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I'm a writer of fanfictions. Of course being an amature I have spelling and grammar errors.


This story is a sequel to Mother Moon, Daughter Nightmare

In another universe, Luna has been restored thanks to the Elements of Harmony. She wasn't alone, with her appeared a small 2-month-old royal purple alicorn filly. Nightmare Moon reborn as Luna's Daughter.

These are short stories taking place in that alternate universe. They are randomly written as I come up with the ideas. There is no order or pattern, some will be complex others just minor additions.

Notice I got on the Featured list! Well, I sometimes appear on it but get replaced by a few hours. Enjoy!

Original Story here!

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A new story, and something I'm really gonna enjoy binge reading. Also can't wait to see the nice interactions between Discord and the others.

I'm glad you made a sequel, and looking forward this story have in store. :twilightsmile:

Well, this isn't a sequel. These are more side stories and ideas I had that didn't fit into the main story arc. I will be posting things like Nightshade's and Luna's first Nightmare Night here. That one idea that is coming up.

There won't be any overall arc here it just random side story ideas and events. The real sequel is coming and that's during the Royal Wedding.

Ok that's awesome. It be fun reading some side stories.

I bet the Nightmare Night story gonna be full of funny shenigians.

I got a teasers First Word Nightshade sees candy at statue “MINE”

Neat, i shall definitely be keeping this story on my tracking list.

Make sure you check out the original story. These are just moments after Mother Moon, Daughter Nightmare. Won't make much sense otherwise. I will be posting a new chapter tomorrow morning hopefully.

Already did, the resolution was quite interesting. And i have something of a soft spot for villain redemption/reincarnation stories.

This was a fun chapter to read, love the interactions between the five and how each learning more about each other.

I would love if we have more fun moments when they was rushing to Tia's chambers.

Also I can see a great prank war breqing between Shade and Tia in the future.

I wanted to add more chaos in the hallways. However I just couldn’t think of much a group of foals could solve and do it in time to send the scrolls to Twilight.

I’m trying to make it seem that much of what we see in the show happens in this universe as well.

be happy to know that i didn't find any errors until i got to the author's note

The desire to be Loved or at least Prasad, the greed, and add the impulsiveness of a foal.

should be

The desire to be Loved or at least Praised, add the greed and the impulsiveness of a foal.

Thank you. I make the changes now.

Caught a few myself sometime Buttercream name came out Butter Cream. Not sure why that happened but I changed that error.

Um did anyone TELL AM that it's a catered event.

And thinking more then randomness for the gala chaos is interesting. I would hope more on this but it seems you are pointing to Discord.

Yeah I was pointing at Discord as the cause for the chaos seen during the first Gala. A sign that the magic holding him was breaking down.

I didn’t have much in mind for Discord in cannon he focuses on the Mane 6.

I didn’t know about that before now. Hmm... there is a Changling Queen who blasts Celestia, I can see a foal coming into that battle doing that. Much for the same reason Nightshade still dislikes Celestia.

First proper word, used to stake claim on something. Quite fitting.

I am returning going to take me a few days perhaps posting next week.

Clever filly. A nice bit of coordination that.

Haha, this is good.

Do you have plans for another regular story like the original mother moon story.

Yes it going to be during the Royal wedding. Crystalis going to find out the meaning of the term terrible twos.

You really made my day with this. :twilightsmile:

Thank you. I know my writing isn’t perfect, but if it brings enjoyment to someone it well worth it.

Next chapter of Joys if parenthood would be Hearths Warming.

Don´t sell your self short, you are really good and if anyone tells you different, just ignore them.

It's not selling myself short. I don't believe in perfection for one thing. It the imperfections in life that make it unique. A misprinted card or stamp would be more valuable to collectors than a "Perfect" item. That toy doll with markers in its face brought more joy to a kid than the one still in a box. I don't accept my imperfections, I embrace them.

I fight my learning disabilities by writing forcing my brain to make sense when letters don't want to stay where they should. I have the type of Dyslexia where God gets flipped to Dog for example. Or letters seem to float or move if not just vanish altogether. So I know there spelling or grammar errors in my work. I do use Grammarly but I can't afford the full use so it limited it can do. Ultimately I'm writing for my own enjoyment, but if it brings joy to others as well that's something to smile about. So you brought me a smile, Pinkie Pie would approve! :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad to see a update was kinda missing the silly antics of Nightshade and this was what I needed.

Should be posting the first chapter of the next story arc soon.

I’m pretty sure it would be obvious it’s a catered event. Get that many ponies in a room for such a long time it’s something of a given that some refreshments would be available, also if it’s literally supposed to be the grandest party ever I would assume that any luxury that isn’t completely absurd would be present.

Could have had them assaulted by animated pillows, or marshmallows that look like Rarity if you want to crank up the absurdity and sugar given Discord is involved.

Oh they all are crazy Twi. You just need to learn that crazy isn’t necessarily bad. Personally I like to think of it as always having something interesting to talk about.

Have to wonder if she is actually stuck, or milking a believable scenario.

Oh those are good ideas. Wish I thought of them.

Feel free to steal them if they ever fit in the future.

I might Discord does show up often once he freed and watched by Fluttershy.

Next joy of parenthood chapter is the Hearths warming. Still working on it figuring what traditions Celestia and Luna would follow.

I got a laugh out of this when I misread part of it to have Nightshade throw a soft toy at Peppermint’s heart.

Interestingly the grammar checker kept trying to do the same.

Saw a few errors and did some rewriting for easier understanding. Sigh I do reread these things!

This is cute. Now I predict Nightshade is to have her first birthday party in the next chapter.

On the summer-summer-summer-sun-summer-sun celebration.

Thank you. Not much to say after that, I really did get the emotions correct in this side story. I don't know if I should feel sorry for Mixer or happy she got to see her imaginary daughter again.

Perhaps by the time of Thorax’s revolution cadence would have already developed the gender changing magic or medicine. And when they awaken mixer they can fix him to a her.

It is possible. They do have a lot of work, I did hint in Mother Moon, Daughter Nightmare that the Ponies are becoming aware of DNA. They don't understand it fully yet but they do have tests that basically DNA testing. Knowing that a mother and daughter DNA can be similar doesn't mean they know what each gene does. We don't even know that. I came up with the idea of the ponies seeking to find out who the parents are of foals. Or more direct Nobles who knock up a maid or peasant. Yes that the in-universe reason for the parental test.

So finding the X and Y chromosome and figuring out they are tied to sexes, then rewrite the genetic code is complex. But they do have magic that can turn inanimate objects into living chickens!

Magic is going to basically allow ponies to conjure up a helicopter to fly over many of the hurdles and with Royal backing I could see scientists easily working together to create a gender change spell or pill, in fact I would be surprised if some mage hasn’t already done or partially done This and they need to dig it up from some ancient archive

As the saying goes “but that’s another story”.

This was mostly a peak into what happened to Mixer. I might do a follow up later. That is the reason for the joys of parenthood, to give me moments that don’t fit in the main story threads.

That got heavy fast. Have to wonder if the cocoon just provides the best possible reality, or if there is some outside adjustments.

Given Changelings feed off love it would make sense that the cocoons magic will do what it can to max that emotion.

It could be hit or miss but we can also assume the Changlings can influence it from time to time. We seen in “To where and back again” Luna was already captured and still sent a message to Starlight. During that dream message Luna was grabbed by three Changlings. Given that was a dream we can assume the Changelings can monitor and influence a dream.

It could be a means of intelligence gathering. Stick a pony in a cocoon and watch the dream, influence it here or there to get the required knowledge. The pony inside wouldn’t know.

Kinda wish the show had taken that further and made Chrysalis root out some secrets from Celestia or similar.

What I like to know is what was in Celestia’s mind during the time she was in there.

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