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I'm a writer of fanfictions. Of course being an amature I have spelling and grammar errors.



This story is a sequel to Mother Moon, Daughter Nightmare

In another universe, Princess Luna, and Nightmare Moon was saved by the Elements of Harmony. Now as the Royal Wedding of Shining Armor and Princess Mi Amore Cadenza get underway a threat to Canterlot interrupts the planning.

Princess Luna leaves to investigate the threat, just as Queen Chrysalis wants. It was going all according to plan, but the Changelings didn't plan on a foal with the mind of Nightmare Moon. How much trouble could a one-year-old foal do anyway?


Please leave comments I love reading them and it helps me improve my writing.

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huh so in this Blue is just faking being a absolute arse hmm, interesting take and refreshing from the normal his just a arse. Like what I've read so far.

Sounds verry intresting, I will certanly read this soon.

Okay, have read it now and I must say you did verry well.

It will be hard for me to wait on the next Chapter, but I am sure, whatever it will be, it will be great.:pinkiehappy:

Thank you. I did notice a few minor things. There a random the in one sentence that shouldn’t be there. I also forgot to describe Mr. Goodlife the butler. He was going to be a background pony but I’m thinking of more and more on him. I would not be surprised if he became a stronger support character.

I know how you feel, I have also to read my own chapters three or four times and still don´t find all mistakes, only because I get distracted so easily. Maybe I can get this in controll anytime, but it will be a long way.

*Reads description*

So somewhat like Home Alone but with a target rich environment.


I am happy the world you created is being continued. I am enjoying this story as well!

reads. description... NMM is a bird now?

That's "fowl". The description refers to Nightmare Moon as some vile, abominable creature. Or maybe some horrible-smelling gas.

xD lol true, i just saw the word 'foul' instead of foal

Comment posted by ShadowStar_IMHP deleted Nov 19th, 2019

:facehoof: I don’t know how I did that typo, twice. Hope I didn’t do that in story. Thanks for catching it. Fowl typos!

mo problem, not the worse i've seen tbh

How much trouble could a one-year-old foal do anyway?

Me: *looks at season 6 premiere* Oh, Cheese Legs, you have no idea

two chapters came out with an interval of less than a day? something is wrong here.

No, just a brainstorm happened. This was going to be chapter one, had it almost ready when the idea of writing a chapter where Luna is teaching Cadence hoof to hoof combat entered my mind. So this chapter became chapter two.

I detect a jab at Disney.

Don't summon the mouse overlord!

I'll go prep the Mavor battery in case they do come.

I just finished volume 1 of the Mother Moon Series and got to say it's fucking amazing a little to short for my taste but otherwise it's a really well done story keep up the great work.

I’m still developing as a writer at this time Mother Moon, Daughter Nightmare is my longest story. I got a story arc planned for cousin love even have the ending done. So I don’t know how long it going to be. The third story will be even more complex just because of the subject matter. No spoilers there but I’m sure it be even longer.

Then I'm looking forward to what you have in store for for the future of this Series keep up the good work.

Each time I write I try to push myself a little bit more. My personal challenge in cousin love is more focuses. There is Luna, Nightshade, and I be doing more with Cadence then what happened in canon.

Not to mention fight scenes! In Daughter Nightmare I was focused on getting emotional feelings right. Still not happy with Celestia’s talk in the Epilogue.

I think I came a long way from my first posted story A matter of words.

«Но Пи… Пип… Пеппер… Парень в полоску не понимает нас. Как и все взрослые, он нас не слышит ». Бастер говорит.

But can nightmare communicate with adults through drawings or letters? Although most likely the child suddenly learned to write the text himself is likely to arouse suspicion?

“There is a thread to Canterlot itself" should be there is a threat to Canterlot itself

Okay explaining a little more. This is after Discord so Celestia, Luna, and Peppermint Heart knows she more then a normal foal.

In my Joys of Parenthood one chapter Discord turns them into foals as well. So they won’t be as suspicious if Nightshade started writing something.

Only problem is a lot of the names and titles are off syllable wise.

I’m wondering if Cadence will get to punch out Chrysi before getting swarmed, at least then the amount of anger she shows as Cadence would make sense.

I wonder how many of you noticed Nightshade’s speech pattern shifted in the mindscape?

Your welcome. Nice to see Cadence get at least one good hit in.

I would question the permanence of the injury. For a regular unicorn maybe, but immortal usually means wounds are transient at best.

Her wing healing will happen. I'm still thinking if I should have her broken horn be a permanent thing in my stories. It is an interesting idea, even if it regrows it would be a lot smaller then before.

9949780 Oh there ARE stories where he's worth something besides a headache. In those the question is just how mature he is beneath the facade

Don't have it be permanent as then it would be near impossible for Luna to do her royal duties.

That is a good point. I would say Celestia been raising the moon the last thousand years. She could start raising the moon again. As for the Dreams she could still do that only time we seen her use the horn in dream magic was during “do princesses dream of magic sheep” when she linked all the ponies dreams together.

If her horn stays broken it would affect future stories, not so much this one.

In this story it was needed in order to prevent Luna from teleporting back, same with her damaged wing.

I got a plan for him in the next story. It mostly other stuff I’m figuring out now.

As I write and post this one I’m taking notes and penning an outline for the next.

Well defecting sure will be easier for Thorax now if he's not the only one.

I’d be against it as I feel there should be a good through line for a situation. In an alt universe there is obviously something introduced (in this case Nightshade) that alters the plot from that point forward. Alterations need to make sense in context though. For instance if her horn was damaged as a result of Nightshade existing, such as in defense of her, or because plans change due to her existence, it would be fine. As stands it doesn’t seem to have any difference in regards to what Chrysalis would do to Luna in the actual show, which while we never see what keeps Luna from participating in the Changeling invasion nothing about your current AU seems to have any reason to lead to her being permanently crippled here.

Well, the difference is Luna, not a shut-in. Because Luna met Cadence at the start Cadence didn't leave to go to the yaks (the reason I made up for why she wasn't in the show till the Canterlot Wedding). So this Luna didn't stay in her soundproof room and was more active. In the show we don't see Princess Luna interacting with others often she was more isolated.

This Luna became friends with Cadence and was going to be a part of the wedding party. So she was more social and didn't hide. If the scouting operation did happen in Prime Cannon it could be that Luna went to investigate on her own being more of a loner. Instead of having a regiment of troops with her. Some say that Luna has a very soundproof room and was sleeping during the invasion.

Another cannon possibility is Luna was asleep when the alert came. She wasn't there so she didn't offer to go and investigate herself. Where in the Mother Moon, Daughter Nightmare timeline she was there and her desire to be recognized as useful spired her on to volunteer. Where Cannon Luna could have simply been put under a strong sleep spell to keep her away.

It also possible that because Luna is seen sparing with Cadence often in this timeline the Changelings saw her more of a threat then Cannon Luna.

That two different ways the timeline could have happened that explains why Luna wasn't at the Wedding but didn't get wounded.

Remember this timeline has a whole year by now to cause changes. How Luna is seen by the public is already drastically changed by the Cannon Luna. This Luna often goes to clubs and concerts taking an active part in the "Night Life". By now it would be hard to even plot out how all the changes have happened over a year. There is also the fact that Luna was being more social going to the clubs and all that the Changelings at the club were able to assess her better than the Cannon Luna. They had more to go by after a year of studying her. So they had more understanding on how to trick her.

I will try to think of a better way to explain why this happened and not in the cannon timeline.

Fair but it doesn’t feel as satisfying from a narrative perspective in my opinion. If nothing else the fact that it takes place after Nightmare Night means that Luna is already starting to become more active and I could imagine that even if she was asleep when the initial problem came to light it’s likely that Luna might be dispatched to investigate in a similar manner given the amount of time between the threat and the event. While her and Cadence having a larger relationship than in canon might have Chrysalis take note it still seems like she would already have reasons to try to distance Luna from Canterlot in general. Also just from a logic perspective it seems like any permanent injury would be staggeringly difficult to manage against a being that has as much power as Luna or Celestia posses. It took two blows from an individual of average strength to manage it here, and the diararchs have fought all manner of greater threats that now languish in Tartarus. As well Celestia takes a blast from Chrysalis straight to the horn and it only dazes/knocks her out. I can understand needing a reason to prevent Luna access to immediate teleportation but it just seems like it would take a lot more to permanently damage a being that has lived through as much as either of the sisters.

That a very good point. Perhaps I can rewrite it so 49 was an Ursa when she broke the horn? Maybe with a few lines to Nodes about how they need maximum force.

I did forget that Celestia got blasted right in the horn.

I can say it just the tip broke off limiting her focus but will recover.

Thanks this type of brain storming what I needed.

You’re welcome. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

I love reading people's comments and I do like getting creative criticism. It lets me know I'm improving as a writer and spurs me on to continue.

I made the changes to the chapter. 49 now starts the attack as an Ursa this is how she was able to break the horn. I also made it clear her horn broke at the tip so it will recover. Just not in time for her to get to Canterlot before the wedding.

I also thought of why Nodes just doesn't fly her back. He's almost out of magic himself after changing to an Ursa then a Bugbear, his reserves are spent.

oooooo, yes, goood~

Night would approve of her cousin.

Okay, I had to add Chrystalis say "Nothing could possibly go wrong." Right before things start to go wrong. Thought of that after a second read through.

Oh yeah, that is just ASKING for Murphy to come along and screw things over.

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