors and Prereaders! I really thank everyone for lending their help with this project.
EverfreePony - Editor

Cover Art by Mix-Up's Deviant Art and his YouTube

Okay, basically this story ends up on the bottom of the featured list every chapter.

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Woah. Great rewrite of chapter one, I love the descriptions and it flows really well!

Yeah, it was a lot of work but I'm proud of the improvements. (Even if it took three tries)

As much as i like that you improve, i'm bored of seeing one chapter for so many times. I'm awaiting of next chapters, but please stop with updating first.


Almost done with Chapter Two. I am sorry for the rewriting It shows I wasn't really putting effort into the first few posts. I have an outline filled out and character arcs planned.

With the story having developed I realized I needed to plant seeds in what I did before for the overall story to make sense.

Super cool I like it

Гораздо лучше

Использование Google Translate. Спасибо, преридеры мне очень помогли решить проблемы.

Love it so far.
A really interesting start. I have seen a few stories where the mc shows up in the dream realm in Lunas absence but nothing quite like this.
I am really looking forward to Celestias reaction to meeting the new guardian of the dream realm.
Comes bounding into Celestias dream: "Hi auntie!" Cleans up nightmare. "By aunty!" Hops back out of the dream.

(Wouldn't really fit with the story but the reaction would be hilarious.)

BRILLIANT!!!! Please, my good being, do give more.(please note that I am being serious and not condescending like how most would read it in there head)

My good sir or madam

Chapter 2 is finished and being looked over by the readers and Editor.

Greetings, everyone! I'm the new editor of this story.

Just wanted to let you know that both chapters 1 and 2 had undergone one round of editing, and, once a few small details are solved, I'll do a quick second round. In other words, you'll get a new chapter shortly, plus the current one should soon be grammar and spelling error-free and flow even better than it does now :twilightsmile: EDIT: Chapter 1 has already been updated.

Delightful! I shall await its publishing with eagerness and wonder.

Your wish is my command. Just a warning Chapters one and two were mostly complete when I got an Editor. Chapter three going to take more time to finish.

Great new chapter! But what happened to Jennifer?! Or was that a dream...?

Put what I told you together. The Ring box sitting on the bookshelf with MLP figures, his scar on his arm, his apartment clearly the living quarters of a single guy.

To put it simply she never saw the engagement ring she didn’t survive the crash.

Aww, nooo! Whhhhyyyy?!

There is a reason, the full payout for it would not be clear till the final.

I give you another clue. Notice that Pinkie Pie was interacting with him in the dream, and that Jennifer is a bit zany and had a Pinkie Pie T-Shirt on.

No that not Jennifer’s ghost. It just his subconscious.

Looking forward to seeing where it goes from here! :yay:

I'm confused by this...

The whole second chapter, really. Is he there or is he not? It seems like he's bouncing back from dream thing to human.

It’s a flashback scene that why I mentioned he being accepted to the college. In chapter 1 he was at the college already and the engagement ring was on the bookshelf.

There a few things in there I going to use later. The main reason is to explain why David uses lucid dreaming to escape reality.

I like and I'm definitely interested

Great third chapter, I like the realness of the dream sequence (though I wasn't expecting a near wet-dream) looking forward to another chapter!

I have to say, editing this chapter was pretty fun. It's always nice to work on something that's moderately short, plus this one made me chuckle at multiple spots. Furthermore, given I'm still getting acquainted wih the author's style and don't want to do any large-scale edits, I oftentimes just mark certain spots where I think the author could have done better and explain a little to give them a nudge in the right direction, which often yields far better results than if I tried to force in my vision of the scene. And I have to say, this method not only produces an enjoyable chapter (at least in my humble opinion), but I can see that ShadowStar is learning how to apply some of the given advice. To be honest, knowing that I helped someone improve in the craft is all the reward I'll ever need :twilightsmile:

Anyway, I hope that you have enjoyed the chapter, and that this rather troubled afternoon and evening will go well for you!

this looks good

Given I used the same “Pink” color code in my Mother Moon, Daughter Nightmare dream walking epilogue. I’m kind of surprised you didn’t expect it.

No, I didn't recognize it. The chapter's great though

It’s a pleasure working with you as well, EverfreePony. Sometimes in my rush to get an idea into print I don’t think of how others would interpret my writing.

Having those helpful nudges and you insightful comments really improves the reading experience.

My whole goal in writing fan fiction is to improve my writing skill.

Thank you so much for the help.

Yeah that whole dream situation was fun to write. Don’t worry that as close to “adult” stuff it would get. I do want to keep the T rating.

he he was able to enter the dream but not change the outcome or anything

He’s still learning. Yes he could control his own dreams, but now he has to learn to affect someone else’s dream.

This is really interesting keep it up.

Hmmm what if he enters one of Princessa dreams (cough cough dream Walker in dream Walker's dream)

Well there is only one Princess at this time. Luna is Nightmare Moon banished to the Moon.

Ah... Good to know...

Unless you count Nightmare Moon's dream as well as kind of introduction, but well. Ah one more thing is this like few years after banishment or before end of banishment

Days, it been just a few days. He was really there seeing the battle in chapter one.

Thx... Just needed to confirm that it wasnt timeline jumping much longer than .... Well you know time dialation etc.

I'll be going and good luck with next chapter .

Comment posted by Bazing deleted Nov 4th, 2020

I’m keeping details vague, but I do have everything about him arriving to Equestria written down in my notes.

There is a logical chain of events of how David traveled to this Equestria, and became imbued with Nightmare Moon’s magic. My notes at this time is 37 pages long.

Very nice. I love the attention to detail and background you gave him. I did spot this typo however.

the shape of a doof.

I think you mean door.

Three Prereaders, an Editor, plus two spell-checker/grammar checker programs and we still missed that bugger. Thanks for spotting the mistake and for the compliments.

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