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Damien Law was once part of one of the biggest villain groups in the USA. Key word on was. The first member went missing, now presumed dead. The second got stabbed while on his way to the store, and bleed to death.

It’s been five years since then. Damien has moved on. From all of the ‘work’ he did he has enough money to survive on till he dies.

So he decided to go to a convention dressed as a hero from Japan. What could go wrong?

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Is it anthro or fully human with different traits?

It’s going to be human but with anthro traits, so with the wings and horns. And later on I will include ears and tails, and more.

So what do the Earth Pony's have then? Because, usually, they are just stronger but that unicorn said "I don’t think I’ve seen a creature like you before." witch, as he doesn't have wings or A horn, would make him an 'Earth Pony', with everyone looking human, but the unicorn didn't know what race he is.

Well I guess you’ll just have to wait and see...

Will the main character have have 2 quirks because of the character he was dressed ass with his original quirk mixed together

Looks good but I'm hoping this isn't going to die early like a lot of attempts at a displaced story.

How can a villain group be big if there are only three members? ...Please tell me he's getting sent to the My Little Academia: Friendship is Heroic! universe.

After a minute or two Starswirl fell asleep thinking ‘A little power nap won’t hurt anybody!’ Once he did the water started bubbling and Clay rose from it and walked out. His clothes were fully repaired and all of his things were still on him. He looked over and saw Star sleeping. ‘I need to find the nearest town… thank you Starswirl.. and goodbye.’ He thought as he walked out of the cave leaving Starswirl sleeping peacefully.

Shoulda killed him to avoid unnecessary trouble

“Now I don’t know what happened to your voice, but I can tell you where yours are.” Clay watched as the man opened his arms wide and adorned a big smile on his face. “You are in my laboratory! And my name is Starswirl.” Clay was about to speak up but was cut off by the pony. “And before you ask, yes I’m blind,” Starswirl said as he pointed to his eyes. They were light blue and looked like the most beautiful crystals that were shattered.

"I can tell where you are"

This is pretty good, hope to see more soon.

To bad the dog couldn't come along

He woke up in a laboratory and Star-guy decided to say that with an open arms and smile... Star-guy is mess up

The greedy bartender deserved that kick to the face.

Where d dog?

..... Yeah.... That's a no from me.

The one thing you don't do on a job is implicate yourself, that's how you get arrested.

“One day when you choke because you didn’t chew, I will laugh my ass off.” Zeke then looked up to his master with big puppy eyes. He reached down and patted the dog on the head. “Of course I will save you, but I will still laugh.”

Wow, some pet owner.

Didn’t know lauren would be here.

No way to know the difficulty of the job, since it changes over time. How can arrows pierce plastic goggles??

The old man closed his eyes and took a sip of tea. “The kind that can tell you’re not a pony.” Clay was already on guard against this old man, but now his guard tightened. “You see, my eyes can see the magic network or as some like to say, magic circuits, in a living being. Except you don’t have any magic, you have this peculiar green energy oozing off your body and swirling around your chest.” The old man let out a refreshed sigh and placed his cup on the table.

I’m sorry, what?

That’s when it clicked for Clay. That’s how Starswirl’s knew he was human. And that’s why Starswirl’s could see where the ponies were. The crazy pony may be blind but he can still see .

Starswirl can do it too?

“Hey, boy!” The old man yelled from the doorway, causing clay to turn around to see what he had to say. “I told you all that because I like you! If you ever struggle to make use of your powers come back here! And the nearest town is to the east.” With that Clay walked off, without even learning the old man's name.

Isn’t his powers useless?

The arrows never pierced the goggles. The arrow pierced the mask. His goggles were broken by the sword slash. They were also turned into metal when he was displaced. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear enough.

What ever happen to his reaper quirk?

Did it get combined with the eraser quirk, or did it get overwritten?

A hooded figure was standing above him staring. “You- You’re the Ghost aren’t you? You have on that mask.” The figure said shakily. From the tone of their voice they sound like a woman, an older one at that.


It was about a six hour long journey to the City of Eclipse. As Clay settled down on the Carriage he began to check all of his equipment, which has become part of his routine. He no longer wore his Aizawa costume as it got old and torn up over the years; now he wears an old turtle neck cloak, underneath he wears chainmail followed by a black shirt. And on top of all that was his scarf. His lower half consisted of some black tactical cargo pants and a pair of sneakers. And of course he has a bag that he takes with him everywhere since he technically doesn’t have a home.

Ok, got some drip.

‘How did he get on the roof without me noticing.’ He thought to himself as he used his scarf to bandage his wounds. ‘And he clearly was behind me, but when I turned around he wasn’t there. But instead he was where I was just looking. He didn’t make a sound…’ A thought clicked in his head. ‘I didn’t think they would appear here but it had to have been a quirk…’ Clay grunted as he wrapped his chest wound tightly. Once that was done he walked out of the cave to find a sturdy stick. He used that and some of his scarf to make a splint for his leg.

How is that possible?

“Will then Clayton Crow I go by the name Shao Dow. I’m what you would call a bodyguard.” The earth pony now known as Shao Dow introduced himself. “I’m surprised you healed so quickly from our last encounter. But really man did you have to kill our biggest employer yet? Like he played us so much and we barely had to do anything.” Shao Dow sulked.

Did you get that name from a rapper?

Coughing up blood, Clay spoke. “How did it come to this…” Clay said, as he laid on the ground bloody and beaten. As he laid there He began to lose consciousness.

“I should have never accepted that job….” Clay said coughing up blood, before falling unconscious.

But, a few weeks haven’t went by yet, has it?

Thanks for clarifying. As for the archer, I'll chalk it up to them having armor-piercing arrows.

Since you have the main 6 in this, will you soon do a 1000 year timeskip or something?

I think that's something we pet owners all share, to be honest. :D

I don't think it's that different to having a kid... Ask your parents about such dumb moments, I'm sure they have a catalogue. ;]

I mean, if I had to dig my cat out of the damn drain in the bathroom, stuck half-way through, I would've done it of course... but she'd never have lived it down. ;D

Well, I don’t have kids or pets. So I guess I’ll take your word for it.

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