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oh this is gonna be fun :pinkiecrazy:

Since I've been playing Dark Souls 3 you have my attention. Time to read.

The Ashen One finds herself in small little town in the middle of the forest of the Everfree Forest

me: *remembers that type of town* *remembers the war*

Ohhh, these guys have no idea the shitstorm what they brought in their town. Hehehe

This has a lot of potential, I'm definitely going to follow.:moustache:

I really don't think burning her is going to end the way they think it will.

"Uhhh She's not burning..."
"Is she actually getting stronger?"

I remember the gear and stats, but I'm imaging her as a Pyromancer now. XD

She know a few pyromancer spells, but she uses light, darkness, and lightning base spells the most

I saw. I am definitely interested in seeing where this goes.

Nice chapter, if a tad short but that's ok.:twilightsmile:

I cannot tell from that art in the last bit, is that undead Apple Bloom?
By chance what covenant is the main character in? And with all this parallels much like the hallowing, will she encounter their pony equivalents?

Yes that's Applebloom and you'll have to read more to find out as the story progresses

Great chapter, but it's just so short for how good it is, can't wait for the next

Great chapter bro! A tad short but great non-the-less.

God damn this bish is decked holy shit them states and that equipment tho

You have be decked out and strong in Dark Souls. No mercy if you're low leveled. Lol

I mean I beat the game at level 40 with uchigatana and zwei-whatever the sword that is all wavey both at +5 and lothric knight armor and I one of two tried most of the bosses except dancer and verdt it was my first dark souls game not bragging just saying like she over killed it with all that shit😂😂

One cannot simply 'overkill' the Dark Eater.

Death, permanent please, to Gray Hoof!!!!!!

To be honest wasnt expecting this story to come back really it has though and and im pretty excited to see what happens

I must say friend, I really love the art illustrations. It puts a nice touch to the overall story. Low rating or not, it gives me this feeling that a lot of care has gone into this story. That some people don't appreciate these days.

Fuck sake I keep forgetting when its a new chapter im reading and try to go to next chapter

You my friend have inspired me to write again so I must thank you


That is possibly the thing I hate most on this site.

Any idea when the next chapter will come?

I'll try to work on the next chapter throughout the week. Can't say it'll be up soon, but I'll try. Fair warning I don't write on the weekends at times XP

“Well aren’t you just a ray of sunshine.” Alma said which got a glare from Mitta as she flinched. “Alright, fine. But to be fair I doubt they’ll be able to do that with me anyway.

“And what makes you say that?” The mare asked as the bat pony walked up next to her.

“Just call it a hunch.”


Wip. Kinda had to put it off to the side due to work at gamestop

Yay update abd i like it as well tho know i wonder about luna

Yes, an update. A thad short, but good notheless

Just for curiosity, but why do you take so much time to post a chapter?

I do have a job outside of the internet. RL stuff comes first before internet stuff. Added with the fact that my family go to college so computer access is even more limited. So I'll be taking my time and not rush it.

"Unkindled one"? What kind of name is that?

Not bad, waiting for the next update.

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